Pristine Cleansing Sprays: What Happened After Shark Tank

Pristine Cleansing Sprays: What Happened After Shark Tank

In this exploration of Pristine Cleansing Sprays, we delve into the post-Shark Tank evolution of this product. From its partnership with Lori Greiner to the launch of its website and a line of hand sanitizers, discover how Pristine Cleansing Sprays has not only addressed personal hygiene needs but has also become a thriving and eco-conscious brand with a significant presence in the market.

What Is Pristine Cleansing Sprays?

Pristine Cleansing Sprays were introduced to the public through the Shark Tank platform, a show known for showcasing innovative and often groundbreaking products. The Pristine team presented their cleansing sprays as a revolutionary solution to personal hygiene, providing a convenient and effective way to stay fresh on the go. The product gained immediate attention for its unique approach to hygiene, claiming to offer a superior alternative to traditional wipes and sprays [1].


  • Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is known for its astringent properties, making it effective in cleansing and toning the skin. It can help remove excess oil and impurities without overdrying the skin;
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is renowned for its soothing and moisturizing properties. It can help calm irritated skin, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin. Additionally, aloe vera provides hydration without leaving a greasy residue;
  • Apricot Oil: Apricot oil is a lightweight and nourishing oil that can help moisturize the skin. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to skin health. The inclusion of apricot oil may enhance the overall skin-conditioning properties of Pristine Cleansing Sprays [2];

How Does it Work?

Pristine Cleansing Sprays revolutionize personal hygiene with a simple yet effective process. The user sprays the cleansing solution onto regular toilet paper, transforming it into a moist and refreshing wipe.

What Is Pristine Cleansing Sprays?

The formulation includes skin-friendly ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera, and apricot oil, ensuring a gentle and soothing experience. This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional wet wipes, reducing environmental impact [3].

The quick-drying formula prevents the toilet paper from beading or tearing during use. Pristine Cleansing Sprays provide a convenient, eco-friendly, and skin-conscious alternative to traditional hygiene products, offering users a refreshing and effective cleansing solution.


  • Portability and Convenience: One of the standout features of Pristine Cleansing Sprays is their portability. Packaged in sleek, travel-friendly bottles, these sprays are designed to be carried effortlessly in purses, pockets, or backpacks. This convenience ensures that users can maintain their hygiene routines wherever they go, without the need for bulky wipes or bottles;
  • Environmentally Friendly: Pristine Cleansing Sprays take a step towards environmental sustainability by reducing the reliance on disposable wipes. The spray format eliminates the need for single-use products, contributing to a reduction in overall waste. The bottles are also refillable, promoting a more eco-friendly approach to personal care;
  • Variety of Scents: Pristine offers a range of appealing scents, catering to diverse consumer preferences. From citrusy freshness to calming lavender, the variety of available fragrances adds a pleasant touch to the cleansing experience. This customizable aspect enhances the overall user experience and encourages regular use;
  • Quick Drying Formula: The quick-drying formula of Pristine Cleansing Sprays sets them apart from traditional wet wipes. Users can apply the spray and experience a rapid evaporation process, leaving behind a refreshing sensation without the lingering wetness commonly associated with wipes. This feature enhances the efficiency and comfort of the product;
  • Gentle on Skin: Pristine Cleansing Sprays are formulated to be gentle on the skin, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin types. The absence of harsh chemicals commonly found in some wipes ensures that users can maintain their hygiene without the risk of irritation or discomfort;
  • Biodegradable Formulation: The claim that Pristine Cleansing Sprays are completely biodegradable is a significant environmental benefit. Biodegradable formulations break down naturally over time, reducing the environmental impact of the product. This aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly personal care products;
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: The statement that one ounce of Pristine is equivalent to about 50 wet wipes emphasizes the product’s efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. Traditional wet wipes often contribute to single-use plastic waste, and Pristine’s approach offers a more sustainable option [4];


  • Price Point: One of the primary concerns raised by potential consumers is the relatively higher price point of Pristine Cleansing Sprays compared to traditional wipes. While the environmental benefits and convenience may justify the cost for some, price sensitivity could be a barrier for a portion of the market;
  • Limited Availability: Pristine Cleansing Sprays may not be widely available in all regions. The limited distribution may make it challenging for some consumers to access the product easily, impacting its adoption on a larger scale;
  • Learning Curve: Switching from traditional wipes to a spray format may present a learning curve for some users. The application process requires a certain level of coordination, and individuals accustomed to the simplicity of wipes may find it initially challenging to adapt to the new method;
  • Scent Preferences: While the variety of scents is generally appreciated, individual preferences for fragrances can vary widely. Some users may find certain scents overpowering or unpleasant, which could limit the appeal of the product for those with specific olfactory sensitivities;
  • Refill Availability: Although the refillable nature of the Pristine Cleansing Spray bottles is a positive aspect, the availability of refills might be limited, depending on the region. The accessibility of refills is crucial for maintaining the sustainability aspect of the product;

Is Pristine safe for your toilet and plumbing system?

Who May Benefit From Using:

  • On-the-Go Professionals: People with busy lifestyles, such as professionals, frequent travelers, and those constantly on the move, can benefit from the portability and convenience of Pristine Cleansing Sprays. The compact size of the spray bottles allows them to easily fit into purses, briefcases, or pockets, providing a quick and efficient solution for maintaining personal hygiene throughout the day;
  • Eco-Conscious Consumers: Individuals who prioritize environmentally friendly products and aim to reduce their carbon footprint may find Pristine Cleansing Sprays appealing. The refillable nature of the bottles and the elimination of single-use wipes contribute to a more sustainable personal care routine;
  • Individuals with Sensitive Skin: Pristine Cleansing Sprays, formulated to be gentle on the skin, are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. The absence of harsh chemicals commonly found in some wipes reduces the risk of irritation, making the product a favorable choice for those with specific skincare needs;
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the convenience of Pristine Cleansing Sprays post-workout. The quick-drying formula ensures a refreshing experience without the need for towels, and the portable nature of the sprays makes them an ideal choice for those who want to freshen up on the go;
  • Parents with Young Children: Parents, especially those with young children, may find Pristine Cleansing Sprays practical for maintaining cleanliness during outings. The compact size and quick-drying formula make them a convenient alternative to traditional wipes, providing a hassle-free solution for parents on the move;
  • Individuals with Fragrance Preferences: Pristine’s offering of a variety of scents caters to individuals with different fragrance preferences. Whether someone prefers a citrusy burst of freshness or a calming lavender scent, the range allows users to customize their cleansing experience based on personal tastes;
  • Early Adopters and Innovation Enthusiasts: Those who enjoy trying new and innovative products may be drawn to Pristine Cleansing Sprays as a modern alternative to traditional hygiene products. Being an early adopter of such products allows individuals to stay ahead of trends and embrace the latest advancements in personal care;
  • Individuals Seeking a Sustainable Lifestyle: Consumers committed to a sustainable lifestyle may appreciate Pristine Cleansing Sprays for their eco-friendly design. The refillable bottles contribute to reducing plastic waste, aligning with the values of individuals who prioritize products that are both effective and environmentally responsible [5];

About Founders Of Pristine Cleansing Sprays

If not obstructing plumbing systems, certain moist towelettes can also provoke skin irritation due to the harsh chemicals they incorporate. Jessica Karam Oley and Brandon Karam encountered challenges in dealing with both issues while attempting to cleanse themselves and their offspring [6]. Jessica, a mother of three, endured a sufficient number of unfavorable encounters with both predicaments. Moist towelettes clogged her toilet, causing floods, and also resulted in irritation for some of her children.

Brandon, her cousin, had been utilizing moist towelettes for an extended period, but he eventually developed an allergy to them. The duo subsequently met and deliberated on their predicaments, ultimately leading to the creation of Pristine Cleansing Spray.

About Founders Of Pristine Cleansing Sprays

Pristine is a spray applied to conventional toilet paper, transforming it into a moist towelette. The spray comprises skin-friendly chemicals, and since regular toilet paper is utilized, it disintegrates easily. Users will never encounter blockages when utilizing this innovative product.

Brandon and Jessica initiated the establishment of the company but encountered challenges in expanding their reach. Consequently, they sought assistance from Shark Tank. They received an invitation to participate in the tenth episode of the tenth season of the show, where Bethany Frankel served as a guest shark.

The Pitch Of Pristine Cleansing Sprays At Shark Tank

Brandon and Jessica entered the Shark Tank seeking a $ 50,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake in their company, resulting in a $ 100,000 valuation [7]. During their presentation, they provided samples for the sharks to test. When asked about their sales, Brandon revealed they had generated $ 11,000 in revenue, primarily through Amazon sales.

Inquiring about manufacturing costs, Daymond asked about competitors. Brandon highlighted that while there were similar products on the market, they lacked the skin-friendly qualities of Pristine Cleansing Spray. Explaining their pricing strategy, Brandon disclosed a $ 1.50 manufacturing cost, a $ 3.50 wholesale price, and a $ 7 retail price.

Concerns were raised about the modest funding request, with Robert questioning its adequacy. Jessica justified the figure based on their sales numbers. When probed about the allocation of the funds, Jessica explained their intention to introduce a no-touch sprayer to the diaper market. Instead of developing a new machine, they planned to purchase one and sell it under their brand.

However, Robert, Mark Cuban, and Bethany exited the deal. Robert cited the marketing challenge, expressing skepticism about convincing consumers to adopt the product. Mark Cuban, already involved with Dude Wipes, saw a potential conflict of interest. Bethany liked the product but found the business too early for her involvement, lacking sufficient market knowledge.

Daymond, citing the sensitive nature of the product, also opted out. Lori, the remaining shark, expressed her belief in Pristine Cleansing Sprays and offered the requested $ 50,000 for a 25% stake [8]. She conditioned her offer on Squatty Potty not having a similar product in development. Lori emphasized that the business needed publicity and partnership, which she was willing to provide.

The Pitch Of Pristine Cleansing Sprays At Shark Tank

Brandon and Jessica accepted Lori’s offer, recognizing the value of a potential partnership with Squatty Potty and the benefits it could bring to their business. This marked the culmination of their journey in the Shark Tank, securing an investment that could propel Pristine Cleansing Sprays to greater heights in the market.

Pristine Cleansing Sprays After The Shark Tank

Following the successful deal with Lori on Shark Tank, Pristine Cleansing Sprays embarked on a journey of expansion, establishing its website to retail body cleansing sprays and hand sanitizers. The brand’s social media presence has flourished, particularly on Facebook, where it boasts an impressive 3,700 followers. Additionally, Pristine Cleansing Sprays maintains a Twitter page with 213 followers and an Instagram page with over 713 followers [9].

Brandon’s notable achievement as the 2020 recipient of the W.F. Chao Chairman’s Award Scholar underscored the brand’s commitment to excellence. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the launch of a line of hand sanitizers, demonstrating Pristine’s adaptability to evolving circumstances. The cleansing spray gained acclaim for its eco-friendly attributes and has earned a commendable 4.3 out of 5-star rating from 4,161 reviews on Amazon.

By the year 2022, Pristine Cleansing Sprays achieved a remarkable revenue milestone, reaching $ 2,000,000 [10]. The brand’s success garnered widespread media attention, with features in prestigious outlets such as the New York Post, CNBC, Mashable, IHeart Radio, and the Dallas Morning News. Operating from its base in Houston, Texas, the company has become a source of employment for residents, contributing to the economic vitality of the state.

The strategic partnership with Lori on Shark Tank proved transformative for Pristine Cleansing Sprays, serving as the catalyst for substantial growth and catapulting sales to unprecedented levels. The brand’s journey from the entrepreneurial stage to becoming a recognized player in the personal care industry underscores the impact of strategic partnerships and a commitment to quality and innovation.

The Net Worth Of Pristine Cleansing Sprays

As of October 2023, Pristine’s net worth is estimated to be $ 1.8 million [11]. This figure represents a significant growth from their early days. For instance, in the year they appeared on Shark Tank, they reported total gross sales of around $ 11,000.

Pristine Cleansing Sprays After The Shark Tank

The company’s products, which include a range of cleansing sprays designed as a more sustainable alternative to flushable wipes and body wipes, have been well-received. They are currently the top-rated alternative to such products.

Alternatives To Pristine Cleansing Sprays:

  • Traditional Wet Wipes: The most common alternative to Pristine Cleansing Sprays is traditional wet wipes. Available in various sizes and scents, wet wipes offer convenience and are widely accessible. However, they often come in single-use packaging, contributing to environmental concerns;
  • Dry Tissues or Toilet Paper: For individuals who prefer a simple and widely available option, dry tissues or toilet paper can serve as an alternative. While they lack the moistening agents found in cleansing sprays or wet wipes, they remain a cost-effective and familiar choice;
  • Hand Sanitizer: In situations where cleansing sprays are primarily used for hand hygiene, hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content can be effective. While they don’t provide the same cleansing experience as a spray, they are readily available and widely used;
  • DIY Cleansing Solutions: Some individuals prefer creating their cleansing solutions using natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and essential oils. DIY solutions allow for customization, but they require more effort in terms of preparation and may lack the convenience of a ready-to-use spray;
  • Pocket-Sized Bar Soaps: For those who prefer a more traditional approach to hygiene, compact bar soaps are available in travel-friendly sizes. These can be used with water to create a lather for cleansing. However, the need for water may limit their usability in certain situations;
  • Waterless Shampoo and Body Wash: Waterless shampoo and body wash products are available in spray or foam formats, offering a quick and water-free cleansing solution. These products are designed for use in situations where traditional bathing is not possible;
  • Rinse-Free Cleansing Foam: Rinse-free cleansing foams are designed to cleanse and refresh without the need for water. They often come in pump bottles and provide a quick and efficient way to clean various parts of the body;
  • Biodegradable Wet Wipes: For individuals concerned about the environmental impact of traditional wet wipes, biodegradable alternatives are available. These wipes break down more easily in the environment, addressing some of the sustainability issues associated with single-use products;
  • Bidet or Water Sprays: In some regions, bidets or water sprays are commonly used for personal hygiene. Portable bidet devices can be an alternative for those who prefer water-based cleansing over wipes or sprays;


  1. How many times should you spray with these products?

Pristine recommends using 2-3 sprays per toilet paper sheet for optimal cleansing.

  1. How close should you hold the Pristine Cleansing bottle to the toilet paper?

Hold the bottle approximately 4-6 inches away from the toilet paper for an even application.

  1. Does the toilet paper “bead” or tear while wiping?

No, when used as directed, Pristine ensures an even distribution without causing the toilet paper to bead or tear.

  1. On which parts of the body can you use Pristine sprays?

Pristine sprays are designed for external use in intimate areas, ensuring a gentle and effective cleansing experience.

  1. Is Pristine safe for your toilet and plumbing system?

Yes, Pristine is safe for toilets and plumbing systems. Its formula is designed to break down easily, preventing blockages.

  1. Is it safe to ingest these sprays?

No, Pristine Cleansing Sprays are for external use only. Do not ingest the product.

  1. Will Pristine’s ingredients irritate the skin?

Pristine is formulated with gentle ingredients, including aloe vera and witch hazel, to minimize the risk of skin irritation.

  1. Can you use Pristine on your pet?

Pristine is specifically designed for human use and has not been tested or approved for use on pets.

How close should you hold the Pristine Cleansing bottle to the toilet paper?

  1. Has Pristine been tested on animals?

No, Pristine Cleansing Sprays are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals.

  1. Why is Pristine the best alternative to wet wipes available?

Pristine stands out as a superior alternative due to its eco-friendly formulation, gentleness on the skin, and convenient spray application.

  1. Is Lori still in Shark Tank?

Lori Greiner continues to be one of the Sharks on Shark Tank, providing her expertise and investing in innovative products.

  1. What is the #1 product in Shark Tank history?

While opinions may vary, some consider the Scrub Daddy to be one of the most successful products in Shark Tank history.

  1. Did any Shark Tank deals succeed?

Yes, many deals made on Shark Tank have resulted in successful businesses, with products thriving in the market.

  1. What is the highest sales on Shark Tank?

The highest sales on Shark Tank were achieved by the Scrub Daddy, reaching over $ 200 million in revenue.

  1. Why do so many Shark Tank deals fall through?

Several factors contribute to deals falling through, including disagreements on valuation, challenges in executing the business plan, or changing market conditions.

  1. Have all 5 sharks ever invested in one product?

While rare, instances exist where all five Sharks have collectively invested in a single product.

  1. Does Lori Greiner have a child?

Lori Greiner does not have children.

  1. How much money has Lori made from Shark Tank?

Lori Greiner has made substantial returns from her investments on Shark Tank, solidifying her status as a successful entrepreneur and investor.

  1. Who invests in Shark Tank?

The Sharks, including investors like Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and others, make individual investment decisions based on their assessment of the presented business proposals.

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