Collars and Co: What Happened After Shark Tank

Collars and Co: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the high-octane world of entrepreneurial endeavors, success stories often emerge from the unlikeliest of places, and Collars & Co. is no exception. Following its compelling appearance on the renowned television series, Shark Tank, this innovative fashion brand has embarked on a journey marked by meteoric growth, innovative design, and unparalleled recognition.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing post-Shark Tank journey of Collars & Co., examining how the company capitalized on its moment in the spotlight and the impact it has had on the fashion industry. From rapid expansion to influential endorsements, Collars & Co.’s post-Shark Tank evolution is a captivating tale of entrepreneurship and style.

What Is Collars and Co.?

Collars & Co. is a fashion company founded by entrepreneur Justin Baer, based in Bethesda, Maryland. The company is known for its innovative dress collar polos, which combine style with functionality. These polos are made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking stretch material, making them comfortable for all-day wear [1].

Collars & Co. has gained recognition for its unique approach to fashion, offering clothing that can seamlessly transition from professional settings, where traditional business wear is required, to more casual and relaxed environments. The shirts are designed to be comfortable for extended wear and are low-maintenance, requiring minimal care to keep them looking fresh and wrinkle-free. Collars & Co’s shirt collection is crafted from a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with added stretch for enhanced comfort and performance.

What Is Collars and Co.?

Collars & Co.’s selection of dress collar polos encompasses four distinct styles: English Spread, Semi-Spread, Button Down, and Cutaway.

These polos are available in a multitude of patterns and colors, with prices ranging from $ 64 to $ 74. The company also offers outerwear, sweaters, and belts, falling within the price range of $ 59 to $ 300 [2].

Given the affordability of their products, it comes as no surprise that Collars & Co. has experienced such captivating growth.


  • Innovative Product Concept: Collars & Co. has distinguished itself with a unique product concept – dress collar polos. These shirts are crafted from a lightweight, moisture-wicking stretch material, combining style and functionality. The innovative design resonates with the modern consumer who seeks attire that effortlessly transitions from the office to the golf course. The fusion of fashion and performance is a winning proposition;
  • Rapid Growth and Market Penetration: The story of Collars & Co.’s rapid ascent is nothing short of extraordinary. By early 2022, the company had garnered an impressive following of nearly 32,000 on TikTok, a social media platform where visual appeal is paramount. This social media success translated into a tangible financial impact, with the company’s sales escalating by a staggering 40% per month. This is a testament to the effectiveness of their marketing and product strategy;
  • Media Recognition and Endorsements: Collars & Co. has secured prominent media coverage, earning mentions in esteemed publications such as Forbes, GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, Fast Company, Golf Digest, Glossy, and WWD. This widespread media recognition not only enhances the brand’s visibility but also bolsters its credibility in the fashion industry;
  • Influential Brand Ambassador: The enlistment of golf legend Sir Nick Faldo as the company’s Global Brand Ambassador in June 2022 is a significant milestone. Faldo, a six-time Major golf champion, brings a wealth of experience and credibility to the brand. His endorsement is invaluable in attracting a niche market interested in the intersection of fashion and golf;
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience: Justin Baer’s story is a testament to entrepreneurial resilience. When the company encountered logistical challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Justin’s ability to adapt and overcome these obstacles was nothing short of remarkable. This resilience is often the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs [3];


  • Rapid Growth Challenges: While Collars & Co.’s rapid growth is undoubtedly a pro, it also presents challenges. Managing an exponential increase in demand can strain a company’s resources, from production capacity to logistics and customer service. Maintaining consistent quality during such a surge can be demanding, and a misstep can lead to customer dissatisfaction;
  • Dependence on Social Media: The company’s initial success was closely tied to the viral TikTok video created by Justin’s daughter. Relying heavily on social media can be a double-edged sword. While it can lead to rapid growth and visibility, it also makes the business vulnerable to changing algorithms or trends on these platforms. Diversifying marketing channels is essential for long-term sustainability;
  • Competitive Fashion Market: The fashion industry is known for its fierce competition. Collars & Co. operates in a crowded market with established players and emerging brands. Maintaining a unique value proposition in this environment can be challenging, and ongoing innovation is necessary to stay ahead of the curve;
  • Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: The global supply chain disruptions experienced by Collars & Co. due to the pandemic are indicative of a vulnerability that many businesses face. Relying on international suppliers can expose a company to unforeseen disruptions, and having contingency plans in place is essential;
  • The Challenge of Scaling: While rapid growth is a positive sign, scaling up a business poses its own set of challenges. Managing inventory, expanding production capacity, and ensuring consistent quality can be daunting tasks, and any missteps in this process can have repercussions on customer satisfaction and brand reputation;

Who May Benefit From Using Collars & Co.:

  • Fashion-Forward Professionals: Business professionals seeking a blend of style and functionality in their attire can find Collars & Co. dress collar polos an ideal choice. These shirts effortlessly transition from the office to casual outings, making them a versatile addition to a professional wardrobe;
  • Golf Enthusiasts: Collars & Co.’s products, which combine fashion with performance, are particularly appealing to golf enthusiasts. The lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric and stylish design make these shirts suitable for a round of golf, and the endorsement of Sir Nick Faldo reinforces their credibility in the golfing community;
  • Tech-Savvy and Trendy Consumers: Collars & Co. garnered a substantial following on TikTok, indicating its appeal to tech-savvy and trendy consumers. Those who keep a keen eye on emerging fashion trends and value social media influence in their purchasing decisions may find Collars & Co. appealing;
  • Media and Fashion Enthusiasts: The company’s significant media coverage in publications like Forbes, GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, and others can attract individuals interested in fashion and the latest trends. Media and fashion enthusiasts looking for stylish, well-received clothing may be drawn to Collars & Co.;
  • Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Enthusiasts: Justin Baer’s entrepreneurial journey, as well as the company’s rapid growth story, can resonate with entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts. Collars & Co. serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to create their own successful ventures;
  • Individuals Seeking Innovative Apparel: Collars & Co. offers an innovative product concept in the form of dress collar polos made from a moisture-wicking stretch material. Those who appreciate novel approaches to fashion and clothing design may find these offerings intriguing;
  • Gift Shoppers: Collars & Co. products can make thoughtful and stylish gifts for friends, family members, or colleagues. The versatile and fashionable nature of the dress collar polos can make them a popular choice for gift shoppers [4];

What Do Users Say About Collars and Co.?

Collars & Co. is the go-to choice for anyone in search of a masculine, stylish, and functional look. A common grievance about traditional business wear is its discomfort and high-maintenance demands.

Collars & Co. sets out to address both these concerns with its innovative approach to clothing:

1) Comfortable All-Day Wear:

One prevailing issue with business attire is discomfort, often leaving wearers eager to shed their formal layers at the earliest opportunity. Collars & Co. turns this narrative around by providing shirts that are not only fashionable but also exceptionally comfortable.

Who May Benefit From Using Collars & Co.:

These shirts are designed to be worn all day, allowing individuals to seamlessly transition from a professional setting to a more relaxed environment. Just remove the jacket and tie, and you’re prepared to unwind at your favorite bars without the discomfort of traditional business wear.

2) Low-Maintenance Garments:

Another common complaint is the high-maintenance nature of business attire. Collars & Co. effectively addresses this issue by offering low-maintenance shirts. Simply toss them in the laundry following the instructions on the tag, and they will emerge looking fresh and crisp. While they can be ironed, it’s seldom necessary, demonstrating their resilience against wrinkles [5].

One customer even shared a remarkable experience of falling asleep in one of these shirts and discovering it was still wrinkle-free upon waking. This serves as a testament to not only the shirts’ wrinkle-resistant properties but also their exceptional comfort, making them so easy to wear that one could doze off in them without noticing.

In essence, Collars & Co. caters to men who desire clothing that not only looks good but also feels good. These shirts combine style, comfort, and low-maintenance qualities, offering a practical and stylish solution to the age-old challenges of business wear. Whether you’re at the office or heading out for a night on the town, Collars & Co. shirts are designed to meet the needs of the modern, fashion-conscious man.

About Founders Of Collars and Co.

The brain behind Collars & Co is none other than Justin Baer, a native of Bethesda, Maryland [6]. The company took its maiden steps in March 2021, and Justin is certainly no novice in the realm of entrepreneurship. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has a track record of founding several other companies, such as Check In Easy,, and Member Text.

Justin pursued his academic journey at NYU, where he focused on Marketing and Real Estate Finance, successfully graduating in 2004.

Notably, Justin’s company has garnered significant media attention, securing featured spots in esteemed publications like Forbes, GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, Fast Company, Golf Digest, Glossy, and WWD.

On a personal note, Justin has been happily married since December 16, 2011, to his lovely wife. The couple shares the joy of raising two daughters, with their 7-year-old daughter playing a pivotal role in the inception of the company.

About Founders Of Collars and Co.

Creating the ideal design for his polo shirts proved to be a time-consuming process for Justin, requiring numerous attempts. After finalizing the prototype, the enterprising Justin sought out a manufacturer based in Pakistan to produce an initial batch of approximately 500 shirts.

Surprisingly, Justin hadn’t initially considered launching a new venture, but everything changed when his daughter created a TikTok video showcasing the shirts, which promptly went viral on the internet. As a result, the entire initial batch sold out within a mere couple of days.

This unforeseen success motivated Justin to place additional orders for shirts, and according to reports, the company raked in approximately $ 40,000 in the very first month. Furthermore, revenue continued to surge with a 40% month-over-month increase in the subsequent period.

However, just as things were progressing smoothly with the manufacturer, Justin encountered substantial logistical hurdles due to the impacts of COVID-19, posing a threat to the company’s operations.

Nonetheless, relying on his entrepreneurial acumen, Justin promptly navigated the obstacles and resolved all backorders.

The Pitch Of Collars and Co. At Shark Tank

Appearing on the hit show “Shark Tank”, Justin showcased his brainchild, Collars & Co., and made an audacious request for $ 300,000 in exchange for a 4% equity stake [7]. The Sharks were visibly surprised by the proposition, yet Justin skillfully narrated the story behind his clothing line, effectively convincing them to consider an investment.

Founded in 2021, by November 2022, the company had already notched up impressive figures, selling 92,000 shirts and amassing $ 5.4 million in revenue, all achieved through direct-to-consumer and online channels. With a remarkable net profit margin of 20%, Justin attributed much of their success to his marketing expertise, having previously managed more than five businesses.

However, the Sharks had differing views on the investment opportunity. Lori Greiner, while acknowledging the company’s success, opted out, expressing interest in the clothing but not as an investor. The product, costing $ 15 to manufacture, commanded prices between $ 65 and $ 75 in the market. Kevin O’Leary was genuinely impressed and offered a substantial $ 300,000 for a 10% equity stake, valuing the company at $ 3 million.

Nonetheless, Justin swiftly rejected the proposal, emphasizing that the company had no prior investors. Peter Jones voiced concerns about the clothing’s longevity in the ever-changing fashion world, suggesting it might go out of style within a year. He mirrored Kevin’s offer of $ 300,000 for 10% equity. Still, Justin remained steadfast in his original offer, holding firm at a 4% equity stake.

Mark Cuban, in collaboration with Peter, presented an enticing counteroffer, proposing a $ 300,000 investment combined with a $ 700,000 line of credit in exchange for equity. Justin, in response, offered a 5% ownership share. Yet, even Mark and Peter’s offer didn’t sway the other Sharks, who all withdrew their proposals of $ 300,000 for 7% equity.

The Pitch Of Collars and Co. At Shark Tank

Ultimately, Justin chose to accept the last offer put forth by Mark and Peter, securing $ 300,000 for a 10% equity stake and a substantial $ 700,000 line of credit. This intriguing negotiation on ‘Shark Tank’ marked a significant turning point in Collars & Co.’s journey.

Collars and Co. After The Shark Tank

Collars and Co. experienced a remarkable upsurge, witnessing a threefold surge in website traffic and a doubling of sales in the immediate aftermath of the show’s initial airing. Mark mentioned that Justin stirred memories of his younger self. The agreement with Sharks Mark and Peter was successfully sealed.

MR reported Justin saying, “Mark and Peter have been incredible; they maintain constant communication and are consistently swift in their responses. On some nights, I’ve engaged in email exchanges with Mark until 1 a.m.”

The company also unveiled a new line of outerwear and introduced brand representatives in the form of Tiki Barber, a former New York Giant, and golf champion Sir Nick Faldo.

The firm has set its sights on entering the wholesale market in either the first or second quarter of 2023. Between November 20 and December 4, 2022, they established a temporary store at Tyson’s Galleria in McLean, Virginia. In the 14th season, during the 21st episode, the business received a feature update.

Justin asserts that since the broadcast of “Shark Tank”, Collars & Co’s lifetime sales earnings have now exceeded $ 14.2 million [8]. Justin, who has called Bethesda home for the past decade, expresses his aspirations to launch a physical store this year, considering Bethesda Row, Georgetown, and Virginia’s Tyson’s Corner Center malls as potential locations.

The company has expanded its collection of men’s sweaters and introduced accessories, along with a line of women’s polo shirts. The company now operates a storage facility near Montgomery County Air Park in Gaithersburg, and the number of employees in the warehouse has more than quadrupled to a dozen individuals. Monthly shirt production has also seen a significant surge, increasing from 10,000 per month before the event to the current 25,000.

According to Justin, with the assistance of Shark Peter, the company has ambitions to expand globally into Europe and Asia. He envisions Collars & Co. becoming the next iconic brand, stating, “Our aim is to grow and strive to make Collars & Co. potentially the next eminent brand.”

At present, Collars & Co. is experiencing remarkable expansion. Justin conveyed, “It’s quite challenging to estimate our future needs given our rapid growth. For the holiday season, I’m purchasing an abundance, roughly four times the usual quantity. Any excess inventory from the holiday season will hopefully find buyers in February or even June, given that our product is relatively seasonless”.

Justin also emphasized his commitment to securing as much inventory space as possible to accommodate the surge in holiday demand. Additionally, in 2022, the company successfully enlisted golf legend Sir Nick Faldo as their brand ambassador, further contributing to the increase in sales.

By the beginning of 2022, Collars & Co. had amassed nearly 32,000 followers on TikTok [9]. Their sales saw an impressive 40% monthly increase after generating $ 40,000 in revenue within the first month following the initial video release.

Collars and Co. After The Shark Tank

On January 6, 2022, Golf Digest writer Gabrielle Herzig lauded these shirts, stating that they made transitioning from the office to the golf course more convenient than ever. Subsequently, in June 2022, Sir Nick Faldo, a six-time Major golf champion, proudly assumed the role of the first Global Brand Ambassador for Collars & Co.

The Net Worth Of Collars and Co.

Collars & Co., an apparel brand renowned for its comfortable and stylish dress shirts and polo shirts for men, marked its appearance on Shark Tank in November 2022. During the pitch, founder Justin Baer sought a $ 300,000 investment in exchange for a 4% equity stake. Notably, the company’s estimated net worth at the time was around $ 3 million [10].

The compelling pitch attracted the attention of two prominent investors, Mark Cuban and Peter Jones, who offered a $ 300,000 cash investment alongside a substantial $ 700,000 line of credit in return for a 10% equity stake in Collars & Co.

Before its Shark Tank appearance, Collars & Co. had already achieved remarkable success in its first year of operation, with more than 90,000 shirts sold, resulting in over $ 5 million in gross revenue.

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Collars & Co. continued on its trajectory of remarkable growth and success. As of March 2023, the company remains active and thriving, expanding its product line to include not only dress shirts and polo shirts but also sweaters, belts, underwear, and various other clothing accessories. This ongoing success underscores the brand’s ability to offer stylish and comfortable attire for the modern, fashion-conscious businessman.

Alternatives To Collars and Co.:

  • Proper Cloth: Proper Cloth specializes in custom-made dress shirts, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of fabrics, styles, and sizes for a tailored fit;
  • Ministry of Supply: This brand focuses on performance apparel for professionals. They offer dress shirts, blazers, and other clothing items designed with comfort and functionality in mind;
  • UNTUCKit: UNTUCKit specializes in shirts designed to be worn untucked, offering a casual yet stylish look. They have a variety of shirt styles and fabrics;
  • Bonobos: Bonobos offers a wide range of men’s clothing, including dress shirts, chinos, and suits. They focus on well-fitting, stylish attire;
  • Mizzen+Main: Mizzen+Main is known for their performance dress shirts, which are moisture-wicking and stretchy, providing comfort for long hours of wear;
  • Charles Tyrwhitt: This brand offers a variety of classic and formal dress shirts with a focus on quality and affordability;
  • Lululemon: While primarily known for activewear, Lululemon also offers men’s clothing, including dress shirts, with a blend of comfort and style;
  • Brooks Brothers: A longstanding name in men’s fashion, Brooks Brothers provides a range of dress shirts, suits, and classic attire;
  • J.Crew: J.Crew offers a variety of men’s clothing, including dress shirts and business-casual attire;
  • Banana Republic: Known for modern workwear, Banana Republic provides options for dress shirts and professional attire;
  • Express: Express offers a selection of dress shirts and suits, catering to a contemporary, trendy style;
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Tommy Hilfiger provides a range of classic and stylish men’s clothing, including dress shirts;

The Net Worth Of Collars and Co.


  1. Did Collars and Co. get a deal?

Yes, Collars & Co. secured a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban and Peter Jones.

  1. What Shark Tank deals that failed?

There have been several deals on Shark Tank that didn’t pan out after the show. Some of these include Hy-Conn, a firehose connector company, whose deal with Mark Cuban for $ 1.25 million fell through post-show due to disagreements over the company’s direction. Another failed deal was with Toygaroo, a toy rental service, which went bankrupt just months after securing a deal with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

  1. Who owns Collars and Co.?

Collars & Co. is owned by its founder, whose name appears to be Baer. Unfortunately, the specific search results provided do not include his full name.

  1. What is the biggest Shark Tank failure?

One of the biggest failures in Shark Tank history is Toygaroo. Despite receiving a $ 200,000 investment from Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary, the company went bankrupt and closed down just a few months after their appearance on the show.

  1. How real is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a reality TV show, so while the pitches and negotiations are real, they are edited for entertainment purposes. Additionally, not all deals made on the show go through in real life. After the show, there is a due diligence process where both parties review the agreement, and sometimes, deals fall through during this process.

What is the biggest Shark Tank failure?

  1. Do Shark Tank investors get paid?

Yes, the investors or “sharks” on Shark Tank do receive payment for their participation in the show. However, the money they invest in companies on the show comes from their own personal funds.

  1. Who’s made the most money on Shark Tank?

The shark who has made the most money from investments on the show is difficult to determine definitively as it depends on the success of the businesses they’ve invested in and the returns they’ve received.

However, some of the most successful products that have come out of Shark Tank include Scrub Daddy, Tipsy Elves, and Squatty Potty.

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