Elliptical Stroller: What Happened After Shark Tank

Elliptical Stroller: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the wake of its compelling appearance on Shark Tank, the Elliptical Stroller, an innovative fusion of fitness and parenting, sparked widespread curiosity about its journey post-TV pitch.

Pier Paolo Visconti’s brainchild aimed to revolutionize how mothers engage in exercise while caring for their children. Now, as the post-Shark Tank chapter unfolds, an exploration into developments, adaptations, and responses to the Sharks’ feedback becomes imperative.

The article delves into the Elliptical Stroller’s evolution, shedding light on updates, refinements, and the entrepreneurial resilience driving its pursuit of a market-ready, user-friendly fitness solution for parents.

What Is an Elliptical Stroller:

The Elliptical Stroller represents a revolutionary design that enables individuals to engage in a workout while relishing the fresh air and sunlight in the company of their children [1]. Beyond merely burning calories and reinstating confidence in physical capabilities, this exercise also triggers the release of endorphins, effectively alleviating the stress commonly associated with the challenges of new motherhood. As the saying goes, a content and contented mother equates to a proficient parent! 

Comprising two fundamental elements, this stroller incorporates a baby carriage at the front and an elliptical propulsion system at the rear. The versatility of the Elliptical Stroller shines through as it effortlessly transitions between conventional and athletic modes.

By compacting the mechanism, the Elliptical Stroller assumes the guise of a typical stroller. Conversely, unfolding the mechanism unveils a fully functional elliptical machine ready for use.

What Is an Elliptical Stroller


The Elliptical Stroller stands out immediately with its unique design, combining the familiar structure of a traditional stroller with the mechanics of an elliptical machine. The frame is constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, making it easy to maneuver while ensuring longevity.

The Elliptical Stroller aims to provide parents with an efficient way to stay active while taking care of their children. The functionality of this product is crucial in determining whether it fulfills its promises [2].


Tailored for on-the-go mothers juggling baby care and fitness goals, the Elliptical Stroller aims to cater to the unique needs of busy moms.

Admittedly, pinpointing a specific niche interested in this product proves challenging. The reason lies in the apparent lack of a distinctive advantage in the elliptical mode compared to the traditional walking mode. The caloric expenditure in the elliptical mode seems on par with that of the conventional walking mode, posing a dilemma for potential users.

As of now, there’s a notable absence of scientific evidence validating the claim that the elliptical mode surpasses the conventional walking mode in calorie-burning efficacy. The product’s viability might hinge on demonstrating a significant boost in calorie burning through elliptical walking mode, but this prospect appears uncertain as both modes seemingly entail a similar workload.

Granted, the elliptical motion does offer a gentler impact on the joints. However, it’s worth noting that walking, with the appropriate footwear, also stands out as a joint-friendly exercise.

Beyond its novelty factor, the Elliptical Stroller struggles to showcase a distinctive advantage over conventional strollers. To gain a competitive edge, the product would need to demonstrate tangible benefits that set it apart in functionality and effectiveness.

How Does It Work?

The transformative journey of a woman’s body during and after pregnancy, coupled with weight gain and a substantial decrease in physical activity, often gives rise to what is known as the “detraining effect”. This phenomenon manifests as a diminished inclination for exercise and a waning confidence to engage in competitive sports. Utilizing a stroller as part of workout routines becomes a powerful tool to reignite that lost enthusiasm for non-competitive physical activities.

This revolutionary yet affordable stroller serves as a conduit for nurturing both your physical well-being and the intimate bond with your child, ensuring a relaxing and productive experience for both parent and child.

The impact of regular exercise extends beyond the physical realm, offering a significant reduction in stress levels for mothers navigating the complexities of career, childcare, and maintaining a healthy relationship with their partners. In certain instances, physical activity has proven to be more effective than group therapy.

A leisurely ride with the elliptical stroller serves as a dual-purpose solution, enhancing physical fitness and mental well-being without requiring separation from your child. It not only presents a more cost-effective alternative but also fosters social stimulation when compared to other therapeutic options.

Following childbirth, a mother’s social life often contracts substantially, and in extreme cases, she may feel trapped in a state of isolation. This isolation can magnify doubts, fears, and feelings of loneliness.

The Elliptical Stroller emerges as a liberating force, rescuing mothers from the confines of solitude and guiding them on strolls through parks, beaches, or any desired location. This facilitates interaction with like-minded mothers, establishing a crucial social support system to combat the challenges of postpartum depression.

The Elliptical Stroller, with its multifaceted benefits, becomes not just a fitness companion but a holistic solution for mothers navigating the intricate landscape of post-pregnancy life [3].


  • Dual Functionality: The standout feature of the Elliptical Stroller is its dual functionality. Parents can seamlessly transition from strolling their child around to engaging in a low-impact elliptical workout without needing to stop and switch equipment;
  • Adjustable Resistance: Users can customize their workout intensity with adjustable resistance levels. This feature caters to individuals with varying fitness levels, allowing both beginners and experienced exercisers to benefit from the device;
  • Compact and Foldable: The Elliptical Stroller is designed to be space-efficient, with a foldable frame that makes it easy to store in homes of all sizes. This is a crucial aspect for parents who often deal with limited space;
  • Comfortable Seating: The stroller component prioritizes the comfort of the child, featuring a well-padded seat and a secure harness system. This ensures a safe and enjoyable ride for the little one while the parent exercises;
  • Time Efficiency: For busy parents, the Elliptical Stroller offers a time-efficient solution by combining two activities into one. This can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle to find time for dedicated workouts;
  • Low-Impact Exercise: Elliptical machines are known for providing a low-impact cardiovascular workout. This is advantageous for parents who want to stay active without putting excessive strain on their joints, especially after pregnancy;
  • Outdoor Exploration: The stroller component encourages outdoor exploration, providing a change of scenery for both parent and child. This can contribute to a more enjoyable and varied workout experience;
  • Engaging for Children: Many parents report that their children enjoy the ride on the Elliptical Stroller, making it easier for parents to incorporate exercise into their routine. The interactive aspect can create a positive association with physical activity from an early age;
  • Quiet Operation: The device operates quietly, ensuring that parents can exercise without disrupting their child’s nap or outdoor experience. This is a thoughtful design choice that enhances the overall usability of the Elliptical Stroller;

Who May Benefit From Using?


  • Weight Limitations: One notable limitation is the weight capacity of the Elliptical Stroller. Some users report that the device might not be suitable for larger toddlers, potentially limiting its usability as the child grows;
  • Learning Curve: Transitioning seamlessly between strolling and elliptical motion might pose a learning curve for some users. While the adjustment period is relatively short, it could be challenging for parents who are not familiar with elliptical machines;
  • Limited Range of Motion: The elliptical motion on the stroller is not as expansive as a traditional elliptical machine, potentially limiting the range of motion for users. This might affect the overall effectiveness of the workout for some individuals;
  • Not Suitable for Running: While the Elliptical Stroller is excellent for walking, the elliptical motion may not be conducive to running. Parents who prefer a higher-intensity workout, such as jogging, might find the device less suitable for their needs;
  • Price Point: Some users find the Elliptical Stroller to be on the higher end of the price spectrum for baby gear. The dual functionality might justify the cost for fitness enthusiasts, but it could be a deterrent for those on a tight budget;
  • Not a Replacement for Traditional Exercise: While the Elliptical Stroller provides a convenient way to stay active, it may not fully replace a dedicated gym workout for some users. Individuals with specific fitness goals might find the device more suitable as a supplementary tool rather than a primary exercise solution;

Who May Benefit From Using?

Parents with Young Children:

New Parents: The Elliptical Stroller is an excellent option for new parents who may find it challenging to carve out time for exercise amidst the demands of caring for a newborn. It allows them to stay active while taking their child for a stroll.

Parents of Toddlers: For parents of toddlers who have outgrown traditional strollers, the Elliptical Stroller offers an engaging way to keep the child entertained during outdoor activities while the parent exercises.

Fitness Enthusiasts:

Busy Individuals: Individuals with busy schedules, especially those who struggle to find time for dedicated workouts, can benefit from the dual functionality of the Elliptical Stroller. It provides a time-efficient way to combine exercise with everyday activities.

Low-Impact Exercise Seekers: People who prefer low-impact exercises to protect their joints may find the elliptical motion of the stroller an attractive option. This is especially relevant for those recovering from injuries or individuals who have joint concerns [4].

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Nature Lovers: The Elliptical Stroller encourages outdoor exploration, making it an ideal choice for parents who enjoy nature walks and want to share that experience with their children. The device allows families to stay active while enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.

Fitness in the Fresh Air: Individuals who prefer exercising in the open air rather than within the confines of a gym might appreciate the opportunity to combine their fitness routine with the benefits of outdoor activities.


Efficiency Seekers: People who value efficiency and enjoy multitasking can benefit from the Elliptical Stroller. It allows them to address both parental and fitness responsibilities simultaneously, making it a valuable tool for those who lead fast-paced lives.

Those with Limited Space:

Apartment Dwellers: The compact and foldable design of the Elliptical Stroller makes it suitable for individuals living in apartments or homes with limited storage space. It offers a fitness solution without the need for bulky exercise equipment.

Parents Focused on Health and Wellness:

Wellness-Oriented Families: Families that prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle may find the Elliptical Stroller aligns with their values. It fosters a positive association with exercise from a young age and promotes a family-centric approach to fitness.

About Founders Of Elliptical Stroller

In a pivotal moment, Pier Paolo Visconti’s sister found herself at a crossroads, yearning for both the opportunity to exercise and the precious moments with her baby [5]. Pier Paolo, witnessing his sister’s dilemma, was struck with inspiration – what if she could seamlessly combine the two? This sparked the birth of the world’s inaugural Elliptical Stroller.

About Founders Of Elliptical Stroller

Originally from Italy, Pier Paolo ventured to Miami, Florida, with a modest $ 400 in his pocket. Through hard work and determination, he flourished in the competitive realm of high-end real estate. With his newfound success, he had the means to turn his visionary concept into reality. The journey wasn’t swift; it took several years of dedication and innovation to bring forth a functional prototype. Pier Paolo ensured that his invention was safeguarded, obtaining patents not only in the USA but also across Europe, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

Putting his invention to the test, Pier Paolo traversed the streets of Miami Beach and the iconic Times Square in New York City. Confident in his creation, he anticipated a positive response, but the overwhelming enthusiasm from the crowds surpassed his expectations. The Elliptical Stroller had evolved from a personal solution to a universally embraced innovation, marking the beginning of a groundbreaking chapter in the world of parenting and fitness.

The Pitch Of Elliptical Stroller At Shark Tank

Pier Paolo Visconti confidently stepped onto the stage of Shark Tank, seeking a $ 500,000 investment in exchange for a 40% stake in his groundbreaking venture, the Elliptical Stroller [6]. His motivation stemmed from a desire to address his sister’s struggle with post-pregnancy weight loss while simultaneously caring for her child. The concept was born out of a realization that combining a stroller with the widely used elliptical machine could revolutionize the way mothers approach fitness.

The Elliptical Stroller, showcased by a woman on stage, featured a conventional stroller at the front and an elliptical mechanism at the rear. Despite the innovation, Sharks Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec humorously pointed out the absence of a baby in the stroller. Pier Paolo acknowledged the humor, assuring them he was working on that aspect.

The Sharks took turns trying out the prototype, with Robert Herjavec navigating it across the stage and Kevin O’Leary expressing concerns about its weight and functionality. As the Elliptical Stroller demonstrated its potential, questions arose about its market readiness and usability. Pier Paolo revealed that he had invested $ 170,000 of his own money into the project, including $ 72,000 on patents.

Kevin O’Leary probed further into the product’s viability, questioning whether it was ready for immediate use or required specialized training. The issue of weight, both in terms of the stroller and potential customers, became apparent during the trial. The Sharks expressed doubts about the product’s practicality and usability, particularly in terms of transportation.

Lori Greiner inquired about sales, and Pier Paolo admitted that the Elliptical Stroller was still in the prototype stage, emphasizing the need for testing. This admission raised concerns among the Sharks about the product’s readiness for market entry. When asked about pricing, Pier Paolo mentioned two models, with the stroller he was using priced at $ 48,000.

The Sharks scrutinized the business model, pointing out the heavy weight of the prototype and its lack of foldability. Kevin O’Leary questioned the necessity of the product, especially given the availability of jogging strollers. Pier Paolo defended the Elliptical Stroller, emphasizing its unique proposition and potential demand from women who desired a fitness-friendly stroller.

As the Sharks delved deeper into Pier Paolo’s background, they discovered his success in real estate and his inspiration for creating the Elliptical Stroller. Despite the personal narrative, the Sharks expressed reservations about the business model and valuation.

Mark Cuban addressed the valuation, suggesting that the company wasn’t worth the proposed $ 1.2 million. Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner opted out, citing concerns about the lack of sales and market readiness. Daymond John emphasized the mistake of investing significant funds before securing customers and ultimately went out.

The Pitch Of Elliptical Stroller At Shark Tank

Robert Herjavec, the last Shark remaining, emphasized the need for sales and customer acquisition, advising Pier Paolo to shift focus from design to generating revenue. He highlighted the availability of crowdfunding and various platforms for pre-sales.

In the end, Robert Herjavec opted out, leaving Pier Paolo Visconti without a deal. The Sharks expressed skepticism about the Elliptical Stroller’s market readiness and the entrepreneur’s approach to business.

Elliptical Stroller After The Shark Tank

The Elliptical Stroller’s Facebook page has experienced a relative lull since its appearance on Shark Tank. However, a significant update in April marked a pivotal moment for the product and its creator, Pier Paolo Visconti. In this announcement, Paulo shared plans to embark on a journey to Europe to collaborate with a manufacturer in launching the next generation of Elliptical Strollers.

The key highlight of this update was the revelation that the new models would feature a lighter attachment designed to integrate seamlessly with existing strollers [7]. This strategic shift represented a response to the feedback and advice received from the Sharks during the televised pitch. The decision to enhance the product and make it more accessible by reducing its weight reflected a commitment to evolving the Elliptical Stroller into a more refined and market-ready offering.

The move to travel to Europe for manufacturing indicated a dedication to finding the right partners to bring the vision to fruition. While the Facebook page might have been relatively quiet, this update hinted at the behind-the-scenes efforts and progress being made to address the concerns raised during the Shark Tank episode.

The Net Worth Of an Elliptical Stroller

The founder of the Elliptical Stroller, Pier Paolo Visconti, has a net worth of $ 3 million [8]. The company itself was valued at $ 750,000 during its pitch on Shark Tank. However, please note that these figures can change over time due to various factors such as sales, investments, market trends, and more. It’s always best to check the most recent sources for up-to-date information. 

Alternatives To Elliptical Stroller:

Traditional Strollers:

  • Description: Standard strollers, without the elliptical exercise component;
  • Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, and often more affordable;
  • Cons: Lacks the dual functionality of providing a workout for the parent;

Elliptical Stroller After The Shark Tank

Running Strollers:

  • Description: Designed for jogging or running, these strollers have three large wheels for stability;
  • Pros: Ideal for parents who enjoy running as their primary form of exercise
  • Cons: May not be suitable for those looking for a low-impact workout, and the child may experience more jostling during higher-speed activities;

Bike Trailers with Exercise Options:

  • Description: Bike trailers that can convert into joggers or strollers;
  • Pros: Versatile for cycling and strolling, providing options for different activities;
  • Cons: May require separate attachments for biking and jogging, and the elliptical motion is not replicated;

Exercise Equipment Attachments for Strollers:

  • Description: Attachments that convert a regular stroller into a form of exercise equipment;
  • Pros: Cost-effective option for adding exercise functionality to an existing stroller;
  • Cons: May lack the seamless integration and stability found in purpose-built products like the Elliptical Stroller;

Outdoor Baby Backpack Carriers:

  • Description: Baby carriers designed for hiking or walking;
  • Pros: Provides a hands-free experience while incorporating physical activity;
  • Cons: Limited to walking and hiking, and the parent’s upper body is primarily engaged;

Treadmill Strollers:

  • Description: Strollers that can be attached to a treadmill, allowing parents to walk or jog indoors;
  • Pros: Enables indoor exercise without worrying about weather conditions;
  • Cons: Requires access to a treadmill, limiting flexibility in choosing exercise locations;

Multi-Functional Exercise Playards:

  • Description: Playards with built-in exercise components for parents;
  • Pros: Allows parents to exercise while supervising their child in a contained play area;
  • Cons: Limited to specific exercises and may not offer the same mobility as a stroller;


  1. How much is the elliptical stroller?

The cost of the Elliptical Stroller varies depending on the model and features. For specific pricing details, it is recommended to visit our official website or contact authorized retailers.

  1. Are elliptical strollers worth the money?

The worth of an Elliptical Stroller depends on individual preferences and needs. It offers a unique combination of exercise and childcare, making it a valuable investment for parents seeking an innovative fitness solution. To assess its value, consider your fitness goals, lifestyle, and the convenience it provides in combining exercise with parenting duties.

Elliptical Stroller

  1. What are the disadvantages of an elliptical stroller?

While the Elliptical Stroller offers a range of benefits, it’s essential to be aware of potential drawbacks. These may include its weight, which could affect portability, and the learning curve associated with using the elliptical motion while pushing a stroller. Additionally, some users may find it challenging to adapt to the unconventional design.

  1. What is better than an elliptical stroller?

The suitability of a fitness solution depends on individual preferences and requirements. Alternatives to the Elliptical Stroller include traditional strollers, running strollers, bike trailers with exercise options, and exercise equipment attachments for strollers. The choice between these options should align with your specific fitness goals, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

  1. What is the best brand of elliptical strollers?

As of 2023, the Elliptical Stroller is a pioneering concept, and Pier Paolo Visconti is recognized as the inventor of the world’s first Elliptical Stroller. While there may be variations or new entrants in the market, it’s advisable to research customer reviews, ratings, and expert opinions to determine the best brand based on your preferences and needs. Keep in mind that the Elliptical Stroller may represent a unique category with limited direct competition.

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