Gayla Bentley Fashion: What Happened After Shark Tank

Gayla Bentley Fashion: What Happened After Shark Tank

Gayla Bentley Fashion entered the limelight when its founder, Gayla Bentley, pitched her innovative fashion line on the popular television show, Shark Tank. The brand aimed to address a gap in the market by providing stylish and comfortable clothing for plus-size women. Since its appearance on the show, Gayla Bentley Fashion has garnered attention and praise.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the pros and cons of the brand, analyzing its design philosophy, business strategy, and customer reception.

What Is Gayla Bentley Fashion:

Gayla Bentley Fashion, showcased in the inaugural season of the popular television program “Shark Tank,” stands as a fashion label committed to meeting the requirements of curvier women. This specialized couture house acknowledges that a substantial majority, exceeding 60%, of American women adorn a size 14 or beyond, recognizing a pronounced underrepresentation of this demographic within the realms of haute couture [1].

The Mission 

The mission of Gayla Bentley is to rectify this asymmetry by presenting sophisticated and contemporary attire options tailored for women of all body shapes and dimensions. The extensive product repertoire of Gayla Bentley Fashion encompasses a varied selection of garments, spanning from refined dresses and chic jackets to stylish tops and comfortable trousers.

Each garment is meticulously crafted with a focus on dimensions and aligned with the latest trends in fashion. Consequently, their offerings appeal to plus-size women who aspire to stay in tune with the ever-evolving fashion landscape but find limited choices in conventional retail outlets.

Gayla Bentley Fashion’s merchandise adheres to an elevated standard of excellence and attentiveness, utilizing materials that marry comfort with durability. They have gained acclaim for their figure-flattering cuts, aesthetically pleasing designs, and superb artisanship. This commitment to quality sets Gayla Bentley Fashion apart from other brands specializing in plus-size fashion.

What Is Gayla Bentley Fashion

In addition, Gayla Bentley Fashion places considerable importance on inclusivity. The brand transcends the provision of enlarged sizes for conventional fashion designs, meticulously taking into account the distinctive body shapes and styles that plus-size women possess, and tailors garments that complement and embrace those individual body types.

For plus-size women seeking well-crafted, fashionable clothing, Gayla Bentley Fashion emerges as an ideal choice. It adeptly addresses a crucial void in the market, offering premium, stylish alternatives for a demographic frequently overlooked by mainstream fashion establishments.

The brand’s steadfast dedication to inclusivity and alignment with high-fashion trends provides plus-size women an avenue to articulate their individuality through attire in ways that might have been challenging before.

Furthermore, their unwavering commitment to quality ensures patrons receive enduring, comfortable attire that endures the test of time. In essence, Gayla Bentley Fashion serves as a commendable option for individuals seeking to elevate their fashion quotient, irrespective of their body size.

The Design

Gayla Bentley Fashion stands as a premier collection of plus-size couture envisioned by the esteemed fashion luminary, Gayla Bentley. Tailored to the contemporary woman’s requisites, her fashion line presents a repertoire of chic and modish garments, catering to women within the size spectrum of 12 through 28 [2].

Gayla’s design philosophy centers on crafting fashion-forward and comfortable ensembles that exalt and embrace all body types. Within her portfolio, she has curated a collection of elegant dresses and sophisticated separates, meticulously tailored to address the desires of the 60% of women in the United States seeking upscale apparel in their respective sizes.

The pricing spectrum of Gayla Bentley Fashion spans from $ 150 to $ 500, offering a diverse array of choices to accommodate various budgets and style preferences. The brand has garnered commendation from the public, with widespread acclaim for its commitment to inclusivity and the exceptional quality inherent in each garment.

In essence, Gayla Bentley Fashion is more than a brand; it is a transformative force in the plus-size fashion domain. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing industry norms, the brand endeavors to furnish contemporary and stylish alternatives for women of every size. It symbolizes a paradigm shift, showcasing that fashion can be both modern and inclusive, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of the modern woman.


Inclusive Sizing and Fit:

Gayla Bentley Fashion stands out for its commitment to inclusivity. The brand caters to plus-size women, offering a wide range of sizes to ensure that every customer can find clothing that fits comfortably and looks stylish. This dedication to inclusivity aligns with the growing demand for fashion that embraces diverse body types.

Versatile Designs:

One of the key strengths of Gayla Bentley Fashion is its emphasis on versatile designs. The clothing line includes a variety of styles, from casual wear to more formal options. This versatility allows customers to find pieces suitable for different occasions, enhancing the brand’s appeal and practicality.

Comfortable Fabrics:

Gayla Bentley prioritizes comfort in its designs. The brand utilizes high-quality fabrics that are not only stylish but also comfortable for extended wear. This focus on comfort addresses a common concern in the fashion industry, where plus-size clothing often sacrifices comfort for style.

Positive Social Impact:

The brand has made strides in promoting body positivity and self-confidence. By showcasing models of various body sizes and shapes in its marketing campaigns, Gayla Bentley Fashion sends a positive message to its customers, fostering a sense of inclusivity and self-acceptance.

Successful Pitch on Shark Tank:

Gayla Bentley’s successful pitch on Shark Tank provided the brand with a platform to showcase its vision and potential. The exposure on national television not only increased brand awareness but also attracted strategic partnerships and investments, propelling Gayla Bentley Fashion into the mainstream.


Limited Availability:

One of the drawbacks of Gayla Bentley Fashion is its limited availability. As a relatively niche brand, it may not be as accessible to customers in certain regions. This limited reach could hinder the brand’s potential for growth, especially when compared to more widely distributed competitors [3].

Price Point:

Some customers have expressed concerns about the price point of Gayla Bentley Fashion. The brand positions itself as offering high-quality, designer pieces, but this often comes with a higher price tag. This pricing strategy may limit the brand’s accessibility to a broader consumer base, particularly in a market where budget-friendly options are in demand.

Competition in the Plus-Size Market:

The plus-size fashion market is becoming increasingly competitive, with both established and emerging brands vying for a share of the market. While Gayla Bentley Fashion has carved a niche with its commitment to inclusivity, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation and adaptation to evolving fashion trends.

Limited Men’s Collection:

As of the last available information, Gayla Bentley Fashion primarily focuses on women’s clothing. The absence of a comprehensive men’s collection may limit the brand’s potential customer base, overlooking a segment of the market that is also seeking stylish and inclusive options.

Mixed Customer Reviews:

While many customers appreciate the brand’s dedication to inclusivity and comfort, there are mixed reviews regarding the fit and sizing of specific garments. Some customers have reported discrepancies between the advertised sizing and the actual fit of the clothing, highlighting potential challenges in maintaining consistent sizing standards.

Who May Benefit From Using?

Who May Benefit From Using?

Plus-Size Women:

Gayla Bentley Fashion caters specifically to plus-size women, providing them with a range of stylish and comfortable clothing options. The brand’s dedication to inclusive sizing ensures that women of various body shapes and sizes can find clothing that fits well and makes them feel confident [4].

Fashion-Conscious Consumers:

Individuals who prioritize both style and comfort in their fashion choices may find Gayla Bentley Fashion appealing. The brand’s commitment to using high-quality fabrics and offering versatile designs caters to those who seek trendy and chic clothing without compromising on comfort.

Advocates of Body Positivity:

Gayla Bentley Fashion actively promotes body positivity through its marketing campaigns and choice of models. Those who align with the values of promoting diverse beauty standards and self-acceptance may find the brand’s messaging and representation resonant.

Shoppers Seeking Versatile Wardrobe Options:

The versatility of Gayla Bentley Fashion’s designs makes it suitable for various occasions, from casual wear to more formal settings. Individuals looking to build a wardrobe that seamlessly transitions between different events and environments may find the brand’s offerings well-suited to their needs.

Customers Supportive of Independent and Niche Brands:

Consumers who appreciate supporting independent and niche brands may be drawn to Gayla Bentley Fashion. The brand’s appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent success in the market position it as a unique player in the fashion industry, providing an alternative to mass-market options.

Those Seeking Positive Brand Associations:

Customers who value brands that prioritize positive social impact and inclusivity may be inclined to support Gayla Bentley Fashion. The brand’s commitment to showcasing a diverse range of models and promoting a message of self-confidence can create positive associations for consumers who align with these values.

Individuals Looking for Comfortable Fashion:

The emphasis on comfortable fabrics sets Gayla Bentley Fashion apart, making it appealing to individuals who prioritize comfort in their clothing choices. This is particularly relevant in the plus-size fashion market, where comfort can sometimes be sacrificed for style.

Fans of Reality TV and Shark Tank Viewers:

The exposure Gayla Bentley Fashion gained through its appearance on Shark Tank might attract viewers of the show who are interested in supporting businesses that have successfully navigated the entrepreneurial landscape. Fans of reality TV may find the brand’s journey from pitch to success intriguing and may choose to support it based on this backstory.

About Founders Of Gayla Bentley Fashion

The visionary force behind Gayla Bentley Fashion is none other than Gayla Bentley herself. Hailing from the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, Bentley’s ardor for design and fashion ignited in the early chapters of her life. However, this fervor was accompanied by a keen awareness of a glaring gap in the industry – the conspicuous absence of stylish, high-quality clothing options for plus-size women [5].

With an extensive background spanning over two decades in the dynamic realm of fashion, Bentley has consistently demonstrated an innate understanding of what women, particularly those in the plus-size category, seek in their clothing. Her profound realization centered on the unfortunate neglect from mainstream fashion brands towards a significant demographic – women wearing sizes 14 and above. Fueled by a passion for empowering all women to embrace style and confidence, coupled with her wealth of industry experience, Bentley embarked on the transformative journey that would become Gayla Bentley Fashion.

About Founders Of Gayla Bentley Fashion

Even before gracing the set of Shark Tank, Bentley had invested tireless effort into cultivating her fashion line. Operating a boutique in her hometown of Houston, she had successfully established a clientele that included several prominent celebrity figures. Her creations adorned the racks of over 50 specialty boutiques across the nation, and she had strategically positioned her brand for success in the digital realm. Yet, cognizant of the need for further expansion and exposure, Bentley recognized that a pivotal moment awaited her on the Shark Tank stage.

Prior to her appearance on the show, Bentley had solidified a commendable reputation for herself and Gayla Bentley Fashion within the niche market of plus-size high fashion. Her pitch and products on Shark Tank underscored her unwavering passion for delivering stylish, high-quality, and inclusive clothing. Before the sharks, she laid out a vision that extended beyond her boutique in Houston, aspiring to make Gayla Bentley Fashion accessible to plus-size women not just across the country but potentially around the globe.

The bold step of entering the Shark Tank arena was a strategic move, driven by Bentley’s desire to secure the necessary funding and exposure to elevate her brand to new heights. By then, she had already proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the plus-size fashion landscape, and her appearance on Shark Tank served as a testament to her resilience, vision, and commitment to transforming the fashion industry’s approach to inclusive and stylish clothing for all women.

The Pitch Of Gayla Bentley Fashion At Shark Tank

In the inaugural season of Shark Tank, Gayla Bentley presented a poised and professional pitch for her brand, Gayla Bentley Fashion. Her objective was to secure a $ 250,000 investment, offering 20% equity in her company and thereby valuing Gayla Bentley Fashion at $ 1.25 million [6].

Bentley articulated the core concept behind her brand, underscoring the stark underrepresentation of women wearing a size 14 or larger in high fashion, despite constituting over 60% of the American female population. She shared the triumphs of her journey so far, highlighting the presence of her line in more than 50 specialty boutiques and the establishment of a robust online platform. Furthermore, she outlined her ambitious long-term vision, which involved expanding her brand into major department stores and diversifying her collection.

The sharks were generally impressed by Bentley’s passion and strategic business insights, recognizing the unique niche she had carved in the competitive fashion industry. However, Kevin O’Leary voiced concerns about the inherent risks associated with the cyclical nature of fashion trends.

Despite this skepticism, Daymond John, a seasoned figure in the fashion industry with his success in FUBU, and Barbara Corcoran, a real estate mogul, saw potential in Bentley’s vision. They jointly extended an offer of the requested $ 250,000 but for a larger stake – 50% equity in Gayla Bentley Fashion, doubling what Bentley had initially proposed.

The Pitch Of Gayla Bentley Fashion At Shark Tank

Faced with a challenging decision, Bentley weighed the implications of accepting the deal. On one side, she would be relinquishing a substantial portion of her company. On the other side, the offer brought with it the invaluable expertise, connections, and mentorship of two accomplished entrepreneurs who could propel Gayla Bentley Fashion to new heights. After careful consideration of the benefits offered, Bentley ultimately chose to accept the joint deal proposed by Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

In the final agreement, Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran became strategic partners by investing $ 250,000 in Gayla Bentley Fashion for a 50% equity stake, marking a significant milestone in the brand’s journey toward expansion and success.

Gayla Bentley Fashion After The Shark Tank

Following its appearance on Shark Tank and the successful investment from Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran, Gayla Bentley Fashion embarked on a promising trajectory. Empowered by funding and mentorship, Bentley strategically expanded her business, making her line available in multiple retail outlets and through her website.

Initially, the company experienced success, with positive customer feedback highlighting the brand’s inclusivity in offering stylish plus-sized clothing. A notable achievement was securing a wholesaling deal with Neiman Marcus, a prestigious luxury department store.

However, the online platform presented a challenge as its design appeared outdated, reminiscent of trends from 2008/2009, potentially impacting its appeal to modern online shoppers. Despite the higher price range of the clothing, ranging from $ 150 to $ 500, customers seemed to appreciate the fashionable designs and the availability of both regular and plus sizes [7].

While the investment from John and Corcoran provided a significant boost to the company, unforeseen challenges arose. The business faced a major setback from the flooding during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which appears to have played a significant role in the company’s eventual closure. This unfortunate incident underscores the unpredictable nature of business and the unexpected challenges that can arise, even after achieving initial success.

Gayla Bentley Fashion After The Shark Tank

Although John and Corcoran had initially offered the requested amount in exchange for a larger 50% equity stake, the deal did not pan out successfully. Daymond John later referred to it as his “worst investment,” acknowledging the loss of their $ 250,000 investment.

Post-Shark Tank, Gayla Bentley Fashion did experience some success, securing deals with reputable retailers like Neiman Marcus. However, the company grappled with various challenges, and the impact of Hurricane Harvey’s flooding proved to be a significant factor in its struggles. Consequently, the brand went out of business.

As of now, the Gayla Bentley Fashion website remains active but showcases an outdated design and no longer features the signature designs for plus-sized women that were once its hallmark. Gayla Bentley has redirected her focus toward other ventures, including corporate training, TV series development, and assisting Hurricane Harvey victims, illustrating her resilience and adaptability in the face of unforeseen business challenges.

The Net Worth Of Gayla Bentley Fashion

The net worth of Gayla Bentley Fashion is currently $ 0 as the company reportedly went out of business in 2017 [8]. However, other sources such as Famous People Today and Geeks Around Globe estimate Gayla Bentley’s net worth at around $ 1 million to $ 500,000. These figures likely account for her earnings as a fashion designer, television personality, and motivational speaker, as stated on her Facebook page.

During its operational years, the company experienced some growth. As per Shark Tank Success, the net worth of Gayla Bentley Fashion was $ 2 million in 2010, grew to $ 6 million by 2015, and reached $ 12 million by 2021. The brand’s value was boosted significantly after Bentley’s appearance on Shark Tank, where she asked for $ 250,000 in exchange for 20% of the company [9].

The Net Worth Of Gayla Bentley Fashion

Despite the initial success, Gayla Bentley Fashion appears to have struggled with sustainability. It was featured on a Money PPL list of “40 Shark Tank Ideas That Failed Miserably.” However, Bentley’s influence in the fashion industry and her advocacy for plus-size fashion continue to be recognized. Her brand remains strong, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the face of business challenges.

Alternatives To Gayla Bentley Fashion:


ELOQUII is a well-known brand specializing in trendy and fashion-forward plus-size clothing. They offer a wide range of styles, from casual to formal, and are celebrated for their commitment to inclusivity and body positivity.


Torrid is a popular brand that caters exclusively to plus-size women. Known for its diverse range of clothing, including trendy dresses, casual wear, and accessories, Torrid is a go-to destination for those seeking fashionable options in extended sizes.

Lane Bryant:

Lane Bryant is a longstanding brand in the plus-size fashion industry. They provide a wide selection of clothing and lingerie, focusing on both style and comfort. Lane Bryant is recognized for its commitment to offering a variety of styles for women of all sizes.

Ashley Stewart:

Ashley Stewart is a brand that emphasizes contemporary and urban fashion for plus-size women. They offer a range of stylish options, from casual wear to activewear, catering to a diverse audience.

Fashion to Figure:

Fashion to Figure is a brand known for its on-trend plus-size clothing. They offer a mix of casual and formal wear, including dresses, tops, and outerwear. The brand is dedicated to providing fashionable options for women of all sizes.

Universal Standard:

Universal Standard is renowned for its minimalist and modern approach to plus-size fashion. They focus on elevated basics and timeless pieces, offering a versatile selection for women who appreciate a more streamlined aesthetic.

City Chic:

City Chic is an international brand offering chic and contemporary plus-size fashion. Known for its stylish dresses and on-trend designs, City Chic caters to a wide range of tastes within the plus-size community.

Simply Be:

Simply Be is a brand that provides a mix of casual and trendy plus-size fashion. With a focus on inclusivity, they offer a diverse range of styles to suit different preferences and occasions.


Catherines is a brand that offers classic and comfortable plus-size clothing. They cater to a more mature demographic, providing a range of options from casual to formal wear.


ModCloth is known for its vintage-inspired and quirky plus-size fashion. The brand offers a unique selection of dresses, tops, and accessories, appealing to those who enjoy a playful and eclectic style.


  1. Why Is Gayla Bentley so famous?

Gayla Bentley gained fame for her contributions to the fashion industry, particularly for pioneering Gayla Bentley Fashion, a renowned plus-size clothing line. Her appearance on Season 1 of Shark Tank, where she secured an investment from Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran, further elevated her visibility. The brand aimed to address the gap in stylish and high-quality clothing for plus-size women, earning Gayla Bentley recognition for her commitment to inclusivity in fashion.

  1. Is plus-size fashion in demand?

Yes, there is a significant demand for plus-size fashion. With over 60% of American women wearing a size 14 or larger, there is a growing awareness and appreciation for inclusive fashion that caters to diverse body types. Gayla Bentley Fashion specifically targets this demand by providing stylish and comfortable clothing for plus-size women, reflecting the increasing prominence of the plus-size fashion market.

  1. Who’s made the most money on Shark Tank?

As of 2023, the individual who made the most money on Shark Tank is Jamie Siminoff. He secured a deal with Amazon, and his company, Ring, was later acquired by Amazon for over a billion dollars. However, for the most up-to-date information, it’s recommended to check the latest sources.

Why Is Gayla Bentley so famous?

  1. Who is the most popular woman on the Shark Tank?

As of 2023, Lori Greiner is often considered one of the most popular and successful women on Shark Tank. Known as the “Queen of QVC,” she has invested in numerous successful products and entrepreneurs on the show. However, popularity can be subjective, and it’s advised to check the latest information for the most current insights.

  1. How real is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a reality TV show, and while the entrepreneurs and pitches are real, there are some elements of production involved. The sharks’ investments are real, but not all deals made on the show are finalized off-camera. Additionally, some negotiations may be edited for time constraints. Nonetheless, the business opportunities and investments presented are genuine, and the entrepreneurs are seeking real investments from the sharks.

  1. What is the most famous thing from Shark Tank?

One of the most famous and successful products to emerge from Shark Tank is the “Scrub Daddy,” a smiley-faced scrubber sponge. It became the highest-grossing product in Shark Tank history. Other notable products include the “Squatty Potty,” the “Simply Fit Board,” and the “Lori Greiner-backed” “Bantam Bagels.” The show has featured a wide range of successful products that have gained popularity with consumers.

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