Gobie Water Bottle: What Happened After Shark Tank

Gobie Water Bottle: What Happened After Shark Tank

The Gobie Water Bottle, a revolutionary hydration solution, made its mark on the entrepreneurial stage when its creator, Rusty Allen, pitched it on the renowned television show “Shark Tank.” However, the story of the Gobie H2O doesn’t end with its televised debut. In this article, we delve into the post-“Shark Tank” journey of this innovative water bottle, exploring the trials and tribulations it faced in the fiercely competitive market.

From early successes to the challenges that led to its apparent disappearance, we uncover the intricate tale of a product that once held promise but ultimately found itself grappling with the evolving demands and expectations of consumers.

What Is Gobie Water Bottle?

Gobie HO2 (a.k.a. Gobie water bottle) represents a BPA-free hydration vessel designed in response to the staggering onslaught of approximately 50 million disposable plastic water containers discarded daily in the United States of America [1].

Introducing Gobie H2O to the market offers discerning consumers a superior quality filtered water receptacle, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste stemming from water containers. Employing his inventive acumen, he conceived a reusable water canteen crafted entirely from BPA-free plastic.

What Is Gobie Water Bottle?

The groundbreaking Gobie H2O showcases an adaptable membrane enabling water to be pressed through the filter, an oversized cap for effortless replenishment and upkeep, and an ergonomically designed mouthpiece that comfortably accommodates the human oral cavity.

The Gobie H2O carries a price tag of $ 29.95, with replacement filtration units, capable of purifying 100 gallons of water, available for $ 10. Making the transition to Gobie H2O as a sustainable water source can lead to substantial financial savings [2].


One of the first things to note about the Gobie H2O water bottle is its design. It has soft sides, making it easy to squeeze, and a hefty-sized cap that allows for easy cleaning. These features make the bottle user-friendly and practical for everyday use. The bottle also incorporates a state-of-the-art filter, providing users with clean, filtered water wherever they are.

However, while the design may be innovative, some customers have argued that the concept of a filtered water bottle is not new. There are several other similar products on the market4, potentially making it harder for Gobie H2O to stand out [3].

Quality and Performance

According to customer reviews, the quality of the Gobie H2O water bottle is somewhat variable. Some customers have praised the bottle for its quality and functionality, while others have found it lacking. For example, some customers have suggested that the bottle is too expensive for what it offers [4].

The filtering system of the Gobie H2O water bottle is one of its key selling points. However, some customers have noted that they would not purchase the bottle again without the filter5. This suggests that while the filter is a unique feature, it may not be enough to justify the price for some consumers.


  • Innovative design with soft sides and a hefty-sized cap;
  • State-of-the-art filter for clean water on the go;
  • BPA-free for safe consumption;


  • High price point compared to similar products on the market;
  • Mixed reviews on quality and performance;
  • The company is now out of business;

Who May Benefit From Using Gobie:

  • Health-conscious individuals: The state-of-the-art filter in the Gobie H2O water bottle can help ensure that the user is consuming clean, filtered water, which is essential for maintaining good health;
  • Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts: For those who often find themselves on the go, whether it’s hiking, camping, or simply traveling, having a portable water filtration system can be incredibly beneficial. It provides a convenient way to stay hydrated without worrying about the quality or availability of water;
  • Environmentally conscious consumers: The Gobie H2O water bottle is a reusable product, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. This aligns with the values of consumers who are conscious about their environmental impact and want to reduce plastic waste;
  • People living in areas with poor water quality: In regions where tap water might not be safe to drink, a water bottle with a built-in filter like Gobie could provide a practical solution for access to clean drinking water;
  • Busy professionals and students: Gobie’s design makes it easy to carry around throughout the day, whether at work, school, or running errands. Its size fits most vehicle cup holders, backpack pockets, and even bicycle cages, making it handy for people with active lifestyles [5];

About the Founders Of Gobie Water Bottle

Gobie H2O, the brainchild of Rusty Allen, a San Diego-based industrial designer, boasts a 22-ounce water container integrated with a tap water-friendly filter [6].

This innovative design showcases a rubberized exterior that imparts a squeezable quality to the BPA-free bottle, and the filter, an eco-conscious creation, is constructed entirely from charred coconut shells, rendering it fully biodegradable.

One of its primary selling points lies in its potential to help users economize by steering clear of disposable bottled water while simultaneously diminishing their carbon footprint.

Rusty Allen, an industrial design maverick, can be credited with crafting what he proudly dubs the world’s “most cutting-edge filtered water receptacle”. 

His brainchild, named Gobie H2O, adopts an unparalleled blend of hard and soft shell technology, where the soft-shell element allows users to easily squeeze the bottle to draw water through the filter.

Making his debut on Shark Tank, Rusty Allen, the mastermind behind Gobie H2O, appears in pursuit of a $ 300,000 investment, offering a 10% stake in his company.

Recounting the origins of his venture, Rusty divulges that the watershed moment came during a recession about four years ago when he realized he was allocating more funds per gallon on disposable water bottles than on fuel for his vehicle.

About the Founders Of Gobie Water Bottle

This revelation fueled his determination to bring Gobie into existence, which he proudly claims to be the most advanced water filtration bottle on the market. The proprietary flex-flow technology unites the durability of a hard shell with the portability of a soft cover, ensuring swift access to pristine water.

Rusty also unveils that Gobie’s capabilities extend beyond tap water filtration, boasting a filter that can eliminate a staggering 99.99 percent of contaminants present in water. To substantiate this claim, Rusty theatrically filters muddy water from fine potting soil, transforming it into crystal-clear, purified water right before the Sharks’ eyes [7].

His entrepreneurial journey commenced from the frustration of overextending his budget on disposable water bottles, surpassing the expenses of filling up his vehicle with gas at one point. Rusty made his television debut on Shark Tank in April 2013, featuring in the twenty-first episode of the show’s fourth season.

The Pitch Of Gobie Water Bottle At Shark Tank

Rusty proceeds to distribute samples to each of the Sharks, beginning with Lori, as is customary. After the tastings, he throws out the million-dollar question, asking which Shark is ready to invest in the success of the clean and purified Gobie [8].

Kevin dives straight into the heart of the matter, inquiring whether Rusty envisions Gobie as a mainstream product competing in the American market against other water purification bottles or if the primary target is regions where immediate access to clean water is scarce. Rusty clarifies that while the advanced filter currently exists as a prototype, his primary objective is to challenge the dominance of disposable water bottles in the United States.

However, Kevin counters by suggesting that people might be perfectly content drinking tap water without the need for a filter. Mark concurs with Kevin, noting that there are already tap-based filter solutions available.

Robert chimes in, mentioning that his children already have water bottles with built-in filters that they’ve used for nearly three years. Kevin assumes these might not be the same type of filters, but Lori confirms that they are. Nevertheless, what truly sets Gobie apart, she emphasizes, is its innovative combination of a durable hard exterior shell and a pressure-inducing squeeze feature.

Rusty agrees with Lori but asserts that he aims to demonstrate the beauty of their flex-flow technology. This technology, he explains, overcomes the common issue of most squeeze bottles not lasting the lifespan of the filter due to their lack of durability. Hard-shell bottles, on the other hand, necessitate sucking water through the filter, limiting the filter types that can be used. By merging a hard shell with a soft shell, Gobie offers the best of both worlds.

Robert points out that Rusty seems to suggest that Gobie can filter more effectively than its competitors. Gobie’s unique ability to filter out dirt is what sets it apart. Rusty clarifies that it’s not just about filtering dirt; it’s about doing it more efficiently and with greater filtering capacity.

Daymond interjects, calling the Gobie water bottle “extremely sexy” and inquires about its retail price. Rusty reveals that it retails for $ 30, with a production cost of approximately $ 10 per unit in the United States, where it’s based in San Diego. Each unit includes a filter that lasts for three months or 100 gallons, leading to repeat purchases and reliable revenue streams.

Mark inquires whether Rusty designed the filter himself as an industrial engineer or if he licensed the technology from another source. Rusty explains that they use a carbon block technology, which is available in the free market.

Daymond presses further, asking about Gobie H2O’s sales figures. Rusty discloses that he has sold 10,000 bottles and 15,000 filters online, amassing $ 285,000 in revenue over 17 months. He mentions that he has been selling only the blue bottle so far [9].

The Pitch Of Gobie Water Bottle At Shark Tank

Rusty also shares his foray into retail, listing Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and J.C. Penney as potential outlets. However, Lori interjects, expressing her skepticism about the competitive landscape and the need for more color options. She believes the market is saturated with similar, cheaper products and decides to exit the deal.

Kevin, on the other hand, is concerned about Gobie’s valuation. He questions Rusty on how it’s worth $ 3 million now and why it would be worth more in the future. Feeling unconvinced, Kevin also bows out of the deal.

Mark points out that Rusty’s focus seems divided, with an emphasis on both the bottle design and filtration. If Rusty had positioned the product as primarily a design innovation, Mark might have been more interested. He, too, exits the deal.

Robert believes Rusty’s presentation was convoluted and that he doesn’t grasp the industry. He predicts an uphill battle for Rusty and opts out of the deal.

With Daymond as the lone remaining Shark, he offers $ 300,000 in exchange for 40% of the company, contingent on securing placement in a major retailer. Rusty counteroffers with 20%, but Daymond stands firm, convinced it’s a fair deal based on his valuation. Rusty steps out to consult his business advisor.

In the hallway, Rusty discusses the offer with his advisor and returns to the Tank, asking if Daymond would consider involving Mark and Lori for demo purposes and Mavericks licensing. Daymond declines the request, remaining steadfast at $ 300,000 for 40% equity.

Rusty ultimately accepts Daymond’s offer, securing a partnership with a Shark. As he exits, Lori and Robert express their astonishment at the deal.

Gobie Water Bottle After The Shark Tank

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Rusty Allen had been vending his Gobie containers through online channels. Rusty had made attempts to peddle his vessel to major retail giants like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and J.C. Penny’s [10]. All three of these corporate behemoths stipulated the necessity of introducing more color variations beyond the standard blue hue.

Nonetheless, Lori on Shark Tank posited that if this bottle possessed such an originality factor for these corporations, they would have swiftly procured them and subsequently requested diversification in color schemes.

Nevertheless, the Gobie bottles found an eager market on Amazon, and their initial sales were robust.

In the period preceding Rusty Allen’s Shark Tank stint, he had been retailing the Gobie H2O via online platforms. A remarkable 10,000 bottles, accompanied by an impressive 15,000 replacement filters, had been successfully vended, translating to a substantial $ 285,000 in revenue spanning over 17 months [11]. The company priced the bottles at $ 30 online, with each unit costing approximately $ 10 to manufacture.

This particular pricing aspect raised concerns among some of the Shark Tank panel members. They were aware of the existence of competing products in the market that offered similar functionalities at a more cost-effective price point.

After Rusty Allen’s interaction with Daymond on Shark Tank, the Gobie H2O company experienced disheartening developments. While the bottles had been retailing on Amazon, they began to accumulate negative feedback on their review page, culminating in an average rating of a mere 2.3 stars.

Gobie Water Bottle After The Shark Tank

Numerous complaints highlighted issues with Gobie’s design, such as leakage problems, the presence of air bubbles in the mouthpiece, and an inability to be placed horizontally. Regrettably, it seems that Gobie H2O bottles are no longer available for purchase, with their last recorded social media activity dating back to 2016.

It appears that Gobie H2O attempted to compete with larger corporations offering more economical alternatives with superior designs that were both less problematic and equally efficient.

The Net Worth Of Gobie Water Bottle

The Gobie H2O water bottle company was valued at around $ 3 million after its appearance on Shark Tank [12]. While the company had sold 10,000 bottles leading up to its Shark Tank appearance, it unfortunately is no longer in business. 

During their pitch on Shark Tank, the company’s founder, Rusty Allen, was seeking $ 300,000 in exchange for 10% equity in his company. This would have valued the company at $ 3 million at that time. The product retailed for $ 30 and the cost included the first filter.

Is Gobie Still In Business?

Following Rusty Allen’s encounter with Daymond on Shark Tank, the Gobie H2O corporation encountered significant setbacks. The product’s rating on Amazon plummeted to a mere 2.3 stars, a consequence of numerous negative reviews. Users voiced concerns about the Gobie’s design flaws, such as leakage issues, air bubbles emanating from the mouthpiece, and the impracticality of placing it on its side.

Regrettably, Gobie H2O bottles are no longer available for purchase, with the latest recorded social media activity dating back to 2016. It seems the Gobie H2O strived to compete with larger corporations that offered more cost-effective alternatives, with these rival products boasting superior and less troublesome designs.

The Net Worth Of Gobie Water Bottle

Alternatives To Gobie Water Bottle:

  • Bobble BPA-Free Water Bottle: This water bottle also offers a built-in filter and is made from BPA-free plastic. It provides a portable solution for filtered water;
  • Clear2o Water Bottle with Filter: Another great alternative, Clear2o’s water bottle comes with a solid-block carbon filter that reduces chlorine taste and odor, and also filters out many common contaminants;
  • OKO H2O Water Bottle: OKO H2O water bottles use a two-level filtration process to remove potential water contaminants. This makes it a good option for people who often travel or engage in outdoor activities;
  • LARQ Water Bottle: LARQ water bottles are a bit different. They use UV-C LED light to purify water and clean the inner surfaces of the bottle. This can be a great choice for those looking for an innovative approach to water purification;

Remember to always check the filter life and replacement cost when considering these alternatives as ongoing costs can accumulate over time.


  1. What happened to the Gobie water bottle after the Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, the Gobie water bottle encountered some difficulties. While it initially sold well on platforms like Amazon, it eventually received negative feedback, leading to an average rating of only 2.3 stars due to design flaws, including leaking, air bubbles, and instability when placed on its side. As of the last known social media activity in 2016, it appears that Gobie H2O bottles were no longer available for sale.

  1. How much is a Gobie water bottle?

The price of a Gobie water bottle was $ 30 when sold online, with an approximate manufacturing cost of around $ 10 per unit.

  1. Is Shark Tank still in business?

Yes, Shark Tank is still in business as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. The show had successfully aired numerous seasons and continued to be a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to potential investors.

  1. What is the most exotic water bottle?

The concept of the “most exotic” water bottle is subjective and may vary from person to person. Exotic water bottles could refer to those with unique designs, materials, or features. Some examples might include glass bottles with intricate hand-painted designs, stainless steel bottles with elaborate engravings, or bottles made from unconventional materials.

  1. What is the size of a Gobie?

The Gobie water bottle came in various sizes, including the original 22-ounce (650 mL) model.

  1. Is Shark Tank real or fake?

Shark Tank is a real television show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors (sharks). The show provides a genuine platform for entrepreneurs to seek investment and guidance for their businesses.

  1. What is the most successful product sold from Shark Tank?

The most successful product to emerge from Shark Tank, in terms of revenue and widespread recognition, is the Scrub Daddy, a smiley-faced scrubbing sponge that changes texture based on the temperature of the water.

  1. What is the most successful company in Shark Tank’s history?

The most successful company to originate from Shark Tank, based on its valuation and overall impact, is probably Ring, the smart doorbell and home security company. Ring was acquired by Amazon for over a billion dollars.

How much is a Gobie water bottle?

  1. What is the second most successful Shark Tank product?

The second most successful product from Shark Tank is subjective and can vary depending on how you measure success. Some notable products and companies that achieved substantial success include Squatty Potty, Simply Fit Board, and Tipsy Elves.

  1. Which Shark has invested the most in Shark Tank?

As of 2023, Mark Cuban was one of the sharks who had invested the most in Shark Tank. However, investments in the show can change over time, and other sharks may have since invested more.

  1. What is the most exotic water bottle?

The term “most exotic” water bottle is subjective and could refer to water bottles with unique and uncommon features, materials, or designs. Exotic water bottles might include those made from unusual materials like bamboo or gemstones, or those with intricate hand-painted designs. Specific examples would depend on personal preferences and current market offerings.

  1. What is the smallest water bottle in the world?

The size of the smallest water bottle in the world can vary and change over time as manufacturers create new, innovative designs. It’s challenging to provide an exact size without current market data.

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