Liberate: What Happened After Shark Tank

Liberate: What Happened After Shark Tank

In 2022, Liv Bowser, the creator behind Liberate walked onto the set of Shark Tank seeking investment for their company. The product they showcased was rather a service – mental fitness and wellness studio that was aimed at providing a safe space for people to talk about their mental health openly. Liberate also created an app that allowed users to track their progress as they worked through various aspects of their mental health journey. Unfortunately, the sharks didn’t bite and the team walked away empty-handed. So what happened to Liberate after Shark Tank? This article will give you a full overview of what transpired and offer some tips based on our experience.

History of the Founders and the Product

Mental well-being is an essential part of life, but it can often be neglected. One of the most handicapping things is anxiety. Not only can it affect how someone acts in their day-to-day life, but it can stop people from achieving their goals.

Liv Bowser felt the stress or anxiety daily and was determined to find a way out of it. She initially relied on physical activities, like running and yoga, to manage her anxiety. But they didn’t provide the lasting relief she was after. 

Things got worse during the Covid-19 pandemic. Liv and many others who previously were stressed felt the anxiety increase to an unbearable level. Isolation is a known trigger for those with anxiety, so it’s no surprise that people were struggling.

Liv worked 6 days a week before the pandemic, but with lockdowns in effect, she was stuck at home. With her days suddenly being filled with nothing but anxiety, Liv tried to seek help in meditation apps, but the little guidance and structure they provided were of no help to her. It was then that she came up with the idea for Liberate, something that takes meditation techniques and adds the interaction of an actual fitness class to them. Human and human interaction had been removed from our lives due to the coronavirus outbreak, and she saw this as an opportunity to bring back that connection.

History of the Founders and the Product

Liv based her idea on SoulCycle, the popular indoor cycling class. She wanted to create a fitness class version of SoulCycle that blended meditation with a sense of community and support.

To start, she reached the I Fund Women crowdfunding platform and was able to raise more than $ 11,000 in funding. With that money, she was able to launch the Liberate classes.

The classes in question were structured similarly to a gym membership. After signing up, users were able to take part in live classes or follow along with recordings. Besides the recording library, users had the option to access two Zoom classes per week. At least four classes are added to the library each week. The cost per month is just $ 19 while a full year costs $ 99.

The Liberate classes offer an in-depth combination of mindfulness practices such as breathwork, visualizations, and guided meditations. Liv also designed her classes to be enjoyable for everyone who takes part.

Olivia was familiar with both meditation and yoga, so she was the instructor for all of the classes. And her classes were open to people from all walks of life, regardless of their mental well-being status or physical fitness level. The business was launched in the year of 2020.

Since then, Liv employed 4 more instructors to help her teach the classes and make sure everyone had a unique experience. In 2021 she managed to successfully launch the app itself, which allowed users to access the classes anywhere and anytime. Besides video materials, Liberate also offers articles you can refer to for help and advice. The business is growing steadily and gaining more customers each day.

To help spread the word about her business and increase the number of instructors, Liv decided to appear in Shark Tank. But how did the pitch go? [1] [2] [3] [4]

Liberate at Shark Tank

Olivia appeared at Shark Tank only recently in 2022. She was looking for an investment that would help her to grow the business and take it to the next level. She asked for $ 200,000 for 10% equity.

When Olivia entered she told Sharks they were going to get the workout of their lives with Liberate. She brought a yoga mat and a yoga journal. Then she starts to explain how her business works.

The Sharks weren’t really impressed, however. Kevin even asked Liv if she’s not starting a cult by any chance and said he won’t make any money with that.

Olivia was quick to try and explain why her company is different and valuable. She said that Liberate provides online yoga and mindfulness classes for people at home who don’t have time to go to the gym or traditional yoga classes. She then explains her business model and how Liberate charges a subscription fee for access to the classes. Most of her revenue comes from B2B (business-to-business) partnerships where she provides a corporate wellness program to companies. The exact percentage is 65%. As of the lifetime sales, Olivia managed to earn $ 50,000 since she started the business.

After Olivia was done with her presentation, Robert questioned the valuation. Olivia said that margins are over 90% and she expects a 178% growth every quarter once she builds a stable system and curriculum. In the previous month, she earned just $ 7,500. Robert decided not to sugarcoat it and said that Olivia doesn’t have a necessary scale and her subscription program is too inexpensive.

Liberate at Shark Tank

Mark believes the service Olivia provides is working as the Mavericks have a program but he too has a problem with how she scales her business model so he’s out. He liked the idea but Olivia was undervaluing herself too much. Robert too loves what Liv is doing but follows that it’s too early for this kind of business and he isn’t willing to invest in it.

Olivia however was determined to leave the tank with a deal. Sadly, the Sharks didn’t share the same sentiment. Daymond says what the other two sharks said before him, he doesn’t leave out of respect for her, but he’s out. Lori too enjoys the idea and the benefits that Olivia’s program provides, but she believes that it isn’t the right time for her to invest.

Kevin however absolutely hated the idea and said Olivia should just drop it, obviously, he was out.

As you can see, not all Shark Tank stories have happy endings. Sadly, Olivia left the tank without an investment. [2] [3] [4]

What Happened After Shark Tank?

However, as we all know, not getting an investment doesn’t mean that the company didn’t succeed. After leaving the shark tank Olivia was determined to make her business successful and prove them wrong.

Appearing on the Live TV show was beneficial for Olivia as she had a huge opportunity to show the world what Liberate is about and how it can help people. Even without a deal, many more people found out about the company and Olivia was able to make more sales. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find out exactly how much of a boost Liberate had due to being featured on the show but it clearly made an impact. We can’t provide you with information on their current sales either.

Right after the episode aired, Olivia ran a limited exclusive deal on her website. This was a great way to entice viewers and create more sales for her business.

Who owns Liberate?

Olivia also focused on getting Liberate into the hands of influencers and celebrities. She made sure that they were familiar with the product and how it could help them. By doing this, she created some powerful word-of-mouth marketing which resulted in increased awareness about the company.

In addition to these tactics, Olivia put a lot of effort into creating content and using tools such as social media to spread the word about Liberate even further. Through this method, she was able to tap into different demographics who would be interested in her product.

The Liberate Instagram account currently has over 20K followers although it appears not to be updated regularly. You however can find inspirational quotes and stories there which keep boosting people’s motivation.

Olivia has also been featured in articles on various highly reputable websites such as Business Insider, Forbes, and The Washington Post. This gave her company a great deal of visibility and allowed her to reach an even larger audience. You can find all the interviews Liv gave to the press on the official website.

As far as we know, Olivia didn’t change the prices for her services. Liberate still offers one on one sessions at a rate of $ 19 per month and $ 99 per year.

If you go to the official website today you’ll see that the business is still growing and evolving. They offer a variety of services such as team coaching, video lesson libraries, private classes, and much more.

It appears that Liberate is especially popular among office workers who try to use mindfulness and yoga to stay productive and healthy. There are also many people who use Liberate to improve their meditation skills.

What Happened After Shark Tank?

Liv also runs a “Be Well” blog on her website which constantly updates readers with relevant tips and advice. It looks like Olivia has truly managed to make a difference in people’s lives through Liberate so it was definitely worth her while!

Aside from the regular classes, you can sign-up for the special holiday one-time events. These are meant to give you a full understanding of the practice, as well as teach you some essential relaxation skills. Each has its own methods and goal so you can pick the one that suits your needs best.

If you want to reserve one, simply click on the desired class and pick the free date on the calendar. The prices for these are much more expensive than for the regular subscription however they’re definitely worth the money. This way you can be sure that Liv will be able to help you in your journey of finding inner peace.

If you want to try out the program without any commitments you can always book a free seven-day trial. This allows you to get familiar with the app interface and decide if it’s something that suits your needs. You can also gift a subscription or a class to someone you know will need it!

And if you just want to try out a single class before signing up for the full program, you can do that as well. Liv has made sure that everyone can find a way to access her classes so they can reap all their benefits.

You can also download a variety of mindfulness e-books and video lessons from the official website. These will help you get started with your practice and further deepen it.

As for the reviews, it looks like people are very happy with the way Liberate has helped them improve their lifestyles. Liv’s classes have been praised for being effective and helping many find inner peace. You can check these out on the official website and make your own conclusions about the program.

Overall, it appears that Olivia made the right decision when she decided to pursue her passion after leaving Shark Tank without an investment. As we can see, Liberate is still in business and growing. Olivia has worked hard to make her dreams come true and it’s working! If you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health, this is definitely the right place for you. [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Are all deals made at Shark Tank successful?

No, not all deals at Shark Tank are successful. While it is true that some entrepreneurs have struck big business deals with the Sharks and gone on to great success, many others do not. This is why it’s important for entrepreneurs to be prepared before they go into the Tank – because even if a deal looks promising in theory, there could still be unforeseen obstacles that could prevent it from succeeding.

Are all deals made at Shark Tank successful?

Did Liberate get a deal?

No, Liberate did not get a deal on Shark Tank. However, the team received valuable feedback from the Sharks about their product and business which has helped them move forward in developing their brand. While it’s still early to tell what the full impact of their Shark Tank appearance has been, they’ve already experienced positive gains in terms of user growth.

Is Liberate still in business?

The answer is yes! Liberate has continued to be a thriving business since it appeared on Shark Tank in 2022. The company is still owned and operated by Olivia Bowser, with the same mission of providing people with an affordable, high-quality health and mindfulness program.

Who invested in Liberate?

Unfortunately, none of the Sharks decided to invest in Liberate. After a pitch and negotiation, Sharks were left unimpressed by the scaling potential and market potential of the product.

Despite this, Liberate is still active today! After their appearance on Shark Tank, they were able to gain a large following from loyal customers who wanted to support their mission. They also gained valuable exposure from the show which has helped them grow their business gradually since then.

Who owns Liberate?

Liberate is owned by its founder Liv Bowser who is a yoga instructor. While Bowser appeared on the show Shark Tank and didn’t receive an offer, she didn’t stop her ambition of making her business a success. As of 2022, Liberate is still in business.

Useful Video: Positivity To The Moon! | Liberate on Shark Tank


Mental health is as important as physical health and Liberate is an invaluable tool for people struggling with mental illness. It was created as a fitness class program that mixes fitness with meditation and mindfulness with the aim of helping people cope with everyday stress.

Sadly, Olivia Bowser, the aspiring entrepreneur behind Liberate, was turned down by the Sharks and her business idea did not move forward. However, Olivia Bowser and her team have continued to make efforts to help the mental well-being of others. Liberate is still active and continues to offer classes as well as helpful advice on topics such as stress management, mindfulness, and more.

The story of Liberate demonstrates that while achieving success requires hard work and dedication, it also requires perseverance even after facing a setback like this one. The takeaway here is to never give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles you face along the way. With enough effort, anything can be accomplished. While it’s still early to talk about the exact numbers and success metrics of Liberate, we can be sure that Olivia Bowser and her team are continuing to work hard to make a difference in the lives of many.

We hope this article gave you some insights into what happened to Liberate after Shark Tank!