OverEZ Chicken Coops: What Happened After Shark Tank

OverEZ Chicken Coops: What Happened After Shark Tank

Keeping chickens in one’s own backyard is a beloved American pastime and Chet Beiler has made it even simpler with his modular chicken coop design. With this innovative creation, the whole family can join in on the fun of tending to these cute little birds! As an added bonus, did Chet manage to impress the sharks during season 13 of Shark Tank?

The company is now well-known for its quality coops, as well as its stellar customer service from both Chet and the staff. After all, their mission is not simply to sell you a coop – it’s to keep your backyard chickens happy!

In this blog post, we will be discussing the OverEZ Chicken Coop, a product that was featured on Shark Tank. This coop is designed to make raising chickens easier than ever before, and it caught the attention of the sharks during its appearance on the show. After Shark Tank aired, the company saw a surge in sales and interest in its product. In this blog post, we will be discussing what happened after Shark Tank and how the company has continued to grow since appearing on the show.

What Are OverEZ Chicken Coops?

Every backyard chicken owner wants a chicken coop that has lasting quality, affordability, and is easy to assemble. The problem is that most chicken coops are either low-quality imported kits or bulky and super expensive custom-built coops that are difficult to unload from the truck to your backyard.

At OverEZ Chicken Coop, they got tired of seeing backyard chicken lovers not having good options for a long-lasting handsome coop, so they invented OverEZ Chicken Coops. They are really easy to ship, easy to assemble, and easy to move around your backyard. Plus they make having backyard chickens easy and really fun [1]!

What Are OverEZ Chicken Coops?

You can place your order right now on this website, or you can see our coops at your local dealer. After you place your order, we will ship your coop within just a few business days. Their coops are in stock and ready to ship!

When you get your OverEZ coop, you’ll finally have the high-quality coop your backyard pet chickens deserve – and a high-quality coop you can afford. The OverEZ Chicken Coops can be assembled in 30 minutes (S, M, L) to 60 minutes (XL and Jumbo) and will last for many years. You’ll save big compared to spending thousands on those bulky coops that are so expensive to ship and very difficult to unload from the truck to your backyard.

Who Is The Founder Of OverEZ Chicken Coops?

OverEZ Chicken Coop’s owner, Chet Beiler, studied Political Science, Economics, Business, and International Studies at Pepperdine University. Quite experienced in establishing and running companies, Chet has helped numerous businesses extend their operations, get up and running, and grow in a short span of time.

In 1989, he established his own company, Amish Country Gazebos, which is now a leading force in the custom-built gazebos retail market [2].

A happily married father of two, Chet has also been involved with various organizations, including Rotary International, Salvation Army, Commonwealth Foundation, and American Enterprise Institute. Through his numerous businesses, Chet had an incredible idea of the market. Thus, he realized the lack of quality USA-made chicken coops and decided to grab the opportunity with both hands.

However, you’d be surprised to know that Chet did not establish OverEZ Chicken Coop himself but instead bought it from the people who were running it in Colorado.

OverEZ Chicken Coops Before Shark Tank

Already experienced in selling structures, Chet had everything from plans and materials to expert craftsmanship at his fingertips, ready to take the company to greater heights. OverEZ Chicken Coop was born out of the realization that the chicken coop market in the United States was flooded with flimsy yet costly coops. Such products hardly lasted a season yet burned a hole in one’s pocket.

OverEZ Chicken Coop aimed to combat this issue by introducing a new coop that was easy to set up, easy to use, and easy on the pocket. Every OverEZ Chicken Coop is made in the United States by trained Amish craftsmen and comes completely assembled. Made from the finest of materials, it offers all amenities and facilities one needs to give their chickens a comfortable life. Moreover, with the product being fully modular, it is straightforward to set up and also quite mobile.

OverEZ Chicken Coops Before Shark Tank

OverEZ Chicken Coops On Shark Tank: The Pitch

Chet Beiler revealed that OverEZ Chicken Coops had $ 9 million in year-to-date sales, which immediately impressed the sharks. Chet, however, was unable to follow the impressive sales with a solid performance.

The sharks continued to ask questions about the business, but Chet’s answers were all over the place. The sharks noticed that he was inconsistent and couldn’t give them straight answers to some of their simple questions. Though the coops were great, many of the sharks were concerned with Chet himself.

Lori Greiner was the first to drop out. She couldn’t see where the coops were different enough from other offerings on the market. Robert Herjavec was next. He said that it would take him longer than the lifespan of a chicken to learn anything about the business, so he went out.

Kevin O’Leary, on the other hand, decided to make an offer. He offered $ 1 million in debt for 4% equity. The loan would be paid back over three years at 11.5% interest [3].

Mark Cuban had a few thoughts about the business. Chet mentioned numerous times that he wanted to expand to Europe, but Mark wasn’t having it. If he couldn’t keep up with demand here, how could he do it in Europe? Mark went out for those reasons.

Daymond John thought the margins would shrink over time and didn’t like the valuation. Regardless, he made an offer of $ 1 million for 25% equity.

Instead of addressing his current offers, Chet tried to bring Robert back into the deal. He then asked Kevin if he would fund further purchase orders past the $ 1 million in debt, which Kevin essentially agreed to.

Ultimately, Chet failed to focus on the offers he had, so Daymond went out. This left Kevin as the only shark with an offer on the table.

Chet briefly agreed to Kevin’s offer and kept trying to pull Robert into the deal too. Because he wasn’t taking the deal seriously, Kevin dropped out. OverEZ Chicken Coops walked away without a deal.

While Beiler’s pitch was strange, he clearly entertained viewers as well as the sharks. His obsession with Herjavec and blowing off a million dollars offered by two sharks got the community talking. By the end, all the sharks were out and Beiler had to leave with no deals.

OverEZ Chicken Coops Now

Since appearing on Shark Tank, OverEZ Chicken Coop is still going strong. They now offer sheds, chicken runs, and other coop accessories on their website. You’ll also find custom waterers and feeders to use with the coops. This company was already successful and will likely continue to be with a boost from Shark Tank [4]

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chet Beiler realized that more and more people were trying to avoid the outdoors and become self-reliant. Moreover, with breeding chickens being relatively easy, many chose to switch to such an activity. Chet realized that this trend was only going upward and would provide a boom in the chicken breeding industry. Thus, embracing the opportunity, he acquired OverEZ Chicken Coop from its previous owners.

Under Chet’s ownership, the company reached greater heights and is now a leading contributor in the market. Besides, it doesn’t sell only coops but also stocks all kinds of chicken husbandry products, including water, feeders, runs, lights, and heating. The company presently sells four sizes of coops — the small for $ 1199, the medium for $ 1599, the large for $ 1999, and the XL for $ 2999 [5].

If a coop in a box is more your thing, OverEZ Chicken Coop has you covered for the price of $ 1199. Besides, the other chicken husbandry accessories range from $ 89.99 to $ 3848.99. While prospective customers can buy their coops from the official website as well as Amazon, the company even provides detailed tutorials that will get you up and running in no time.

OverEZ Chicken Coops Now

The Net Worth Of OverEZ Chicken Coops

Today, OverEZ Chicken Coops has a net worth of $ 3 million. This is due to its consistent increase in sales after the airing of Shark Tank and Chet Beiler’s continuous efforts to improve its products. Following this strategy, the company continues to make millions every year and is likely to grow even further in the future [6].

Since appearing on Shark Tank, OverEZ Chicken Coop is still going strong. They now offer sheds, chicken runs, and other coop accessories on their website. You’ll also find custom waterers and feeders to use with the coops.


  1. How soon can they ship OverEZ Chicken Coops?

OverEZ Chicken Coops is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers. As such, they are able to ship their coops within 2-3 weeks of an order being placed.

This timeline can vary depending on the size and complexity of the coop that you are ordering, but you will always be kept up to date on the status of your order so that you can plan accordingly. Whether you are looking for a small, basic coop for a few hens or a more elaborate system for larger numbers of birds, OverEZ has the perfect option for you [7].

  1. What size of OverEZ Chicken Coops is right for me?

If you’re looking for a coop that will house your flock of backyard chickens, the OverEZ Chicken Coops are a great option. These coops range from 10-30 square feet and are designed with the optimal number of hens in mind – 2-4 birds per 10 square foot space. If you have more than 4 chickens or like to keep them in smaller groups (1-2 per 5 square foot space), check out OverEZ Mini Coops [8]!

  1. Why are the OverEZ Chicken Coops red & white?

The red and white design of the OverEZ Chicken Coops is inspired by American barns and farmhouses. The classic color scheme helps these coops stand out in your backyard, making them easy to spot and maintain.

Additionally, it has been shown that chickens are attracted to bright colors like red and yellow, which can help make egg-laying more efficient in your coop.

What size of OverEZ Chicken Coops is right for me?

So if you’re looking for not only a high-quality chicken coop but also one that makes raising chickens even easier, the OverEZ Chicken Coops are an ideal choice!

  1. Do they offer a warranty on your OverEZ Chicken Coops and accessories?

OverEZ Chicken Coops offers a 1-year warranty on all of their chicken coops and accessories [9]. This means that if any part or material fails due to poor workmanship or faulty materials, they will either fix it for you or replace the parts at no cost to you — even if you are out of the country.

Although they have only been around for less than a decade, OverEZ Chicken Coops has already made a name for itself as an industry leader when it comes to quality and durability. They recognize that every aspect of your new chicken coop is important; from the high-quality hardware to the pressure-treated wood posts that provide added strength.

  1. How many people are needed to assemble my OverEZ Chicken Coop?
One person can easily assemble an OverEZ Chicken Coop with the help of a few tools. The assembly kit comes with all of the necessary hardware, and each step is clearly illustrated and explained in the instruction manual. If you don’t feel up to assembling it yourself, OverEZ also offers professional installation services at an additional cost.

Whether you are a first-time chicken owner or have been raising chickens for years, OverEZ Chicken Coops has everything you need to make your flock happy and safe. With their high-quality materials, easy assembly process, and customer support team available 24/7, you can be confident that your coop will last for years to come.

  1. How do I keep my chickens warm in the winter weather?

The OverEZ Chicken Coops can be used as both indoor and outdoor housing options. The slanted roof design allows rain to run off quickly, while the ventilation windows on all four sides allow fresh air to circulate and keep your chickens comfortable. The sturdy construction is built to last, with a reinforced metal frame and weatherproof materials that ensure your coop stays dry and pest-free.

  1. Can predators invade an OverEZ coop?

Yes, predators such as foxes, raccoons, and even larger animals like bears or coyotes can potentially invade an OverEZ Chicken Coop. However, the sturdy construction of these coops helps to deter most predators from trying to break in. The included hardware and latches are designed to keep your chickens safe and secure at all times.

Additionally, the integrated electric chicken fencing system provides extra protection against potential intruders by sending a harmless but highly effective shock if they cross the invisible barrier [10]

  1. What can I do with unused chicken coops?

If you have an extra OverEZ Chicken Coop that you are not using, there are a number of ways to repurpose it. Many people sell their coops on sites like eBay or Craigslist or donate them to local community organizations that can put them to good use. You can also convert your unused coop into a chicken-friendly garden shed, where they can sit and enjoy the view while continuing to do their important job of fertilizing your soil!

What can I do with unused chicken coops?

  1. Why do so many Shark Tank deals fall through?

There are a number of possible reasons why so many Shark Tank deals fall through after being featured on the show:

  • Some experts suggest that it may be due to unrealistic expectations or an unwillingness to put in the necessary work and effort required for success;
  • Others point to financial challenges, such as a lack of available funding, or difficulties dealing with regulatory requirements in certain industries;

Ultimately, it is important to consider all potential risks before entering into any type of business deal, especially when you are seeking investments from high-profile investors like those on Shark Tank.

  1. Is it cheaper to buy or build a chicken coop?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the overall cost of a chicken coop will depend on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the structure. Typically, it may be cheaper to build your own chicken coop if you have basic carpentry skills and access to affordable materials; however, buying a pre-built coop from a reputable company like OverEZ Chicken Coops can also help to save time and effort.

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