See the Way I See: What Happened After Shark Tank

See the Way I See: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the wake of Sophie Nistico’s compelling pitch on Shark Tank for her mental health awareness clothing brand, “See The Way I See”, the aftermath tells a captivating tale of resilience and success. Despite not securing a deal in the Tank, Nistico’s brand experienced a meteoric rise, transcending the confines of the television show.

This article delves into the post-Shark Tank journey of “See The Way I See”, exploring the brand’s evolution, pivotal moments, and the entrepreneurial spirit that transformed setbacks into triumphs. Unravel the narrative of how “See The Way I See” flourished beyond the Shark Tank stage and left an indelible mark on the landscape of mental health advocacy.

What Is See the Way I See:

Embrace the unique perspective encapsulated in “See The Way I See”, urging individuals to witness the world through the eyes of those navigating the complexities of mental health [1].

The brand strives to dismantle the societal stigma attached to mental health, fostering self-love through prominently featured positive affirmations on the sleeves of sweatshirts. Visionary founder Sophie Nistico endeavors to normalize discussions around mental health and promote self-affection via her brand, “See The Way I”. This clothing line business offers an assortment of stickers related to mental health, cleverly integrated into T-shirts, hoodies, pants, caps, and more.

What Is See the Way I See

The product line encompasses clothing, jewelry, phone cases, and a variety of accessories. The brand has introduced an array of new garments, each bearing unique slogans such as the “Sensory Overload Hoodie”, “Migraine Brain Crewneck”, “Overthinker Since Birth Crewneck”, and an assortment of other compelling options.


  • Mental Health Awareness: The most significant advantage of “See The Way I See” is its emphasis on mental health. By incorporating uplifting messages into their designs, the brand encourages conversations about mental health, which are often considered taboo. This could be particularly appealing to customers who want their purchases to reflect their values;
  • Inclusive Sizing: The brand offers sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL, ensuring that everyone can find something suitable. This size inclusivity is a welcome move in an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity;
  • Comfortable Clothing: The brand’s clothing is not just stylish but also comfortable. It’s designed to be worn in any setting, whether you’re lounging at home or out with friends [2];


  • Lack of Variety: While the brand currently offers a range of sweatshirts, there isn’t much variety beyond this. Expanding their product line to include more types of clothing could attract a broader customer base;
  • Pricing: The price point might be a deterrent for some customers. While the quality and the cause may justify the cost, it could be out of budget for some;
  • Controversial Reception: The brand’s appearance on “Shark Tank” received mixed responses. Some felt that the clothing line was using mental health as a marketing tool rather than genuinely seeking to make a difference;

Who May Benefit From Using It:

  • Mental Health Advocates: Those who actively promote mental health awareness and are passionate about destigmatizing mental health issues may find this brand appealing. It provides a platform for expressing their beliefs and sparking conversations about mental health;
  • Fashion-forward Individuals: People who enjoy stylish, trendy clothing would appreciate the brand’s designs. The sweatshirts are not only comfortable but also fashionable, making them suitable for various occasions;
  • Supporters of Socially Conscious Brands: Consumers who prefer to support brands that align with their values and contribute positively to society may be attracted to “See The Way I See”. The brand’s emphasis on mental health awareness and inclusivity aligns with the growing trend toward socially conscious consumerism;
  • Gift Shoppers: Those looking for meaningful gifts might consider this brand. A sweatshirt from “See The Way I See” could be a thoughtful present, especially for someone passionate about mental health;
  • Individuals with Mental Health Issues: Finally, people who are dealing with mental health issues themselves might resonate with the brand’s message. Wearing these clothes could serve as a form of self-expression and empowerment [3];

About the Founders Of See the Way I See 

Sophie Nistico serves as both the proprietor and creative force behind “See The Way I See,” a clothing brand devoted to raising awareness about mental health. The brand uniquely spotlights positive affirmations, prominently featured on the sleeves of its sweatshirts [4].

Nistico, who has grappled with anxiety and chronic migraines for well over a decade, is on a steadfast mission to destigmatize mental health. Her journey began over six years ago with an art account on Instagram, where she shared her creations from her distinctive perspective, hence the aptly named “See The Way I See”.

The brand extends beyond clothing, encompassing a diverse range of offerings such as jewelry, accessories, and stationery. Nistico established the brand to provide a subtle uplift to those in need while encouraging a broader acceptance of mental health, urging individuals to wear it proudly.

Inspired by her struggles with anxiety and chronic migraines spanning over a decade, Sophie Nistico initiated the creation of “See The Way I See”. Her primary goal was to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and elevate its awareness.

About the Founders Of See the Way I See 

Nistico’s artistic journey began on an Instagram art account established more than six years ago, ultimately evolving into the manifestation of See The Way I See. The brand’s focus on positive affirmations on sweatshirt sleeves serves as a beacon of support for individuals navigating mental health challenges.

Beyond clothing, the brand encompasses a versatile array of products, including jewelry, accessories, and stationery. Nistico envisions her brand as a catalyst for fostering connections among individuals facing mental health struggles, aspiring to build a community where shared experiences can be embraced.

The Pitch Of See the Way I See At Shark Tank

Entering the Shark Tank, Sophie confidently pitched her mental health awareness clothing brand, “See The Way I See”, seeking a $ 250,000 investment for a 10% equity stake [5]. In a compelling presentation, she shared the humble beginnings of her business, recounting how she invested $ 500 from her personal bank account to acquire a print sticker-cutting machine and kick-started the creation of mental health stickers, which garnered a positive response when sold online.

Within 2-4 months, Sophie managed to sell 100 sweatshirts. However, the true jaw-dropper came when she revealed an astounding $ 260,000 in sales within a mere 24 hours. The retail costs and landed costs of Crewnecks and Hoodies were also disclosed – $ 60/$ 21 and $ 75/$ 25, respectively.

Providing a snapshot of the financial health of her business, Sophie disclosed that she had achieved $ 790,000 in sales for the current year, maintaining a healthy $ 450,000 in cash reserves. The cumulative sales of her company amounted to an impressive $ 2.3 million.

Despite projecting substantial growth, with a million dollars in sales for the current year and $ 1.75 million for the next, Sophie’s profitability track record was noteworthy – $ 150,000 profit on $ 900,000 sales in 2020, $ 235,000 profit on $ 640,000 sales in 2021, and $ 790,000 in sales in 2022.

However, despite the remarkable success, the Sharks unanimously concluded that Sophie did not need an investor at this stage, given her outstanding financial performance and projections. Consequently, “See The Way I See” left the Shark Tank without securing a deal, poised to continue its impressive journey independently.

The Pitch Of See the Way I See At Shark Tank

See the Way I See After The Shark Tank

The inception of her mental health awareness business occurred in the humble setting of her parents’ basement. Witnessing substantial growth, Sophie transformed her parents’ two-car garage into a makeshift warehouse to accommodate the burgeoning demand.

In an astonishingly brief span of 8 months, the business notched up an impressive 30,000 orders. Faced with escalating demand, Sophie responded by expanding her inventory and securing a larger warehouse to keep pace with the fervent interest in her products.

As the year drew to a close, an additional 20,000 orders flooded in, culminating in an extraordinary total of 50,000 orders for the year. The business, in just one year, had successfully navigated transactions exceeding $ 3 million [6]

Just a week before the episode showcasing her journey aired, Sophie, alongside her dedicated brothers, toiled tirelessly, successfully managing to handle a staggering 600 inventory boxes. This tireless work ethic and rapid business growth painted a vivid picture of the tremendous strides ‘See The Way I See’ had made within a remarkably short timeframe.

The business has witnessed a consistent uptick in sales trajectory from its inception. Within the inaugural year of its establishment, the brand achieved a revenue exceeding $ 1 million.

The apparel industry is rife with competitors; however, effective marketing strategies can yield substantial sales amidst the competitive landscape.

Presently situated in Trumbull, Connecticut, United States, the brand’s headquarters is staffed by a dedicated team comprising 2-5 individuals.

As of May 2023, See The Way I See continues to operate and thrive in the business landscape.

The Net Worth Of See the Way I See

As of 2023, the net worth of “See The Way I See” is estimated to be around $ 2.5 million [7]. The brand has experienced significant growth under the leadership of its founder, Sophie Nistico, who herself has a reported net worth of $ 3 million. Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank3, the brand has managed to thrive, accumulating over $ 2.3 million in sales and amassing a following of 166K on Instagram.

See the Way I See After The Shark Tank

Alternatives To See the Way I See:

  • WEAR YOUR LABEL: This is a conscious clothing line that aims to create conversations about mental health. They design clothing with powerful messages and donate a portion of their profits to mental health initiatives;
  • Self-Care Station: This brand offers a range of clothing and accessories designed to promote self-care and mental health. Their products include T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats with positive affirmations and messages;
  • Hope For The Day: This is a non-profit organization that uses the sale of merchandise to fund proactive suicide prevention and mental health education programs. Their apparel includes T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories with messages of hope and resilience;
  • NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Wear: NAMI Wear offers a range of clothing items and accessories that help raise awareness about mental health. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards supporting the work of NAMI;
  • Active Minds Shop: Active Minds is a leading nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults. They offer a range of clothing and accessories with mental health supportive messages [8];


  1. Who owns this business?

Sophie Nistico is the owner and creator of ‘See The Way I See,’ a mental health awareness clothing brand.

  1. Did Sophie get a deal on Shark Tank?

No, “See The Way I See” did not secure a deal on Shark Tank.

  1. What is the most successful product on Shark Tank that was turned down?

The most successful product turned down on Shark Tank is subjective and may vary, as different products have achieved substantial success independently.

  1. Do “sharks” get paid in Shark Tank?

The “sharks” do not receive payment for their participation in the show. They invest their own money in the businesses they choose to back.

  1. Who is the most successful “shark” with deals?

The success of “sharks” with deals can vary, but some of the most successful and prolific investors on the show include Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

  1. What was the biggest offer in Shark Tank’s history?

The biggest offer in Shark Tank history was $ 15 million, proposed by Mark Cuban for a stake in the company, Ten Thirty One Productions.

  1. Who won the most money on Shark Tank?

The amount won by entrepreneurs on Shark Tank varies, making it challenging to pinpoint a single winner. Success is measured by the growth and profitability of the businesses post-Shark Tank. The company that has generated the highest sales from “Shark Tank” is Bombas, with more than $ 225 million in lifetime sales. Bombas sells comfort socks and T-shirts.

As for the Shark who has invested the most significant amount, Mark Cuban holds that title, having invested a whopping $ 61.5 million on the show. In terms of return on investment, Barbara Corcoran made a staggering $ 468 million from one of her “Shark Tank” investments.

  1. Who owns the rights to Shark Tank?

The rights to Shark Tank are owned by Mark Burnett Productions, Sony Pictures Television, and ABC.

  1. How did Lori Greiner get rich?

Lori Greiner accumulated wealth through her successful career as an inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality, known for her role on Shark Tank and as the “Queen of QVC”.

  1. Is Shark Tank filmed in one day?

No, Shark Tank is not filmed in one day. The filming process spans multiple days to accommodate the large number of pitches featured in each season.

Do "sharks" get paid in Shark Tank?

  1. Is Barbara Corcoran a billionaire?

Barbara Corcoran is not a billionaire. While she is a successful entrepreneur and investor, her net worth is not in the billionaire range.

  1. Can you go on Shark Tank with just an idea?

Yes, entrepreneurs can pitch on Shark Tank with just an idea, but having a tangible product or prototype often strengthens the pitch.

  1. Was Shark Tank canceled?

As of 2023, Shark Tank had not been canceled. However, for the most current information, it is advised to check the latest updates.

  1. Does Shark Tank take a cut?

Yes, if a deal is struck on Shark Tank, the “sharks” receive a negotiated equity stake or percentage of the business in return for their investment.

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