Buffer Bit: What Happened After Shark Tank

Buffer Bit: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the wake of its Shark Tank debut, the Buffer Bit underwent a transformative journey that diverged from its initial pitch. Founder Michael Quinn’s unwavering commitment and strategic adaptability propelled the product into unexpected realms, evolving from a shoe care essential into a celebrated automotive detailing tool. Garnering accolades at industry events and securing a global following, the Buffer Bit’s trajectory showcases resilience and innovation.

This article delves into the post-Shark Tank narrative, exploring how Quinn’s pivot and endorsements from industry influencers reshaped the Buffer Bit’s destiny, solidifying its status as more than just a revolutionary shoe care solution.

What Is Buffer Bit:

The Buffer Bit stands out from traditional shoe care products with its unique design and innovative approach. No longer do you need to dedicate a significant amount of time and elbow grease to achieve that perfect shoe polish? With the Buffer Bit, a quick and efficient polish is just a drill away [1].

The Buffer Bit, a shoe buffer compatible with a conventional hand drill, effortlessly imparts a newly polished sheen to your shoes, eliminating the need for excessive manual effort or investing in a mechanical shiner.

Notably beneficial for every footwear enthusiast, this gadget leverages the ubiquity of household drills, making it a convenient addition for most individuals. With its distinctive design and the inclusion of 100 percent natural wool pads, the Buffer Bit streamlines the processes of cleaning, buffing, and polishing. Its effectiveness extends beyond shoes, offering a practical solution for enhancing the luster of any leather object when paired with a cordless drill and the provided buffer pads in black, red, and natural hues.

What Is Buffer Bit

The comprehensive kit comprises one drill bit and three wool polishing pads, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience. Simply affix one of the bits to any cordless drill, initiating a seamless and efficient polishing process. While originally crafted for shoe polishing, the Buffer Bit transcends its initial purpose, catering to the diverse needs of polishing various leather items.

Simple Operation for Everyone

One of the standout features of the Buffer Bit is its accessibility. Michael Quinn, the founder, recognized that most households already have a cordless drill lying around. The Buffer Bit capitalizes on this ubiquity, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s shoe care routine.

The process is straightforward: attach the Buffer Bit to your cordless drill, choose the appropriate wool pad, and start drilling. The days of spending 15 to 20 minutes manually polishing your shoes with a traditional shoe shine kit are over [2]. The Buffer Bit promises a world-class shine with minimal effort.


  • Time-Saving Innovation: The Buffer Bit dramatically reduces the time and effort required for shoe polishing. What used to take 15 to 20 minutes with a traditional kit can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time;
  • Versatility: The Buffer Bit is not limited to shoes; its adaptability makes it suitable for polishing any leather object. The inclusion of three different wool pads adds versatility to the product;
  • Accessible Design: Utilizing a cordless drill, a common household tool, makes the Buffer Bit accessible to a wide audience. No need for additional, expensive equipment – just grab your drill, attach the Buffer Bit, and you’re ready to go;
  • Natural Wool Pads: The 100 percent natural wool pads underline the product’s commitment to quality and environmentally friendly materials;
  • Founder’s Story: Michael Quinn’s personal experience and dedication to solving a common problem add credibility to the product. The Buffer Bit is not just a gadget; it’s a solution born out of necessity;


  • Dependency on a Cordless Drill: While the accessibility of a cordless drill is a pro, it also means that individuals without one would need to purchase an additional tool. This might be a drawback for those looking for a standalone solution;
  • Limited Availability: As of now, the Buffer Bit seems to be primarily sold on Amazon, which may limit accessibility for those who prefer to shop through other platforms or physical stores;
  • Automotive Detailing Transformation: While the Buffer Bit’s ability to transform into an automotive detailing tool is a pro for some, those who are solely looking for a shoe care product might find this feature unnecessary;

Who May Benefit From Using?

Who May Benefit From Using?

  1. Busy Professionals:

For individuals with hectic schedules who still want to maintain a polished appearance, the Buffer Bit offers a quick and efficient way to shine their shoes without dedicating a substantial amount of time.

  1. Frequent Travelers:

Travelers often face challenges in maintaining their wardrobe while on the go. The compact and portable nature of the Buffer Bit makes it an ideal companion for those who want to keep their shoes looking sharp during business trips or vacations.

  1. Shoe Enthusiasts:

People who take pride in their shoe collection and want to keep their footwear in top condition can benefit from the Buffer Bit’s ability to provide a professional-grade polish with minimal effort.

  1. Individuals with Multiple Leather Items:

Beyond shoes, anyone with various leather possessions, such as belts, wallets, or bags, can use the Buffer Bit to keep their leather goods looking pristine. The three different wool pads cater to different leather types and colors.

  1. DIY Enthusiasts:

Those who enjoy tackling household tasks themselves and already own a cordless drill will find the Buffer Bit to be a valuable addition to their toolkit. Its simple operation aligns well with the preferences of DIY enthusiasts [3].

  1. Automotive Enthusiasts:

The Buffer Bit’s ability to transform into an automotive detailing tool makes it an attractive option for car enthusiasts. It can be used to polish and buff various surfaces on vehicles, enhancing its appeal to this specific audience.

  1. Gift Seekers:

Looking for a practical and thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys taking care of their belongings? The Buffer Bit’s unique design and functionality make it an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

  1. Environmentally Conscious Consumers:

With 100 percent natural wool pads, the Buffer Bit appeals to those who prioritize environmentally friendly materials. The use of natural wool aligns with sustainability goals and reduces the reliance on synthetic materials.

  1. People with Physical Limitations:

Individuals who may find manual shoe polishing challenging due to physical limitations or conditions can benefit from the Buffer Bit’s ease of use. The drill-powered operation reduces the need for strenuous hand movements.

  1. Budget-Conscious Consumers:

While professional shoe shining services can be expensive, the Buffer Bit provides an affordable alternative. It eliminates the need for costly professional services or the purchase of specialized mechanical shiners.

About the Founders Of Buffer Bit

Michael Quinn’s journey with the Buffer Bit began in 2012, and the product first gained attention on DIY Network’s “I Want That” in November of the same year [4]. Quinn’s inspiration for the Buffer Bit came from the inconvenience of traditional shoe polishing methods. Spending considerable time manually polishing shoes or shelling out money for professional services was not an ideal solution. 

About the Founders Of Buffer Bit

The Buffer Bit, according to Quinn, is a game-changer in the world of shoe care. The transformation from a time-consuming task to a quick, efficient process with just a Buffer Bit and a cordless drill is indeed groundbreaking. Quinn’s dedication to providing a solution for a common problem has propelled the Buffer Bit into the realm of must-have household gadgets.

The Pitch Of Buffer Bit At Shark Tank

Michael Quinn, the mastermind behind the Buffer Bit, makes his debut in the Shark Tank seeking a $ 75,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in his business [5]. Quinn begins by illustrating the inconvenience he faced before the Buffer Bit era, spending a considerable 15 to 20 minutes polishing his shoes with a traditional shoe shine kit.

The dilemma of either paying for an expensive professional service or investing substantial time in a DIY approach led Quinn to create the Buffer Bit— a revolutionary product requiring only a Buffer Bit and any cordless drill for a swift, top-tier shoe shine. Remarkably, the Buffer Bit transcends its role as a shoe care item; when coupled with the auto pad, it transforms into a robust automotive detailing tool. Quinn envisions reshaping the world’s shine with the support of the Sharks.

Kevin O’Leary quickly points out what seems to be Quinn’s innovation: essentially, a drill bit with fabric to replace an electric polisher. He highlights that electric polishers are already used in places like airports, making Quinn’s product seem redundant.

In response, Quinn emphasizes the Buffer Bit’s affordability, priced at $ 19.99 compared to potentially more expensive electric shoe polishers. When prompted by Mark Cuban, Quinn discloses that the production cost of each Buffer Bit is $ 9. Robert Herjavec questions whether guys would use electric tools on their shoes, to which Quinn expresses confidence, believing men would find an excuse to utilize a cordless drill for this purpose.

As Mark Cuban jokingly challenges Robert Herjavec to polish his shoes, banter ensues between the Sharks, with Mark humorously stating that not everyone wears a watch because some don’t have to. The light-hearted exchange adds a touch of camaraderie to the proceedings. After Mark showcases the Buffer Bit in action, playfully polishing Daymond John’s head, the Sharks share a laugh, leaving Daymond’s head appearing shinier than before.

Robert Herjavec returns the discussion to the business aspects, inquiring about sales. Quinn reveals that in the nine months since its inception, Buffer Bit sales have reached $ 30,000. Kevin O’Leary inquires about any proprietary aspects, and Quinn mentions having a provisional patent in place.

When asked about attempts to sell Buffer Bit in stores, Quinn acknowledges the positive reception but faces challenges due to the perception of working out of his basement. Mark Cuban, however, expresses his hesitation, stating that while the product is cool, Quinn is not yet a company with a structured setup, leading him to exit the deal.

Lori Greiner questions the relevance of shoe polishing in a more casual world, and Daymond John follows suit by expressing skepticism about the product’s application. 

With Mark and Lori having exited, Daymond becomes the third Shark to withdraw from the deal. Left with Robert and Kevin, Kevin shares a humorous anecdote about a secret society of burgundy drinkers and how the Buffer Bit could fit into his unique cup polishing needs. Despite the laughter, Kevin decides he will buy the Buffer Bit but opts not to invest.

Robert Herjavec, not swayed by Kevin’s tale, emphasizes the importance of the little things, like having clean shoes, in portraying success. While expressing interest in buying the product, Robert decides not to invest, leaving Michael Quinn without a deal for his Buffer Bit invention in the Shark Tank.

The Pitch Of Buffer Bit At Shark Tank

Buffer Bit After The Shark Tank

Following the Shark Tank pitch, Michael Quinn, undeterred by the initial setback, exhibited resilience and adaptability. Recognizing the potential of his product, he decided to pivot the Buffer Bit’s focus and reimagine it as a versatile automobile detailing tool.

In 2014, Quinn seized the opportunity to showcase the Buffer Bit at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, a prominent event in the automotive industry [6]. It was there that he captured the attention of Gene Winfield, a highly regarded custom vehicle builder. With Winfield’s endorsement, the Buffer Bit transformed, evolving into a sought-after product in the automotive detailing realm.

The endorsement from Winfield catapulted the Buffer Bit into the spotlight, earning it accolades and cultivating a global following among avid automotive enthusiasts. Its success in the world of motor detailing contributed significantly to its newfound popularity.

Despite the shift towards automotive applications, Quinn didn’t abandon Buffer Bit’s roots in shoe care. The cotton buffer, originally designed for shoe polishing, continued to be a part of the product’s marketing strategy.

As of February 2022, the Buffer Bit company remains operational, boasting an impressive $ 5 million in lifetime revenue. Michael Quinn’s strategic pivot, coupled with the endorsement from a respected figure in the automotive industry, not only breathed new life into the Buffer Bit but also propelled it to achieve substantial success in a niche market.

The Business Model Of Buffer Bit

The Buffer Bit operates on a straightforward and customer-centric business model, combining product sales and potential partnerships:

Product Sales:

The primary revenue stream for Buffer Bit is the sale of its shoe buffer product. Customers can purchase the Buffer Bit kit, which typically includes a drill bit and multiple wool polishing pads. The pricing strategy is designed to be affordable, making it accessible to a broad consumer base.

E-commerce Platform:

Buffer Bit predominantly sells its products through online platforms, with Amazon being a notable channel. This allows for a wide reach, tapping into the convenience of online shopping and leveraging the popularity of e-commerce.

Retail Partnerships:

While the specific information on retail partnerships may vary, Buffer Bit may explore collaborations with brick-and-mortar stores or other online retailers to expand its market presence. Being available in physical stores or on various online platforms increases visibility and accessibility.

Diversification Beyond Shoe Care:

Originally designed for shoe polishing, Buffer Bit has diversified its application, positioning itself as an automotive detailing tool. This diversification expands its target audience beyond shoe enthusiasts to include car owners and automotive enthusiasts.

Natural Wool Pads and Eco-Friendly Focus:

Buffer Bit emphasizes the use of 100 percent natural wool pads in its product, aligning with an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. This aspect could be leveraged for marketing, attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

Brand Awareness and Influencer Marketing:

Buffer Bit may invest in brand awareness campaigns and influencer marketing to increase visibility and credibility. Endorsements from influencers, especially those in the fashion or automotive industry, can significantly impact consumer trust and drive sales.

Buffer Bit After The Shark Tank

Continuous Innovation and Adaptation:

The Buffer Bit’s business model reflects a commitment to innovation and adaptation. By pivoting from a shoe care product to an automotive detailing tool, the company showcases its ability to respond to market demands and explore new opportunities.

The Net Worth Of Buffer Bit

The company’s founder, Mike Quinn, has a net worth of USD 300,000 as of 2023. It’s important to note that this figure is derived from his overall assets and not solely from Buffer Bit [7].

During the Shark Tank pitch, the company was valued at $ 300,000. This valuation is a testament to the potential that the Sharks saw in Buffer Bit, despite their decision not to invest in the business.

As of August 2023, Buffer Bit boasts impressive figures in terms of sales and revenue. The business has achieved $ 7 million in lifetime sales. The annual revenue is estimated to be between $ 800,000 and $ 1 million. These numbers reflect the product’s acceptance in the market, bolstered by its unique features and cost-effectiveness.

Alternatives To Buffer Bit:

  1. Classic Shoe Polishing Kits:

Comprehensive kits that typically include polish, brushes, and cloths for manual shoe care.

  1. Electric Shoe Polishers:

Devices designed specifically for efficient shoe polishing, are often equipped with rotating brushes.

  1. Drill Attachments (Non-Specific to Shoe Care):

Versatile attachments for cordless drills that can be used for various tasks beyond shoe care.

  1. Handheld Rotary Tools (e.g., Dremel):

Multi-use tools suitable for various applications, providing precision for detailed work.

  1. Leather Cleaning Wipes:

Convenient, on-the-go wipes designed for quick cleaning without additional tools.

  1. Spray-on Leather Cleaners and Conditioners:

Easy-to-use sprays that combine cleaning and conditioning for leather items.

  1. Professional Shoe Shining Services:

Expert services offering a polished finish without the need for personal effort.

  1. Automatic Shoe Polishing Machines:

Fully automated machines designed for user convenience in achieving a polished finish.

  1. DIY Shoe Polish Recipes:

Homemade mixtures using household items like olive oil and vinegar for environmentally friendly shoe care.

  1. Foam Polish Applicators:

Quick and mess-free applicators suitable for various shoe care products.


  1. Is the Buffer Bit still in business?

Yes, as of the latest available information, The Buffer Bit is still in business.

  1. Where is The Buffer Bit sold?

The Buffer Bit is primarily sold on platforms like Amazon. Check the official website or authorized retailers for the latest availability.

  1. Does the Buffer Bit work with any drill?

Yes, the Buffer Bit is designed to work with any cordless drill, providing a versatile and accessible solution for users.

  1. Who would want to use the Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit is ideal for individuals who seek a quick and efficient solution for shoe and leather care. It caters to busy professionals, frequent travelers, shoe enthusiasts, and those with multiple leather items.

The Net Worth Of Buffer Bit

  1. Has The Buffer Bit been sold in large retailers like Best Buy and Walmart?

Information on specific retailers may vary. It is advisable to check the official website or contact customer support for the latest information on retail partnerships.

  1. How much does The Buffer Bit cost?

The Buffer Bit is priced at $ 19.99, providing an affordable alternative to some traditional shoe care products.

  1. Where do you get the Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit can be purchased online through its official website, Amazon, or other authorized retailers. Check the official channels for the most reliable and authentic purchase.

  1. What is The Buffer Bit’s return policy?

For detailed information on The Buffer Bit’s return policy, please refer to the official website or contact customer support for assistance.

  1. How much is The Buffer Bit package?

The pricing details for The Buffer Bit package may vary. Visit the official website or authorized retailers for the most accurate and up-to-date information on package deals.

  1. What is the price of The Buffer Bit?

The Buffer Bit is priced at $ 19.99, offering an affordable solution for convenient shoe and leather care.

  1. What payment methods does The Buffer Bit accept?

The Buffer Bit accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and online payment platforms. Confirm the accepted payment methods during the checkout process for accurate information.

Useful Video: Buffer Bit on DIY “I Want That”


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