Brumachen: What Happened After Shark Tank

Brumachen: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the wake of its Shark Tank debut, Brumachen, the world’s first portable coffee machine, embarked on a tumultuous journey filled with triumphs, setbacks, and lingering questions.

While the innovative device captured the attention of both investors and coffee enthusiasts, the path post-Shark Tank was marked by manufacturing challenges, shipping issues, and a significant gap between promise and delivery.

As we delve into the unfolding narrative of Brumachen’s post-Shark Tank trajectory, we explore the highs and lows that have shaped the fate of this once-promising portable coffee solution. What happened after the sharks declined to bite, and how has Brumachen navigated the complexities of bringing its product to the masses?

What Is Brumachen:

Brumachen introduces The Brumachen, a compact single-serve portable coffee brewer. This innovative coffee maker, compatible with K-cups or refillable pods, efficiently produces a piping hot, 190-degree cup of coffee in just five minutes. Designed with versatility in mind, it seamlessly plugs into both a car’s 12-volt outlet and standard home outlets [1]

The standout feature of The Brumachen lies in its portability, allowing coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite brew on the go. Beyond the convenience it offers, this portable coffee brewer presents a cost-effective solution, enabling users to bypass the expense of purchasing a cup of coffee each time they crave their favorite caffeinated delight.

What Is Brumachen

One notable aspect of Brümachen is its eco-conscious approach to coffee brewing. The use of biodegradable pods made from sugarcane sets it apart from traditional plastic coffee pods which contribute to environmental pollution. The Cinemaholic highlights the sustainability factor, emphasizing that Brümachen’s Leaf Pods decompose in only 180 days, a stark contrast to the 400 years it takes for plastic counterparts to break down.

The availability of various flavors in these eco-friendly pods further expands the product’s appeal, providing options similar to well-known K-cup varieties such as Morning Blend, Donut Shop, Colombia, and French Roast [2].

How Does It Work?

Brümachen, heralded as the world’s pioneering fully portable coffee machine, redefines the coffee experience with its innovative design and functionality. This cutting-edge device boasts the capability to brew generous six ounces of steaming 190-degree coffee within a mere five minutes, catering to the instant gratification sought by coffee enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of Brümachen lies in its adaptability to both convenience and mobility. Users can opt for the familiarity of K-cups or embrace sustainability with its refillable pods, providing a versatile brewing experience tailored to individual preferences [3].

The device seamlessly integrates into the daily routines of users, offering the flexibility to plug into a standard home outlet or, catering to the caffeine needs of those on the move, into a car’s 12-volt power outlet.


One of the most evident pros of Brumachen is its portability. The compact design of the coffee maker allows it to be carried around easily, making it ideal for travel or outdoor activities. The convenience of having a portable coffee maker cannot be understated, especially for coffee enthusiasts who cannot start their day without a good cup of java.

Moreover, Brumachen offers a one-cup-at-a-time brewing system. This feature ensures that each cup of coffee is freshly brewed, maintaining the rich flavors and aroma of the coffee beans. Unlike traditional coffee makers that brew multiple cups at once, Brumachen’s single-cup system reduces waste and ensures that every cup is as fresh as possible.

Lastly, Brumachen provides a solution for those who are environmentally conscious. Traditional coffee pods are known for their negative environmental impact, but Brumachen’s pods are completely biodegradable, which is a significant pro for eco-friendly consumers.


Despite the promising features, Brumachen has its downsides, as reflected in the reviews and feedback from customers and investors alike. One of the main criticisms directed at the product is its design. Although marketed as a portable device, some users found the design impractical and not user-friendly.

Furthermore, Brumachen has faced issues with credibility and customer trust. After its appearance on Shark Tank, the company received mixed reviews, with some customers labeling it as a potential scam due to poor communication and refund issues1. These incidents have undoubtedly affected Brumachen’s reputation and customer confidence.

Another significant con is the product’s high valuation. During their pitch on Shark Tank, the creators valued Brumachen at $ 10 million, a figure that was met with skepticism by the Sharks. The high valuation has not been justified by the sales figures, which amounted to only $ 42,000 at the time of the pitch.

Who May Benefit From Using?

Who May Benefit From Using?

On-the-Go Professionals

Business professionals, frequent travelers, and individuals with a fast-paced lifestyle can benefit from The Brumachen’s portability. It allows them to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee wherever their day takes them, whether it’s in the office, during business trips, or while commuting [4].

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts who crave a cup of coffee while exploring nature can find The Brumachen to be a convenient companion. Its ability to plug into a car’s 12-volt outlet makes it suitable for use in camping sites or other outdoor locations without easy access to traditional coffee-making facilities.

Construction Workers and Laborers

Individuals working in construction or labor-intensive jobs, similar to Kweku Larbi’s initial inspiration, can benefit from The Brumachen. Its portability and quick brewing time make it an ideal solution for those who need a hot cup of coffee on job sites where coffee shops may not be readily available.

Students and Remote Workers

Students and remote workers who often find themselves studying or working in various locations can appreciate the convenience of The Brumachen. It provides a reliable and cost-effective way to have a quality cup of coffee without the need to rely on external coffee sources.

Eco-Conscious Consumers

Individuals who prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness may be drawn to The Brumachen’s use of biodegradable pods made from sugarcane. This aligns with the growing trend of choosing eco-friendly products, offering a greener alternative to traditional single-use coffee pods.

Coffee Enthusiasts on a Budget

Coffee lovers who want to enjoy their favorite brew without frequenting expensive coffee shops can benefit from The Brumachen. With the ability to use both K-cups and refillable pods, it provides a more affordable option for consistently enjoying high-quality coffee.

Gift Seekers

Those looking for unique and practical gifts for friends or family members who love coffee may consider The Brumachen. Its innovative design and functionality make it a distinctive and thoughtful present for special occasions.

About the Founders Of Brumachen

The genesis of Brümachen intertwines with the serendipitous connection between its founders, Kweku Larbi and Ross Smith, who crossed paths through a fortuitous social media collaboration [5]. Ross Smith, a TikTok sensation with a staggering 15 million followers, had built his online persona on the foundation of humor, often adorning eccentric outfits and sharing entertaining videos featuring his grandmother. His widespread appeal and previous collaborations with renowned brands such as the NFL and Burger King underscored his influence in the digital realm.

It was through this digital landscape that Larbi and Smith found common ground. Larbi, with his background in Civil Engineering and a passion for coffee, conceptualized Brümachen, the world’s first fully portable coffee machine. Recognizing the potential of Larbi’s brainchild, Smith, who had a penchant for engaging content and a keen entrepreneurial spirit, decided to join forces with Larbi, becoming his business partner [6].

About the Founders Of Brumachen

Brümachen’s journey took a significant step forward with the launch of its Kickstarter campaign in January 2020. The campaign video, a visual testament to the product’s promise, featured an individual effortlessly brewing a cup of coffee in their truck, accompanied by the compelling slogan “A fresh brew. Anytime. Anywhere.” This resonated with fans and potential customers, sparking interest and excitement surrounding the innovative portable coffee machine.

The Kickstarter campaign surpassed expectations, raising a remarkable $ 41,553, a considerable leap from the initial fundraising goal of $ 6,000. However, despite the promising financial support from backers, Brümachen encountered hurdles in the manufacturing process, a critical phase that proved challenging for the budding company. The inability to overcome these manufacturing issues resulted in the delay and, ultimately, the inability to ship finished units to the eager backers who had supported the campaign.

The Pitch Of Brumachen At Shark Tank

Despite their initial success on Kickstarter, the journey for Brümachen took a challenging turn as the founders grappled with manufacturing and shipping issues. Seeking a lifeline, they turned to the seasoned investors, the Sharks, for assistance in 2021 [7]. The stage was set on Season 12 of the show, where Ross and Kweku, the dynamic duo behind Brümachen, entered the tank with the hopes of securing a substantial investment to propel their business forward.

Their ask was significant: $ 1 million for a 10% equity stake in their portable coffee venture.

The founders presented a confident and compelling pitch, effectively conveying the inspiration behind the creation of Brümachen. The product, with a commendable profit margin of 60%, promised to revolutionize the way people enjoyed their coffee on the go.

However, as the pitch unfolded, the Sharks were confronted with a stark reality — despite the ambitious valuation, Brümachen had achieved relatively modest sales of $ 41,000.

The valuation of $ 10 million raised eyebrows among the Sharks, considering the disparity between the perceived value and the actual revenue generated by the business. The Sharks, known for their shrewd business acumen, were quick to scrutinize the financials. Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, while acknowledging the appeal of the product, expressed reservations about the high valuation. Additionally, they suggested that improvements in the design could enhance the product’s overall competitiveness in the market.

The pivotal moment in the pitch came when the founders revealed the substantial gap between the perceived value and the sales figures. The Sharks, being seasoned investors, understood the significance of a realistic valuation that aligned with the financial performance of the business. The enthusiasm for the product was overshadowed by the stark financial realities, leading to a challenging negotiation for the founders.

Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec’s observation about the potential for design improvement highlighted the importance of not only having a unique and innovative product but also ensuring that it meets the highest standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

In hindsight, the pitch dynamics could have been different if Kweku had presented the venture alone or if the valuation had been more aligned with the current sales figures. The Sharks, being astute investors, often seek a combination of a compelling product, sound financials, and a realistic valuation.

The Pitch Of Brumachen At Shark Tank

The Brümachen pitch on Shark Tank serves as a cautionary tale for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of meticulous financial planning and a judicious approach to business valuation. While the Sharks appreciated the product’s potential, the misalignment between valuation and sales figures ultimately influenced their decision-making process, underscoring the delicate balance required to secure investment in the highly competitive and scrutinizing environment of the Shark Tank.

Brumachen After The Shark Tank

As of July 2021, the Brümachen brand found itself enveloped in a disconcerting hush, marked by a lack of updates and transparency that left many backers of their Kickstarter campaign feeling disheartened [8]. Numerous backers reported non-receipt of their promised machines, and those who did receive them encountered functionality issues, painting a bleak picture of the company’s ability to deliver a functional single-serve coffee maker to the mass market.

Venturing into the landscape of 2023, the state of Brümachen seems to mirror the somber silence that echoes across its social media platforms. Despite the company’s website still accepting orders, the absence of recent updates and engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram raises legitimate concerns about the current state and trajectory of the business.

The virtual realm that was once abuzz with excitement and anticipation for a revolutionary coffee-making solution is now eerily quiet, with the metaphorical sound of crickets dominating the online conversation.

The last vestiges of activity from the business partners on Facebook and Instagram reveal a somewhat desperate attempt to redirect attention to their Shark Tank appearance. However, the comments tell a different story. Disgruntled followers and customers express their frustration and disappointment, with one Instagram user bluntly remarking on the partners’ perceived lack of business acumen, stating, “Yikes lol some people just aren’t business savvy”. 

Another dissatisfied customer lamented the quality of the product received, branding it as a “piece of junk” and asserting that the world is not enriched by the presence of what they deem a “crappy contraption”.

These comments on social media not only underscore the challenges faced by Brümachen but also illuminate the impact of customer dissatisfaction on the company’s reputation. The discontent expressed by backers who either did not receive their orders or received subpar products emphasizes the importance of delivering on promises made during crowdfunding campaigns and managing customer expectations.

The journey of Brümachen, once brimming with potential and promise, serves as a cautionary tale in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. It highlights the critical importance of effective communication, transparent business practices, and the ability to address and rectify challenges promptly. As the once-promising brand navigates the tumultuous waters of consumer sentiment and operational hurdles, the path to redemption becomes increasingly elusive, and the future remains uncertain.

Brumachen After The Shark Tank

The Net Worth Of Brumachen

As of 2023, different sources report varying estimates of Brumachen’s net worth. According to TechieGamers, the company is estimated to be worth around $ 300,000 [9]. On the other hand, Youthful Investor provides a slightly higher estimate, valuing the company at around $ 400,000 in 2022. In contrast, the net worth of Brumachen is $ 0, as the company’s status is currently unavailable.

Meanwhile, the net worth of Brumachen’s founders, Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi, is $ 10 million as of 2023. This discrepancy between the reported net worth of the founders and the company may suggest personal investments or other businesses contributing to the founders’ wealth.

Alternatives To Brumachen:

1) AeroPress

The AeroPress is a compact and lightweight coffee maker that uses air pressure to brew a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. It’s known for its simplicity, portability, and ease of use. The AeroPress is popular among travelers and outdoor enthusiasts due to its durability and minimalistic design.

2) Handpresso Wild Hybrid

For those who enjoy espresso on the go, the Handpresso Wild Hybrid is a handheld espresso maker. It allows users to manually pump and pressurize hot water for a quick espresso shot. This portable device is suitable for coffee lovers who prefer the intensity of espresso.

3) Wacaco Minipresso

The Wacaco Minipresso is a compact and hand-operated espresso machine. It’s designed to be portable, making it an excellent choice for individuals who want espresso without the need for electricity. The Minipresso is suitable for travel, camping, or any situation where a power source might be limited.

4) Pakt Coffee Kit

The Pakt Coffee Kit is a travel-friendly coffee brewing set that includes a pour-over dripper, an insulated travel mug, and filters. It’s designed for those who appreciate the pour-over method and want a comprehensive kit for making coffee on the go. The compact design makes it easy to pack for travel or outdoor activities [10].

5) Nanopresso

Similar to the Wacaco Minipresso, the Nanopresso is a portable espresso machine that operates manually. It’s lightweight and compact, allowing users to enjoy a shot of espresso wherever they go. The Nanopresso is designed to be user-friendly and easy to clean.

6) Cafflano Klassic

The Cafflano Klassic is an all-in-one coffee maker that includes a grinder, dripper, and tumbler. It’s designed for individuals who prefer freshly ground coffee on the go. The compact and self-contained design makes it a convenient option for those who want a complete coffee-making kit.

7) Pour-over Travel Coffee Maker

Various brands offer portable pour-over coffee makers designed for travel. These typically consist of a collapsible dripper and a reusable filter. This option is ideal for individuals who appreciate the pour-over brewing method and want a lightweight and packable solution.

8) Espro Travel Press

The Espro Travel Press combines a coffee press and an insulated travel mug. It allows users to brew and enjoy coffee on the go, with the added benefit of a built-in filtration system to deliver a clean cup. The durable and leak-proof design makes it suitable for travel and outdoor activities.


  1. How much does Brümachen cost?

The cost of Brümachen is $ 120. This innovative portable coffee machine promises a fresh brew, anytime, anywhere, offering convenience and quality in a compact design.

  1. How expensive is a Shark Tank?

Participating in Shark Tank involves pitching your business to a panel of wealthy investors, or “sharks”. While there is no direct cost to entrepreneurs for appearing on the show, securing a deal often requires giving up a portion of the business to the sharks in exchange for their investment.

Alternatives To Brumachen

  1. How much is Lori from Shark Tank?

Lori Greiner, one of the sharks on Shark Tank, has an estimated net worth of around $ 150 million as of the last available information.

  1. Is Barbara Corcoran a billionaire?

As of 2023, Barbara Corcoran is not a billionaire. Her estimated net worth is substantial, but it falls below the billion-dollar mark.

  1. Do “sharks” get paid in Shark Tank?

The sharks on Shark Tank do not receive a salary for their role on the show. Instead, they invest their own money into businesses in exchange for equity.

  1. How did Lori Greiner get rich?

Lori Greiner accumulated wealth through her success as an inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality. Her specialization in creating and marketing consumer products, especially on the QVC network, contributed significantly to her financial success.

  1. Is Lori Greiner married?

Yes, Lori Greiner is married. She is married to Dan Greiner, and they have been partners both in business and in life.

  1. Who actually invests in Shark Tank?

The “sharks” on Shark Tank, including personalities like Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary, are successful entrepreneurs and investors who use their own money to invest in promising businesses presented on the show.

  1. How many billionaires are in Shark Tank?

As of 2023, Mark Cuban is the only billionaire among the sharks on Shark Tank.

  1. Does Shark Tank take a cut?

Yes, if a deal is successfully made on Shark Tank, the sharks take a percentage of the business in exchange for their investment. The terms of the deal, including the equity stake, are negotiated during the show.

  1. How much is Robert Herjavec?

Robert Herjavec, a shark on Shark Tank, has an estimated net worth of over $ 200 million.

  1. Who is the best “shark” to work with?

The best shark to work with depends on the nature of the business and the entrepreneur’s specific needs. Each shark has their unique strengths and preferences, making it essential for entrepreneurs to carefully consider which shark aligns best with their business goals.

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