MorningHead: What Happened After Shark Tank

MorningHead: What Happened After Shark Tank

MorningHead, the innovative solution to the common problem of “bed hair”, made a memorable appearance on the entrepreneurial reality show, Shark Tank. The brainchild of Max Valverde, MorningHead is a cap that moistens your hair, making it ready for styling within minutes. This article delves into the journey of MorningHead following its Shark Tank exposure, covering its growth, current net worth, and how it has managed to stay relevant in the market.

You’ll also learn about the challenges it faced, the strides it has taken since its inception, and the impact Shark Tank had on its trajectory.

What Is MorningHead?

MorningHead is essentially a cure for “bedheads”. It’s a cap you put on your head, add some water, massage it around, and voila – your hair is ready for styling [1]. It’s an innovative solution for those who wake up with unruly hair and don’t have time or don’t want to take a full shower just to get their hair wet.

The MorningHead cap boasts a design reminiscent of a shower cap, providing a familiar and practical approach.

One of its standout features is the absorbent material used in its construction, ensuring efficient water absorption for quick hair wetting.

What Is MorningHead?

Available for just $ 10.99 on Amazon, it’s a budget-friendly solution compared to the $ 29.99 price tag in Boston’s local shops [2].

Using this product is a breeze, involving just three straightforward steps:

  • Add water to the cap’s interior;
  • Place it over your head and give it a gentle massage;
  • Style your hair as usual;

While this product holds great promise, there’s room for enhancement in its design and quality before it can transition into full-scale commercialization.

This product is not confined to a single sales channel; the company maintains its website and sells the product on Amazon. Additionally, you can find it in select mom-and-pop stores worldwide.

The MorningHead cap stands as the ultimate accessory for individuals who wet their hair in the sink, appreciate swift mornings, prefer evening showers before bedtime, or experience hair challenges due to headgear wear.

However, it’s essential to note that this product is more suitable for short hair, and it may not cater to those with longer locks.

With a production cost of just $ 1.19, the MorningHead cap is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. Its reusability and washability make it a practical choice for those seeking an affordable and sustainable hair care option.


  • Time Saver. One of the most significant advantages of MorningHead is the time it saves in the morning. As per the product’s website, MorningHead allows users to get out the door faster by eliminating the need for a shower solely to fix one’s hair;
  • Easy to Use. The MorningHead cap is straightforward to use. The instructions are simple: add water, put it on your head, and rub it around. The cap is also reusable and easy to clean, adding to its convenience factor;
  • Positive Reviews. The product has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on various platforms. Users have praised the effectiveness of the product, stating that it does indeed work to get rid of the “just woke up look” within a few minutes;
  • Affordable. With a reasonable price tag, MorningHead is an affordable solution for anyone looking to save time and effort in their morning routine [3];


  • Not a Universal Solution. While MorningHead works great for some, it may not be a universal solution. Hair type and length can significantly impact the effectiveness of the product. For instance, people with very long or thick hair may find that the cap doesn’t wet their hair evenly or sufficiently;
  • Limited Availability. Another downside is that the product isn’t widely available in retail stores. It can primarily be found online, which might be a disadvantage for those who prefer shopping in person;
  • Gimmicky Perception. Some people might perceive the MorningHead cap as a gag gift rather than a serious grooming tool. This perception could limit its appeal to potential users who might benefit from the product;

Who May Benefit From Using MorningHead?

  • People with Short to Medium Length Hair: The MorningHead cap is most effective when hair length is less than shoulder length. For those with hair longer than this, MorningHead may not work as effectively;
  • Busy Individuals: Anyone living in a fast-paced environment could benefit a lot from the MorningHead cap. If you’re often rushing in the morning and don’t have time to take a full shower just to fix your hair, MorningHead can be a time-saving solution;
  • Those with Certain Hair Types: The product seems to work best on certain types of hair. While it’s not specified what these types are, people with straight or wavy hair might likely see better results than those with very curly or coily hair;
  • People who Frequently Experience Bed Head: If you often wake up with messy, unmanageable hair, MorningHead can be a quick and easy fix. It’s designed to make your hair ready for styling within minutes;
  • Individuals Looking for an Alternative to Wet Towels: If you’re currently using a wet towel to dampen your hair in the morning, MorningHead can be a more convenient and effective alternative;

Who May Benefit From Using MorningHead?

About the Founders Of MorningHead

Max Valverde’s background includes graduating from Boston University and gaining experience as an employee at Microsoft [4]. He has a desire to continue his career at Microsoft while simultaneously maintaining his focus on the Morninghead innovation. The Morninghead venture was initiated in 2012 with some initial funding obtained through Kickstarter.

Notably, Morninghead is just one of the many products Max has developed throughout his career. It appears that he is committed to both his professional career and entrepreneurial pursuits, including the development and promotion of innovative products like Morninghead.

Max Valverde embarked on the journey of Morninghead back in 2012, initially launching it through a Kickstarter campaign to raise $ 1,000 to transform his idea into a reality [5]. At that time, he presented the product as a “reusable cap lined with a proprietary super-absorbent cloth, enabling quick hair wetting”. Remarkably, Max’s Morninghead project received the support of 489 backers, who contributed a total of $ 6,367 to bring his concept to life.

The Pitch Of MorningHead At Shark Tank

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Max Valverde, the brains behind MorningHead, is on a quest for $ 25,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in his enterprise [6]. Mark commences the discussion by outlining his daily routine, filled with outdoor activities such as mountain biking, mountain climbing, and distance running. He mentioned the post-work shower but revealed his predicament of waking up with an unruly bedhead after these adventures, dreading another shower. Max faced a similar situation, attempting to wet his hair in the sink, a practice Mark admits to doing during his lazier moments.

About the Founders Of MorningHead

To tackle this issue head-on, Max devised an ingenious, water-absorbent cap. The process is simple: add water to the cap, let it soak in, place it on your head, and gently massage it for a minute. No dripping water down your neck, and you can do it fully clothed. In seconds, your hair is thoroughly wet, ready to be styled as if you’ve just taken a shower. 

However, the Sharks couldn’t help but smirk, perceiving the product as somewhat peculiar, targeting a more laid-back demographic. Kevin inquires about the likelihood of investing in MorningHead, to which Max insists that Kevin and Daymond are fortunate not to have hair since there’s a genuine demand for the product. Max is confident that MorningHead’s internet popularity, combined with the Shark Tank’s viral exposure, could usher in a new era in morning grooming.

Max hands out samples of the MorningHead, prompting Kevin to remark that it resembles a diaper for the head. Nevertheless, Max reveals that they’ve already sold 7,000 units in over 42 countries. Robert inquires about the cost, and Max explains that they sell for $ 7.99 with production costs around $ 1.19, inching toward a $ 1.00 margin due to production efficiencies. Total sales to date amount to $ 36,000, and MorningHead has been in business for 18 months.

Daymond questions Max’s plans for the $ 25,000, to which Max responds that it will enable them to reduce production costs even further with larger production volumes.

Barbara inquires about customer acquisition, and Max shares his approach of creating videos, leading to 165,000 views within seven months, demonstrating the product’s growing popularity. Kevin asks about Max’s other pursuits, to which Max reveals he’s a mechanical engineer with a list of inventions.

However, Kevin remains unimpressed, likening the MorningHead cap to a shower cap with a bumper sticker. Mark joins in, removing the sticker, but Max defends the product’s international sales success. Kevin suggests that Max capitalizes on his salesmanship for other inventions.

Mark wonders about Max’s contingency plan if MorningHead fails. Max mentions his list of inventions but emphasizes the need to focus on one thing at a time. Mark acknowledges Max’s marketing abilities but believes MorningHead may not have the lasting appeal to sustain itself. Max counters by highlighting his modest valuation and plans to expand sales to other markets. Mark, however, decides to bow out of the deal.

Max notes that customers inquire about bulk orders, but the Sharks find this notion amusing. Barbara is the next to exit the deal, asserting that she has found an alternative solution with a damp face cloth. Robert follows suit, expressing his skepticism about the product’s potential.

Daymond believes MorningHead isn’t a worthy investment, commending Max for hitting a humorous gimmick but opting out of the deal [7]. Kevin, the final remaining Shark, reiterates his disinterest and declines the opportunity, despite Max’s plea for reconsideration.

MorningHead After The Shark Tank

Even though Max didn’t secure the endorsement of the Sharks on Shark Tank, he didn’t abandon his vision. Morninghead, while lacking billionaire backing, is still accessible online through Amazon, priced at just $ 10.99 [8]. The product caters to “night showerers” and individuals who encounter hair challenges after wearing headgear like helmets and hats.

The product description touts Morninghead as “reusable, washable, and awesome”.

Although Morninghead remains available, Max Valverde has transitioned to the role of President and Chief Operating Officer at FareHarbor, as indicated by his Twitter bio. FareHarbor specializes in online booking software and support services.

The enterprise persists, unfazed by the lack of a shark’s investment. Their products are accessible for shipment within the United States, and their clientele stretches across the globe.

MorningHead At Shark Tank

Regrettably, the company grappled with the challenge of expansion and profitability. Their products remain on physical store shelves and are accessible online. However, their revenue figures fail to leave a significant mark. Max has joined forces with a close associate and assumed the role of CEO at Fare Harbor.

In an exclusive conversation with Patch regarding his appearance on “Shark Tank,” Max Valverde, the mastermind behind MorningHead, which took its initial steps through Kickstarter, expressed, “Participating in ‘Shark Tank’ was an exhilarating experience — it’s a remarkable show, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it”.

Even though the outcome of “Shark Tank” didn’t turn out as expected, he conveyed to WCVB-TV, “At the end of the day, we reached 7.5 million viewers. It’s a level of exposure money can’t buy.” However, since the episode aired, MorningHead has opted for a more discreet presence.

Its social media profiles, such as Instagram and Twitter, have remained untouched since 2014. Nevertheless, their website continues to operate without interruption.

To acquire this innovative hair product, your sole option is to purchase it on Amazon. MorningHead carries a price tag of $ 10.99 and boasts a rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 [9]. A review dating back to 2020 expressed, “Incredible! I was taken aback by how swiftly the Sharks dismissed this product and just had to give it a try. I’m delighted to have found it on Amazon. They truly missed out on a great opportunity. The cap does exactly what it promises and more.”

However, some individuals did point out shortcomings in the product. In 2015, one person shared, “This works quite well if you can determine the right amount of water to use. Otherwise, you’ll either end up with water trickling down your neck if it’s too much or your hair won’t get adequately wet if it’s too little.”

On his LinkedIn profile, Max Valverde specified that his involvement with MorningHead extended from February 2014 to May of that year. He went on to highlight that his wife, reportedly named Megan as per Patch, took over the company’s reins. Valverde subsequently embarked on a journey with FareHarbor, a software firm. He concluded his tenure with the company in 2022 and has since soared to social media stardom.

On TikTok, Valverde has garnered over 42k followers, and the reasons for this are evident. At the time of this publication, Valverde is fervently training for the 2026 Ski Mountaineering Olympics (Skimo) in Italy.

According to Inside Edition, Valverde stands as an exception, entering the Olympic scene in his 40s with no prior athletic background. He shared with the publication, “Sometimes, you have to dig deep and question what you truly desire. I rediscovered my long-lost aspiration to explore the limits of the human body”.

On TikTok, he chronicles his journey and training regimen for the event, recounting the transition from being perceived as a humorous figure on “Shark Tank” to emerging as a professional athlete. As of 2023, Valverde boasts a national ranking of 12th in the realm of ski mountaineering.

The production status of the Morninghead product is not entirely clear. They may still be actively producing it, or they could be selling off existing stock. However, it’s evident that the product didn’t achieve the level of success Max had initially envisioned. While it hasn’t become a massive success, they do manage to generate some sales.

Nevertheless, these sales may not be substantial enough to secure its long-term viability, possibly making it more of a side business. As of the last available information, their total earnings from the product were less than $ 100,000, which may not be surprising given the circumstances.

The Net Worth Of MorningHead

As of 2023, MorningHead, the company that offers a quick solution to bed hair, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $ 200,000 [10]. This valuation comes from the sales of their innovative product, the MorningHead cap.

Max Valverde, the founder of MorningHead, hails from Park City, Utah, and later moved to Rhode Island. The company was featured on the popular entrepreneurial TV show, Shark Tank, in March 2014.

At the time of the show, MorningHead had sold $ 36,000 worth of products priced at $ 7.99 each, with a production cost of $ 1.19 per unit.

The Net Worth Of MorningHead

It is also noteworthy that after the Shark Tank appearance, MorningHead reportedly brought in $ 25,000/year automatically, demonstrating the sustained interest in the product [11].

Alternatives To MorningHead:

  • Shower Power: Noted as one of the top competitors to MorningHead, Shower Power offers an innovative all-in-one solution to morning hair woes;
  • Sunrise Splash: This alternative uses all-natural ingredients to help manage unruly morning hair;
  • Silicone Swimming Cap: For those concerned about the environmental impact of plastic shower caps, silicone swimming caps made for long or natural hair can be a good alternative. Brands like Speedo and Soul Cap offer such products;
  • DIY Solutions: The Fun Times Guide to Beauty suggests using a simple washcloth as an alternative to the MorningHead cap;
  • Bed Prism Spectacles: While not a direct alternative to MorningHead, these spectacles can be used in bed to read or watch TV without disturbing your hair;


  1. How long does MorningHead’s effect last?

The lifespan of your Morninghead cap hinges on how frequently it’s used and how well it’s cared for. Many users find their cap lasting well beyond 6 months, and some have even continued to use the same cap they received during our Kickstarter launch in February of 2012. 

However, for our dedicated “night shower-ers,” who rely on Morninghead daily, a replacement cap is typically needed approximately every 3 months. Much like a toothbrush, it’s a replaceable toiletry item that gradually wears out over time, contingent on usage.

To prolong the cap’s longevity, it’s essential to remember to turn it inside out and thoroughly wring it out after each use. This simple care routine can help ensure you get the most out of your Morninghead cap.

  1. How is MorningHead different from a towel or washcloth?

Morninghead cap distinguishes itself through its exceptional absorbency and robust waterproof exterior. This cap possesses the remarkable ability to retain over 6 times its weight in water without a hint of dripping. Once the cap has been moistened and is snugly fitted on your head, the water is efficiently transferred from the cap into your hair with a gentle application of pressure. 

Furthermore, your hands and wrists remain perfectly dry, granting you the flexibility to utilize Morninghead practically anywhere, even while fully clothed, such as when you’re parked in your car before heading to work. This remarkable combination of features makes Morninghead a versatile and convenient solution for those in need of quick hair refreshing.

  1. Why not just use a spray bottle instead of MorningHead?

If you’ve been successfully tackling this issue with a spray bottle, that’s fantastic – stick with what works for you. However, in our extensive testing, we discovered that a spray bottle primarily wets only the surface of one’s hair, causing a significant portion of the water to cascade off and land on the neck, back, and face, rather than being effectively absorbed into the hair. For many, the spray bottle can be more of an inconvenience than a solution.

  1. Is MorningHead reusable?

Morninghead is reusable. To maximize its lifespan, it’s important to turn it inside out and ensure it’s thoroughly wrung out after every use. This simple care routine helps maintain the cap’s effectiveness and durability over time.

  1. Is MorningHead washable?

Indeed, Morninghead is washable. You can either hand wash it using anti-bacterial soap or machine wash it on a delicate cycle. Crucially, be sure to turn it inside out and wring it out after washing. The frequency of washing will vary based on how often you use it, and you’ll develop a sense of when it’s time for cleaning after using it for a while.

Why not just use a spray bottle instead of MorningHead?

  1. Can women use MorningHead?

Certainly, MorningHead is suitable for women as well. A substantial portion of our users are women with shorter hair. You’re likely to achieve the best results if your hair is a “bob or shorter” in length. If your hair is longer than a bob, Morninghead may not be as effective, but you’re certainly welcome to give it a try if you wish.

  1. Can you use MorningHead if you have long hair?

The Morninghead cap delivers optimal performance for individuals with hair lengths that are shorter than shoulder length. If your hair is longer, Morninghead may not be as effective. However, it’s worth noting that some users with longer hair have used Morninghead by adding water to the cap a second time, though results may vary.

  1. How did Morning Head do after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Morning Head did not secure a deal with any of the Sharks. Despite not receiving financial backing from the investors on the show, Morning Head continued to operate as a business.

While it may not have achieved the level of success Max Valverde had initially envisioned, the product remains available for purchase online, and Max Valverde has pursued other ventures, including his role as President and Chief Operating Officer at FareHarbor.

  1. Who is the owner of Morninghead?

The owner and creator of Morninghead is Max Valverde. Max is the entrepreneur behind the innovative Morninghead cap, which is designed for quick and efficient hair wetting and styling, especially for those who prefer showering at night or have busy mornings.

  1. Who is the most successful Shark Tank investor?

As of 2023, several investors on Shark Tank have achieved significant success, and it can be challenging to pinpoint a single “most successful” investor. However, some of the notable and successful investors include Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Barbara Corcoran. Their success extends beyond the show, with investments in numerous businesses that have gone on to flourish.

  1. Do Shark Tank investors get paid?

Shark Tank investors, or “Sharks,” do not receive salaries for their participation in the show. They invest their own money in the businesses they choose to support. The negotiations that take place during the show involve the Sharks offering funding in exchange for equity in the entrepreneur’s business. Their earnings come from the profits and success of these investments in the businesses they choose to partner with.

Who is the owner of Morninghead?

  1. What is the most famous thing from Shark Tank?

Shark Tank has featured a wide range of products and businesses over the years, making it challenging to pinpoint a single “most famous” item.

However, some of the most well-known and successful products that have emerged from the show include the Scrub Daddy (a smiley-faced scrubbing sponge), the Squatty Potty (a bathroom accessory designed to improve posture), and the Ring (a smart doorbell and security company).

These products have achieved significant recognition and commercial success as a result of their appearances on Shark Tank.

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