Yono Clip: What Happened After Shark Tank

Yono Clip: What Happened After Shark Tank

On the popular TV show Shark Tank, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their businesses to a panel of potential investors, or “sharks”. If the sharks are interested in investing, they will offer the business owner a deal. Recently, a company called Yono Clip appeared on Shark Tank and secured a deal with one of the sharks.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Yono Clip has experienced significant growth. The company has been featured in several major publications, including Forbes and Inc. In addition, Yono Clip was recently named one of the best new products by Time Magazine.

The popularity of Yono Clip has continued to increase, and the company is now selling its products in over 20 countries around the world.

Your one-and-only choice for keeping your stuff off the ground and germ-free can be the Yono Clip startup. The Yono Clip is for you if you’ve ever winced after dropping your bag on a filthy bathroom floor. The name yon is an acronym for “you only need one”, and this product sticks to surfaces aptly [1].

The Yono Clip Pitch

But what happened to this promising startup after the show?

The Yono Clip Pitch

The Yono Clip is a hands-free bag clip that attaches to any smooth surface, allowing you to hang your bag without having to put it down on dirty floors.

The DURAFLEX suction cup ensures that the clip, which comes in a variety of colors and adheres to virtually any surface, is secure. The hook on this design can support up to 15 pounds for your luggage and coats [2].

After the clip is affixed to the desired location, the user can rotate it up to 360 degrees. There is also a built-in level, so you can make sure it’s even before you leave.

Inventor and founder Julie Umstattd developed the Yono Clip after she saw a similar product being used in Europe. After doing some research, she found that there was nothing like it on the market in the United States.

The Yono Clip is a tiny suction cup with a hook. It may be affixed to various surfaces. The clip is meant to keep items like handbags, jackets, and luggage in place.

This support system is also great for people who have difficulty lifting heavy objects. The Yono Clip was designed with seniors and those with disabilities in mind.

Mackey had a bright idea for a product one night at the gym. People had to leave their gym bags, equipment, and jackets on the ground, he noticed. Bob recognized it was an excellent way to transfer all those germs onto your bag or coat, so he rapidly created the product concept and enlisted his buddies’ help.

On the other end of the line was Michael Green, who has been called “Michael Green the Scientific Machine” for his lengthy science shows at Six Flags Georgia, The Steve Harvey Foundation, and others.

The product is simple to use. It includes a DURAFLEX suction cup for greater sticking power. A carabineer clasp and retractable hook are included.

The Yono Clip Pitch

The capacity of this apparatus is 15 pounds when attached to a hard surface.

The Yono Clip was created to fill a need. There are other products like it on the market, but this one is different because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Every support system by Yono Clip is biodegradable, renewable, and carbon-neutral. It also has recycled paper packing.

They each cost $19.99. The clips come in blue, green, pink, black, white, and red colors. They’re also made in the United States.

In July of 2020, when the Covid 19 epidemic was at its peak, the men launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $9,857. The money was used to create face shields for health care workers. The product is currently being sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Fortunately, Yono Clip was a fantastic product with a fantastic sales pitch. Bob and Michael ensured that they found the correct balance between humor and professionalism while requesting $150,000 in exchange for 15% of their firm. From the time they began speaking, the Sharks paid attention to what they had to say.

Nevertheless, when the topic turned to numbers, it became apparent that Yono Clip hasn’t generated as much money as the Sharks had hoped. In the end, they were unable to reach a deal.

It’s been two years since Yono Clip was on Shark Tank. The product is doing well and can be found in stores across the country. The company has also expanded its product line to include face shields and other safety gear.

Yono Clip is currently available for purchase on their website and on Amazon.com.

The Sharks had sold roughly $14,000 in merchandise and that wasn’t going to cut it for the majority of them. In addition, the firm was still relatively new, with Bob and Michael continuing to manufacture goods in their garage. The Sharks began to withdraw one by one.

Daymond John sprung into action, promising $150,000 for 30% of the business if they sold out [3].

Bob and Michael were both shocked when Joe countered with a request to reduce the price to $20. The Sharks immediately jumped in to caution them that they were placing themselves in a position to miss out on a fantastic opportunity. They gratefully accepted the offer.

What Happened to Yono Clip After Shark Tank?

The Yono Clip’s creators, Mr. Green and Mr. Mackey are still active. Bob Mackey was the CEO of the North Central Georgia Boys & Girls Clubs. Green, on the other hand, was well-known for delivering scientific lectures at several locations around the world.

What Happened to Yono Clip After Shark Tank?

The two entrepreneurs had a difficult time getting their products off the ground. After appearing on Shark Tank, they finally secured a deal with one of the sharks and were able to get their business up and running.

The scientist, in contrast, was recognized for giving lectures on science in a variety of locations. Green is still an active entrepreneur today and serves as Science Is for Everyone’s president [4].

The Yono Clip has received overwhelmingly positive reviews since appearing on Shark Tank. Many people say that the clip is very easy to use and that it works great. There have also been a few negative reviews, but most people seem to be very happy with the product.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your bag off the ground and germ-free, the Yono Clip is a great option. The clip is also very affordable, making it a great choice for budget-minded shoppers. Whether you’re at the gym or traveling, the Yono Clip is a great way to keep your belongings clean and safe.

Who Are the Competitors of Yono Clip?

The Yono Clip’s main competitors are the S-hooks and the C-hooks. The S-hook is a tiny suction cup with a hook that may be fastened to any surface. The C-hook is also a small suction cup with a hook that can be attached to any surface. The capacity of this apparatus is 30 pounds when attached to a hard surface.

The Net Worth of Yono Clip

Daymond and the rest of his crew invested $1 million in the company, after which it was valued at $500,000. Since then, the firm has continued to operate and its net value may have grown [5].

The Future of Yono Clip

Yono Clip has the potential to grow into a very successful business. The company has already secured a deal with one of the sharks and is now up and running. With the continued support of its investors, Yono Clip should be able to expand its operations and reach new heights.


Is Yono Clip still in business?

Yes, Yono Clip is still in business. The company was able to secure a deal with one of the sharks on Shark Tank and has been up and running since then.

How much was the valuation on Shark Tank?

The Sharks will often confirm that the firm is worth $1 million in sales. That figure was arrived at because if 10% ownership equals $100,000, it implies that one-tenth of the business is $100,000, and therefore ten-tenths (or 100%) of the company is also $1 million. The valuation of Yono Clip on Shark Tank was $500,000 [6].

What are the Yono Clip products?

The Yono Clip is a small suction cup with a hook that can be attached to any surface. The clip is designed to hold onto objects such as bags, coats, and luggage. The Yono Clip’s main competitors are the S-hooks and the C-hooks.

How does Yono Clip work?

To use the Yono Clip, simply attach the suction cup to any desired surface. Make sure that the area around the suction cup is clean and free of dirt or debris. Next, take the object that you wish to secure and hook it onto the Yono Clip. The object should now be securely fastened to the chosen surface.

Who are the distributors of Yono Clip?

The Yono Clip, which was created by Daymond John and is available on Amazon and the company’s website now, is currently accessible to buy [7].

How do you contact this company?

The best way to reach the owners of the company is through their website’s contact form.

Where is Yono Clip located?

The Yono Clip is located in the United States. If you have any questions about the product or would like to order a Yono Clip, you can visit their website at yonoclip.com or contact them via email at info@yonoclip.com.

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