NoPhone: What Happened After Shark Tank

NoPhone: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the whimsical world of Shark Tank, NoPhone emerged as a satirical antidote to smartphone addiction, captivating both laughter and skepticism from the Sharks. Van Gould and Chris Sheldon, the creative minds behind this nonfunctional phone, sought to address society’s growing dependence on mobile devices.

As they presented their tongue-in-cheek solution in Season 7, Episode 28, the Sharks questioned its practicality. However, post-Shark Tank, NoPhone found its niche, earning mentions in prestigious publications and evolving its product line.

This article delves into the intriguing aftermath of NoPhone, exploring its journey, customer reception, and the entrepreneurial ventures of its creators.

What Is NoPhone:

For those seeking a genuine solution to smartphone addiction, alternative approaches such as digital detox programs, mindfulness practices, or purpose-built apps may be more effective. The NoPhone, with its tongue-in-cheek approach, is a reminder of the need for balance in our increasingly digital lives but may not be the transformative solution some are searching for [1].

NoPhone strives to curb smartphone addiction by marketing its device as the ultimate antiquated mobile device. This device lacks any essential controls, camera lens, or additional functionalities; it simply constitutes a plastic unit mimicking the form of a phone.

What Is NoPhone

As per their official site, this mobile device excludes any storage capabilities, boasting a complete absence of phone storage, and it boasts restroom-resistant attributes. Among their product lineup is the NoPhone ZERO, a less advanced iteration compared to the original NoPhone. It brings minimal enhancements, featuring a rectangular form and a sleek black color. Additionally, they introduce the NoPhone SELFIE variant, which integrates a mirror as an alternative option.

How Does It Work?

The NoPhone works by serving as a placeholder for your actual smartphone. It doesn’t have any technical features or capabilities. Instead, it’s a physical object, similar in size and shape to a typical smartphone, that you can hold or reach for when you feel the urge to check your phone [2].

By holding or interacting with the NoPhone, users can experience the tactile sensations associated with using a smartphone without digital distractions. This can be particularly helpful for people trying to reduce their screen time, break the habit of constantly checking their phones, or focus on face-to-face interactions.

So, while the NoPhone doesn’t “work” in the traditional sense of having functionality or features, it “works” as a tool to help manage and reduce smartphone use.


  • Novel Concept and Humor Appeal: The NoPhone’s primary strength lies in its novelty and humor appeal. Conceived as a satirical response to the growing obsession with smartphones, the NoPhone positions itself as the ultimate anti-smartphone. It capitalizes on the absurdity of purchasing a device that serves no electronic purpose but still resembles a smartphone. The humor inherent in the concept has garnered attention and appreciation, making it a conversation starter;
  • Helps Break Phone Addiction: The NoPhone is intended to help users break their smartphone addiction. For those who find themselves constantly reaching for their phone out of habit, the NoPhone serves as a physical reminder to put the phone down and engage with the world around them;
  • Encourages Real-Life Interaction: By providing a tech-free alternative to smartphones, the NoPhone encourages users to engage in real-life interactions rather than being glued to a screen. This can lead to improved social skills, better relationships, and a healthier balance between digital and real-world experiences;
  • Affordability: One of the key selling points of the NoPhone is its affordability. Priced significantly lower than the latest smartphones on the market, the NoPhone offers a humorous and inexpensive solution for individuals looking to make a statement about their smartphone habits without breaking the bank. This affordability makes it an attractive gag gift or a lighthearted present for friends and family;
  • Promotes Mindfulness: The NoPhone’s underlying message is to encourage mindfulness and reduce dependence on smartphones. By providing a physical object that mimics the form of a smartphone without the distractions, it prompts users to reflect on their usage patterns. For some, the NoPhone serves as a tangible reminder to be present in the moment and detach from the constant digital stimuli that smartphones often provide;
  • Durable Construction: As a non-electronic device, the NoPhone boasts a robust and durable construction. Crafted from a solid piece of plastic, it is resilient to accidental drops and mishandling. This durability adds a practical aspect to the product, ensuring that it can withstand the test of time even if its primary purpose is more satirical than functional;


  • Lack of Practical Use: The most glaring drawback of the NoPhone is its lack of practical use. While it successfully mocks smartphone addiction, it fails to provide any tangible benefits beyond its comedic value. As a result, potential buyers must be willing to embrace the NoPhone purely as a symbol rather than a functional device, raising questions about its long-term appeal and utility;
  • Limited Target Audience: The NoPhone’s appeal is limited to a specific demographic – those who can appreciate the humor in its concept and are willing to spend money on a satirical statement. For individuals seeking a genuine solution to smartphone addiction, the NoPhone falls short, as it offers no mechanisms to address the underlying issues associated with excessive smartphone use;
  • Environmental Concerns: Despite its durable construction, the NoPhone is still a single-use plastic product. In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of consumer decisions, the creation and purchase of a non-functional plastic object can be perceived as wasteful. The product’s lack of eco-friendly materials or a sustainable message may deter environmentally conscious consumers;
  • Questionable Longevity: The humor associated with the NoPhone may wear off quickly, and users may find themselves wondering about the long-term value of a device that serves no practical purpose. As a result, the NoPhone’s appeal may diminish over time, making it a potential fad rather than a lasting solution to smartphone addiction;

Who May Benefit From Using?

Social Media Detox Enthusiasts

People who are actively seeking ways to reduce their reliance on social media and disconnect from the digital world may find the NoPhone to be a tangible reminder of their commitment. It serves as a physical representation of the desire to step back from constant connectivity and embrace real-world experiences [3].

Gift Seekers for Gag Presents

The NoPhone’s affordability and humorous concept make it an ideal choice for those seeking unique and entertaining gifts. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or office parties, the NoPhone can serve as a lighthearted present that sparks laughter and conversation among friends and colleagues.

Technology Satire Enthusiasts

Individuals with a penchant for satire and a critical view of modern technology may appreciate the NoPhone as a clever commentary on smartphone addiction. For those who enjoy products that humorously challenge societal norms, the NoPhone can be seen as a statement piece.

Parents Concerned About Screen Time

Parents who are concerned about the impact of excessive screen time on their children may use the NoPhone as a playful tool to initiate conversations about responsible technology use. The device could serve as a tangible reminder for both parents and children to be mindful of their screen time habits.

Office or Classroom Icebreakers

The NoPhone can be employed in professional or educational settings as an icebreaker. Placing it on a desk or incorporating it into a presentation may generate laughs and discussions about the role of smartphones in our daily lives. It could serve as a conversation starter about the importance of balance in technology usage.

Individuals Seeking Symbolic Reminders

Some individuals may find value in the NoPhone as a symbolic reminder to stay present and resist the urge to constantly check their smartphones. Placing the NoPhone on a bedside table or carrying it in a pocket may serve as a visual cue to be more mindful of one’s digital habits.

About Founders Of NoPhone

In 2016, entrepreneurs Van Gould and Christ Sheldon entered the Shark Tank arena to pitch their innovative product, the NoPhone [4]. In an era dominated by high-tech smartphones that seem ubiquitous, their company is carving out a distinctive niche by offering a device with the fewest smartphone capabilities imaginable.

About Founders Of NoPhone

The NoPhone deliberately lacks fundamental features such as a functional camera, screen, music player, WiFi connectivity, and other standard smartphone functionalities. However, it compensates for this minimalism by providing users with the option to enhance their experience with a selfie mirror sticker, allowing them to gaze at themselves while carrying what appears to be a functional smartphone.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, Van and Christ had already achieved remarkable success, having sold an impressive 3100 units. 

During the fall of 2014 and again in 2015, this ironic product managed to secure over $ 20,000 in funding on Kickstarter on two separate occasions.

According to the fundraising page led by Van Gould and Christ Sheldon, the NoPhone is positioned as a “tech-free remedy for persistent phone addiction, aiding users in re-engaging with the real world.”

Despite its apparent humor, some individuals choose to carry the NoPhone with them, whether on dates or to the movies. However, not all reviews are favorable; a CNET review goes as far as labeling the NoPhone as the “most pointless gift ever”.

This venture has earned the moniker of the “largest fake phone company in the world,” having distributed over 4000 of these satirical devices.

When not functioning as art directors at an advertising firm in New York, Sean and Steven operate their business out of a compact 400-square-foot flat in the city [5]. Their current aim seems to involve securing a Shark’s support for widespread distribution, emphasizing the potential for large-scale growth in the future.

What Does The Founder Think About The Smartphone Dependency?

Sheldon expressed an understanding of the amusement tied to phone dependency, emphasizing that their product offered a lighthearted way for anyone to overcome it. They shared that after putting their concept online, they received numerous emails from individuals expressing a desire to mock their phone dependency.

In essence, the NoPhone is akin to the pet rock of the millennial generation. Although the Sharks chuckled at the concept, it raises the question of whether they deemed it a valuable use of their time. Van and Sheldon proceeded to distribute samples, with Van presenting Robert with a NoPhone featuring the selfie upgrade—a mere mirror.

The Forbes website featured NoPhone in an article highlighting it as the first “fake phone company” to make an appearance on Shark Tank. The NoPhone website continues to thrive, showcasing commendations from notable reviews, including praise from prominent companies like TechCrunch on their landing page. Time Magazine described the NoPhone as “a simulation of your comfort object, helping you to slowly abandon it”.

Notably, the website now introduces the NoPhone Air, a product that comprises only an empty plastic package, available for a mere $ 5 [6]. This unconventional item could serve as a distinctive Christmas gift for those who revel in being the black sheep of the family.

The entire NoPhone range, along with the official NoPhone t-shirt, is conveniently accessible on Amazon Prime. Take the first step to conquer cellphone addiction by visiting their website today.

The Pitch Of NoPhone At Shark Tank

Entering the Shark Tank, Van Gould and Chris Sheldon, still immersed in their phones, sought $ 25,000 for 15% equity in their company, NoPhone [7]. They confronted the perceived global problem of phone addiction, emphasizing that most adults have their phones with them for at least 22 hours a day. The Sharks, amused by the notion, were entertained by Van’s revelation of a photo depicting them all absorbed in their phones on the Shark Tank set.

Presenting the NoPhone, a fake phone devoid of a screen, battery, or apps, Van and Sheldon proposed it as a satirical solution for those addicted to real phones. Despite initial confusion from Lori and Mark, who were perplexed by the concept, the entrepreneurs persisted. They offered a selfie upgrade, which was essentially a mirror. The NoPhone had garnered attention, even being featured on Forbes as the first “fake phone company” on Shark Tank.

The Pitch Of NoPhone At Shark Tank

When asked about sales, the duo revealed having sold 3100 units, mostly with the selfie upgrade, amassing approximately $ 42,000 in sales since their November launch [8]. The Sharks had mixed reactions, with Kevin dismissing it as cute but ultimately valueless. Mark, while critical, acknowledged the potential market for gag gifts. Lori questioned the business’s viability and declined to invest, while Daymond and Kevin expressed reservations about its value.

The entrepreneurs, undeterred, highlighted the possibility of expansion through sales and marketing efforts. Robert, appreciating the ingenuity, chose not to invest, and Mark expressed disdain for the notion of patenting such a simple product. Daymond and Kevin opted out, with Kevin bluntly stating that the NoPhone, despite its sales, was essentially nothing.

As the Sharks dismissed the entrepreneurs, Van expressed disappointment, believing the Sharks had missed a groundbreaking opportunity. However, the consensus was that the NoPhone, while generating some sales, lacked the substance to secure a deal in the competitive world of Shark Tank.

NoPhone After The Shark Tank

While the NoPhone may not have secured a deal from the Sharks, the satirical product gained notable recognition. It was featured on the Forbes website, touted as the “first fake phone company to appear on Shark Tank”. Time Magazine referred to it as “a simulation of your comfort object,” and it found a prominent place on TechCrunch’s landing page [9].

Following the episode, Van and Chris continued selling the NoPhone, not only through their website but also on Amazon. They expanded their product line by introducing the NoPhone Air, an empty plastic package priced at $ 5, catering to the humor of a true gag gift.

Despite the Sharks’ skepticism, the NoPhone received positive reviews on Amazon, boasting a 4-star rating from over 200 reviews. Customers, appreciating it as a great gag gift, found various creative uses for the nonfunctional phone. Some utilized it as a prop, while others purchased it as a toy for their children.

While there were occasional criticisms about the product’s quality, such as variations from the product photos and unusual additions like a glued-on Christmas hat, the overall sentiment was one of satisfaction with its intended purpose as a humorous item.

As of 2023, the NoPhone is no longer available on Amazon. It appears to have been temporarily removed in 2018 but made a brief return in 2021. However, the product is still accessible through their official website, which interestingly features sections in languages other than English. Additionally, they offer free shipping for all orders.

NoPhone After The Shark Tank

In terms of their current endeavors, according to LinkedIn, Van served as an Associate Creative Director at Anomaly from January 2020 to November 2021, following which he became a Creative Director at Maximum Effort, a New York-based film production company and digital marketing agency co-founded by Ryan Reynolds.

Chris, too, is currently a Creative Director at Maximum Effort, showcasing their continued involvement in the creative and marketing fields.

The Net Worth Of NoPhone

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of NoPhone is $ 15 million. This is quite an increase from the time of their Shark Tank appearance when the company was valued at $ 100,000 [10].

Despite some sources estimating a lower net worth, the majority consensus points towards the $ 15 million figure. The company achieved popularity on Kickstarter and sold over 3,100 units which contributed to its financial success.

Alternatives To NoPhone:

Digital Detox Apps

Instead of a physical device, individuals looking to reduce their smartphone usage can explore digital detox apps. These apps often offer features such as screen time tracking, app usage limits, and notifications to encourage mindful phone use.

Smartphone Addiction Solutions

Several companies have developed products specifically designed to address smartphone addiction. These range from physical cases that block signals to dedicated devices that limit smartphone functionality during certain hours, promoting a healthier relationship with technology.

Mindfulness and Meditation Apps

Apps focused on mindfulness and meditation can be effective in reducing overall stress and dependence on smartphones. These apps often provide guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises, and other tools to help individuals stay present and calm [11].

Basic Phones or “Dumb” Phones

For those who want to scale back on smartphone features without entirely giving up a mobile device, basic phones or “dumb” phones are a viable alternative. These phones typically have limited functionalities, emphasizing communication over the extensive features found in smartphones.

Tech-Free Retreats and Experiences

Some individuals may opt for a more immersive approach by participating in tech-free retreats or experiences. These retreats provide a space for people to disconnect from their devices, engage in face-to-face interactions, and focus on personal well-being.

The Net Worth Of NoPhone

Phone-Free Zones and Habits

Creating designated phone-free zones or establishing specific phone-free times during the day can be a practical alternative. This approach encourages individuals to be more intentional about their smartphone use and fosters a healthier balance between digital and real-world experiences.

Educational Programs on Digital Wellbeing

Many organizations and institutions offer educational programs and workshops on digital well-being. These programs provide insights into the impact of excessive smartphone use and offer strategies for developing healthier relationships with technology.

Family or Social Agreements

Establishing agreements with family or social groups to limit smartphone use during certain activities or events can be an effective alternative. Social support and shared goals contribute to a collective effort to reduce dependence on smartphones.


  1. How much does the NoPhone cost?

The standard NoPhone is priced at $ 12, providing users with a minimalistic, nonfunctional phone experience. Additionally, there is a NoPhone Air available for $ 5, which is essentially an empty plastic package, ideal for those seeking a true gag gift.

  1. What does the NoPhone do?

The NoPhone is a satirical device designed to address smartphone addiction. It intentionally lacks a screen, battery, or apps, serving as a physical representation of a phone without any electronic functionality. It encourages users to detach from their smartphones and engage more with the real world.

  1. What episode was the NoPhone on Shark Tank?

The NoPhone made its appearance on Shark Tank in Season 7, Episode 28. The episode showcased the entrepreneurs, Van Gould and Chris Sheldon, pitching their unique product to the Sharks.

  1. What was the last Shark Tank episode?

It is worth checking the official Shark Tank website or streaming platforms for the most recent episode information, as the show continues to produce new episodes.

  1. How much is the NoPhone Air?

The NoPhone Air, an empty plastic package designed as a gag gift, is priced at $ 5. It offers a humorous twist on the concept of a phone, further emphasizing the NoPhone’s satirical nature.

How much does the NoPhone cost?

  1. What is NoPhone Zero?

NoPhone Zero is another product variant offered by the company. While specific details might vary, it is typically presented as a downgraded version of the original NoPhone, providing users with a minimalist, nonfunctional phone experience.

  1. Who is the world’s cheapest phone?

The concept of the world’s cheapest phone can vary based on different factors. While the NoPhone is known for its affordability, it’s essential to consider other options and market offerings to determine the overall cheapest phone.

  1. What really happens when you win on Shark Tank?

Winning on Shark Tank typically involves securing a deal with one or more Sharks, who become investors in the entrepreneur’s business. The specifics of the deal vary, and successful entrepreneurs gain not only financial investment but also mentorship and exposure, contributing to the growth of their business.

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