Better Bedder: What Happened After Shark Tank

Better Bedder: What Happened After Shark Tank

In one of the most popular episodes in Shark Tank history, the sharks battled it out to invest in Better Bedder. The company had a clever and innovative way to keep sheets in place and improve sleep quality for people across the globe. But what happened after the show? Did Better Bedder get a deal with any of the sharks? And what are they doing now? In this article, we’ll answer all those questions and more! So keep reading to learn more about one of the most successful companies to ever appear on Shark Tank.

What is a Better Bedder?

We all know how time consuming making your bed in the mornings can be, and let’s be honest—most of us don’t do it every day. That’s where Better Bedder comes in: a simple, effective way to deal with an issue.

This product is especially useful for elderly and children who may have a difficult time making their beds.

Better Bedder is an adjustable strap that fits any size bed and helps you evenly distribute your sheets, blankets, and comforters so that making your bed is a breeze. And because the Better Bedder is easy to adjust, it can be used on any size bed, from twin to king.

What is a Better Bedder?

This nifty invention can be essentially compared to a headband, but for your mattress. This sheet of linen attaches to the corners of your bed and provides a fitted, clean look that eliminates wrinkles. In just a few quick steps, you can have perfectly made hospital corners and never have to worry about your blankets coming undone in the middle of the night again.

Besides keeping your sheets tight at night and reducing the time required to make your bed, Better Bedder has many other benefits. For example, you can use it as a holder for your phone or book while you’re lying in bed. It’s also machine washable and promises to keep your sheets in place all night long – no more wrestling with fitted sheets.

Better Bedder’s comfy fabric shell is made from a cotton, polyester and spandex mix to provide you with the breathability your skin needs. It also can keep its shape after multiple washings. Although it’s not like you will need to wash it that often!

The Better Bedder should be put before the sheets on your mattress. Pull each Better Bedder corner at least halfway down the mattress. Then, make another round, but this time pulling the corners all the way. Sheets will instantly conform to your bed and won’t pop off any more!

In the next section we will cover the story of the company and how it got started. [1], [2], [3], [[4], [5]

History of the Founders

The idea of Better Bedder came to the duo of inspiring entrepreneurs Judy Schott and Nita Gassen.

One day, Judy saw her son scolding his twin about how irresponsible he is for not making the bed properly. Judy’s friend Nita heard this conversation, so she wanted to come up with a product that would fix slipping sheets at night time!

Initially they tried to create something that would make bunk beds easier, unfortunately that didn’t quite work out. Instead, it worked perfectly on the regular beds and they knew they were on to something bigger than they expected.

The start of this project was difficult for them because they didn’t have much sewing and tailoring knowledge. Despite these challenges, the group worked hard to teach themselves some new skills and better their product.

The first prototypes of Better Bedder were created at home, using a simple sewing machine. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Judy and Nita had finally created the perfect product to begin selling!

Later on, they found a local seamstress to help with production and they began selling their product on Amazon.

Nita was a long time colleague of Judy with whom she shared 15 years of work in an insurance company Gilspar. Nita decided to leave her job to focus on Better Bedder’s business and make it better. Judy on other hand is still working in the company as a Chief Operating Officer.

History of the Founders

Judy and Nita, the founders of Better Bedder appeared in the 15th episode of the 12th season of Shark Tank. So how did their experience go and what is their business like now? [2], [3], [4], [5]

Better Bedder at Shark Tank

Judy and Nita were nervous as they entered the Shark Tank, but their goal was clear: find an investor who would help them with marketing as neither of them felt they were good enough at it.

Despite this, they were doing well without a marketing professional which is clear from their sales. In just one year almost managed to reach the $1 million mark. Still there was a lot of room for improvement, so they decided that a Shark’s help would be beneficial. For this reason, the aspiring entrepreneurs were looking for $150,000 at 10% equity of their company.

The Sharks were impressed by their sales, but they wanted to know more about the product and how it works. After Judy and Nita explained how Better Bedder can be used and what are its benefits, they were able to answer all of the Sharks’ questions.

Mark and Kevin weren’t much interested in the product, so they decided to drop out.

Barbara was the first one to offer them a deal. She was willing to give them the $150,000 they were asking for, but she wanted 20% equity in return. She also said that she could help the company with sales thanks to her PR expertise.

Lori and Daymond too were interested in the company. Both of them offered the same exact deal, $150,000 for 25% equity and a promise to bring the company to QVC.

QVC is a home shopping network that airs live in the US and UK. It was founded in 1986 and broadcasts to over 350 million households worldwide. QVC sells a wide variety of products, including beauty, fashion, jewelry, electronics, and home goods. So, it was a great opportunity for Better Bedder!

The entrepreneurs were really happy with these offers, but they wanted to see if any of the Sharks would be willing to lower their equity percentage by countering with 18%. Daymond didn’t want to go any lower than 25%, so he dropped out of the deal.

Better Bedder at Shark Tank

This left Barbara and Lori as the only Sharks still interested. Barbara even offered a lower equity of 15%, but Judy and Nita decided to go with Lori’s offer because of her proposal to help them appear at QVC. [2], [3], [4], [5]

Better Bedder After Shark Tank

Shark Tank exposure had a huge impact on Better Bedder’s sales. As it turned out, the company sold over 40 thousand units and are now reaching $2 millions in lifetime productizations since that time. They also have successfully completed the deal with Lori, as can be seen by the updated design of their website.

Unfortunately, due to the low inventory, Judy and Nita are yet to appear at QVC. However, they are hopeful that it will happen soon as they are working on increasing their inventory. We think Lori will help the duo with this as she has a lot of contacts in the industry since she did help them with marketing by creating an engaging commercial for the company.

Duo are now looking to break into the physical retail space. They have already partnered up with Walmart and you can see their product in the selected 3000 stores in the US.

But most of the Better Bedder sales come from the online orders. As we mentioned, Judy and Nita have their own website, but they are also selling on Amazon. The customer support they offer is excellent as they are responding to all the questions and concerns via social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

The product sees use both in households and in a hotel business. People use it for themselves, but also buy it as a gift for friends and family members. The most convenient thing about this little item is that you don’t have to lift the heavy bed to put it on, which is a big selling point.

When it comes to pricing of the product, it varies depending on how big your mattress is. For example, the price for a Full Bed sized Better Bedder is at $34.99, while Queen Bed size is worth $39.99. The most expensive option is for California King Bed and it costs $49.99. It’s not cheap, but the duo claims that once you put it on your mattress, you’ll never have to worry about fixing your sheets again. Additionally, they offer $15 off and free shipping if you decide to order multiple units and if you won’t be satisfied with the product, you can always return it as they offer full refund within 30 days of the delivery.

Currently, Better Bedder is only available in a white color, but the company plans to introduce new colors in the future.

Better Bedder After Shark Tank

The company actively keeps their social media presence and posts a lot of content related to their product. You can see that they are very proud of what they have accomplished so far as they should be. It also seems like Judy and Nita have learned more about marketing and covered all the bases when it comes to product promotion, which can be seen from their social media.

The next step the Better Bedder team is trying to reach is releasing the product worldwide and we hope they will achieve this goal soon! [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

Better Bedder Net Worth

It is estimated that Better Bedder’s net worth is around $1.5 million. This estimation is based on the sales they have made so far and the value of their equity.

We think that this number will only grow in the future as the product gains more popularity. Better Bedder has already made a huge impact and we believe they are here to stay! [6]


Is Better Bedder made in the USA?

Yes, Better Bedder is made in the USA. You can encounter this product in 3000 Walmart stores across the country.

Do I need a certain size for a Better Bedder?

No, Better Bedder will fit any size mattress. You can choose from Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes when you order. Keep in mind that bigger sizes are more expensive.

Who invented a Better Bedder?

The company was founded by Judy & Nita, two friends who had noticed how children and elderly people were struggling with making their beds. After creating a prototype for home use, they decided to spread the word about their product by appearing on Shark Tank.

What happened to the Better Bedder?

The company was able to make a deal with Lori Greiner and as a result, their sales increased drastically. They have managed to roll into retail and are now on their road towards $2 million in sales.

Judy and Nita have built a strong business with a bright future ahead. If they continue to work hard and deliver excellent customer service, they will surely find even more success in the years to come.

Where is the Better Bedder sold?

Better Bedders are now available for purchase on their website or Amazon. You can find them in select Walmart stores across America. If you live in Canada or all the way in Australia, then unfortunately you’re out of luck as the company doesn’t ship outside the US. But don’t worry- the team is working on expanding their shipping options!

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Better Bedder is a simple yet effective solution for those who struggle with making their beds each morning. What started as a simple solution to a problem has turned into a full-fledged business with national recognition. And it all started with two women who were passionate about making life easier.

We think that Shark Tank was a great opportunity for Judy and Nita to not only get the investment they needed, but also to get valuable advice from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

It is clear that both of them have worked hard to make Better Bedder a success. They have come a long way since they first started selling their product on Amazon and we are sure that they will continue to grow in the future. We are looking forward to seeing what’s next for this company!