Salespreneur: What Happened After Shark Tank

Salespreneur: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the compelling aftermath of Salespreneur’s appearance on Shark Tank, the entrepreneurial journey of Dave Greco takes center stage. Stepping into the Tank seeking investment for his sales-focused venture, Salespreneur, Greco’s pitch, and subsequent decisions became pivotal moments in the company’s narrative. This article delves into the post-Shark Tank trajectory of Salespreneur, exploring the highs, lows, and the evolution of Dave Greco’s vision.

From the initial pitch to the challenges faced after declining a deal, we uncover the intricacies of the Salespreneur’s journey, shedding light on the ultimate fate of this once-prominent sales education company.

What Is Salespreneur:

Salespreneur’s flagship offering is the Missile System, a program that transcends traditional sales training. It represents a fusion of social entrepreneurship principles with practical sales strategies. The Missile System is designed to empower individuals not just as salespeople but as agents of positive change in their communities [1].

The Missile System: Propelling Sales Success

At the core of the Salespreneur’s methodology is the Missile System. This program is a meticulous guide that teaches the art of proposing transactions effectively. Greco’s approach goes beyond the conventional sales pitch, emphasizing the value of each sale as an opportunity to bring joy, contribute to livelihoods, and enhance the overall economic landscape. 

The Missile System, according to Greco, is more than a set of techniques; it’s a mindset shift. It encourages salespreneurs to view each transaction as a chance to make a positive impact on both the client and the community at large. The system is a culmination of Greco’s experiences, successes, and failures, distilled into a practical guide for anyone seeking to excel in sales.

What Is Salespreneur

The Roadmap App: Navigating the Sales Landscape

Complementing the Missile System is the Roadmap App, a digital tool designed to help users craft compelling pitches. The ability to create a thorough and persuasive pitch is often the key to securing a successful transaction. The Roadmap App serves as a virtual mentor, guiding users through the intricacies of creating pitches that resonate with clients and prompt them to say “yes” in record time.

The app covers every aspect of the sales process, from initial contact to closing the deal. It provides insights into understanding client needs, tailoring presentations to address those needs, and fostering a sense of trust and confidence. The Roadmap App, like the Missile System, reflects Greco’s commitment to practical, actionable strategies that yield tangible results [2].


  • Holistic Approach to Sales: The Salespreneur goes beyond conventional sales training by incorporating social entrepreneurship principles, encouraging individuals to see sales as a means of creating a positive societal impact;
  • Founder’s Track Record: Dave Greco’s journey, from humble beginnings to successful deals with Fortune 500 companies, lends credibility to the Salespreneur methodology;
  • Comprehensive Training Programs: The Missile System and the Roadmap App together form a robust training package that covers every aspect of the sales process, from mindset to pitch creation;
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Dave Greco’s confidence in the effectiveness of the Salespreneur system is evident in the offered money-back guarantee, providing reassurance to potential users;
  • Real-World Results: The tangible success achieved by Greco within a short period serves as a testament to the practicality and efficacy of the Salespreneur approach;


  • Limited Information Availability: As of 2023, detailed information about Salespreneur, user testimonials, and long-term results may be limited. Prospective users need to seek updated and comprehensive reviews;
  • Individual Variances: Success in sales is often influenced by various factors, including the individual’s dedication, market conditions, and the specific nature of the product or service. While Salespreneur provides a robust framework, individual results may vary;
  • Dependency on Mobile Technology: The emphasis on the mobile application market, while forward-thinking, may pose challenges for individuals less comfortable with technology or those operating in regions with limited access to mobile devices;

Who May Benefit From Using?

Who May Benefit From Using?

Salespreneur, with its unique blend of social entrepreneurship principles and practical sales strategies, is designed to benefit a diverse range of individuals who are looking to enhance their sales skills and make a positive impact through their transactions [3].

The program may be particularly beneficial for the following groups:

  • Sales Professionals: Individuals working in sales roles, whether in entry-level positions or seasoned sales executives, can benefit from Salespreneur. The Missile System and Roadmap App provide a comprehensive framework for refining sales techniques, creating persuasive pitches, and achieving better results in the sales process;
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: For those who own or manage businesses, Salespreneur offers valuable insights into optimizing sales processes. The program’s emphasis on social entrepreneurship aligns with a modern business landscape that values purpose-driven initiatives. Business owners can leverage Salespreneur to train their sales teams or enhance their personal sales skills;
  • Startups and Small Business Owners: Sales are often a critical aspect of success for startups and small businesses. The Salespreneur’s practical approach may be especially valuable for individuals in these settings, providing a structured methodology to boost sales and foster growth;
  • Aspiring Salespreneurs: Individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to integrate social impact into their sales approach can find Salespreneur to be a valuable resource. The program not only focuses on sales techniques but also instills a mindset that sees each transaction as an opportunity for positive change;
  • Those Seeking Personal Development: Salespreneur’s holistic approach extends beyond sales techniques, touching on personal development and mindset. Individuals looking to enhance their communication skills, build confidence, and develop a positive mindset can find value in the program;
  • Mobile App Enthusiasts: Given Salespreneur’s forward-thinking approach and its founder’s accurate prediction of the mobile application market’s importance, individuals comfortable with and interested in leveraging mobile technology for sales success may find Salespreneur particularly appealing;
  • Individuals Interested in Social Impact: For those who want their professional endeavors to contribute positively to society, Salespreneur’s incorporation of social entrepreneurship principles may resonate. It provides a framework for individuals to see sales not only as a means of earning but also as an avenue for creating positive change;
  • Sales Teams within Larger Organizations: Companies, especially those with a focus on corporate social responsibility, can integrate Salespreneur into their sales training programs. This could help create a sales force that not only excels in revenue generation but also aligns with the company’s broader social and ethical values;

About Founders Of Salespreneur

Dave Greco’s journey into the world of sales began at the age of five when he started selling pencils to his neighbors. This early entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for what would later become Salespreneur. With a passion for dealing with larger entities, Greco navigated through a series of disappointments and successes that molded him into a seasoned seller and leader [4].

About Founders Of Salespreneur

Fully self-funded, Greco embarked on a mission to not only elevate individual sales capabilities but also to establish strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Notably, Salespreneur inked deals with three such giants, including the prestigious Met Life Insurance. Greco’s foresight led him to recognize the potential of the mobile application market, a vision that proved incredibly accurate.

Dave Greco’s vision materialized in the form of Salespreneur, a platform that has not only transformed individual sales capabilities but has also forged impactful connections with Fortune 500 entities. The success story of Salespreneur is mirrored in Greco’s personal journey, from selling pencils as a child to orchestrating deals with major corporations.

Within three months of implementing the Salespreneur system, Greco generated an impressive $ 40,000 in revenue and established connections with three Fortune 300 organizations. The typical transaction facilitated by Salespreneur involves 10 to 20 books and a dedicated salesperson, highlighting the scalability and effectiveness of the system.

The Pitch Of Salespreneur At Shark Tank

Dave stepped into the Shark Tank with a funding request of $ 90,000 in exchange for a 40% stake in his venture, Salespreneur. He commenced his pitch by delving into his childhood experiences of selling and earning accolades, illustrating the journey that ultimately led him to establish Salespreneur. Transitioning to the core of his business, Dave elucidated that Salespreneur offered a comprehensive system comprising two books aimed at transforming individuals into adept salespersons [5].

The initial volume, named “Missile,” was designed to equip individuals with the necessary sales skills to locate and engage potential buyers. The second book, labeled “Roadmap,” focused on the art of crafting a compelling pitch. Concurrently, Dave expressed his ambition to transform this valuable material into a mobile application, underscoring his intention to scale the company.

In response to Kevin’s inquiry about the company’s financials and business model, Dave disclosed that Salespreneur had generated $ 40,000 in sales within a span of three months, securing deals with five organizations, three of which held a coveted spot in the Fortune 300. Dave elucidated his unique approach of disseminating the Salespreneur methodology by personally instructing ten to twenty sales representatives, who, in turn, prompted their respective companies to purchase the instructional booklets.

Kevin remained skeptical despite the apparent success, questioning the unproven concept of Salespreneur’s mobile app. Robert, too, voiced reservations about the mobile app idea and its viability. Daymond challenged Dave’s sales prowess by requesting a pitch for a pen, ultimately expressing dissatisfaction and opting out.

Robert, although impressed with Dave’s sales acumen, remained concerned about the unmaterialized mobile app and decided to exit the deal. Kevin echoed the sentiment, citing the risk associated with an untested concept, and subsequently bowed out.

Mark Cuban, curious about Dave’s commitment, proposed a hypothetical scenario: if he met Dave’s exact funding request, would Dave accept the offer? Dave, however, deferred his response, seeking input from other Sharks. Barbara expressed admiration for Dave’s pitch but, akin to Robert, shared reservations about the unproven mobile app, leading her to decline participation.

Returning to Mark’s offer, Dave hesitated, hoping to entertain other potential deals. Mark reiterated his requirement for a straightforward answer, emphasizing the opportunity before Dave. Despite Mark’s insistence, Dave sought insights from Barbara before eventually returning to Mark. Mark, disappointed by Dave’s indecision, withdrew his offer, criticizing Dave for missing a golden opportunity.

In retrospect, Dave’s appearance on Shark Tank showcased both his sales acumen and the challenges inherent in navigating the intricate dynamics of securing a deal with the Sharks. The episode left Dave with valuable lessons and offered viewers a glimpse into the nuances of deal-making within the competitive realm of the Shark Tank.

The Pitch Of Salespreneur At Shark Tank

Salespreneur After The Shark Tank

Mark Cuban, in a candid assessment, pointed out to Greco that his failure to seize the acquisition opportunity on Shark Tank showcased to the entire nation the gravest mistake a salesperson could commit. Greco’s overconfidence proved to be his downfall in the Tank.

Subsequently, Greco secured an interview with Daymond John, a rare chance to capitalize on his Shark Tank fame. However, it appears that Greco did not maximize this opportunity to its full potential.

A glance at his social media profiles reveals a state of dormancy, and although his website maintains an attractive facade, broken links tarnish its functionality. It seems that the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest salesperson” may not be faring as well as one would expect.

According to Dave’s LinkedIn page, the company went out of business in August 2012, approximately six months after the episode aired. Greco transitioned through various sales roles until attempting to revive Salespreneur in 2015. As of May 2017, he has assumed the position of Senior Sales Leader at Stellantis [6].

While Dave’s company technically persists with an active website for potential customers to connect with him, his level of engagement with Salespreneur appears minimal, evident in his pursuit of other professional endeavors.

Despite the questionable decision to reject Mark’s deal in season three, subsequent seasons have revealed a common trend among entrepreneurs appearing on the show. Many opt to hear from all the Sharks before finalizing a deal, intending to gather as much information as possible. The debate over the correct choice in the heat of the moment remains ongoing.

Nevertheless, recent entrepreneurs often enter the Tank with a predefined strategy, identifying their preferred Shark and determining the maximum equity they are willing to concede. While it remains uncertain whether Dave’s company would have thrived with Mark’s deal, his pitch serves as a lesson for future entrepreneurs: sometimes closing a deal, even if it aligns with your terms, might be more favorable than leaving with no deal at all.

The Net Worth Of Salespreneur

The net worth of Salespreneur is a topic that has gained quite some attention. During and after its pitch on Shark Tank, the company was valued at $ 225,000. However, it’s essential to note that in August 2012, Salespreneur went out of business. This unfortunate event left the net worth of the company unknown as of 2023 [7].

Dave Greco, the founder of Salespreneur, has a reported net worth of $ 400,000. However, this figure does not reflect the net worth of Salespreneur but rather Dave’s net worth.

Salespreneur After The Shark Tank

While Dave Greco claimed to have taken a small start-up company from $ 30 million to $ 60 million in sales, this claim does not offer a clear indication of the net worth of Salespreneur. It merely highlights Dave’s sales prowess, which he aimed to teach through Salespreneur.

Alternatives To Salespreneur:

Grant Cardone Sales Training:

  • Focus: Grant Cardone is a renowned sales trainer, and his programs emphasize a high-energy, assertive approach to sales
  • Key Features: Cardone’s training covers a wide range of sales topics, from prospecting to closing deals, and is known for its motivational style;
  • Suitability: Suitable for individuals and teams looking for a dynamic and motivational sales training approach;

Sandler Training:

  • Focus: Sandler Training is based on the concept of “pain points” and addresses the psychology of both the buyer and the seller;
  • Key Features: Emphasizes a systematic, consultative selling approach and includes techniques for effective communication;
  • Suitability: Suitable for individuals and teams seeking a structured and consultative sales training methodology;

Challenger Sale:

  • Focus: Based on the book “The Challenger Sale,” this methodology emphasizes the need for sales reps to challenge customers’ thinking and redefine their needs;
  • Key Features: Focuses on teaching sales professionals to deliver insight-driven, tailored messages to potential clients
  • Suitability: Suitable for organizations looking to adopt a challenger mindset in their sales approach;

HubSpot Sales Hub:

  • Focus: HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales automation platform that includes tools for managing leads, automating outreach, and analyzing sales performance;
  • Key Features: Offers CRM integration, email tracking, and automation features to streamline the sales process
  • Suitability: Suitable for organizations looking for an integrated sales and marketing platform;

SPIN Selling:

  • Focus: SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) Selling, developed by Neil Rackham, focuses on asking effective questions to guide the sales process;
  • Key Features: Emphasizes understanding the customer’s situation deeply and tailoring the sales approach accordingly;
  • Suitability: Suitable for individuals and teams looking to enhance their questioning and consultative selling skills;

Brian Tracy International:

  • Focus: Brian Tracy is a well-known motivational speaker and sales trainer, offering programs that cover various aspects of sales and personal development;
  • Key Features: Provides a mix of motivational content, practical sales strategies, and time management techniques;
  • Suitability: Suitable for individuals seeking a holistic approach to sales and personal development;

Miller Heiman Group’s Strategic Selling:

  • Focus: Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling methodology is based on the concept of understanding and influencing the decision-making process of key players;
  • Key Features: Focuses on building strong relationships and understanding the customer’s buying process;
  • Suitability: Suitable for B2B sales professionals and organizations involved in complex sales cycles;


  1. Is the Salespreneur still in operation?

As of 2023, Salespreneur went out of business in August 2012, around six months after its episode aired on Shark Tank.

  1. Is Salespreneur a genuine company?

Yes, Salespreneur was a legitimate company founded by Dave Greco. However, it faced challenges and eventually went out of business in 2012.

  1. Does the Salespreneur work?

The efficacy of Salespreneur’s methodology is subjective and dependent on individual experiences. While some may find value in the program, others might have different outcomes.

  1. Was Salespreneur a program?

Yes, Salespreneur was a company that offered a program called the Missile System, which aimed to teach individuals the art of effective selling. It included two books, Missile and Roadmap, designed to enhance sales skills.

  1. Who were the Salespreneur’s ideal clients?

Salespreneur targeted a broad audience, including sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking to improve their sales skills and make a positive impact.

  1. Is there an affiliate program at Salespreneur?

Specific details about an affiliate program at Salespreneur are not available. It’s recommended to check the latest information on the official Salespreneur website or contact them directly for the most accurate details.

  1. What is the “number 1” Shark Tank company?

Determining the “number 1” Shark Tank company is subjective and can vary based on different criteria such as revenue, success, or impact. Shark Tank has seen numerous successful ventures, and opinions on the top companies may differ.

Is the Salespreneur still in operation?

  1. Do sharks get paid to be on Shark Tank?

The Sharks on Shark Tank do not receive salaries for their participation. They invest their own money into the businesses they choose to back and become stakeholders in those ventures.

  1. Who made the most money from Shark Tank?

The success of Shark Tank investments varies, but some Sharks, like Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, have made significant returns on their investments, accumulating substantial wealth from successful deals.

  1. Who is the only billionaire on Shark Tank?

As of 2023, Mark Cuban is the only billionaire among the Sharks on Shark Tank.

  1. Who did Mark Cuban offer $ 30 million?

Mark Cuban offered $ 30 million to the creators of the mobile app, Cycloramic, during their appearance on Shark Tank. The deal, however, did not materialize, as the entrepreneurs declined the offer.

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