Bottle Breacher: What Happened After Shark Tank

Bottle Breacher: What Happened After Shark Tank

Bottle Breacher is a high-quality bottle opener that is made from decommissioned bullets, and has become one of the most popular bottle openers available on the market. The Bottle Breacher was created by Eli Crane, who is an ex-Navy SEAL, and his wife Jen, who had some experience in marketing. This unique and innovative bottle opener was initially created as a hobby in their garage, but its popularity grew, and they decided to turn it into a business [1].

After launching it online via their website and other popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy, the Bottle Breacher began to generate significant sales. Six months after launching, the company was bringing in $7,500 a month, making it clear that Eli and Jen were onto something special.

The popularity of the Bottle Breacher made its way to the national stage when the Cranes appeared on Shark Tank.

This article will explore the subsequent developments for Bottle Breacher after appearing on Shark Tank, including how the Cranes’ business has grown in the years following the airing of the show and the impact that this publicity has had on the company. Furthermore, we will also delve into what the future holds for the company and how it intends to continue to dominate the market.

What Is Bottle Breacher?

Bottle Breacher is an extraordinary enterprise that manufactures distinct bottle uncappers crafted from 50-caliber ammunition [2]. Primarily catering to grooms, best men, and promotional purposes, Bottle Blaster products are also readily available for purchase.

What Is Bottle Breacher?

Consider presenting your boyfriend or father with a Bottle Blaster as a thoughtful gift for his birthday or anniversary. Moreover, upon request, the company can create customized Bottle Breachers for special events.

Bottle Breacher stands as a business that fabricates unparalleled, handcrafted unsealed forged from genuine, deactivated .50 caliber bullets. Established by former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his spouse, Jen, the company’s objective is to craft remarkable and fashionable merchandise while providing employment opportunities for veterans.

Following its appearance on the television program Shark Tank in 2014, Bottle Breacher garnered widespread acclaim. The founders presented their invention to investors during the show and managed to captivate the attention of the sharks. Subsequently, Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban invested $150,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership stake in the company.

To meet diverse customer preferences, Bottle Breacher has expanded its range of products to include numerous designs, personalized engravings, and supplementary accessories. These offerings have rendered their merchandise highly sought-after as presents for various occasions.

Unwavering in its dedication to supporting veterans and their families, the company remains committed to this cause by engaging in various initiatives and establishing partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

About the Founders Of Bottle Breacher

When Eli Crane’s brother handed him a unique souvenir, a bottle opener made from a dummy .50-caliber bullet, Eli had no idea of the future that would unfold [3]. What he did know was that it was the coolest gadget he had ever laid his hands on, and he quickly began brainstorming ways to improve its design and functionality.

He spent months tinkering away in his garage until he finally had the Bottle Breacher, a bottle opener perfect for everyone, especially those in the military. In the military, “breacher” refers to the person(s) responsible for opening doors or destroying everything that prevents soldiers from advancing to the attack area [4].

Eli, with his wife Jen by his side in marketing, built a marketing plan and started selling Bottle Breachers from their website as well as on Amazon and Etsy. They made $7,500 in sales every month in six months. What a success! However, despite the positive results, the Cranes knew it wasn’t enough, and they were still tight on a budget.

About the Founders Of Bottle Breacher

Naturally, as a former Navy SEAL, Eli didn’t shy away from any challenge- however big or small. With that said, the Cranes decided to appear on Shark Tank. Once they did, Daymond, Mark, and Kevin showed interest and wanted to invest. Since Mark and Kevin decided to join forces, the Cranes accepted the offer.

The Pitch Of Bottle Breacher On Shark Tank

To demonstrate the functionality of the Bottle Breacher, Jenn distributes personalized Bottle Breachers as samples to each of the Sharks, accompanied by a complimentary pint of beer. For Mark, they specifically offer gluten-free beer, as he may have concerns about his weight. Robert receives a race car-themed Bottle Breacher, while Lori receives the first-ever pink variant.

The Sharks are also provided with Bottle Breachers in their preferred colors. Eli, being considerate, decides to use his own Bottle Breacher to open his own bottle, so as not to appear rude.

Daymond initiates the discussion by inquiring about the authenticity of the bullets used in the Bottle Breacher. Eli confirms that they are, indeed, real .50 caliber bullets, although they are deactivated and referred to as dummy rounds [5]. The company sources these dummy rounds through an intermediary. Eli expresses confidence that by streamlining the manufacturing process, they can eventually reduce production costs.

Bottle Breachers are sold both online through an Etsy store and the official Bottle Breacher website. The average price for a typical model is $23.50, but the range of Bottle Breacher products is extensive [6]. Additional options include brass accents, engravings, and even a luxurious storage box.

After factoring in labor, each Bottle Breacher incurs $9.03 in raw material costs. While the Bottle Breachers are not sold through traditional retailers, they are available in two strategically chosen brick-and-mortar stores. Kevin probes for more details on these stores, and Eli explains that they sell the products to the stores at a price between $16 and $18, and the stores then determine the appropriate retail price.

Surprisingly, Jenn reveals that their most significant market is weddings, as the Bottle Breacher makes a fitting gift for groomsmen, the father of the bride, and the best man. Wedding organizers are often willing to spend extra for a more extravagant gift for their wedding party.

Kevin and Daymond inquire about the financials, seeking to understand how Bottle Breacher sustains itself. Thus far, the company has generated half a million dollars in online sales alone. Since their launch in January 2013 (at the time of the filming), their total sales have amounted to a staggering $863,000. In their first month, Bottle Breacher made only $375, but in the last month, sales have exceeded $100,000 [7].

Curious about the origin of the name “Bottle Breacher”, Kevin asks for an explanation. Eli reveals that a “Breacher” is an operator responsible for enabling soldiers or assault teams to breach and enter their targets. They utilize tools like sledgehammers or strip-charge explosives to create pathways or destroy obstacles. Eli explains that customers love this story, which prompts Daymond and Mark to exchange knowing glances.

Lori wonders if Bottle Breachers can be made with bullets other than the .50 caliber ones. Eli confirms that they can, and to illustrate, Jenn presents Lori with an example of a 20-millimeter round typically fired from an attack helicopter or assault vehicle. Lori receives an intense-looking round and describes it as the “mother of all bullets”. Eli introduces it as the “WMD” model or Weapon of Mass Destruction.

The Pitch Of Bottle Breacher On Shark Tank

Lori raises concerns about potential resistance due to societal issues surrounding guns and firearms. Eli acknowledges the concern but assures her that so far, they have not encountered any problems distributing the Bottle Breacher in the market. Most people recognize it as a display piece rather than a harmful item.

Kevin inquires about their capacity for expansion, considering the potential surge in orders after appearing on Shark Tank. Eli acknowledges the possibility of a massive influx of orders, commonly referred to as the “Shark Tank effect”, which could strain their production capabilities. He explains that at an additional 50,000 charge, they would need to lease another “incubator space”, a facility for management and operations. However, if Bottle Breacher secures the full $150,000 investment from Shark Tank, Eli believes they could immediately double their production.

Mark seeks further clarification, and Eli reveals that nearly 90% of their orders are customized, indicating a need for additional engravers. Lori asks about the company’s proprietary aspects and competition. Eli explains that thanks to Kevin’s advice, they took measures to brand their product. Each unit now proudly bears the stamp of “Bottle Breacher”. Kevin expresses his belief that the name has significantly contributed to the product’s success. Mark then requests Eli’s backstory as a Navy SEAL. Eli begins by expressing his honor of having served with the same team of eight men on three combat missions in Iraq. He recounts his initial dropout from Navy SEAL training but eventually persevering through the grueling “Hell Week”, a period of intense training and sleep deprivation lasting five and a half days. Eli’s determination paid off as he successfully completed the training. He learned that life is filled with obstacles and failures during his Navy SEAL experience, and he applies the same resilience to Bottle Breacher.

Sadly, Jenn explains that the business did not expand significantly while Eli was deployed in combat overseas. Jennifer faced challenges running the business alone, without knowing many people. Eventually, Eli returned home to be with his daughters and wife, and they decided to establish Bottle Breacher.

Kevin is the first to present an offer to Eli and Jenn. He proposes a $150,000 investment in exchange for 20% of the company. Eli expresses his gratitude for the generous offer but politely requests to hear offers from the other Sharks out of respect for their participation.

Unfortunately, Lori opts out due to the niche appeal of the Bottle Breacher. However, Daymond extends an offer of $200,000 for 25% of the company, contingent upon receiving the licensing rights. Daymond envisions expanding the product into other markets, such as paperweights and believes he can execute this plan swiftly.

Robert expresses his admiration for Eli’s background as a Navy SEAL, acknowledging the immense dedication it requires. He acknowledges the excellent offers made by Daymond and Kevin and chooses to step aside from the deal. Finally, Mark makes his offer, proposing to split the investment evenly with Kevin. He offers $75,000 for a 10% equity stake in the company, without any contingencies or special conditions.

Eli and Jenn accept the combined offer from Mark and Kevin, securing a $150,000 investment in exchange for 20% of their company. However, Eli had initially entered the Shark Tank seeking two Sharks, as per the military adage that “One is none, Two is one”.

Bottle Breacher After The Shark Tank

Bottle Breacher After The Shark Tank

Bottle Breacher experienced a few setbacks following its inaugural TV appearance, causing some stock-related issues. Numerous customers expressed their dissatisfaction as they couldn’t receive their orders in due time. Nevertheless, after having worked through its problems, the company quickly regained stability. Speaking of which, Bottle Breacher gets its update segment on episode 617.

In the season six-tailed update on episode 617, Mr. Wonderful hinted at the logistical issues the brand faced. They reported that they encountered website malfunctions and had sold over 60,000 units following their appearance on TV.

Consequently, from producing only 175 units each day, they had to increase it to 1000, which resulted in the expansion of their employee base, from eight to thirty-two staff members. The company, despite its slow order fulfillment, garnered $2.5 million in sales. Notwithstanding their struggles, Bottle Breacher displayed a positive trajectory.

On season seven’s update, airing in episode 703, Elijah joined Mr. Wonderful in Nantucket, where he officiated a wedding ceremony. Mr. Wonderful announced his “Something Wonderful Platform”, aimed at establishing a wedding industry sales and marketing entity, packaging his Shark Tank businesses to grow it to hundreds of millions of dollars. Also present in Nantucket were other businesses like HoneyFund and Wicked Good Cupcakes. Elijah and Jen proudly claimed that they had garnered $4.2 million in sales since teaming up with Kevin.

The Bottle Breacher story continued in Beyond the Tank episode 107. Eli became a brand partner for firearm and ammunition manufacturers Sig Sauer in July.

In July 2021, Elijah announced his congressional candidacy for Arizona’s second district. He plans to criticize the Biden administration’s open borders policies, the liberal push for critical race theory education in schools, and election security issues highlighted by ballot irregularities in 2020. On the other hand, in April of 2022, the Cranes sold their business to Mike and Amber Wall for an undisclosed amount. The new owners continue with the company’s objective to employ veterans.

As of September 2022, the company employs approximately 35 people, amassed over $20 million in lifetime sales, and generates $4 million in annual revenue [8].

Elijah won his congressional campaign in November 2022.

Moreover, customers have the opportunity to acquire the authentic Bottle Breacher in three distinct sizes, many of which are customizable through engravings. Of particular significance is the company’s Never Forgotten Series, which showcases commemorative bottle uncappers dedicated to fallen soldiers who perished while on active duty, with the proceeds going towards military-focused charitable endeavors.

The Bottle Breacher 50 cal. bottle poppers are made entirely in the United States of America by active or former personnel belonging to various military branches. According to the Bottle Breacher website, the current proprietor, Elijah, is still serving his country dutifully, although he has recently relocated the business to Arizona. The website update, however, remains obscured, yet Crane has been successful in extending the Bottle Breacher brand in the past year.

According to a post on Bottle Breacher’s FaceBook page, dated September 12th, 2014, “We have traveled some significant milestones over the past 6 months! We progressed from a cramped 1-car garage to a space six times its size”. The complete operation that transforms customized, etched 50 cal. bullet pieces into momentous works of art is now firmly rooted in Tucson, Arizona.

The Net Worth Of Bottle Breacher

The Net Worth Of Bottle Breacher

Following its triumphant appearance on the show, Bottle Breacher continued to fortify that achievement. In 2018, according to the Dallas Business Journal, the company exceeded $17 million in sales and contributed funds to numerous charitable organizations supporting present and former military personnel. Furthermore, the company has significantly broadened its range of products to encompass keychains, drink coasters, insulating sleeves, and garments.

Following the episode’s release, Bottle Breacher pulled in sales worth $1 million in the first week alone. The trouble? The company could only manufacture approximately a hundred breachers per day. Consequently, the couple needed to boost their production by 15 times the amount they made to meet the demand. Eli and Jen exerted all their energy, working until late hours and getting minimal sleep. To make matters worse, when Mark and Kevin found out about the delay in delivery due to customer complaints, it added more stress.

Upon hearing about the complaints, Kevin rallied his team to find a solution to the production problem. The result? Bottle Breacher can now produce 1500 breachers daily [9].

Furthermore, their inventory expanded to include laser-etched American flag models, purple ones for women, a vast collection of colors and patterns, Combat Coolers to hold six-packs, cigar punches, humidors, T-shirts, and hats.

Today, Bottle Breacher has achieved $20 million in sales, and Jen and Eli are well-known for being philanthropic, with a substantial portion of their earnings going towards assisting charities dedicated to military personnel, veterans, first responders, and children.

Alternatives To Bottle Breacher

There are numerous alternatives to Bottle Breacher. Here are some of them:

  • Lucky Shot USA – Offers bullet-themed bottle openers, shot glasses, and barware made from repurposed bullet casings;
  • – Offers a wide variety of bottle openers, including personalized ones, credit card-sized ones, and keychain openers;

Alternatives To Bottle Breacher

  • Easy Twist – Offers a unique bottle opener that uses a twisting mechanism to remove bottle caps without bending or ruining them;
  • Waring – Offers various electric bottle openers that can open wine, beer, and champagne bottles with ease;
  • Open That Bottle – Offers a unique bottle opener that uses a clamping mechanism to remove the cap while keeping it intact, allowing you to reseal the bottle if needed;

These are just some of the many options available for bottle openers.


  1. Does Eli Crane own Bottle Breacher?

Yes, Eli Crane is the owner and founder of Bottle Breacher.

  1. Where is Bottle Breacher located?

Bottle Breacher is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

  1. Did Bottle Breacher sell?

Yes, Bottle Breacher has sold numerous products worldwide both directly from their site and other large retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, and more [10].

  1. What does Bottle Breacher do?

Bottle Breacher builds and sells high-quality bottle openers made from decommissioned bullets, featuring a wide range of designs and customizations for clients who love firearms and the military.

  1. Who is the wealthiest person in Shark Tank?

Mark Cuban is the wealthiest person in Shark Tank, with a net worth of 4.4 billion US dollars, according to Forbes.

  1. What episode was Bottle Breacher on Shark Tank?

Bottle Breacher appeared on season 6, episode 7 of Shark Tank [11]. In the episode, Eli Crane pitched his bottle opener business, which ultimately led to investment from Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

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