TrophySmack: What Happened After Shark Tank

TrophySmack: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the wake of TrophySmack’s appearance on Shark Tank, the dynamic duo of Dax Holt and Matt Walsh embarked on a journey that transcended the confines of reality television. Securing a pivotal deal with Mark Cuban, the company experienced a meteoric rise, transforming from a fantasy sports trophy provider to a multifaceted powerhouse in the awards industry.

This article delves into the post-Shark Tank evolution of TrophySmack, exploring their skyrocketing sales, innovative product expansions, strategic collaborations, and the indelible mark they’ve left on the championship belt scene, culminating in their enduring success and continued impact in 2023.

What Is TrophySmack:

TrophySmack specializes in crafting unique awards for a multitude of sports, with a particular emphasis on soccer and martial arts championship belts, distinctive rings, and an array of other sports-themed embellishments. Its primary focus lies in the creation of trophies, boasting an impressive selection of 1000 diverse fantasy trophy permutations, complete with interchangeable toppers [1].

What Is TrophySmack

The top-tier awards offered by TrophySmack come in an assortment of sizes, spanning from 26′′ to 56′′, and are fashioned with four distinct anodized metal column hues suitable for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and youth sports. Leveraging advanced Laser Engraving technology, championship belts, rings, and similar accolades elegantly showcase the names of leagues and triumphant champions, adding a personalized touch to the prestigious honors.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to quality, rest assured that the trophies from TrophySmack, whether customized or selected from their ready-made collection, are robust and weighty enough to immortalize your season’s achievements. With proper maintenance, such as regular dusting, these trophies have the potential to endure for years, even if they change hands [2].

Among their most sought-after trophies is one featuring a sizable football topper that closely resembles an actual football in both size and design. It bears a slightly substantial weight, so exercise caution and refrain from attempting to kick it.

TrophySmack takes an interactive approach to create your trophy by reaching out via calls, texts, or emails to discuss engraving details. You have the liberty to suggest preferences, from font styles to specific personalization requests. If you find yourself unsure, TrophySmack is more than willing to provide suggestions for potential designs. 

Upon placing an order, the standard delivery period is approximately a week. However, for those in need of expedited delivery, informing the company can prioritize your order, albeit with an additional fee. The packaging includes custom-fit foam protection that can be reused if you decide to ship the trophy to the recipient.

Regrettably, where TrophySmack falls short is in communication. Contacting customer service may entail extended wait times due to a high volume of calls, and responses to emails or messages may be infrequent.

Another concern raised by customers is the potential need to periodically tighten the bolt securing the ball in place. This minor inconvenience can be resolved by tightening and securing it with glue, providing a lasting solution to the issue.


  • Innovation and Customization: One of TrophySmack’s standout features is its innovative approach to fantasy sports trophies. Unlike traditional, generic trophies, TrophySmack allows users to fully customize their awards. From choosing the base and topper to adding personalized engraving, users can create a unique trophy that reflects the personality of their fantasy league. This level of customization sets TrophySmack apart in the market;
  • Quality Materials: TrophySmack prides itself on using high-quality materials to ensure durability and a premium feel. The trophies are made from a combination of metal and resin, providing a substantial weight and solid construction. The attention to detail in the design and craftsmanship contributes to a trophy that not only looks impressive but also stands the test of time;
  • Variety of Designs: TrophySmack offers a diverse range of designs to cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether users are looking for a classic trophy with a modern twist or a more whimsical and humorous design, TrophySmack has options to suit various themes. This variety enhances the appeal of TrophySmack, making it suitable for a wide range of fantasy sports leagues;
  • Engagement and Social Media Presence: TrophySmack leverages social media platforms effectively to engage with its customer base. The company actively shares user-generated content, showcasing the creative ways in which customers personalize their trophies. This not only creates a sense of community among fantasy sports enthusiasts but also serves as effective marketing, attracting new customers through word of mouth and online visibility;


  • Price Point: One of the main drawbacks of TrophySmack is its relatively high price point compared to traditional fantasy sports trophies. The customization options and quality materials contribute to the elevated cost, but this may be a deterrent for some potential customers, especially those on a tight budget. The challenge for TrophySmack is to convince customers that the added value justifies the higher price;
  • Niche Market: While the customization options are a strength, they also limit TrophySmack to a somewhat niche market. Fantasy sports enthusiasts who prioritize personalized trophies may be willing to invest, but this may not appeal to a broader audience. Expanding the product line to include more budget-friendly options or diversifying into related products could help TrophySmack reach a wider customer base;
  • Competition and Saturation: The fantasy sports trophy market, while unique, is not immune to competition. TrophySmack faces the challenge of standing out in a crowded market with other companies offering similar products. Continuous innovation and effective marketing strategies will be crucial to maintain a competitive edge and capture market share;
  • Shipping Challenges: Some customers have reported delays and issues with shipping, which can negatively impact the overall customer experience. TrophySmack’s success relies not only on the quality of its products but also on delivering a seamless purchasing process. Addressing any logistical challenges and improving shipping efficiency will be essential to maintain customer satisfaction;
  • Limited Target Audience: TrophySmack’s focus on fantasy sports leagues may limit its growth potential. While fantasy sports have a dedicated and passionate following, the company may explore opportunities to expand its target audience by offering customizable trophies for other occasions, such as office competitions, gaming tournaments, or community events [3];

Who May Benefit From Using?

Who May Benefit From Using?

  • Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts: TrophySmack’s primary target audience is fantasy sports enthusiasts who engage in leagues for sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and more. The customizable nature of the trophies allows fantasy sports participants to commemorate their victories uniquely;
  • Sports League Organizers: Those responsible for organizing and managing sports leagues, whether at an amateur or professional level, can benefit from TrophySmack. The ability to personalize trophies adds a touch of prestige to league championships, fostering a sense of accomplishment for participants;
  • Corporate and Office Competitions: Companies and organizations organizing internal sports or gaming competitions can use TrophySmack trophies to add excitement and recognition to these events. The customizable options provide an opportunity to align trophies with company culture or specific achievements;
  • Parents and Coaches: TrophySmack’s range of sizes and sports options makes them suitable for youth sports leagues. Parents and coaches can celebrate the achievements of young athletes with personalized trophies, creating memorable experiences for the participants;
  • Event Planners: Event planners organizing sports-related events, tournaments, or award ceremonies can benefit from TrophySmack’s products. The customizable trophies offer a unique and memorable way to acknowledge participants and winners, enhancing the overall event experience;
  • Gaming Tournaments: Beyond traditional sports, TrophySmack trophies can be utilized in the world of gaming. Organizers of esports or tabletop gaming tournaments can use these customizable awards to recognize winners and create a tangible symbol of their success;
  • Gift Buyers: Individuals seeking distinctive and personalized gifts for sports enthusiasts or champions may find TrophySmack trophies to be an excellent choice. The ability to customize the trophies allows gift buyers to tailor the award to the recipient’s preferences and achievements;
  • Collectors and Hobbyists: Trophy collectors and hobbyists with an interest in sports memorabilia may find TrophySmack products appealing. The variety of designs and customization options can make these trophies valuable additions to a collection or a unique display [4];

About the Founders Of TrophySmack

Trophy Smack was co-founded by Dax Holt, a reporter and producer, and Matt Walsh, a business professional specializing in supply chain management and logistics [5].

The genesis of the company traces back to Dax inviting Matt to join his fantasy football league with their group of “dad friends.” Despite being a newcomer to the game, Matt’s remarkable journey to the league finals sparked the idea of commemorating his achievement with an extraordinary trophy. However, the duo was surprised to find a scarcity of unique trophies on the market; most available options were generic and indistinguishable. Motivated to fill this gap, Matt took the initiative to create Trophy Smack.

Teaming up with Dax, they embarked on designing and manufacturing trophies from scratch. Soon, they encountered an unexpected challenge – the demand for their trophies far exceeded their projections, resulting in a swift depletion of inventory without adequate updates. To address this issue, they had to resort to renting a U-Haul and waiting at the airport for an emergency replenishment of their stock.

Fast forward to June 2019, the duo decided to take a chance on Shark Tank, recognizing the potential to secure funds for expanding their business. Their initial pitch, outlining the uniqueness of Trophy Smack, caught the attention of the show’s production team six months later. Following several audition rounds, they received the thrilling news that Trophy Smack would be featured in the twelfth season of Shark Tank.

About the Founders Of TrophySmack

The Pitch Of TrophySmack At Shark Tank

Dax Holt and Matt Walsh make a grand entrance into the Shark Tank, sporting championship belts draped over their shoulders. In a brief introduction, they declare their quest for a $ 600,000 investment in exchange for an 8% stake in their company, Trophy Smack [6].

Swiftly delving into their pitch, they emphasize the passion of 50 million Americans immersed in fantasy sports each year. Highlighting the emotional investment in the game, they point out the lack of a tangible trophy for the victor. Dax expresses the desire for his victories to be proudly acknowledged, setting the stage for the unique solution Trophy Smack offers.

The dynamic duo unveils Trophy Smack as the ultimate destination for distinctive and personalized trophies, rings, and championship belts. The camera zooms in on the array of items displayed beside them, showcasing the variety of customizable options.

Explaining the simplicity of the process, Matt gestures towards the display, illustrating that customers only need to select their sport, and choose the trophy’s size and color. With thousands of trophy combinations available, the product stands out for its unparalleled uniqueness.

To add a personalized touch to their pitch, Matt reveals that they’ve created custom trophies for each Shark. The unveiling includes a “golden slipper trophy” for Lori, a “bull and bear trophy” for Kevin, and a massive basketball trophy for Mark.

Barbara inquires about the origin of the idea, prompting Matt to recount how, as the “new guy” in a fantasy football league, he struggled to find a unique trophy and took matters into his own hands to create Trophy Smack.

Responding to Barbara’s question about differentiation, Matt asserts that while other trophy makers offer generic options, Trophy Smack is the pioneer in customizable trophies, allowing customers to choose colors and sizes. He affirms that they have designed everything in-house.

When asked about their backgrounds, Matt shares his experience in logistics and supply chain demand, highlighting his achievements as the top salesman at a freight brokerage. Dax, in contrast, comes from a television and film background, previously associated with TMZ.

Kevin probes into their initial investment, learning that they poured $ 250,000 into the business. The Sharks express surprise at the substantial amount.

Quizzed about the average trophy price, Matt discloses a range between $ 100 and $ 150, emphasizing an impressive 80% profit margin. Kevin raises eyebrows at the high profit margin, leading to inquiries about revenue growth.

Dax reveals that in their first year, they sold $ 850,000 worth of trophies, with $ 200,000 in profits. The second year saw $ 1.9 million in sales, generating $ 775,000 in profits. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, they report a revenue increase, having already achieved $ 650,000.

Kevin addresses the competitive landscape, prompting Matt to explain how Trophy Smack’s national e-commerce approach differs from traditional trophy-making methods. He details the significant reduction in assembling times, showcasing their logistical innovation.

The Pitch Of TrophySmack At Shark Tank

Daymond, acknowledging his lack of interest in fantasy football, opts out of the deal.

Kevin seizes the opportunity, making an offer of $ 600,000 for 25% of the company. He emphasizes his ability to help Trophy Smack penetrate the corporate market.

Before Kevin can elaborate, Lori questions the purpose of the investment. Matt clarifies that they seek a strategic partner to facilitate exponential growth by securing opportunities at arenas, stadiums, and rings. Daymond and Barbara suspect Mark’s potential interest.

Turning their attention to Mark, he rejects the 8% equity, countering with an offer of $ 600,000 for 17% of the company. He presents it as a non-negotiable, take-it-or-leave-it proposition [7].

Lori, not to be left out, also extends an offer. Mark issues a warning, stating that if they consider Lori’s offer, he will withdraw his. The entrepreneurs, visibly torn, decide to accept Mark’s offer at the last minute.

The Sharks cheer in approval as Mark examines the trophies more closely. Lori expresses disappointment, revealing that she had a compelling offer for Trophy Smack as well.

In the exit interview, Matt and Dax express their excitement about working with Mark, considering it a surreal experience, especially for Matt, a long-time viewer of Shark Tank since its inception. The friends eagerly anticipate the collaboration ahead.

TrophySmack After The Shark Tank

The deal with Mark Cuban turned out to be a game-changer for Trophy Smack, propelling the company to new heights. Matt and Dax express nothing but praise for Mark, describing him as the “perfect fit for the business”. They appreciate his responsiveness, helpfulness, and dedication to making Trophy Smack a success.

A year after their initial appearance on Shark Tank, Trophy Smack provided an update in Season 13, revealing impressive results. Within a month of their television debut, they achieved $ 1.2 million in sales. The company expanded its product offerings beyond fantasy sports trophies to include awards for various occasions. This strategic move further boosted their sales, with 2021 alone raking in more than $ 1 million [8].

With the surge in sales, Trophy Smack upgraded to an expansive 800,000-square-foot facility equipped with state-of-the-art printing technology. They introduced a proprietary engraving method for their awards and trophies, enhancing the quality of their products.

In 2021, Trophy Smack unveiled a new product line, generating considerable excitement. They invested in a web-based tool, allowing customers to design their trophies by uploading logos, images, text, memes, and more. This tool has spurred creativity, with customers designing trophies for diverse purposes, including corporate awards, groomsman gifts, and unique presents for loved ones.

TrophySmack After The Shark Tank

The company also launched a fully customizable championship belt, offering options for finish, strap color, front plate ribbon color, and design. Customers can use their images or choose from a vast collection of clipart, adding text as desired. Metal wall plaques, featuring options like the Tom Brady G.O.A.T. Metal Wall Art, became available on their website, and customers can also upload their designs for personalized metal wall art. NFLPA Officially licensed products are part of their offerings as well [9].

One of their standout products is the 6-pound custom championship belt, available for $ 199 on their website, with regular championship belts priced around $ 150. Shipping is free via UPS Ground for larger items, while smaller items like tattoos and championship rings ship free via USPS. Expedited shipping options such as next-day or two-day air are also available.

As of 2023, Trophy Smack continues to thrive in the trophy business, offering a diverse range of trophies for various sports, including fantasy football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, and youth sports. In addition to trophies, they provide championship belts, including a fully blinged-out version adorned with rhinestones, retailing at $ 299. Championship rings and other customizable bling items are also part of their product lineup.

Since 2021, Trophy Smack has held the prestigious title of the official championship belt provider for the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, an annual NCAA Division 1 FBS college football game held at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium. 

Fans can purchase replicas of the LA Bowl Championship Belt, such as the two-pound version priced at $ 89, or opt for a customized Fresno State 2022 LA Bowl Championship Belt for an additional hundred dollars. The company’s continued success and expansion into diverse product lines underscore its enduring appeal and innovative approach to customizable awards.

The Net Worth Of TrophySmack

As of 2022, TrophySmack boasts a net worth of $ 3.5 million [10]. The company positions its trophies in the market with a retail price ranging between $ 150 and $ 160 per trophy. This pricing strategy reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering quality and customizable awards while establishing a competitive presence within the fantasy sports trophy market.

The combination of solid net worth and strategic pricing contributes to TrophySmack’s standing as a notable player in the industry.

Alternatives To TrophySmack:

1) Crown Awards

Crown Awards provides a wide range of trophies, plaques, and medals for various sports and events. They offer customization options, allowing you to personalize trophies with specific details, logos, and text.

2) Dinn Trophy

Dinn Trophy specializes in creating custom awards for sports, corporate events, and academic achievements. Their selection includes a variety of trophy styles, medals, and plaques, and they offer engraving services for a personalized touch.

3) K2 Awards & Apparel

K2 Awards & Apparel offers a diverse array of trophies and awards for sports, academic achievements, and corporate recognition. They provide customization options, including engraving and the ability to upload logos or graphics.

The Net Worth Of TrophySmack

4) QuickTrophy

QuickTrophy is an online trophy retailer that allows customers to design and personalize their trophies. They offer a variety of shapes and sizes and provide quick turnaround times for those in need of expedited orders.

5) Trophies2Go

Trophies2Go offers a selection of customizable trophies and awards for sports, academics, and corporate events. They provide options for personalization, including engraving and the ability to add logos or artwork.

6) TrophyDepot

TrophyDepot offers a range of trophies, plaques, and medals with customization options. They provide quick shipping and engraving services for a personalized touch [11].

7) Blue Ribbon Trophy

Blue Ribbon Trophy specializes in awards for sports, corporate recognition, and academic achievements. They offer customization options, including engraving and the ability to choose from a variety of trophy designs.


  1. What does Trophy Smack offer?

Trophy Smack offers a diverse range of customizable trophies, championship belts, rings, and other sports-related awards for various occasions.

  1. What is Trophy Smack made of?

Trophy Smack crafts its trophies and awards using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a premium finish.

  1. What kind of trophies do they make?

Trophy Smack creates trophies for a wide range of sports, including but not limited to fantasy football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, and youth sports.

  1. How much does Trophy Smack cost?

The cost of Trophy Smack products varies based on the type of award and customization options. Prices typically range from $ 100 to $ 150 for trophies, with championship belts and other items priced accordingly.

  1. Why are their trophies customized?

Trophy Smack specializes in customized trophies to provide a unique and personalized touch, allowing customers to choose colors, sizes, and other features that reflect their preferences and achievements.

  1. What is a Trophy Smack warranty?

Trophy Smack offers a warranty on its products to ensure customer satisfaction. Details of the warranty coverage can be found in the terms and conditions on their website.

  1. Where is Trophy Smack located?

Trophy Smack is located in Anaheim, California. For specific details and contact information, visit their official website.

  1. How long does Trophy Smack take to deliver?

The delivery time for Trophy Smack products is typically around a week for standard orders. Expedited shipping options are available for those who require a faster delivery, with details provided during the checkout process.

How much does Trophy Smack cost?

  1. What is the signature item of Trophy Smack?

Trophy Smack’s signature item is its fully customizable championship belt, allowing customers to choose finishes, strap colors, front plate designs, and more.

  1. How do you make payment to Trophy Smack?

Trophy Smack accepts payments through various methods, including credit cards and other secure online payment options. Specific payment details can be found on their website during the checkout process.

  1. Why should you register with Trophy Smack?

Registering with Trophy Smack provides several benefits, including faster checkout, order tracking, and access to exclusive promotions and updates. It enhances the overall customer experience and ensures a seamless shopping process.

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