Black Sands Entertainment: What Happened After Shark Tank

Black Sands Entertainment: What Happened After Shark Tank

In 2021, Black Sands Entertainment appeared on Shark Tank and walked away with a $ 500,000 investment from Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban. The deal was the largest investment in a single episode of Shark Tank to date, but what happened afterward? That’s what this article aims to answer.

In this article, we’ll look at how Black Sands Entertainment has grown since its appearance on Shark Tank, its journey to success, and the lessons they have learned along the way. We’ll also provide tips for entrepreneurs who want to replicate Black Sands Entertainment’s path to success. Read on to find out more about what happened after Shark Tank for Black Sands Entertainment!

Story Behind Black Sands and Its Founders

Comic books are becoming increasingly popular in this day in age, more than they have ever been before. But this wasn’t always the case. Even in the 80s, comic books were considered a niche market that not everyone understood or appreciated.

Now, however, children, teens, and adults can enjoy the stories and artistry of modern comic books. Still, people of color often feel left out of this surge in popularity, as their representation and stories in comic books remain scarce.

Geiszel Godoy, Manuel Godoy, and Teunis De Raat felt exactly the same way. The trio shared a love for comic books since their childhood but felt that there was something missing. They wanted to create a comic book franchise that would tell stories about the history of people of color before the slavery era.

Story Behind Black Sands and Its Founders

Geiszel and Manuel, both married army veterans, bring a unique combination of skill sets to the table. Geiszel’s background in fashion design is complemented by Manuel’s experience as an army administrator. De Raat is a very experienced animator. He has worked with Disney, Pixar, and other companies for 25 years. Together they are an unbeatable force!

Since its inauguration in 2016, this business has skyrocketed with more than 60,000m units sold, and continues to grow. They’re aiming to cultivate a distinguished brand that will have its content featured on networks like Nickelodeon.

They started funding their business on Kickstarter and managed to earn over $ 100,000 from four separate campaigns. In addition to that, they raised over $ 1,200 on WeFunder. They used the funds to create an app that helped people to access their stuff on portable devices.

Manuel didn’t like the coverage black folks get in the media so he decided to start a new publishing company. Black Sands specializes in all things entertainment, from graphic novels and comics to DVDs and chapter books. Plus, the company offers a variety of captivating picture books for younger audiences!

The central narrative, titled The Second Kingdom, follows a young boy’s journey to ascend the throne of an ancient African kingdom. You can find their comic books and other media on their website and on Amazon. Not only do they create a great product, but they also use their platform to promote diversity and inclusion in the comic book industry.

In order to take their business to the next level, the trio sought external assistance and decided that appearing on Shark Tank was the best way for them to do so. Let’s find out what happened afterward! [1] [2]

What Happened to Black Sands at Shark Tank

Geiszel, Manuel, and Teunis approach the Shark Tank with enthusiasm and ambition, looking to acquire $ 500,000 in exchange for 5% of their company. They explain how they created their unique publishing business from the ground up.

Kevin Hart inquires as to how much has been invested in the pilot of their animated series, and they reply confidently that it was $ 250,000. They then present a trailer for an inspiring animated film based on the comics – quite truly bringing them alive!

Teunis then talks about his background in the animation industry, he has 25 years’ worth of experience in it, and the Sharks are suitably impressed. With no prior knowledge of the comic industry, they used their military experience to strategize and were able to accumulate $ 300,000 in savings. Now they’re looking for a distributor who can help them take their venture to the next level.

Having sold a total of 120,000 physical books at an average cost of $ 20 retail, they have made an impressive profit. What’s more; with the original production costs amounting to only $ 2 and wholesale prices set at $ 8 this is no small feat!

The sales topic continues. In 2017, their sales totaled a remarkable $ 40,000. Two years later in 2018, that number had more than quadrupled to an incredible $ 220,000. By 2020 the number had skyrocketed to a whopping $  600,000 and as of July 2021, they have achieved over double those figures at an astounding total of $ 800,00 year-to-date! 

The trio needs more funds in order to produce more issues per year. They also need those funds to hire more artists and writers in order to increase their product offering, as well as for marketing initiatives.

Kevin Hart is very interested in this unique business and lists all the reasons why they should consider him as an investor. Mark wants to join in too. Kevin would provide writers and artists and Mark has the technology. Both offer a $ 500,000 investment for 15% equity each, making it 30%.

What Happened to Black Sands at Shark Tank

The three partners then countered $ 500,000 for 10% plus a dollar per book. Mark believes that to truly succeed they will need more money. And so the valuation was $ 1 million higher. And the trio agreed to it. [2]

Is Black Sands Still in Business?

So as we can see, the Black Sands journey was a success. The trio got the investment they wanted and have been able to grow their business significantly since then. An appearance on Live TV has helped them gain exposure and more customers, leading to even higher sales figures over the months. Luckily, their deal with Mark and Kevin closed and since then Black Sands has continued to produce high-quality comics and merchandising. They have also increased their product offering with more new titles and launched an all-new app that allows fans to read, interact, buy, and download comics straight from the source.

As of 2023, the lifetime sales of the company are close to $ 2 million, this includes the $ 1,2 million they earned during 2021. Black Sands is still in business and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They’re currently working on a brand-new series and are very excited to share the news with their fans. 

The company is yet to go public, however, solely relying on traditional book sales and digital downloads. In the future, they plan to expand their business by investing in other ventures such as movies, television shows, and more.

Black Sands Entertainment presents Black History as it actually happened. They are providing a great service to their consumers, giving them an honest look at African American History as it happened and the struggles people went through during that time period. As more people discover Black Sands Entertainment, they become more successful and their message will reach more people.

The trio has gathered quite a community around them which can be seen from their Instagram account, which has over 180k followers. This is quite an achievement!

Is Black Sands Still in Business?

Black Sands Entertainment is clearly here for the long haul and has achieved what it set out to do – create comics that inspire, entertain, and educate people from all walks of life. With a successful Shark Tank investment under their belt, the future looks brighter than ever before! [2] [3]

Black Sands Entertainment Net Worth

It’s hard to say exactly what the net worth of Black Sands Entertainment is since the company does not publicly disclose its finances. However, we can make some educated guesses based on their reported sales figures and other factors.

We believe that based on its past performance, Black Sands Entertainment is worth around $ 2 million since it first appeared on Shark Tank. The company may be worth more or less depending on a variety of factors such as the value of its intellectual property, equity deals with other investors, and future plans for expansion.

When taking into consideration all those variables, it’s safe to assume that Black Sands Entertainment is worth at least several million dollars. They continue to grow year over year and with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, this impressive success story looks set to continue! [4]


What did Black Sands Entertainment do after Shark Tank?

Black Sands Entertainment is doing incredibly well after its appearance on Shark Tank. The company was able to close a deal with 2 out of 5 Sharks, with all the Sharks investing in Black Sands Entertainment. This investment has allowed the company to grow exponentially, and they now have a line of products available online, as well as at various retailers throughout the country. They’ve also been able to work closely with industry professionals to develop new products and continue innovating in order to stay competitive in the market.

They are yet to go fully public but already managed to earn $ 1,2 million a year after appearing at the show. This is a remarkable achievement and testimony to the success of their business model and strategy.

Did Black Sands Entertainment succeed?

Black Sands Entertainment only appeared at Shark Tank in 2020, so it is too soon to definitively answer this question. However, the company has made significant progress since its appearance.

The founders of Black Sands Entertainment received an offer from Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban. They accepted his offer and are now working with him to develop their product portfolio and expand their reach.

They have already surpassed their lifetime sales in 2021 alone, by earning $ 1,2 mln during that year. Moreover, their products have been featured in several magazines and websites. This is a strong indication that the company has the potential for success in the future.

Where is Black Sands Entertainment now?

Black Sands Entertainment is still going strong after appearing on Shark Tank. They have since made major strides in their efforts to bring meaningful and innovative experiences to the entertainment industry through their interactive media products.

The company keeps creating comic book stories that feature people of color in leading roles and has recently expanded its product line to include interactive entertainment products such as motion comics, mobile games, and virtual reality experiences. They have also partnered with several major brands to create unique content that appeals to a wide audience.

Where is Black Sands Entertainment now?

Their technology is also being used by independent filmmakers in the US who are looking for an easier way to make their films more engaging for viewers. Black Sands Entertainment’s mission is to bring diverse voices into mainstream media and help redefine how stories are told.

Is Black Sands profitable?

The short answer is yes, Black Sands Entertainment has been profitable since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2020. After appearing on the show, the company received funding and investments from some of the biggest names in entertainment. This allowed them to expand their operations and hire more staff members, which has led to an increase in profits.

In 2021, the company earned over $ 1,2 million in sales which is a huge boost compared to the $ 800,000 they got from all those years prior.

It’s clear that Shark Tank has helped Black Sands Entertainment become profitable and we can only expect them to become even more successful in the future.

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Geiszel Godoy, Manuel Godoy, and Teunis De Raat wanted to make a mark on the comic book industry when they went on Shark Tank with their company, Black Sands Entertainment. And they got a deal with two sharks – Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban!

The money they got from their investors allowed them to expand their comic book publishing business. They published several successful titles and even created an immersive virtual reality experience that people could enjoy.

Over the months, Black Sands Entertainment has become one of the most successful companies in the comic book industry. Their products have been praised by both critics and fans alike, giving them a great reputation.

Since their story is still fresh, it’s hard to tell what the future holds for Black Sands Entertainment. But whatever happens in their future, one thing is certain: they have made a lasting mark on the comic book industry and will continue to do so for years to come. If you’re looking to get into the comic book scene, then be sure to check out Black Sands Entertainment! They have plenty of great titles and products that could help you make an impact too. Good luck!