HelloPrenup: What Happened After Shark Tank

HelloPrenup: What Happened After Shark Tank

Co-founded by Sarabeth Jaffe and Julia Rodgers, HelloPrenup introduced a pioneering approach to simplifying the often intricate process of creating prenuptial agreements. Wearing wedding dresses during their pitch, the founders navigated the sharks’ skepticism and ultimately secured a significant investment from tech expert Nirav Tolia and seasoned investor Kevin O’Leary.

This infusion of capital and expertise propelled HelloPrenup into a new phase of growth, leading to remarkable increases in sales and expanding its services internationally. 

As we delve into the post-Shark Tank trajectory of HelloPrenup, we unravel the impact of strategic partnerships, uncover the surge in user engagement, and explore how this legal-tech platform is reshaping the landscape of prenuptial agreements.

What Is HelloPrenup:

Prenuptial agreements, often referred to as pre-nuptial contracts, constitute a legal arrangement entered into by couples before marriage. These agreements stipulate the division of assets in the event of a divorce [1].

To establish mutual trust, many couples opt to formalize a prenup before tying the knot. Approximately 44% of individuals in the United States choose to engage in this contractual arrangement before marriage.

What Is HelloPrenup

Hello Prenup, an innovative online platform, has revolutionized the facilitation of prenuptial agreements. Couples can conveniently draft their prenup agreements at any time and from any location using this digital service. Hello Prenup, an internet-based prenuptial agreement provider, offers couples the convenience of creating their prenuptial agreements without the need for legal consultation [2].

Within the confines of this contractual understanding, couples outline the allocation of their possessions and property. This ensures a systematic division of assets should the unfortunate event of a divorce occur. Utilizing the user-friendly Hello Prenup platform enables couples to craft their prenuptial agreements in a matter of minutes.

How Does It Work?

The process of completing a prenup agreement through Hello Prenup involves a straightforward five-step procedure:

  • Initiate the creation of a Hello Prenup account by extending an invitation to your fiancé;
  • Both parties are required to complete detailed questionnaires;
  • Negotiations can be conducted within the framework of this agreement;
  • Generate the finalized prenuptial agreement;
  • Conclude the process by signing and notarizing the prenup;

Upon completion of this comprehensive procedure, congratulations are in order as the prenuptial agreement is finalized. The cost for this service is $ 599 per couple, encompassing detailed information about income, property, and assets, providing couples with peace of mind for the future [3].


  • Accessibility and User-Friendly Interface: One of the standout features of Hello Prenup is its user-friendly interface. The platform employs a straightforward and intuitive design, allowing users to navigate the process with ease. The founders have successfully translated complex legal jargon into plain language, making it more accessible to individuals without a legal background;
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Legal Services: Traditional legal services for prenuptial agreements can be exorbitantly expensive, deterring many couples from seeking the protection and clarity they provide. Hello Prenup offers an affordable alternative, providing users with a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. This pricing model may appeal to a broader demographic, encouraging more couples to consider prenuptial agreements;
  • Educational Resources: Recognizing that many users may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of prenuptial agreements, Hello Prenup includes educational resources to guide users through the process. These resources help demystify the legal aspects of prenups, empowering users to make informed decisions about their financial future;
  • Customization Options: Every relationship is unique, and Hello Prenup acknowledges this by offering customization options. Users can tailor their prenuptial agreement to suit their specific needs and circumstances, ensuring that the document accurately reflects the intentions and expectations of both parties;
  • Time Efficiency: The traditional process of creating a prenuptial agreement can be time-consuming, involving multiple meetings with lawyers and extensive back-and-forths. Hello Prenup streamlines this process, allowing couples to complete their prenup at their own pace, potentially saving significant time and effort;


  • Limited Legal Advice: While Hello Prenup provides a user-friendly platform, it lacks the personalized legal advice that individuals may receive from consulting with an attorney. Prenuptial agreements involve complex legal considerations, and some users may feel more comfortable having direct legal guidance to address their unique situations;
  • Not Suitable for Complex Cases: Hello Prenup may not be the ideal solution for couples with highly complex financial situations or intricate legal requirements. In such cases, seeking the expertise of a family law attorney might be necessary to ensure that all aspects are adequately addressed and legally sound;
  • Security and Privacy Concerns: Prenuptial agreements contain sensitive personal and financial information, and users may have concerns about the security and privacy of their data on the Hello Prenup platform. The company must prioritize robust security measures and transparent privacy policies to instill confidence in users;
  • Potential Emotional Implications: The process of creating a prenuptial agreement, even through a user-friendly platform like Hello Prenup, may still evoke emotional responses from couples. While the platform offers educational resources, addressing the emotional aspects of prenuptial agreements may require additional support and counseling, which Hello Prenup does not provide;
  • State-Specific Limitations: Family law varies significantly by jurisdiction, and Hello Prenup may face challenges in accommodating the legal nuances of each state. Users should be aware of potential limitations based on their specific location and seek legal advice to ensure their prenuptial agreement aligns with local laws;

Who May Benefit From Using?

1) Tech-Savvy Couples

Hello Prenup’s online platform caters to individuals comfortable with digital interfaces. Tech-savvy couples who prefer the convenience of managing legal matters online may find this platform particularly appealing [4].

2) Cost-Conscious Couples

Given the often high costs associated with traditional legal services for prenuptial agreements, Hello Prenup offers a cost-effective alternative. Couples mindful of their budget can benefit from the affordability of this online solution.

3) Time-Strapped Individuals

The streamlined process of Hello Prenup appeals to busy individuals and couples with limited time to engage in lengthy legal consultations. The platform allows users to complete the prenuptial agreement at their own pace, minimizing time constraints.

4) Couples Seeking Customization

Hello Prenup’s flexibility in allowing users to customize their prenuptial agreements makes it ideal for couples with unique needs and circumstances. Those who wish to tailor the agreement to suit their specific situation can benefit from this personalized approach.

Who May Benefit From Using?

5) Educationally-Oriented Individuals

The platform’s inclusion of educational resources makes it suitable for individuals who want to understand the legal implications of prenuptial agreements better. Hello Prenup empowers users with information, making the process more transparent and understandable.

6) Couples in Amicable Agreements

Hello Prenup is well-suited for couples entering the prenuptial agreement process amicably. For those who have discussed their financial expectations and are in agreement, the platform provides a convenient means of formalizing their understanding.

7) Privacy-Conscious Users

Couples concerned about the privacy and security of their personal and financial information may find Hello Prenup appealing. The platform should prioritize robust security measures, ensuring that sensitive data is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

8) Those in Jurisdictions Supported by Hello Prenup

As legal requirements for prenuptial agreements can vary by jurisdiction, individuals in locations supported by Hello Prenup can benefit from the platform’s awareness of local laws and regulations.

About the Founders Of HelloPrenup

Sarabeth Jaffe and Julia Rodgers serve as the dynamic co-founders behind Hello Prenup, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table [5]. Sarabeth, with a background as a software engineer, has a wealth of experience from her tenure with industry giants like Microsoft, Unloop, and Karat. On the other hand, Julia, a seasoned lawyer, has spent eight years as a Divorce Attorney at Mavrides Law.

Despite their differing professional backgrounds, these co-founders collaboratively devised an innovative and straightforward approach to the typically costly prenuptial agreement process, leveraging their respective expertise.

Given Julia’s legal background, she was well-acquainted with the intricacies of prenuptial agreements, having facilitated such agreements for numerous couples in the past. Recognizing the need for a more collaborative, affordable, and even enjoyable solution to prenuptial agreements, Julia embarked on the journey to create Hello Prenup.

The genesis of Hello Prenup occurred when Julia, driven by a vision of making prenuptial agreements accessible and pleasant, initiated the development of a platform that would redefine the entire experience for couples. This marked the inception of Hello Prenup.

To bring technical prowess to the venture, Julia sought a partnership with Sarabeth, and in March 2021, their collaborative business journey began. Over the next six months, these co-founders worked diligently, conducting virtual meetings via Zoom to shape their vision into a reality. Their first in-person meeting in person took place just days before their appearance on the Shark Tank show.

About the Founders Of HelloPrenup

Hello Prenup, under the joint leadership of Sarabeth and Julia, stands as a genuine solution to the challenges associated with prenuptial agreements. The platform acknowledges the inherent difficulty some couples face in discussing these matters with a third party and provides a user-friendly alternative that aims to make the process more approachable and enjoyable.

Through their combined expertise, Sarabeth and Julia have created a platform that not only simplifies but transforms the prenuptial agreement experience.

The Pitch Of HelloPrenup At Shark Tank

In a memorable Shark Tank pitch, Sarabeth and Julia donned wedding dresses and sought a $ 150,000 investment for a 10% equity stake in Hello Prenup. Their unconventional attire drew laughter from the Sharks, setting a lighthearted tone for the negotiation [6].

Sarabeth explained that despite encountering a software issue that prompted her entry into the business, Hello Prenup had successfully facilitated 25 prenuptial agreements on its platform. The challenges intensified in 2020 as the wedding industry grappled with closures amid the pandemic. The lifetime revenue stood at $ 20,000, with an ambitious projection of $ 4.1 million in revenue for the upcoming year, according to Julia, who highlighted the $ 550 million market value of the prenup industry [7].

However, skepticism arose as Robert and Mark perceived the projections as dreamlike. With an average prenup cost of $ 5,000 and high current customer acquisition costs, the Sharks questioned the feasibility of the business. Kevin O’Leary, citing uncertainties around customer acquisition costs, withdrew, stating that he did not see the company’s value at $ 1.5 million, let alone $ 10 million.

Lori Greiner deemed it too early for her, and Mark Cuban expressed concerns, leading both to bow out. Robert Herjavec followed suit, leaving the entrepreneurs with only one interested Shark.

Nirav Tolia, recognizing the potential, offered $ 150,000 for a hefty 30% equity. Julia, who had invested $ 130,000 of her own funds into the venture, countered with a 20% equity stake. Nirav adjusted his offer to 25%, prompting Sarabeth to bring Kevin into the negotiation. However, Kevin required a 15% equity stake to join.

In the end, a deal was struck with Nirav Tolia and Kevin O’Leary jointly investing $ 150,000 for a 30% equity stake in Hello Prenup. The entrepreneurs, having navigated the challenges of the pitch, found a partnership that aligned with their vision for the future of Hello Prenup.

The Pitch Of HelloPrenup At Shark Tank

HelloPrenup After The Shark Tank

Following the successful Shark Tank episode, both Nirav and Kevin assumed roles as partners, each holding a 30% equity stake in Hello Prenup [8]. Their combined expertise, with Nirav’s tech prowess and extensive database and Kevin’s substantial investments in the wedding industry, promised to propel the company to new heights.

The positive response from Twitter users after the episode aired reflected the widespread approval of the innovative business idea. Many lauded Hello Prenup for its unique approach to prenuptial agreements, recognizing the value it brought to couples navigating this often complex process.

Hello Prenup has expanded its reach, offering prenuptial agreement services in over 32 states across the United States. From Arizona to Georgia, California to Connecticut, the platform caters to couples nationwide. Additionally, international prenuptial services are available, subject to specific terms and conditions that couples must adhere to. 

In a noteworthy development, Brian Liu, the founder of LegalZoom, has also joined the ranks of investors in Hello Prenup. This strategic alliance brings a wealth of legal expertise to the company, further enhancing its credibility and capabilities.

Post-Shark Tank, Hello Prenup experienced a remarkable surge in sales, marking a 500% increase. The company has already established its presence in 32 states and is poised for nationwide coverage shortly.

As of December 2022, Kevin O’Leary, Nirav Tolia, and Brian Liu continue to be key investors in Hello Prenup [9]. The platform has not only thrived in providing prenuptial agreement services but has also expanded its offerings to include valuable guides related to finance and assets for couples. With a strong investor lineup and a growing user base, Hello Prenup is carving a notable niche in the legal-tech landscape, poised for continued success.

The Net Worth Of HelloPrenup

As of 2023, the net worth of HelloPrenup appears to vary across different sources. Some sources estimate it at around $ 1.5 million, while others suggest it could be as high as $ 2 million [10]. Yet, another source estimates the net worth to be around $ 250,000. It’s also noted that one source suggests a net worth of around $ 1 million.

HelloPrenup After The Shark Tank

These variations could be due to differences in valuation methods, timeframes, or other factors. However, HelloPrenup has seen significant growth and success since its appearance on Shark Tank.

Alternatives To HelloPrenup:

  • Rocket Lawyer: Rocket Lawyer is an online legal service that offers customizable prenuptial agreement templates. Users can create, edit, and sign legal documents, including prenuptial agreements, with the assistance of step-by-step guidance. Rocket Lawyer also provides access to legal professionals for additional support;
  • LegalZoom: LegalZoom is a popular online legal platform that provides various legal services, including prenuptial agreements. Users can choose prenup templates, answer a series of questions, and receive a customized document. LegalZoom also offers legal advice from attorneys for more complex situations;
  • Nolo: Nolo is a legal information website that offers prenuptial agreement forms and resources. It provides do-it-yourself legal solutions, allowing users to create their prenuptial agreements. Nolo’s resources are designed to be accessible to individuals without a legal background;
  • Avvo: Avvo is an online legal marketplace that connects users with attorneys for various legal services. Couples seeking personalized advice and assistance in creating a prenuptial agreement can use Avvo to find and consult with family law attorneys;
  • MyPrenup: MyPrenup is a platform specifically dedicated to creating prenuptial agreements online. It offers a user-friendly interface, guiding couples through the process of customizing their agreements. MyPrenup provides a cost-effective solution and aims to simplify the often complex nature of prenuptial arrangements;
  • DivorceWriter: DivorceWriter focuses on providing online legal documents, including prenuptial agreements, for couples seeking an affordable and efficient solution. The platform allows users to complete legal forms online and provides state-specific documents to ensure compliance with local laws
  • UpCounsel: UpCounsel is a platform that connects individuals with experienced attorneys for various legal needs, including prenuptial agreements. Users can receive quotes from attorneys, compare profiles, and choose a legal professional who fits their specific requirements;
  • LegalNature: LegalNature is an online legal document service offering customizable prenuptial agreement templates. Users can create, download, and print their legal documents with the guidance of easy-to-follow instructions. LegalNature aims to make legal processes accessible and affordable [11];


  1. Who owns Hello Prenup?

Hello Prenup is co-founded by Sarabeth Jaffe and Julia Rodgers.

  1. Is Hello Prenup real?

Yes, Hello Prenup is a legitimate online platform providing services for creating prenuptial agreements.

  1. What is a prenup in marriage?

A prenuptial agreement, commonly known as a prenup, is a legally binding contract entered into by a couple before marriage. It outlines how assets, debts, and other financial matters will be handled in the event of a divorce or separation.

  1. Why does your spouse want a prenup?

Reasons for wanting a prenup can vary. Some may seek financial protection, clarification of asset division, or a means of addressing potential future uncertainties.

  1. How much does Hello Prenup cost?

The cost of using Hello Prenup is $ 599 per couple, providing an affordable alternative to traditional legal services for prenuptial agreements.

  1. Why do people not like prenup?

Some individuals may have reservations about prenuptial agreements due to misconceptions, societal stigma, or discomfort in discussing financial matters. Hello Prenup aims to address these concerns by providing a user-friendly and accessible platform.

Alternatives To HelloPrenup

  1. Who benefits the most from a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements can benefit couples with various financial situations. They are particularly useful for those with significant assets, business ownership, or unique financial circumstances.

  1. Are prenups only for men?

No, prenuptial agreements are not gender-specific. Both partners, regardless of gender, can benefit from a prenup to protect their individual financial interests.

  1. Why do couples get a prenup?

Couples may choose to get a prenup to establish clarity and fairness in the event of a divorce, protect individual assets, and outline financial expectations, fostering open communication about financial matters.

  1. Is Hello Prenup available internationally?

Yes, Hello Prenup offers international prenuptial services. However, specific terms and conditions apply, and couples must adhere to these guidelines.

  1. How has Hello Prenup performed since appearing on Shark Tank?

Since its Shark Tank appearance, Hello Prenup has experienced a surge in sales, with a remarkable 500% increase, solidifying its presence in 32+ states.

  1. Who are the investors in Hello Prenup?

Investors in Hello Prenup include Nirav Tolia, Kevin O’Leary, and Brian Liu, founder of LegalZoom.

  1. Does Hello Prenup provide guides on finance and assets for couples?

Yes, Hello Prenup offers informative guides related to finance and assets to assist couples in navigating the financial aspects of their relationship.

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