Marz Sprays: What Happened After Shark Tank

Marz Sprays: What Happened After Shark Tank

Marz Sprays, a unique and innovative supplement company, has enjoyed significant success since its appearance on the popular reality TV show, Shark Tank. Founded by Brandon Marz and Keith Marz, the company’s oral spray supplements offered a refreshing alternative to traditional pill supplements. After securing a substantial investment from “Shark” Lori Greiner, Marz Sprays experienced a surge in sales and growth.

This article delves into the journey of Marz Sprays: the highs, the lows, the challenges faced, and the company’s current status. It will also provide an insight into the impact that Shark Tank had on the company’s trajectory.

What Is Marz Sprays?

Marz Sprays, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, is a unique line of oral sprays that aim to deliver essential vitamins and minerals. Instead of traditional pill supplements, these sprays offer a convenient and easy-to-use alternative [1].

Key Features

These sprays check off all the necessary criteria. They are suitable for vegans, free from gluten and sugar, and all the components are responsibly acquired. This amalgamation is ideal for those who prioritize their health. Furthermore, the FDA approval serves as the ultimate assurance, solidifying their quality and safety.

Product Line

Marz Sprays presents a range of oral vitamin and extract mists designed to enhance health and promote overall well-being.

What Is Marz Sprays?

These sprays can be conveniently administered directly into the mouth or utilized as a supplementary flavor enhancer when mixed with water:

  • The C-Spray delivers substantial quantities of vitamin C, B-12, and D while being fortified with immune-boosting echinacea and an exclusive blend of essential minerals;
  • The Sleep Spray is tailored to support rejuvenating and high-quality sleep without the inclusion of substances that may lead to addiction or leave you feeling drowsy. It contains a mixture of GABA and Valerian root, both renowned for their ability to induce relaxation and address insomnia;
  • The Slim Spray is a weight management companion infused with a rich assortment of vitamins and extracts, including Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea, Guarana Seed, and more. Its primary function is to curb your appetite and bolster your determination;
  • The ReBoot Spray is your ticket to an energy boost without the unpleasant side effects of caffeine or energy shots, sparing you from jitters and crashes. Lastly, the Juicy Spray can be likened to a comprehensive multivitamin, harnessing the nutritive power of 29 different fruits and vegetables [2];

How Does It Work?

Marz Sprays have been meticulously crafted for direct oral application, facilitating rapid absorption and utilization by the body. Their product range encompasses various formulations tailored to address specific health and wellness requirements.

For instance, Marz Sprays have concoctions specially designed to support restful sleep, bolster the immune system, assist in weight management, and enhance overall well-being. These sprays feature an array of vitamins, minerals, and natural constituents that contribute to the body’s functions and the promotion of optimal health [3].

What sets Marz Sprays apart is their unparalleled convenience and user-friendliness. The spray format is not only easy to carry, making it the perfect companion for individuals on the move, but it also eliminates the necessity of swallowing large pills, a task that can prove challenging for some.

Moreover, the expeditious absorption rate stands as a significant advantage. By delivering nutrients directly into the oral cavity, they bypass the digestive system, swiftly entering the bloodstream. This yields a speedier and more efficient absorption process when compared to traditional supplements.

When it comes to safety and quality, Marz Sprays maintains that all its products are manufactured within FDA-registered facilities, adhering to rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Additionally, they emphasize that their sprays are gluten-free and devoid of artificial colors or flavors, further ensuring a product of high integrity and purity.


  • Easy to Use: The biggest advantage of Marz Sprays is their convenience. They are compact, portable, and easy to use. Simply spray it into your mouth and you’re done. No water needed, no pills to swallow;
  • Efficient Absorption: Marz Sprays claim to have a higher absorption rate compared to traditional pills. This is because the nutrients are absorbed directly through the mouth lining, bypassing the digestive system which can sometimes hinder absorption;
  • Variety of Products: Marz Sprays offers a range of products targeting different health areas, including energy, sleep, weight loss, and immune support. Each product is formulated with a specific blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts;

Who May Benefit from Using Marz Sprays


  • Taste: Some users have reported a strong, unpleasant taste from the sprays. While this is subjective and can vary from person to person, it’s worth noting if you’re sensitive to taste;
  • Price: Compared to traditional vitamin and mineral supplements, Marz Sprays can be more expensive. This could be a deterrent for those on a tight budget;
  • Lack of Scientific Evidence: While the company claims higher absorption rates, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to fully support this;

Who May Benefit from Using Marz Sprays:

  • People with Nutrient Deficiencies: Marz Sprays can help individuals who have nutrient deficiencies. They offer a range of sprays, like vitamin B12, C, and D sprays, that can help supplement these deficiencies;
  • Individuals Who Struggle with Pill Swallowing: Many people struggle with swallowing pills. Marz Sprays offer an easy-to-use alternative, as they can be sprayed directly into the mouth;
  • Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: Marz Sprays also produces sprays designed to aid in recovery and performance, which can be useful for athletes and those who regularly exercise;
  • People Seeking Immune Support: Their immune spray is packed with vitamins and minerals known to support immune health, making it a good option for those looking to boost their immune system;
  • Individuals On-the-Go: Marz Sprays are portable and easy to use on the go. This makes them a convenient option for busy individuals who are often out and about [4];

About Founders Of Marz Sprays

Marz Sprays was founded by Keith Marz, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in civil engineering. Despite his initial career in construction and real estate development, Keith held a deep-seated interest in the realm of health and wellness [5].

This passion was further stoked by a personal experience. Keith’s father, facing difficulties swallowing pills due to a medical condition, catalyzed exploring alternative methods of supplement intake.

Witnessing his father’s struggle with traditional pill-based vitamins and supplements, Keith delved into extensive research to uncover innovative delivery solutions. In this pursuit, he discovered that oral sprays offered a far more efficient and convenient means of delivering vital nutrients. It was this revelation that laid the foundation for the inception of Marz Sprays.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, Marz Sprays had already developed a comprehensive range of oral spray products engineered to cater to diverse health requirements.

However, as is common in the fiercely competitive supplement market, the company encountered the typical challenges of establishing a foothold.

One of the most formidable obstacles revolved around gaining exposure to the right audience and educating consumers about the advantages of spray supplements as opposed to traditional pills.

The opportunity to feature on Shark Tank afforded Marz Sprays the chance to pitch their product to a panel of industry giants and millions of viewers at home.

About Founders Of Marz Sprays

Keith and his team devoted themselves to rigorous preparation in anticipation of this pivotal moment, cognizant of the potential to transform the trajectory of Marz Sprays. True to their expectations, the appearance on the show led to a substantial surge in brand awareness and sales.

Through Keith Marz’s innovative approach and personal dedication, Marz Sprays introduced a groundbreaking method of supplement delivery to the health and wellness sector. Their stint on Shark Tank catapulted the company into the spotlight, accelerating their growth and consolidating their position in the market.

The Pitch Of Marz Sprays At Shark Tank

In October 2012, Keith and Brandon Marz made their debut on the TV show Shark Tank, showcasing their lineup of oral sprays tailored for health-conscious individuals. Their initial pitch sought $ 200,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their business [6].

The pitch commenced with the assertion that in the United States, over 100 million people faced issues with pill consumption, either due to preference or difficulty swallowing them. Keith underlined the inefficiency of traditional vitamin pills, emphasizing that one might absorb only a fraction of the vitamin content in these pills.

Keith’s motivation for creating Marz Sprays stemmed from observing his children struggle with pill ingestion.

Brandon then swiftly introduced the five spray products offered by the business, along with their respective benefits:

  • C-Spray, described as a multi-vitamin immunity blend, was highlighted for containing the vitamin C equivalent of 114 oranges. Kids Spray featured nutrients from an assortment of fruits and vegetables;
  • Slim Spray, developed with the guidance of medical professionals, aimed to reduce food cravings;
  • Reboot was positioned as the Marz energy spray, boasting a “megadose” of vitamin B12, with Brandon underlining the cost savings compared to daily energy shots;
  • Lastly, Sleep Spray contained well-known ingredients conducive to restful sleep, including Valerian Root and Melatonin [7];

The Sharks were then offered samples of the energy-enhancing Reboot spray. Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary eagerly requested samples, albeit with different reactions. Mark Cuban was notably unimpressed by the product and questioned the viability of Marz Sprays in a market already populated with large vitamin supplement manufacturers providing alternative delivery methods. Keith argued that there was no dominant market leader in this segment and that Marz Sprays could fill that role.

Robert Herjavec humorously remarked that Mark seemed irritable, seemingly a side effect of the energy spray. Mark responded with a harsh verdict, branding the product and the business as a scam, expressing disbelief that Keith and Brandon aimed to compete in an already saturated market.

The Pitch Of Marz Sprays At Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary, with his characteristic frankness, declared his belief that the entire supplement market was a hustle, criticizing the pitch for not emphasizing the market’s multibillion-dollar value. The Sharks became increasingly animated as they sampled more of the energy spray. When questioned about sales figures, Brandon disclosed that the company had generated approximately $ 125,000 in sales during nine months, though the full product range had only been available for nine business days.

Despite this limited sales history, they had received significant interest from international markets, with five pending purchase orders worth over a million dollars. Kevin O’Leary expressed concern over the term “pending” and the lengthy process of international product certification, ultimately leading to his exit from the negotiations.

Daymond John followed suit, citing concerns about international regulations and the potential timeline involved, which led to his withdrawal from the deal. Robert Herjavec praised the product’s effectiveness but expressed his overall skepticism about the supplement market, prompting his exit.

Mark Cuban remained unimpressed, largely due to the competitive landscape and the unprotected nature of the product. Keith Marz attempted to sway him one final time, but Mark dismissed the pitch with a definitive “I’m out.”

Brandon made a final plea to Lori Greiner, expressing the potential for their combined success. Lori, intrigued by the business concept, made an offer of $ 200,000 for a 30% stake, contingent on the success of the Nature Made deal. Kevin then proposed a joint investment with Lori, offering $ 250,000 for 40%. However, Lori declined this offer, preferring to proceed independently.

Kevin made a separate offer of $ 200,000 for a 25% stake, matching Lori’s terms. Robert summarized both offers and while Keith and Brandon deliberated, Lori adjusted her offer to align with Kevin’s, a $ 200,000 investment for 25% of the business.

Brandon introduced the idea of a redemption option for repurchasing half of the equity, with Lori agreeing but demanding four times her initial investment. Kevin expressed disapproval of this arrangement. In a final attempt to secure a more favorable deal, Brandon proposed a 20% equity stake for $ 200,000, but Lori rejected the suggestion.

With no further room for negotiation, Brandon accepted Lori’s offer. As Keith and Brandon exited the Shark Tank, Mark Cuban couldn’t resist a parting shot, claiming that Lori had been “hustled.” The other Sharks, however, appeared less than impressed with the outcome, while Lori remained convinced that she had made a shrewd investment decision.

Marz Sprays After The Shark Tank

Following their successful appearance on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Lori Greiner, Marz Sprays experienced a remarkable upturn in their business fortunes. With Lori’s expert guidance and her extensive network of retail connections, the brand was able to significantly broaden its reach and effectively market its spray supplement products to a larger and more diverse consumer base [8].

The company’s sales saw a substantial surge after its Shark Tank exposure. The show not only provided them with a vast, immediate audience but also the association with Lori Greiner lent an invaluable layer of credibility, attracting a wave of new customers.

Furthermore, the exposure from Shark Tank opened doors to numerous other opportunities for the company. This included forging new partnerships, expanding their distribution channels, and further enhancing their product lineup.

Lori’s influential presence played a pivotal role in getting Marz Sprays onto retail shelves. Their distribution footprint extended to major retail chains, resulting in a remarkable exponential increase in sales.

This triumph wasn’t solely the result of expanded exposure but also the unwavering commitment of the Marz team to continually improve their products, diversify their offerings, and ensure the delivery of high-quality health supplements.

Marz Sprays continued to thrive and expand. The company had firmly entrenched itself in the health and wellness market, offering a product range that adeptly filled a niche in the supplement industry.

Marz Sprays After The Shark Tank

They expanded their product portfolio, with a focus on plant-based, sugar-free, and gluten-free sprays to cater to an array of health concerns. The user-friendly spray delivery method made them a hit among consumers, particularly those who faced difficulties swallowing pills.

The company succeeded in securing valuable retail partnerships and boosting its distribution through various channels, including online and global retailers. This strategic expansion was a key contributor to their success, and by 2022, the company had achieved a substantial net worth of $ 4 million [9].

Though not without its share of challenges, such as legal issues with Walgreens and a lawsuit involving Jennifer Love Hewitt, Marz Sprays persevered and remained in operation. Their clinically approved, patented oral sprays continued to be available on their website and through retail stores.

The enduring exposure from Shark Tank, coupled with reruns of the show, continued to attract new customers and bolster the brand’s sustained success. Marz Sprays’ steadfast commitment to providing a practical and health-conscious supplement solution propelled them to thrive in the fiercely competitive health and wellness market.

The Net Worth Of Marz Sprays

As of 2023, the net worth of Marz Sprays is reported to be around $ 3-4 million USD. This financial growth reflects the brand’s strategic expansion and the popularity of its product line [10]

After their Shark Tank appearance, the father and son team secured a $ 200,000 investment from Lori Greiner in exchange for 25% equity in their company. This investment undoubtedly played a role in the company’s success and growth in net worth.

It’s also worth noting that the company faced some challenges along the way. For instance, in 2014, they shipped $ 100,000 worth of products to Walgreens, but the company refused to pay. Despite these obstacles, Marz Sprays has managed to maintain a steady growth trajectory

Alternatives To Marz Sprays:

  • Instavit: Instavit offers a range of vitamin and supplement sprays, including Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Instant Energy sprays. These can be easily administered orally, providing a quick and convenient nutrient boost;
  • Purathrive: Purathrive produces a Liposomal B12 spray that is designed for optimal absorption. This could be a good alternative for those seeking a B12 supplement;
  • BetterYou: BetterYou provides a range of oral sprays including multivitamins, B vitamins, and Vitamin D sprays. They also offer specific sprays for kids and infants;
  • Garden of Life: Their “mykind Organics Spray line” includes vegan Vitamin D3, B-Complex, and B-12 options;
  • Ener-C: Ener-C produces a Vitamin C spray that can be a good alternative to Marz’s C Spray;
  • Sprayology: Sprayology offers a broad range of homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays for various wellness needs;
  • VitaMist: VitaMist designs and manufactures a wide array of spray vitamins, offering a convenient and effective method of supplementation;

Alternatives To Marz Sprays


  1. What is the most successful business that was on Shark Tank?

The most successful business that appeared on Shark Tank, based on sales, is Scrub Daddy. However, Ring, a smart doorbell company, became hugely successful after its appearance on the show, even though it did not receive an investment deal during its episode. It was later acquired by Amazon for over $ 1 billion.

  1. What was the worst deal on Shark Tank?

Determining the “worst” deal on Shark Tank can be subjective, but one notable deal that didn’t pan out as expected was with Hy-Conn, a manufacturer of fire hose connectors. Mark Cuban invested $ 1.25 million for 100% of the company, but the deal fell through after the show due to disagreements between Cuban and the owner.

  1. What Shark Tank businesses have failed?

Not all Shark Tank investments turn into success stories. Some of the businesses that have failed after appearing on the show include Toygaroo (a toy rental service), Sweet Ballz (a cake ball company), and You Smell Soap (a luxury soap company).

  1. Who is the richest “shark”?

As of 2023, the richest shark is Mark Cuban, with a net worth estimated at $ 4.3 billion.

  1. Which “shark” is in profit?

All of the sharks have seen profits from their investments on the show, but Mark Cuban has reportedly made the most significant investments and struck the most deals.

  1. Is Shark Tank still in 2023?

As of 2023, Shark Tank is still airing. However, please check your local listings for the most up-to-date information.

Is Marz Sprays still in business

  1. How did Mark Cuban get so rich?

Mark Cuban amassed his wealth through a series of successful business ventures. He started by selling his company, MicroSolutions, to CompuServe. Later, he co-founded, an internet radio company, which was sold to Yahoo for $ 5.7 billion in 1999. He also owns the Dallas Mavericks, a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.

  1. Who is the least successful “shark”?

Determining the “least successful” shark can be subjective and depends on various factors, including the number of deals made, total investment amount, and return on investment. As of 2023, specific data comparing the success rates of the sharks is not readily available.

  1. Who is the least liked “shark” on Shark Tank?

Public opinion varies, and it’s hard to definitively say who the least liked shark is. It largely depends on personal preferences and opinions of viewers.

  1. Is Marz Sprays still in business?

As of 2023, Marz Sprays is still in business and continues to offer a range of oral spray supplements.

  1. What is the net worth of Marz Sprays?

As of 2023, the net worth of Marz Sprays is reported to be around $ 3-4 million.

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