Birddogs: What Happened After Shark Tank

Birddogs: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the Season 7 episode “Not So Fast,” entrepreneurs Troy and Alana Miller pitched their company Birddogs, a line of high-quality American-made jeans. The judges weren’t convinced by their business model and turned them down, but that didn’t stop the Millers from continuing to grow their company. In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about what happened to Birddogs after Shark Tank and give you some tips on how you can succeed in spite of a negative appearance on the show. Thanks for reading!

History of the Bird Dogs and Its Founders

Many men are familiar with the issue of underwear bunching up around the crotch area. This is definitely not the most comfortable situation to be in and can cause irritation and even discomfort. Peter Baldwin understood the issue very well. He got the idea of BirdDogs on his plane trip to London. He wanted to design a better-fitting pair of shorts that would solve the problem. With the help of co-founder Chris Mason, Peter Baldwin started his business.

Peter wasn’t satisfied with his job at IBM and wanted to create something of his own. The two founders set out to create a product that was different from any other underwear or active wear on the market.

Birddogs are basically gym shorts that allow you to go full commando without having to worry about bunching up in the crotch area. It also helps keep your legs cool, as airflow is improved due to the absence of a fabric lining. These shorts are indeed beyond comfortable and feature a deep pocket lined with an antimicrobial, odor-blocking material crafted to keep you feeling fresh no matter the occasion. Moreover, they dry significantly faster than most swimwear.

With his business partner Chris Mason, Baldwin has the ambition to bring out the exemption of freedom that comes with wearing shorts without underwear for men. The sensation is empowering and they want to spread it among a larger population.

History of the Bird Dogs and Its Founders

Since its inception, the company has won rave reviews for the product’s style and comfort. Baldwin and Mason’s shorts are available in an array of more than thirty styles, starting from a mere $ 55 – $ 60. These entrepreneurs hope to get assistance from the Sharks for expanding their product line into big box retail stores. 

The duo wanted to go further and seek the help of the shark investors in a form of funding. The two entrepreneurs then appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their businesses and idea to the Sharks. Let’s see how it went for them! [1] [2]

Birddogs at Shark Tank Pitch

Chris and Peter are seeking an investment of $ 250,000 in exchange for a 1.5% ownership stake in their company. They begin their pitch by explaining their goals and how the product works. Chris explains that they’re creating a new category of apparel called “performance shorts” because they are designed to be both comfortable and stylish.

They even provide the sharks with some samples of their product, which they are all impressed with. They also share some impressive numbers on sales and explain that they have been able to maintain a healthy profit margin due to their direct-to-consumer model.

Lori jumps straight to questions about the sales numbers and asks if the company is profitable. The duo explains that they sold over $ 200,000 in their first year, $ 2.1 million in the second year and they are projecting $ 6 million for the year of the pitch (2018). And their revenue is constantly growing!

Their shorts retail for an affordable $ 18, yet they make a healthy profit of $ 37 by marketing and shipping each pair at the price of $ 55. Mark however has some concerns about the marketing cost and whether it will be possible to scale the business.

The duo gets too cocky for their own good and this puts off the sharks. They reveal investors already own 11% of the company. Right now their biggest issue is inventory, so they need the money to scale up. This doesn’t sit right with Mark who calls them out for not planning ahead enough.

Lori agrees with Mark’s sentiment and notices the duo avoiding answering the shark’s questions directly. Robert doesn’t believe anything Birddogs is selling and decides to drop out. Mark again points out their overconfidence and goes out as well, followed by Robert and Daymond. Kevin believes the guys will be hell to work with so he also drops out.

Birddogs at Shark Tank Pitch

In the end, Birddogs was not able to make a deal with any sharks and have had to continue doing business on their own since then. But how have they done since then? Let’s take a look! [2]

What Happened to Birddogs After the Show

Despite not receiving a deal from a shark, the duo has managed to turn their business around. An appearance on Live TV was enough to give them the boost they needed. This is something called the Shark Tank Effect and since then, their sales have skyrocketed. Soon after the air date, they introduced pants with built-in underwear and took their business to the next level.

In July 2020, however, they were sued for breaching the Americans with Disabilities Act and New York State Human Rights Law. Angel Rodriguez initiated this proposition as he argued that their website violated WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. The plaintiff’s lawsuit alleges that the company website has been inadequately accessible to and usable by blind people. The same issue still persists as of 2023 which is a shame as Birddogs has achieved so much.

In spite of this lawsuit, Birddog continued to have a very successful business year. As of 2022, their annual revenue is close to $ 15 million. Many people didn’t like the attitude of Chris and Peter, however, deeming them too cocky and unprofessional.

And it does seem that overall they have a favorable opinion from the public. Just go check out their social media! Their Instagram account is loaded with promotions and content and boasts 100k followers. They also find plenty of engagement on their Facebook as well!

The Bird Dog brand has had a lot of success since it appeared on Shark Tank, but the lawsuit is still making headlines as many are disappointed in the company for not being more inclusive with its products and website. Even despite this setback, Birddogs looks like it will continue to be a successful venture for Chris and Peter for years to come. They are an example of how having faith in your product can really pay off! [2] [3] [4] [5]

What Happened to Birddogs After the Show

Are Birddogs Still in Business?

Yes, Birddogs is still in business as of 2021 and continues to be a successful retail company. After appearing on Shark Tank and not being able to secure a deal, the company has managed to stay afloat. They have successfully utilized social media to promote their products and create a loyal customer base.

With $ 15 million in annual revenue, Birddogs is doing quite well and they are continuing to expand their product range.

Although they have faced some bumps in the road, Chris and Peter continue to build upon the success they achieved after appearing on Shark Tank. They have come far since then, and with the company’s current success and popularity, it looks like they are here to stay.

Birddogs Net Worth

The net worth of Birddogs is estimated to be around $ 20 million as of 2023. This makes it one of the most successful businesses to come out of Shark Tank! The company has excelled in its mission statement, which was to “create clothes that give you more freedom and express yourself”. It has certainly achieved this goal, with its stylish yet comfortable shorts and pants selling like hotcakes. 

And they managed to achieve all of this without assistance from a shark. It shows just how hard work, determination, and a good product can lead to success even without having the backing of a major investor. [6]


What is Birddogs’ total revenue?

The annual revenue for Birddogs has seen impressive growth ever since they appeared on Shark Tank. According to their 2019 financials, Birddogs had earned $ 15 million in revenue. This was a solid increase from the revenue that they had earned in 2018.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Birddogs has also increased its customer base dramatically. They boast a hundred thousand followers on Instagram and an even larger following on other social media platforms. This increased customer base has allowed Birddogs to capitalize on the growth in sales that they have experienced since their appearance on Shark Tank.

How much is bird dog shorts worth?

After their success on Shark Tank, Birddogs Shorts was valued at $ 20 million. Their shorts are designed to be both comfortable and functional, with a wide variety of sizes and colors available.

Overall, even though Birddogs failed to get a shark deal on Shark Tank, the company still managed to grow exponentially and become a hugely successful business. The founders have since gone on to launch several more products and collaborate with multiple college athletic teams in order to promote their brand.

The shorts remain the core of Birddog’s product range, however, which is still well-received by its customers. Most people who own a pair of Birddog Shorts report that they are incredibly comfortable and durable – making them worth every penny.

Who owns the company Birddogs?

Peter Baldwin and Chris Mason are the two co-founders of Birddogs. They launched their business with a mission to create better-fitting clothes for men who are living active lifestyles. Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2018, they have seen tremendous growth and success as a company.

The duo has been able to expand its product line to include shorts, pants, and polos all designed for an active lifestyle. The owners have also partnered up with some of the biggest names in fashion and have gained quite a community around themselves!

What is Birddogs?

Birddogs is a lifestyle brand that specializes in comfortable and stylish athletic apparel. Founded by Peter Baldwin and Chris Mason, Birddogs offers an impressive range of high-quality gym shorts with unique features like their signature four-way stretch fabric and deep pockets. These allow you to go commando-style with a secure fit and no shifting or bunching.

What is Birddogs?

And if gym shorts aren’t your style, you can order polos or pants from Bird Dogs too. With their stylish apparel, Birddogs is helping men live their best active life!

Where is Birddogs?

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2018, Birddogs has experienced explosive growth and is now available for purchase across the United States. The company offers special gym shorts that allow men to go full commando without sacrificing comfort or style. The shorts feature a unique “no compression” design, which eliminates the need for underwear and provides a more comfortable fit.

In addition to selling gym shorts, Birddogs also offers an array of lifestyle apparel such as polos and pants. The company has continued to innovate its product line, expanding into slip-on shoes and introducing a new collection of high-performance running shorts.

The annual revenue of the company is now around $ 15 million which is a huge achievement considering it was only a few thousand dollars when it first appeared on Shark Tank. Birddogs has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Business Insider, and GQ magazine.

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Peter Baldwin and Chris Mason wanted men to feel more comfortable while doing physical exercises. Birddogs was their answer to a much-needed garment line that provided comfort and style when exercising or just going about everyday life.

However, they couldn’t get the help of a shark investor. While they didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank, it did not stop them from continuing to pursue their dream of bringing Birddogs to the world.

After appearing on the show, Peter and Chris continued working hard on growing the brand. They have introduced many new items to their line. They have also worked hard on finding new ways to get the word out about Birddogs.

While there are people who don’t like the way they look in traditional workout gear, Birddogs have become a popular item among many customers. They have also been successful in getting the word out about their brand and expanding their customer base.

It’s clear that Peter and Chris are dedicated to making Birddogs a success. Despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank, they still believe in the product and what it can do for those who wear it. It will be interesting to see how far Birddogs goes in the future!

Thanks for reading our article on what happened to Birddogs after Shark Tank. We hope you found it helpful and informative! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again for reading!