Chill Soda: What Happened After Shark Tank

Chill Soda: What Happened After Shark Tank

In recent years, reality TV shows such as Shark Tank have gained immense popularity among entrepreneurs and viewers alike. The show provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of successful business leaders and investors, also known as “sharks”, in hopes of securing funding and mentorship to take their businesses to the next level.

One such company that made an appearance on Shark Tank was Chill Soda, a unique carbonated beverage that claimed to provide a relaxing and calming effect to its consumers. While the Chill Soda founders were successful in securing a deal with a shark on the show, the real question remained: what happened after the cameras stopped rolling? This article delves into the aftermath of Chill Soda’s appearance on Shark Tank, exploring the ups and downs of the business and its journey toward success.

From dealing with the pressure of increased demand to navigating the challenges of scaling up production and distribution, the Chill Soda team has faced a multitude of obstacles since their Shark Tank appearance.

Through their resilience, determination, and willingness to learn from their mistakes, Chill Soda has emerged as a thriving brand, serving as a shining example of what can happen when a great idea meets the right team, resources, and mindset. This article offers valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and the real-life challenges that come with starting and growing a business.

What Is Chill Soda?

What Is Chill Soda?

Chill Soda is a soft drink marketed as an alternative to traditional soda that is known for its lower sugar and calorie content, while also being delicious and beneficial to consume. The brand offers four distinct flavors, including Chill Kola, Chill Pome, Chill Guava, and Chill Lemon. What’s more, Chill Soda prides itself on producing its beverages using natural ingredients, without the use of any preservatives [1].

Chill Soda offers a healthier alternative to drinks that are typically high in sugar and calories. The founders of the company recognized the need for a beverage that could provide proper hydration and nutrition without sacrificing taste. This realization led to the creation of Chill Soda, a delicious and nutritious drink that can be enjoyed by anyone, whether at home, at school, or on the go.

Healthy Soda, Inc. was born out of a desire to fill a void in the beverage industry for a healthier soda option. The founder’s sister, who was a teacher, witnessed the removal of drinks from schools and realized the need for a wholesome and nutritious soda. Chill Soda offers a unique blend of nutrients, low-calorie intake, and exceptional flavor, making it a true game-changer in the beverage industry.

The name “Chill” was chosen for the drinks because it aligns with the brand’s low glycemic index and represents a youthful and relaxed attitude. The company believes that being healthy is important at any age.

Based in Sausalito, California, Dan Mackey founded the Chill Soda Company as a novice entrepreneur with a background in marketing. His upbringing on a family trout farm instilled in him strong problem-solving abilities and a strong work ethic.

Inspired by his sister’s experience as a teacher in a California school that had banned soda due to its harmful effects and replaced it with calorie-laden beverages containing artificial sweeteners, Mackey saw an opportunity to create a drink that would benefit both children and adults. Chill Soda is available in four delicious flavors: Chill Kola, Chill Pome, Chill Guava, and Chill Limon, all of which are enriched with vitamin C and a blend of nuts and spices. According to Mackey, Chill Soda is the “revolution of sodas”, offering a unique and healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks.

The success of Chill Soda is due in part to the support and contributions of its business partners, including Barbara Corcoran, one of the brand’s most significant cheerleaders and supporters. The company expresses its appreciation for the support it has received, recognizing that it has played a vital role in making its healthy soda a reality.

With its commitment to providing a healthier option in the soft drink market, Chill Soda has quickly gained popularity among consumers looking for a refreshing and guilt-free beverage. By offering a range of flavors that satisfy taste buds without compromising on nutritional value, Chill Soda has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive beverage industry. Additionally, the brand’s use of natural ingredients and avoidance of preservatives speaks to a growing trend of consumers seeking out products with fewer artificial additives.

About Chill Soda’s Founders

About Chill Soda’s Founders

Dan Mackey was one of the founders of Chill Soda, a naturally sweetened soft drink that appeared on the hit television show Shark Tank in 2008. Mackey and his brother pitched the drink as a healthier alternative to traditional soft drinks, using a blend of natural sweeteners to give it a unique taste that set it apart from other low-calorie options on the market.

Following the failure of Chill Soda, Mackey continued to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He went on to co-found another beverage company, Chief Energy, which produces a line of natural energy drinks. The company markets its drinks as containing only natural ingredients and no added sugars or artificial flavors. Chief Energy has enjoyed some success, although it has not reached the same level of popularity as some of the major players in the energy drink market.

In addition to his work in the beverage industry, Mackey has also been involved in other ventures. He has worked as a consultant for small businesses and start-ups, helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of bringing their products or services to market. He has also been involved in philanthropic work, supporting causes related to health and wellness, education, and the environment.

Dan was motivated to create Chill Soda after learning about the issue from a family member who was a teacher. At the time, conventional soda had been banned on school campuses, and the alternatives provided were even more unhealthy. He aimed to provide a healthier choice that did not compromise on taste, offering four distinct flavors to consumers. The fact that Chill Soda generated $175,000 in revenue before even appearing on Shark Tank is a testament to the demand for this product in the market.

When Dan Mackey discovered that public schools in his community were replacing sodas with other beverages that were equally, if not more, nutritionally deficient, he was inspired to develop an innovative solution – Chill Soda. He appeared on Shark Tank in episode 9 to seek funding in exchange for shares in his company. However, it was clear that his mission went beyond just securing financial backing. Dan was on a mission to educate soda drinkers about the benefits of his soft drink line, which offered the same great taste with half the calories and superior nutrition.

Dan’s motivation to create Chill Soda was fueled by a desire to provide a healthier alternative in a market saturated with sugary and calorie-laden drinks. His appearance on Shark Tank was not just about securing funding but also about spreading awareness about the benefits of his product. The success of Chill Soda, as evidenced by its impressive revenue figures, highlights the growing demand for healthier beverage options in today’s health-conscious society.

The Pitch Of Chill Soda At Shark Tank

During his appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank, Dan Mackey sought an investment of $55,000 for a 10% equity stake in Chill Soda. Before the show, he had already sold 250,000 cans of Chill Soda through various distributors in California, generating $175,000 in revenue [2].

The Pitch Of Chill Soda At Shark Tank

The four sharks were initially intrigued by Mackey’s product and success, but his lack of knowledge about the beverage industry nearly led to disaster.

As a marketing expert, Mackey had no experience in the industry, which made the investors hesitant. Kevin, Daymond, and Robert backed out when they saw his lack of direction and understanding of the market.

Despite this setback, Barbara Corcoran remained interested in the company and shocked the other sharks by offering to invest $50,000 for a 20% stake in Chill Soda. Corcoran was the only shark who chose to invest in Chill Soda, inspired by Mackey’s honesty and vision for the company. In the end, the final deal was struck with Corcoran investing $55,000 for a 20% equity stake in Chill Soda.

Chill Soda After The Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran, an angel investor, invested $50,000 in Chill Soda in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. Before the investment from the Shark Tank show, Chill Soda was valued at $250,000, but unfortunately, the company eventually went out of operation [3].

Barbara Corcoran is a successful American entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $80 million. She founded The Corcoran Group, a New York-based real estate company, which she sold to NRT for $66 million. Barbara also served as a shark on ABC’s Shark Tank for all five seasons, investing in over 50 businesses and startups.

Regrettably, Chill Soda turned out to be a complete failure for Barbara, as the company and its founder struggled to make a profit. Despite its closure, the company still maintains a website that allows customers to place orders.

Chill Soda After The Shark Tank

Currently, there is no updated information available about the financial or operational status of Chill Soda after its appearance on Shark Tank. The company’s website provides a comprehensive overview of its products, but it seems that the distribution partnerships that Dan Mackey had when he pitched on the show no longer exist. Therefore, to purchase Chill Soda, interested customers must email the company to be added to their mailing list. However, it’s uncertain whether the company actually sells its products.

The Chill Soda website has only one button labeled “Buy Now”, but it’s unclear whether the company has a thriving beverage business.

In an interview, Barbara Corcoran admitted that she lost money on her investment in Chill Soda, but she didn’t provide further details. It seems that the company is no longer operating, and Barbara’s investment was unsuccessful because the company and its founder were unable to make a profit.

Chill Soda is one of the many Shark Tank failures, and as of 2022, its website remains the same as it was in 2015, with a promise of an upcoming online store that never materialized.

In summary, Chill Soda was unable to compete with traditional soda companies and alternative soda brands. There is no significant information available about the current state of the company, but its website still showcases the benefits of its product range.

The Net Worth Of Chill Soda

The Net Worth Of Chill Soda

The net worth of Chill Soda is not publicly known, as the company eventually closed down after failing to gain a significant foothold in the highly competitive soft drink market. The company’s valuation during its appearance on Shark Tank was $550,000, but it is unclear how much revenue the company generated or what its total expenses were [4].

Despite its eventual failure, Chill Soda generated a lot of buzz and enthusiasm from viewers and fans of the product. The soda was praised for its unique taste and use of natural sweeteners, and many people appreciated its low-calorie, health-conscious formula. However, the challenges of scaling up production and distribution proved to be too much for the small, independent company, and it was eventually forced to close its doors.

Alternatives To Chill Soda:

  • LaCroix is a popular sparkling water brand that comes in a wide variety of fruity flavors, without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners;
  • Spindrift – another sparkling water brand that uses real fruit juice in their drinks, providing a more natural flavor;
  • Zevia – a soda brand that uses natural sweeteners instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners;
  • Hint – a flavored water brand that uses natural fruit essences to create refreshing drinks without any added sugars;
  • Clearly Canadian – a sparkling water brand that has recently made a comeback after a long hiatus, offering a variety of fruit flavors;
  • Bubly – a sparkling water brand owned by PepsiCo that comes in a variety of flavors, including mango, cherry, and apple;
  • Kombucha is a fermented tea that is known for its probiotic benefits and tangy taste. It comes in many flavors and can be found at most grocery stores;
  • Seltzer water is a refreshing and calorie-free alternative to soda, and it can be flavored with a splash of juice or fruit slices for added flavor;

Alternatives To Chill Soda


  1. Does Chill soda still exist?

Chill soda was a brand of soda that was introduced in 2003 and was known for its unique flavors and branding. However, it appears that the company is no longer in operation. Their website is no longer active, and there has been no recent news or updates about the brand [5].

  1. What beverage companies did Barbara Corcoran invest in?

Barbara Corcoran is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has invested in a wide variety of businesses. Some of the beverage companies she has invested in include:

  • Copa Di Vino, a company that produces individual servings of wine;
  • Ryan’s Barkery, a company that makes dog treats;
  • Loliware, a company that produces biodegradable cups and straws made from seaweed;
  1. What is the healthy soda on Shark Tank Season 1?

In season 1 of Shark Tank, there was a company called Vemma that pitched a line of healthy sodas called Vemma Verve. The sodas contained a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and were marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional soda.

  1. Is Barbara Corcoran a millionaire?

Yes, Barbara Corcoran is a millionaire. She has had a successful career as a real estate entrepreneur and investor, and has also made a name for herself as a television personality and author. Her net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

  1. What is the oldest soda still sold today?

The oldest soda still sold today is said to be Dr. Pepper, which was first introduced in 1885. However, there are also other sodas that have been around for over 100 years, such as Coca-Cola (introduced in 1886) and Pepsi (introduced in 1898) [6].

  1. What is the most unpopular soda in the world?

It’s difficult to determine the most unpopular soda in the world, as taste preferences vary widely from person to person. However, some sodas that are often cited as being unpopular or unusual include Jones Soda’s Thanksgiving flavors (which include turkey and gravy soda), Ranch Dressing Soda, and Lester’s Fixins’ Bacon Soda.

  1. What is the biggest product that Shark Tank missed out on?

There have been several products that have gone on to achieve massive success after being turned down by the Sharks on Shark Tank. One of the most notable examples is the Ring video doorbell, which was rejected by all of the Sharks in season 5, but was later acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion.

  1. Has Shark Tank ever made a bad investment?

Yes, there have been several instances where the Sharks on Shark Tank have made investments that didn’t turn out as well as they had hoped. Some of these investments include [7]:

  • Ionic Ear, a product that claimed to transmit sound through the user’s teeth (invested in by Kevin Harrington in season 1);
  • The UroClub, a product that was essentially a golf club with a hidden compartment for urinating (invested in by Kevin Harrington in season 3);
  • RoloDoc, a telemedicine company that failed to gain traction after appearing on Shark Tank (invested in by Mark Cuban in season 7);
  1. What is the most toxic soda?

There is no soda that is considered toxic in the sense that it is poisonous or harmful to consume. However, many sodas are high in sugar and calories, which can contribute to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
  1. Who are Chill Beverages shareholders?

As Chill Beverages no longer appears to be in operation, it is unclear who their shareholders were or are.

  1. How did Lori Greiner get rich?

Lori Greiner is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, and television personality who is best known for her appearances on the television show Shark Tank. She has made her fortune by inventing and selling a wide variety of products, including jewelry organizers, kitchen gadgets, and beauty products. She has also invested in numerous successful companies, including Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty, and Simply Fit Board [8].

  1. What is the second most successful Shark Tank product?

Some of the most successful products to come out of Shark Tank include the Scrub Daddy, Simply Fit Board, and Bombas socks. It is also worth noting that some products that were not initially successful on Shark Tank have gone on to achieve massive success, such as the Ring video doorbell.

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