Bibbitec: What Happened After Shark Tank

Bibbitec: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the world of entrepreneurship, few platforms offer as much exposure as ABC’s reality show, Shark Tank. One company that dared to swim with the sharks is Bibbitec, creator of the innovative Ultimate Bib. Launched by Susie Taylor in 2013, Bibbitec aimed to revolutionize the baby product market with its stain-resistant, odor-free, and versatile bibs.

Despite not securing a deal on the show, the company experienced a significant surge in sales. This article delves into the journey of Bibbitec: from its hopeful beginnings, its post-Shark Tank rollercoaster ride, to its eventual closure, providing an insightful case study in startup dynamics.

What Is Bibbitec:

The company’s flagship product is the Ultimate Bib, a versatile, stain-resistant bib designed for babies and toddlers. It’s crafted from a proprietary material that doesn’t absorb stains or odors [1].

The Ultimate Bib’s standout feature is its resistance to water, stains, and odors, making the mess left by babies and children more adorable than frustrating. Crafted through sustainable processes in the United States, Bibbitec ensures a non-toxic experience for your little one. The bib, described as a “multi-tasking super bib,” offers a variety of uses beyond just mealtime.

The bib is designed to cover the entire child, providing full-body protection against spills and stains. Its absorbent back prevents stains from seeping through, safeguarding your child’s clothes from potential damage. The breathability of the blanket adds to the comfort, making it suitable for various activities.

What Is Bibbitec

What makes Bibbitec truly versatile is its ability to serve as a burp cloth, changing pad, breastfeeding shield, placemat, breathable stroller blanket, art smock, napkin, and apron – all in one. This multifunctionality adds significant value, making it an all-inclusive solution for parents on the go.

Another noteworthy feature is the ease of maintenance. The bib is machine washable, easily wiped clean with a baby wipe, and dries quickly, ensuring that it’s ready for reuse throughout the day. This not only saves time for busy parents but also contributes to the product’s longevity.


  • High-quality material: The Ultimate Bib is made from a unique, patented fabric called Bibbitec. This material is non-absorbent, which means it won’t retain stains or smells. Most parents know how quickly baby items can become soiled and stinky, so this is a major advantage;
  • Versatility: The bib isn’t just for meal times. It’s designed to cover a child from neck to toe, which makes it perfect for other messy activities like painting or playing with playdough. Parents will appreciate not having to change their child’s clothes after every messy activity;
  • Durability: The Ultimate Bib is machine washable and very durable. It’s designed to last and withstand repeated washings, which is essential for any baby product;
  • Environmental friendly: The bib is reusable and long-lasting, making it an eco-friendly alternative to disposable bibs;


  • Price: One of the most significant drawbacks of the Bibbitec Ultimate Bib is the price. It’s more expensive than most other bibs on the market. While the high-quality material and longevity can justify the price, it might be out of reach for some families;
  • Size: Some customers have reported that the bib is too large for younger babies. While the size ensures maximum coverage, it might be too bulky for smaller infants;
  • Availability: After the Shark Tank episode aired, Bibbitec experienced a surge in demand that they struggled to meet. This led to some availability issues, although these appear to have been resolved now;

Who May Benefit From Using?

Parents of Infants and Toddlers:

Bibbitec’s primary target audience is parents with infants and toddlers who are in the early stages of transitioning to solid foods. The bib’s larger size and full-body coverage protect the child’s clothes from spills and stains, providing relief to parents dealing with messy mealtimes [2].

On-the-Go Parents:

For parents who are constantly on the move, whether running errands, traveling, or attending social events, Bibbitec’s multifunctionality makes it a valuable accessory. Its ability to serve as a changing pad, stroller blanket, and more, reduces the need to carry multiple items, streamlining the parenting experience.

Who May Benefit From Using?

Environmentally Conscious Consumers:

Bibbitec’s commitment to sustainable processes and the use of non-toxic fabric appeals to environmentally conscious consumers. Those who prioritize eco-friendly products for their children may appreciate Bibbitec’s efforts to minimize environmental impact.

Parents Seeking Convenience:

The machine-washable and wipe-clean features of Bibbitec contribute to its convenience factor. Parents looking for hassle-free maintenance and quick turnaround times between uses may find Bibbitec to be a time-saving solution.

Parents of Messy Eaters:

If a child tends to be particularly messy during meals, Bibbitec’s stain- and odor-resistant properties, coupled with its absorbent back, can be a practical solution. This bib aims to minimize the frustration of constantly dealing with stained clothes and the lingering odors associated with spills.

Breastfeeding Mothers:

Bibbitec’s versatility extends to serving as a breastfeeding shield. Mothers who nurse their infants may appreciate the added functionality, providing privacy and protection during breastfeeding sessions.

Artistic Families:

Families engaged in creative activities, such as arts and crafts, may benefit from Bibbitec’s use as an art smock. The bib’s ability to protect clothing from various types of stains makes it suitable for messy artistic endeavors.

Parents with Older Children:

While Bibbitec primarily targets infants and toddlers, the availability of different sizes, including a larger option for older children, suggests that it can be useful for occasional messes even as children grow.

About the Founders Of Bibbitec

Susan Taylor stands as the visionary force behind Bibbitec, unveiling her innovative “multi-tasking super bib” to the world on Shark Tank on February 1, 2013 [3].

Taylor embarked on the creation of Bibbitec fueled by frustration over subpar bibs that absorbed liquids and allowed food spills. This frustration became the catalyst for the birth of Bibbitec.

About the Founders Of Bibbitec

Bibbitec, crafted and conceptualized by Taylor, sees its roots firmly planted in the soil of the United States, utilizing fabric that is not only non-toxic but also a testament to Taylor’s commitment to quality.

The range of Bibbitec extends to three sizes: a petite variant designed for infants, a mid-sized edition hailed as the “ultimate” for toddlers, and a generous “smock” size tailored for older children prone to occasional messiness.

Prior to Bibbitec’s appearance on Shark Tank, the Taylors, Steve and Susie, found themselves navigating the tumultuous waters of parenting with two lively and spirited boys.

In an anecdote that echoes the challenges of parenting, a flight delay turned chaotic when their children frolicked in their row, leaving everything soiled. Remarkably, Steve emerged unscathed, thanks to a shirt made from performance fabric that proved easy to clean.

Disagreements among couples about bib costs were not uncommon, fueled by concerns that these essential baby accessories retained stubborn stains post-wash. This discord prompted Susie to reevaluate the value of investing in inexpensive bibs and fueled her determination to birth a superior-quality alternative.

The Bibbitec bib, proudly crafted in the United States from fabric free of harmful toxins, carries forth the Taylors’ entrepreneurial aspirations. Seeking a financial boost, Steve and Susie Taylor sought a $ 40,000 investment, offering a 14% stake in Bibbitec to potential backers.

The Pitch Of Bibbitec At Shark Tank

Approaching the Shark Tank stage, the Taylors made their pitch, unveiling the narrative behind Bibbitec’s creation—a tale inspired by an airplane ordeal. Steve illustrated the simplicity of donning the bib on a child, while Susie, using a doll, demonstrated its ease. Positioned as an American-made, non-toxic, and stain-resistant product, Bibbitec received attention.

Susie showcased the bib’s resilience by applying mustard and effortlessly wiping it clean. As samples circulated, Barbara expressed interest in inspecting the soiled one. Daymond inquired about the material, and Susie clarified it as a poly-nylon blend, highlighting its patented and non-toxic attributes.

When questioned about the selling price, Susie disclosed a $ 24.95 tag on their website. Kevin probed into production costs, expressing shock at the $ 15 per bib expenditure [4]. Despite Susie’s assurance of a willing market at $ 48, Kevin fixated on the high production cost, advocating for the economic practicality of disposable bibs.

Steve countered, emphasizing Bibbitec’s durability, claiming a lifespan of four years or more. Susie contested Kevin’s skepticism, asserting the market’s acceptance of the $ 48 price point. Disclosing sales figures, Steve revealed 2,000 bibs sold in four years, prompting disappointment from the Sharks.

Robert pressed for the annual revenue, learning it amounted to a mere $ 17,000. Kevin questioned the Taylors’ online sales approach, suggesting the majority of bibs were bought in big-box retailers, which the Taylors struggled to infiltrate. Susie explained the difficulty in retail adoption due to the need for customer education and retail practices favoring cheaper alternatives.

Kevin maintained his stance that expensive bibs weren’t preferred by consumers. Steve and Susie, in response, defended the product’s value. Kevin proposed licensing the product to existing bib manufacturers, but Susie rejected it, citing concerns about toxic fabrics from foreign manufacturers.

The Pitch Of Bibbitec At Shark Tank

Pressed for profitability, the Taylors admitted to no financial gains, having invested $ 75,000 without returns. Kevin questioned their willingness to sustain losses, suggesting it might be time to end Bibbitec. Susie vehemently opposed it, sparking a debate.

Daymond explored cost reduction possibilities, with Kevin emphasizing the need for a drastic price drop. Steve suggested a retail price of $ 19.99 for the smaller bib, prompting Daymond’s advice to achieve a $ 5 production cost for profitability.

Robert expressed concern about the lack of a clear strategy for large-scale sales. Susie attributed the slow sales to her prioritization of motherhood, leading Robert to question if being a mother hindered sales. This triggered an emotional response from Susie, defending her commitment to providing quality products for mothers.

Kevin, Mark, and Barbara bowed out, citing financial concerns and a lack of confidence in the business strategy. Daymond followed suit, unable to provide the needed support for customer education. Robert concluded that the Taylors lacked a solid plan for success, resulting in no deal being made, and Bibbitec left the Shark Tank without an investment.

Bibbitec After The Shark Tank

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Bibbitec experienced a remarkable surge in sales. The night of the episode’s airing saw the company raking in $ 75,000, with an additional weekend revenue of $ 150,000 [5]. Daily unit sales catapulted from a modest 2-3 to an impressive 1,500, though eventually stabilizing at 50 per day. 

Amid this success, a leadership transition occurred, with Steve taking the reins. The Taylors pivoted to selling Bibbitec on Amazon, pricing each bib at $ 22, contributing to the overall sale of 3,000 units.

However, despite the initial success, Bibbitec faced a turning point. In 2018, the Taylors decided to close down the company. The decision revealed an unexpected twist—Susie, the face behind Bibbitec, is a trained actress. It became apparent that she had returned to her acting profession. Susie documented her Shark Tank journey on a blog, including a post where she expressed “letting go” of the business.

Documenting her journey, Susie shares insights on her Shark Tank experience through a blog. In one post, she candidly expresses the decision to “let go” of Bibbitec, offering readers a glimpse into the emotional aspect of parting with the business.

Bibbitec, with its premium price point, enjoyed a successful run, showcasing the viability of its unique product in the market. Barbara’s astute sales strategy suggestion post-Shark Tank resonated—she envisioned a dedicated sales force comprising entirely of moms, a demographic closely aligned with the product’s target audience.

The potential for success through social media marketing is also recognized in hindsight. Waiting a couple of years might have allowed Bibbitec to tap into the rising trend of niche products gaining traction on platforms like Facebook. The hindsight suggests that a strategic delay could have propelled Bibbitec even further in the competitive market.

Reflecting on Bibbitec’s trajectory, the closure marked the end of a venture that had garnered attention despite its high price point. Hindsight revealed that Barbara’s suggestion of a sales force comprised of moms might have been a winning strategy. The potential for success through social media marketing, particularly on platforms like Facebook, became evident.

Bibbitec After The Shark Tank

Niche products often find success by going viral, and Bibbitec could have capitalized on this trend with a bit more endurance.

The Net Worth Of Bibbitec

Bibbitec, the company behind the Ultimate Bib, first made its mark on Shark Tank in 2013. At that time, the company was valued at approximately $ 285,000 based on the initial offer of $ 40,000 for 14% equity [6].

The company saw significant growth following its appearance on the show. On the night the episode aired, Bibbitec made $ 75,000 in sales, and over that weekend, it earned an additional $ 150,000. This surge in sales indicates a high level of interest in the product, suggesting a positive market response.

As of 2020, the company’s net worth had grown to an estimated $ 3 million [7]. However, the current net worth of Bibbitec as of 2023 is not publicly available.

Alternatives To Bibbitec:

Bumkins SuperBib:

Bumkins SuperBib is a waterproof and stain-resistant bib with a catch-all pocket to contain spills. It’s easy to wipe clean and comes in a variety of colorful designs. While it may not offer full-body coverage like Bibbitec, it provides reliable protection during meals.

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll-Up Bib:

OXO Tot’s bib is made of waterproof silicone, making it easy to clean and roll up for on-the-go convenience. It has a deep pocket to catch crumbs and spills, and its adjustable closure accommodates growing children.

Aden + Anais Classic Snap Bib:

Aden + Anais offers stylish, muslin snap bibs that are absorbent and easy to care for. They come in a variety of patterns and are suitable for infants and toddlers. While not as multi-functional as Bibbitec, they provide a lightweight and breathable option.

Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Bibs:

Green Sprouts’ bibs have a waterproof inner layer to keep the baby dry and comfortable. They feature a catch-all pocket and adjustable closure. These bibs are designed with an absorbent terry cloth material on the front.

The Net Worth Of Bibbitec

IKEA Kornetlig Bib:

IKEA’s bibs are budget-friendly, easy to wipe clean, and have a deep pocket to catch spills. They come in various colors and are suitable for everyday use. While not as feature-rich as Bibbitec, they provide a practical and affordable option.

Tommee Tippee Easi-Roll Bib:

Tommee Tippee’s Easi-Roll Bibs are made of soft, flexible material and feature a crumb catcher. They are easy to roll up for storage or travel. While not as versatile as Bibbitec, they offer a simple and compact solution [8].

BabyBjörn Soft Bib:

BabyBjörn’s Soft Bib is made of soft, comfortable material with a deep spill pocket to catch food. It’s easy to wipe clean and has an adjustable neckband for a secure fit. While lacking some of the multi-functional features, it provides reliable protection during meals.

Skip Hop Zoo Fold & Go Silicone Bib:

Skip Hop’s bib is made of soft silicone and features a deep pocket to catch crumbs. It can be folded for easy storage and is dishwasher safe. While not as versatile as Bibbitec, it’s a convenient option for on-the-go parents.


  1. What makes Bibbitec different from regular bibs?

Bibbitec stands out due to its multifunctionality and innovative design. It is not just a bib but also serves as a burp cloth, changing pad, breastfeeding shield, stroller blanket, and more. Its water- and stain-resistant properties, along with full-body coverage, set it apart from traditional bibs.

  1. What sizes are available for Bibbitec?

Bibbitec comes in three sizes to cater to different age groups: small (mini) for infants, medium (ultimate) for toddlers, and giant (smock) for older children who may occasionally get messy.

  1. How is Bibbitec made, and where is it manufactured?

Bibbitec is designed and manufactured in the United States using sustainable processes and non-toxic fabric, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly product.

  1. Is Bibbitec easy to clean?

Yes, Bibbitec is designed for convenience. It is machine washable, wipes clean easily, and dries quickly, making it suitable for frequent use throughout the day.

  1. Can Bibbitec be used for activities other than mealtime?

Absolutely! Bibbitec is a versatile accessory that can be used as a changing pad, breastfeeding shield, stroller blanket, art smock, and more. Its functionality extends beyond traditional bibs.

What makes Bibbitec different from regular bibs?

  1. How absorbent is Bibbitec?

Bibbitec has an absorbent back to prevent stains from seeping through, providing an extra layer of protection for your child’s clothes.

  1. What inspired the creation of Bibbitec?

Bibbitec was born out of frustration with inadequate bibs that absorbed liquid and spilled food. The founders, Steve and Susie Taylor, were motivated to create a high-quality, versatile bib solution for parents.

  1. Is Bibbitec available for purchase online?

While Bibbitec is no longer in business, during its active period, it was available for purchase on its official website, and for a period on Amazon, at a price point reflecting its unique features and quality.

  1. Why did Bibbitec close down?

Bibbitec closed down in 2018, and Susie Taylor, who trained as an actress, decided to return to her profession. The closure marked the end of Bibbitec’s entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Are there any plans for Bibbitec to return to the market?

As of 2023, there are no plans for Bibbitec to return to the market. The closure in 2018 signaled the conclusion of the Bibbitec venture.

  1. Where is Lisa D’Amato now?

As of 2023, Lisa D’Amato, the founder of Dare-U-Go, is focusing on her entrepreneurial ventures and raising her two children. Please note that this information might have changed as of 2023.

  1. Who is the founder of Dare You Go?

Dare-U-Go is a company founded by Lisa D’Amato. She is a former model and winner of America’s Next Top Model who turned to entrepreneurship.

  1. How much did Bibbitec cost on Shark Tank?

Bibbitec was seeking a $ 40,000 investment for 14% equity during their pitch on Shark Tank. The actual value of the product sold to consumers may vary.

  1. What kind of fabric is Bibbitec made out of?

Bibbitec bibs were made out of a unique, patented fabric that was waterproof, odor-resistant, and stain-resistant. The exact composition of the fabric is proprietary information belonging to the company.

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