Youthforia Makeup: What Happened After Shark Tank

Youthforia Makeup: What Happened After Shark Tank

Youthforia, the innovative makeup brand that made a splash on the popular television show Shark Tank, has been making waves in the beauty industry since its debut in 2021. Founder Fiona Co Chan pitched her unique line of cosmetics that not only beautify but are also beneficial for the skin, gaining the attention and investment of billionaire Mark Cuban.

This article delves into the journey of Youthforia post-Shark Tank, exploring how the brand has evolved, its current market position, and what the future holds for this groundbreaking beauty brand.

What Is Youthforia Makeup?

Youthforia stands as a sustainable makeup brand deeply rooted in skincare [1]. Their makeup offerings are meticulously crafted using natural, plant-derived synthetics and nutritionally rich, biobased formulations. The result is a collection of products that not only boast opulent textures but also deliver exceptional performance.

An impressive 98% of Youthforia’s range is certified as biobased by USADA Biopreferred. Wearing their makeup overnight doesn’t lead to skin irritation; in fact, it contributes to skin improvement. All their skincare items are designed to cater to diverse skin types.

The Product Line

Youthforia Makeup provides a diverse range of products that cater to all skin types, encompassing those with normal, dry, mixed, sensitive, acne-prone, and mature skin [2]. To ensure a favorable experience, the brand advises customers to conduct a patch test with new items on their skin before incorporating them into their regular routine, reducing the likelihood of any adverse reactions.

One of the most popular items in their collection is Youthforia Makeup’s BYO Blush, which is designed for direct application to a clean blush brush before blending onto the cheeks. This blush offers customizable intensity, suitable for use on top of foundation or directly on bare skin.

Youthforia is a cosmetics enterprise that places a strong emphasis on crafting enjoyable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable makeup that emulates the benefits of skincare. The brand’s core ethos revolves around creating makeup that promotes skin and planet well-being. With an extensive array of products that accommodate a broad spectrum of skin types, Youthforia is a brand well worth exploring. To find makeup items personalized to their specific skin requirements, consumers can partake in a quick 90-second quiz via the Youthforia website.

What Is Youthforia Makeup?

The company rigorously tests all its skincare products to ensure they are sleep-friendly, and the results unequivocally support this claim. Their star product, the “BYO BLUSH,” is skillfully concocted using Avocado oil, Sunflower oil, and the Skin Chi Complex.

In alignment with their commitment to skin health, Youthforia proudly excludes ingredients like Parabens, Fragrance, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, and Cyclic Silicones from their formulations.

The price range for their makeup products typically falls within the $ 26 to $ 38 bracket [3].

Key Products of the Youthforia Makeup Brand: 

  • BYO Blush: This groundbreaking blush oil is the world’s first to adapt to your skin’s pH, delivering a natural flush. It consists of a blend of 20 plant-derived oils and extracts, effectively functioning as a cheek treatment;
  • BYO Blush Hues: This shares the same formula as the best-selling color-adjusting blush but is available in three tinted variations. It not only hydrates and nourishes the cheeks but also imparts a flattering flush of color;
  • Evening Off Facial Cleanser: A mild cleanser infused with green tea, this product effectively removes dirt, sunscreen, and makeup without excessively stripping or dehydrating the skin. It additionally provides gentle exfoliation by incorporating actual green tea leaves, eliminating dead skin and makeup buildup;
  • Gleaming Gloss: A lip gloss treatment that offers nourishment, composed entirely of plant-based oils to hydrate parched lips while bestowing a glossy finish;
  • Pregame Assortment: This compilation includes two items – Pregame Primer and Pregame Setting Spray. Pregame primer serves as a daily protective foundation that shields the skin, diminishes redness, and regulates sebum production, ensuring long-lasting makeup. Pregame setting spray, on the other hand, functions as a moisturizing setting spray that creates a protective barrier to safeguard makeup from environmental pollutants [4];

Besides their individual offerings, Youthforia also presents a variety of product bundles, such as the BYO blush bundle, everyday makeup bundle, game on bundle, blush kit, and prep your skin bundle.


  • Innovative Concept: Youthforia’s USP lies in its innovative approach to makeup. The idea of makeup that doubles up as skincare is appealing, especially for those who prioritize convenience and time efficiency. The brand’s makeup products are designed to be worn overnight, which is a significant departure from traditional makeup that needs to be removed before bedtime;
  • Quality of Ingredients: Youthforia uses clean, plant-based ingredients in its products, which is a big plus for customers who are mindful of what they put on their skin. These ingredients not only provide color but also nourish the skin;
  • Performance: Based on customer reviews, Youthforia’s products perform well in terms of application and effect. Their makeup is easy to apply, doesn’t feel heavy, and imparts a natural glow when used on bare skin. Users have reported a noticeable improvement in their complexion, with the makeup giving a glowing result;
  • Variety: Youthforia offers a range of products, including their BYO Blush, which has garnered positive reviews for its color-changing properties and ability to give a natural flush to the skin;

Youthforia Makeup At Shark Tank


  • Longevity: While Youthforia’s products have been praised for their initial application and effect, some users have reported that the longevity of the products is not as impressive. For instance, the BYO Blush doesn’t seem to last as long as some users would like;
  • Texture: Some users have found the texture of Youthforia’s products to be off-putting. For instance, the brand’s oil-based makeup has been described as looking greasy, and their lip products can reportedly feel uncomfortable on the lips;
  • Price Point: Youthforia’s products are positioned at a higher price point, which may not be accessible or appealing to all consumers, particularly those who frequently use makeup and need to replace their products regularly;

Who May Benefit from Using Youthforia?

Youthforia’s makeup line may be particularly beneficial for the following groups of people:

  • Individuals with Sensitive Skin: Given that Youthforia uses clean, plant-based ingredients in its products, individuals with sensitive skin may find this brand a good choice. The brand’s focus on skin-friendly makeup reduces the likelihood of irritation or adverse reactions that can sometimes occur with more synthetic ingredients;
  • Busy Individuals: Those with busy lifestyles who value convenience in their beauty routines may appreciate Youthforia’s approach. The brand’s makeup products are designed to be worn overnight, eliminating the need for makeup removal before bed and potentially saving a significant amount of time;
  • Eco-Conscious Consumers: Individuals who prioritize environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in their purchasing decisions may also find Youthforia appealing. The brand’s use of plant-based ingredients aligns with a more eco-conscious approach to beauty;
  • Those Seeking Natural Looks: Youthforia’s products are praised for providing a natural glow and enhancing the wearer’s natural complexion. Therefore, those who prefer a more natural makeup look may find this brand suits their aesthetic preferences;
  • Fans of Innovative Products: If you love trying out innovative and unique beauty products, Youthforia’s appeal is undeniable. With color-changing blushes and makeup you can sleep in, this brand offers a fresh take on traditional cosmetics [5];

As always, it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin and personal preferences are different, so what works well for one person might not work well for another.

About Founders Of Youthforia Makeup

Fiona Co Chan serves as the visionary founder and CEO behind the skincare brand Youthforia [6]. With a background in software development and an extensive tenure working in China, Fiona’s journey into the skincare industry was catalyzed during her time in the Middle Kingdom. 

Fiona’s academic pursuits included a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dartmouth College, where she also delved into the realm of programming languages. Her experiences led her to a unique intersection of technology and cosmetics.

The spark for Youthforia ignited from a personal quirk; Fiona often slept with her makeup on, and she encountered makeup woes during late-night festivities. In both scenarios, the issue lay in the extended wear of makeup, be it through the night or while sleeping. In response to this challenge, Fiona conceived Youthforia in 2020 [7].

About Founders Of Youthforia Makeup

Creating a product that allowed makeup to be worn comfortably overnight required substantial research and development. During this period, Fiona served as her own test subject, and the products had a transformative impact on her skin. Her husband was also a staunch supporter throughout the product development phase.

One pivotal moment in Youthforia’s journey occurred when Fiona uploaded a video showcasing “BYO BLUSH” on TikTok, which rapidly went viral, amassing a staggering 40-50 million views within just one year.

Officially launched in March 2021, Youthforia’s skincare products are now available through the company’s website, as well as in 488 Ulta Beauty and Amazon stores [8]. The brand’s remarkable rise is a testament to Fiona’s innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to offering solutions for makeup lovers facing similar challenges.

The Pitch Of Youthforia Makeup At Shark Tank

Fiona, hailing from San Francisco, California, ventured into the world of Shark Tank seeking $ 400,000 in exchange for a 5% equity stake in her makeup products business [9]. She presented her makeup offerings and even provided the sharks with some samples to test out.

From April 2021 to the present in 2022, Youthforia has amassed a lifetime revenue of $ 2 million. Their sales are derived from various channels, with 50% coming from direct-to-consumer sales, 15% from Amazon, and the remaining 35% from wholesale distribution. Notably, they successfully introduced their products in 309 Ulta stores and Thirteen Lune at JCPenney, in addition to an extra 300 stores.

Among their products, the Color Changing Blush is priced at $ 36, while the Pre-Game Primer costs $ 38. The landed costs for these items range from $ 4 to $ 6 [10]. Fiona initiated her business primarily through social media, with TikTok playing a pivotal role. At present, an impressive 84% of their revenue is organic.

During their Shark Tank appearance, Robert Herjavec expressed his inability to comprehend the product, leading him to bow out of the potential investment. Lori Greiner also opted out of the deal, citing a lack of clarity about the product. Barbara Corcoran echoed similar sentiments, expressing her confusion and choosing not to invest. Mark Cuban aligned with Barbara’s viewpoint and decided to pass on the opportunity.

Ultimately, Youthforia secured funding from Mark Cuban on the show. However, it’s worth noting that some individuals on social media have raised concerns about the product’s pricing, deeming it expensive. The business continues to generate a significant buzz, with a blend of support and skepticism from its customers and followers.

Youthforia Makeup After The Shark Tank

Upon Fiona’s appearance on Shark Tank, her sales strategy included direct-to-consumer sales through her website, as well as retailing on Amazon and in more than 300 Ulta Beauty stores. Since the episode’s broadcast, Youthforia has flourished. The brand has garnered significant exposure on social media, boasting nearly 65,000 Instagram followers and an impressive 135,000 followers on TikTok.

Youthforia has expanded its product range, extending beyond the innovative blush oil. New additions encompass a tinted blush oil with three distinct shades, a luminous lip gloss, primer, setting spray, and a facial cleanser. They also offer an array of tools and accessories, including makeup brushes, sponges, and magnetic makeup stands fashioned from recycled plastic. Notably, the brand introduced the Shark Tank Bundle, a comprehensive package that includes primer, setting spray, lipgloss, and blush.

The Pitch Of Youthforia Makeup At Shark Tank

Youthforia’s ascent to fame doesn’t stop there; the brand has earned features in renowned publications such as Vogue, Glamour, and Nylon. Fiona’s dedication to clean and sustainable ingredients led to her recognition in 2022 as an Eco Beauty Hero by the Byrdie Eco Awards. Youthforia’s products are readily available through their website, Amazon, Ulta Beauty, and in select boutiques like Credo Beauty, Soko Glam, Thirteen Lune, and Revolve.

Youthforia’s products have garnered unanimous five-star reviews across their website. One satisfied customer shared their experience with the Byo Blush, noting that it’s perfect for daily use, even during hospital night shifts with mask-wearing, and hasn’t caused breakouts.

The blush oil has also gained immense popularity on TikTok, with numerous users posting video reviews. For instance, @talkswithjewlz, who initially had reservations about how it would look on brown skin, was pleasantly surprised after trying a sample. The natural, everyday blush effect won her over. When it comes to choosing between the Byo Blush and the tinted blush oil, the consensus suggests that the former offers a subtle, natural flush, while the latter provides more pigment and color.

The setting spray has garnered its share of praise, with @thegabriellealvarez expressing satisfaction with how it maintains her makeup without making it overly matte or dewy, ensuring a lasting look. As for Youthforia’s face wash, @thelalaglow’s feedback highlighted its ability to leave the skin feeling soft without stripping it, setting it apart from other cleansers. Evidently, Youthforia has captured the hearts of many, and you might just become one of their fans too.

Fiona’s journey with Youthforia has been nothing short of extraordinary. Beyond garnering recognition in prestigious publications and featuring on television shows, she earned the coveted title of Eco Beauty Hero and secured several awards, including the distinction of “Disruptor” by the Byrdie Eco Awards. Her unwavering commitment to clean and sustainable beauty has undoubtedly paid off.

Youthforia’s product range now caters to all skin types, ensuring inclusivity and effectiveness for a diverse customer base. To make the shopping experience even more personalized, prospective buyers can fill out a questionnaire on the official website, receiving tailored product recommendations.

While their individual products typically fall within the $ 26 to $ 38 price range, Youthforia also offers customized bundles, granting additional cost savings. As for accessibility, Youthforia products are readily available on their website, the renowned online retail giant Amazon, and across all 488 Ulta stores throughout the United States.

The remarkable ascent of Fiona and Youthforia is an inspiring story of dedication and innovation. With a trajectory that’s already impressive, there’s every reason to believe that the company is poised for even greater success in the near future.

The Net Worth Of Youthforia Makeup

The official debut of Youthforia as a company occurred in 2021, and as of the current time, its estimated valuation stands at an impressive $ 5 million [11]. The dynamic duo behind this thriving makeup brand, founder Fiona and her supportive husband, have effectively leveraged the power of social media to catapult their business to success.

Youthforia Makeup After The Shark Tank

Youthforia serves as a compelling example of how harnessing the potential of social media can pave the way for building a thriving brand. In an ever-evolving industry, the Beauty & Personal Care sector in the United States is poised for continued growth.

According to a 2023 report, this industry boasts an estimated value of $ 91.41 billion, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 2.60% expected through 2023-2027. This data underscores the enormous opportunities available to innovative companies like Youthforia within the beauty and personal care sector.

Alternatives To Youthforia Makeup:

  • Fenty Beauty by Rihanna: Fenty Beauty is known for its inclusive shade range and innovative products, including foundation, concealer, and highlighters;
  • Glossier: Glossier focuses on natural and minimal makeup, offering products like the Cloud Paint blush and Boy Brow eyebrow gel;
  • Tarte Cosmetics: Tarte offers a wide range of cosmetics, including their popular Shape Tape concealer and Amazonian Clay foundation;
  • Too Faced: Too Faced provides a variety of makeup products, from eyeshadow palettes to mascara and lip products;
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: Known for its high-quality brow products, Anastasia Beverly Hills also offers eyeshadows, highlighters, and lip products;
  • NARS: NARS is celebrated for its extensive range of complexion products, like the Radiant Creamy Concealer and Orgasm Blush;
  • Urban Decay: Urban Decay is famous for its eyeshadow palettes, setting sprays, and the Naked line of products;
  • Charlotte Tilbury: Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup line features luxurious products, including the Pillow Talk collection and Magic Cream;
  • Maybelline: Maybelline offers affordable options with a wide range of makeup products, including their popular mascaras and Fit Me foundation;
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics: e.l.f. is a budget-friendly brand with a vast selection of makeup and skincare items;


  1. Where are Youthforia’s products made?

Youthforia’s products are manufactured in South Korea, following Green Chemistry principles to formulate products that are both skin-friendly and environmentally conscious.

  1. When do Youthforia’s products expire?

It is common for Youthforia makeup products to last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. It’s best to check the packaging of each product for the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol, which indicates how many months the product is safe to use after it has been opened.

  1. Is Youthforia cruelty-free?

Yes, Youthforia is a cruelty-free brand.

Youthforia Makeup

  1. What skin types is Youthforia suitable for?

While specific skin types are not mentioned, given that Youthforia’s products are formulated with plant-based ingredients and designed to act like skincare, they may be suitable for a range of skin types. However, it’s always a good idea to patch-test new products if you have sensitive or reactive skin.

  1. Who owns Youthforia?

Youthforia is owned by Fiona Chan.

  1. Which shark invested in Youthforia?

Mark Cuban backed the makeup line Youthforia.

  1. Who is Fiona Chan?

Fiona Chan is the founder of Youthforia. She has influenced the brand with her Asian heritage and a skin-first approach to ingredients.

  1. What is the mission statement of Youthforia?

Youthforia’s mission is to bridge the gap between makeup and skincare, creating products that are good for the skin and can even be worn to bed.

  1. Is Youthforia safe for all skin types?

While Youthforia’s products are made with clean, plant-based ingredients, individual reactions can vary. It’s always recommended to patch test any new skincare or makeup product before full application, especially for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

  1. Can you sleep being covered in Youthforia products?

Yes, Youthforia designs its products to be worn overnight.

  1. What was the bad cosmetic product from Shark Tank?

One example of a cosmetic product that didn’t do well after appearing on Shark Tank is “The Lip Bar”. The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free lipstick brand that entered the tank in 2015 seeking investment.

Although it didn’t secure a deal on the show, the brand continued to grow on its own. However, it faced challenges in expanding and gaining widespread popularity in the competitive cosmetics industry. It’s worth mentioning that The Lip Bar has since made efforts to rebrand and pivot its product offerings.

What is the annual revenue of Youthforia?

  1. Does Youthforia have a foundation?

Youthforia’s Date Night Skin Tint Serum Foundation offers a weightless, glass-skin finish. This unique formulation contains an impressive 68% of skincare actives, and it features a patented tannin complex designed to regulate sebum production. The foundation seamlessly blends into the skin, ensuring effortless and long-lasting wear suitable for everyday use. What’s particularly remarkable is that it’s safe for overnight wear, allowing you to enjoy its benefits while you sleep.

  1. What is the annual revenue of Youthforia?

After just two weeks following its appearance on Shark Tank, Youthforia began to experience a viral surge. The company achieved a remarkable milestone, with annual sales soaring to $ 2 million this year, marking a fourfold increase from its 2021 revenues.

  1. Can you use Youthforia on lips?

The Youthforia Dewy Gloss is a vegan lip gloss designed for versatile use. It can be applied directly to bare lips or layered over lipstick, resulting in a silky and smooth finish that enhances the natural beauty of your lips.

Useful Video: Founder Fiona Co Chan on Makeup Brand Youthforia