Total Tie Keep: What Happened After Shark Tank

Total Tie Keep: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the high-stakes world of Shark Tank, where entrepreneurial dreams either soar or sink, Total Tie Keep entered the spotlight with an innovative solution to the age-old struggle of keeping neckties impeccably in place. While the Sharks didn’t bite, Dwight Littlejohn, the mastermind behind Total Tie Keep, pressed forward with resilience and determination.

This article delves into the post-Shark Tank journey of Total Tie Keep, exploring the twists and turns, strategic moves, and the company’s evolution from a compelling pitch to a thriving business in the world of men’s accessories.

What Is Total Tie Keep:

Total Tie Keep stands as a button-on accessory crafted from cotton fabric, engineered to curtail the unwanted movement of both the front and rear portions of a necktie, presenting the wearer with a consistently polished appearance. It distinguishes itself from conventional tie pins by not only securing the front but also ensuring the rear end of the tie remains in place without causing any constriction or undue stretching [1].

This innovative accessory seamlessly affixes to a dress shirt utilizing three buttonholes, accompanied by a series of loops strategically positioned to accommodate the rear section of the tie. The posterior part of the tie is then threaded through these loops, fastening it securely via the tie loop mechanism, ultimately resulting in the entire tie being impeccably held in position.

What Is Total Tie Keep

This unique design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tie but also provides a practical solution for individuals seeking a tidy and professional look without the limitations of traditional tie accessories.

How Does It Work?

This invention pertains to a device designed for the secure restraint of a necktie, which typically consists of a front portion, a rear portion, and a label affixed to the backside of the front part of the necktie. The apparatus features a material with upper, middle, and lower button holes that align with the corresponding upper, middle, and lower buttons on the shirt [2]

Affixed to this material are a first tab and a second tab, forming a first loop and a second loop, respectively, alongside the material. This configuration allows the rear portion of the necktie to be threaded through either the first or second loop.

The first tab is strategically positioned below the upper buttonhole and above the middle buttonhole, while the second tab is situated below the middle buttonhole and above the lower buttonhole on the apparatus. To secure a tied necktie to the shirt collar using this apparatus, the first button on the shirt connects to a first buttonhole on the material. 

Simultaneously, the rear portion of the necktie is threaded through either the first or second tab on the material. This entire assembly, comprising the apparatus and the connected rear portion of the necktie, is then threaded through the label on the backside of the front part of the necktie.

Subsequently, the middle and lower button holes are fastened to the middle and lower buttons on the user’s shirt, completing the secure attachment of the necktie and providing a neat and polished appearance.


Secure Hold:

The primary selling point of Total Tie Keep is its ability to provide a secure hold for ties. Traditional tie clips and pins can sometimes fail to keep the tie in place, resulting in a disheveled appearance. Total Tie Keep’s design ensures a firm grip on the tie, preventing it from slipping or moving throughout the day. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who lead active lifestyles or work in dynamic environments where a polished appearance is crucial.


One notable advantage of Total Tie Keep is its versatility. Unlike some tie accessories that are specific to certain tie widths or materials, Total Tie Keep claims to work with a wide range of tie styles and fabrics. This universality makes it a convenient choice for individuals with diverse tie collections, eliminating the need for multiple accessories to suit different ties.

Professional Aesthetic:

Total Tie Keep is designed to blend seamlessly with formal attire, contributing to a polished and professional look. Its minimalistic design ensures that it complements rather than distracts from the overall outfit. The sleek and discreet appearance makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, from business meetings to formal events.

Easy to Use:

The simplicity of Total Tie Keep’s design contributes to its user-friendly nature. Users can easily attach and remove the device without causing damage to their ties. This ease of use is particularly appealing for individuals who may be new to using tie accessories or those who prefer hassle-free solutions.

Durable Materials:

Total Tie Keep is constructed from durable materials, enhancing its longevity. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the device can withstand regular use without succumbing to wear and tear. This durability adds value to the product, as users can rely on it for the long term.

Total Tie Keep


Limited Visibility:

One of the potential drawbacks of Total Tie Keep is its limited visibility. The device is designed to be discreet, which may appeal to some users seeking a minimalist look. However, for those who enjoy showcasing their tie accessories, this subtle design may not provide the desired visual impact. The discreet nature of Total Tie Keep could be seen as a con for individuals who prefer more pronounced accessories.

Price Point:

The cost of Total Tie Keep may be a point of contention for some consumers. As with many specialty accessories, the price may be higher than traditional tie clips or pins. While the durability and versatility may justify the cost for some, budget-conscious individuals may find it challenging to justify the investment, especially if they already own functional tie accessories.

Learning Curve:

Despite its apparent simplicity, some users may experience a learning curve when using Total Tie Keep for the first time. Proper attachment and placement are crucial to achieving the desired hold without causing damage to the tie. While the learning curve is likely minimal for most users, it could be a consideration for those who prefer accessories with straightforward, foolproof applications.

Not Suitable for All Ties:

While Total Tie Keep claims to be versatile, there may still be limitations based on tie width, thickness, or material. Some users with exceptionally wide or narrow ties may find that the device does not provide an optimal hold. Additionally, ties made from delicate fabrics may be more susceptible to damage from the device, making it less suitable for certain tie collections.


As with many products featured on Shark Tank, availability can be a concern. Total Tie Keep may not be readily available in all regions or through traditional retail channels. This limited accessibility could be a drawback for potential customers who prefer to see or purchase products in person before making a decision.

Who May Benefit From Using?


Business professionals, including executives, managers, and individuals working in formal corporate settings, can benefit from Total Tie Keep. Maintaining a neat and polished appearance is often a key aspect of professional attire, and this accessory ensures that ties stay in place throughout the day, contributing to a well-groomed look [3].

Active Professionals:

Individuals with active professions, such as sales representatives, event managers, or those who frequently attend meetings and conferences, may find Total Tie Keep especially useful. The secure hold it provides prevents ties from becoming disheveled during dynamic activities, allowing professionals to maintain a sharp appearance even in fast-paced environments.

Fashion Enthusiasts:

Fashion-conscious individuals who pay meticulous attention to their outfits may appreciate Total Tie Keep for its sleek and discreet design. It complements various styles without overpowering the overall look, making it suitable for those who prefer subtle accessories that enhance their fashion choices.

Individuals with a Diverse Tie Collection:

Total Tie Keep’s claim of versatility makes it a practical choice for individuals with a diverse collection of ties in terms of width, material, and style. Rather than investing in multiple accessories to accommodate different ties, users with varied wardrobes can rely on Total Tie Keep for a universal and consistent solution.

Those Seeking Hassle-Free Solutions:

The ease of use associated with Total Tie Keep makes it appealing to individuals who prefer hassle-free accessories. Its straightforward attachment and removal process can be particularly beneficial for those who are new to using tie accessories or want a quick and efficient solution for securing their ties.

Individuals Attending Formal Events:

People attending formal events such as weddings, galas, or upscale social gatherings may find Total Tie Keep to be a valuable addition to their wardrobe. Its professional aesthetic and ability to keep ties in place contribute to a refined and well-groomed look, aligning with the expectations of formal dress codes.

Gift Seekers:

Total Tie Keep could make for a thoughtful and practical gift for individuals who regularly wear ties. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, this accessory offers a unique and functional option for those looking to present a gift that combines style and utility.

About Founders Of Total Tie Keep

Dwight Littlejohn, the innovative mind behind Total Tie Keep, boasts a unique journey that led him from being a federal agent in Washington, D.C., to the development of this groundbreaking product [4].

In 2007, Littlejohn took the first step in securing his invention by applying for a patent for the Total Tie Keep. After navigating the patenting process, his innovation was officially granted patent status in 2010. This marked a significant milestone for the Total Tie Keep, solidifying its status as a patented and protected creation.

For those looking to acquire this ingenious accessory, Total Tie Keep is conveniently available for purchase through the 1stMpression, LLC website, and more recently, on a Wix website. The product’s accessibility through these platforms ensures that interested customers can easily explore and obtain the Total Tie Keep for themselves.

About Founders Of Total Tie Keep

In terms of pricing, a single Total Tie Keep is reasonably priced at $ 3.99. For those desiring a variety of colors to complement their wardrobe, a four-pack, featuring colors such as white, blue, grey, and black, is available for $ 14.99. This pricing structure offers flexibility for consumers, allowing them to choose between individual purchases or a bundled option based on their preferences and needs.

The necktie, an essential element of formal menswear, undoubtedly contributes to a sharp and professional appearance. However, the challenge arises when, after a lengthy day or night, ties tend to lose their precision and become crooked and disheveled. The conventional solution involves resorting to a tie clip, a functional yet visually intrusive accessory that often lacks style.

Enter the Total Tie Keep, a distinctive accessory designed to maintain the secure placement of neckties while cleverly concealing itself behind the tie. This ingenious device takes the form of a small fabric strip equipped with buttonholes, discreetly sliding over three of the shirt buttons situated beneath the tie. The strip features loops on the front side, providing a snug embrace for the skinny end of the tie, commonly known as the tail [5].

Here’s how it works: the strip, now attached to the tail of the tie, is threaded through the keeper loop on the back of the wide end of the tie, also known as the blade. This meticulous process ensures that the Total Tie Keep remains entirely hidden, working its magic behind the scenes to keep the necktie flawlessly in place. The result? A consistently sharp and neat appearance, unaffected by activities like bending over, facing windy conditions, or hitting the dance floor with enthusiasm.

In essence, the Total Tie Keep offers a sophisticated solution that goes beyond the traditional tie clip, combining functionality with a visually unobtrusive design. It addresses the common pitfalls associated with tie maintenance, providing individuals with a reliable and stylish accessory that keeps their neckties impeccably poised throughout the day or night.

The Pitch Of Total Tie Keep At Shark Tank

In The Shark Tank, Dwight Littlejohn, the creator and founder of Total Tie Keep, introduced himself as a former federal agent based in Washington, D.C. With a background that required him to wear a suit and tie daily, he empathized with the struggle of maintaining a polished appearance, especially when dealing with influential figures.

Dwight sought a $ 50,000 investment in exchange for a 25% stake in his business. He presented Total Tie Keep as the solution to common tie mishaps, showcasing scenarios like the “blowing benny” and the “peeping Tom.” These visual representations resonated with the Sharks, highlighting the challenges individuals face in keeping their ties impeccable [6].

The product, a discreet accessory, functions by attaching to shirt buttons and looping into the tie loop, ensuring the tie stays neat and straight. Dwight distributed samples to the Sharks, demonstrating the ease of use and versatility of the Total Tie Keep, which comes in four colors (white, blue, grey, and black) to match various ties and shirts.

While the Sharks were intrigued by the concept, they raised concerns about the business’s viability. Dwight disclosed that the retail price for a four-pack of Total Tie Keep is $ 25, with a production cost of $ 3 for the same pack. Despite having a patented product, Dwight acknowledged limited sales and a need for assistance in marketing and distribution.

The Pitch Of Total Tie Keep At Shark Tank

Sharks like Lori questioned the lack of a proven business model, emphasizing that Dwight presented more of a concept than a thriving enterprise. Mark and Kevin expressed amusement and approval of the product’s functionality but noted the challenge of investing in a venture without substantial sales figures. Dwight revealed attempts to sell the product online and through Men’s Wearhouse, but the results were not as successful as anticipated.

As the questioning continued, Dwight faced skepticism regarding his ability to commit to the business full-time. The Sharks probed into his plans for utilizing the $ 50,000 investment and questioned the sustainability of the venture.

Ultimately, the Sharks, including Mark, Lori, Kevin, Robert, and Daymond, one by one, opted to pass on the opportunity, citing concerns about the business’s current stage and Dwight’s ability to drive its growth.

In the aftermath of the pitch, Dwight acknowledged the learning curve and expressed determination to improve. Despite facing rejection in the Tank, he believed in the potential of Total Tie Keep and was committed to refining his approach to achieve success in the future.

Total Tie Keep After The Shark Tank

In the aftermath of his Shark Tank appearance, Dwight Littlejohn didn’t let the lack of a deal deter him. Instead, he continued to actively promote and sell Total Tie Keep. Notably, in 2018, he joined forces with Kevin Harrington on an infomercial, marking two decades of his government service. This collaboration served as a testament to Dwight’s commitment to his product and its potential in the market [7].

As of February 2022, Total Tie Keep remains a thriving venture. Dwight has demonstrated resilience and adaptability by expanding his product line to include not only the innovative tie-securing accessory but also neckties and socks. The company’s reported annual revenue of $ 1 million reflects its sustained growth and success in the niche market it serves.

Despite not securing a deal with the Sharks, Total Tie Keep has managed to carve its place in the market. The product enjoys positive reviews from customers, with an impressive 75% receiving 5-star ratings. The company has embraced e-commerce platforms for sales, offering its products both on its official website and Amazon, ensuring accessibility to a broader customer base.

Total Tie Keep maintains an active online presence, particularly on Facebook, where they engage with their 600 followers. While the expected Shark Tank boost may not have materialized as anticipated, the company’s ability to adapt, expand its product line and maintain a satisfied customer base showcases its resilience and potential for further growth.

The Net Worth Of Total Tie Keep

The financial valuation of the Total Tie Keep enterprise remains undisclosed to the public; however, it garnered an appraisal of $ 200,000 in the course of its presentation on Shark Tank [8]. Given that the business is currently active, and with uncertainties surrounding its growth trajectory, there exists the possibility that the net worth has surpassed the figure initially put forth during the Shark Tank pitch. 

Total Tie Keep At Shark Tank

Alternatives To Total Tie Keep:

Traditional Tie Clips:

Traditional tie clips, also known as tie bars or tie clasps, are widely available and come in various designs. They typically consist of a metal clip that attaches to the front and back portions of the tie, securing it to the shirt. Traditional tie clips are versatile and come in different lengths to accommodate various tie widths.

Magnetic Tie Clips:

Magnetic tie clips use magnets to hold the tie in place. These clips have a minimalist design, often featuring a small metal bar with magnets on either end. The magnets attach to the tie and shirt, providing a secure hold without the need for a visible clip. Magnetic tie clips are known for their sleek and modern appearance [9].

Tie Tacks or Pins:

Tie tacks or pins are accessories that use a small pin to secure the tie to the shirt. They often feature a decorative element, making them both functional and stylish. Tie tacks can add a touch of personalization to the tie while keeping it in place.

Tie Chains:

Tie chains consist of a chain that attaches to both ends of the tie and clips onto the shirt. The chain hangs vertically, providing a classic and vintage aesthetic. This accessory not only secures the tie but also adds a unique element to the overall look.

Tie Straps or Tie Bands:

Tie straps are elastic bands or fabric strips that wrap around the tie and shirt, holding the tie in place. They are often adjustable and discreet, providing a secure hold without the need for a visible accessory. Tie straps are suitable for those who prefer a minimalist look.

Tie Rings:

Tie rings are small rings that slide over the tie and attach to the shirt. They are available in various materials, including metal and leather, and can add a subtle touch of style while keeping the tie in place. Tie rings are typically easy to use and offer a modern alternative to traditional clips.

Tie Collars:

Some shirts come with built-in tie collars or loops. These are fabric loops on the underside of the collar that can hold the tie in place. While this option is limited to shirts with this feature, it eliminates the need for a separate accessory.

DIY Solutions:

For those who prefer a more personalized approach, there are various do-it-yourself solutions, such as using fabric-friendly tape or adhesive strips to secure the tie discreetly. While these may not offer the same polished appearance as some accessories, they can be practical and cost-effective.

The Net Worth Of Total Tie Keep


  1. Does Shark Tank pay?

No, Shark Tank does not pay participants to appear on the show. Entrepreneurs pitch their products or business ideas to the Sharks in the hopes of securing investments, but the show itself does not provide financial compensation.

  1. What was the most successful item on Shark Tank?

The most successful product to emerge from Shark Tank is the Scrub Daddy, a smiley-faced sponge with unique cleaning properties. It has generated millions in sales and remains one of the show’s standout success stories.

  1. How did Lori Greiner get rich?

Lori Greiner earned her wealth through her success as an inventor and entrepreneur. Often referred to as the “Queen of QVC,” she has developed and launched numerous innovative products, securing significant royalties and sales. Her role on Shark Tank has further contributed to her financial success.

  1. Who is the richest on Shark Tank?

As of 2023, Mark Cuban holds the title of the richest Shark on Shark Tank. Cuban, a successful entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has accumulated a substantial net worth through various business ventures and investments.

  1. Why does Barbara never invest?

Barbara Corcoran, one of the Sharks on Shark Tank, has her unique investment criteria. While she has made successful deals on the show, she is selective and tends to invest in products or businesses that align with her expertise and have strong growth potential.

How did Lori Greiner get rich?

  1. What was the worst deal on Shark Tank?

The worst deal on Shark Tank, in terms of the outcome, is subjective and depends on various factors. Some deals may appear promising during the pitch but encounter challenges post-show. One example often cited is the “I Want to Draw a Cat for You” business, where a deal with Mark Cuban did not lead to significant success.

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