EyeWris Reading Glasses: What Happened After Shark Tank

EyeWris Reading Glasses: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the Season 14 finale of the popular business reality show “Shark Tank,” an innovative product caught the attention of viewers and investors alike – EyeWris Reading Glasses.

Founded by the father-son duo, Mark and Kenzo Singer, EyeWris is a unique solution for individuals who regularly misplace their reading glasses. The design allows the glasses to be worn on the wrist, much like a watch, providing unprecedented convenience and accessibility.

This groundbreaking idea was met with enthusiasm on the show, leading to a successful deal with the investors. However, the journey of this inventive product didn’t end with the Shark Tank episode.

This article delves into what happened to EyeWris Reading Glasses after their appearance on Shark Tank, examining their journey since the show, how they used the investment to further their business, and where they stand now in 2023.

What Is EyeWris Reading Glasses?

The EyeWris Reading Glasses, as featured on the popular television show Shark Tank, are a unique solution to the common issue of misplaced reading glasses. Designed as a wearable wristband that transforms into reading glasses, EyeWris offers convenience and practicality for individuals who frequently require reading glasses [1].

Distinctive Features:

EyeWris presents a foldable and chic eyewear solution. These spectacles offer not only a fashionable look but also supreme comfort, feather-light weight, and the versatility to adorn your wrist when not in use.

Within this eyewear, you’ll discover an array of protective features including a scratch-resistant surface, smudge-proof coating, and anti-glare treatment. Additionally, these glasses boast a 100% safeguard against harmful UV rays and a blue light filtering capability.

What Is EyeWris Reading Glasses?

Under typical conditions, these reading glasses are built to last for a duration of up to twelve months. The frames of this eyepiece are skillfully crafted from Swiss TR-90 thermoplastic. The bridge of the glasses is ingeniously engineered from a blend of nickel-titanium memory metal and stainless steel.

The frame of these reading glasses can endure a remarkable 25,000 openings and closings. Their standard retail price stands at $ 110, but currently, you can acquire them at a discounted price of $ 65 [2].


  • Innovation: The innovative design of EyeWris Reading Glasses is its primary selling point. For those who constantly misplace their reading glasses, having them conveniently located on your wrist eliminates the hassle of searching for them;
  • Comfort: Despite their unconventional form, users have reported that these glasses are surprisingly comfortable to wear and read with. The frames are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to adjust to your face;
  • Quality: While their design might be novel, EyeWris does not compromise on the quality of their lenses. They use high-grade optical quality lenses, ensuring that users get clear and sharp vision;
  • Style: EyeWris Reading Glasses come in various colors and styles, allowing users to choose a pair that suits their personal style;


  • Price: One of the main drawbacks of the EyeWris Reading Glasses is their price. They are significantly more expensive than standard reading glasses, which may deter potential buyers;
  • Durability: While the glasses are designed to be worn on the wrist, this exposes them to potential damage. Users need to be cautious not to accidentally hit their wrists against hard surfaces;
  • Limited Prescription: Currently, EyeWris Reading Glasses only accommodate a limited range of prescriptions. Those with stronger prescriptions may not find these glasses suitable;
  • Adjustment Period: The unique design of these glasses requires some adjustment. Users may need some time to get used to putting them on and taking them off [3];

Who May Benefit From Using EyeWris:

EyeWris Reading Glasses could be beneficial for several groups of people:

  • Frequent Readers: Those who frequently engage in activities that require close attention to small print, such as reading books, newspapers, or labels, may find EyeWris handy. The glasses are always within reach, eliminating the need to search for a pair when needed;
  • Busy Professionals: Professionals who are always on the go and often switch between tasks requiring different visual focus may find these glasses useful. They can wear the glasses on their wrist, making it easy to use them whenever they need to read small print;
  • Elderly Individuals: Aging often comes with presbyopia, a condition that makes it difficult to focus on close objects. Elderly individuals who struggle with this may benefit from EyeWris glasses, as they’re always within easy reach;
  • Forgetful Individuals: For people who often misplace their reading glasses, having a pair on the wrist can save time and frustration. With EyeWris, your glasses are always on hand;
  • Fashion-forward Individuals: EyeWris glasses come in various styles and colors, adding a fashionable touch to functional eyewear. Those who like their accessories to be both chic and practical may appreciate these glasses;
  • Travelers: Travelers who don’t want to carry around a bulky glasses case may find the compact and wearable nature of EyeWris glasses convenient;

What Do Users Say About EyeWris Glasses?

Based on the search results, user feedback about EyeWris Glasses is mixed. Some users praise the product highly, such as one review on their official website saying that the glasses were as promised and worked very well. The reviewer also mentioned ordering the highest magnification and being able to read comfortably with it.

On the other hand, a review on Shopper Approved expressed dissatisfaction with the product, calling it “absolutely awful”.

What Do Users Say About EyeWris Glasses?

The product descriptions on EyeWris’s official site highlight that these glasses have short “comfort-fit” arms that gently grip the temples for a secure and comfortable fit. This implies that the design prioritizes comfort and stability.

A review on Silicon Spice mentioned that EyeWris foldable reading glasses have received quite a positive response from consumers, establishing a high level of trust [4].

In conclusion, while some users find EyeWris Glasses to be effective and convenient, others don’t seem to share the same sentiment. As with many products, individual experiences may vary based on personal preferences and needs.

About Founders Of EyeWris Reading Glasses

Mark Singer, originally a woodworker, is credited with inventing Gorilla Glue [5]. In 1994, he founded the company Gorilla Glue, which initially sold its products exclusively to woodworkers. Mark was dissatisfied with the performance of polyurethane glue in woodworking and was determined to find a more effective alternative. The company was later sold to the Lutz Tool Company, and Mark moved on to establish his own furniture design firm, Giati Designs. 

In addition to running Giati Designs, Mark Singer’s work has been featured in several museums across the United States, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Mark’s son, Kenzo, developed a passion for architecture from a young age and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering at Cornell University in 2010, followed by a Master’s Degree in Architecture in 2011.

After completing his education, Kenzo worked as a structural engineer in Los Angeles, where he was involved in designing skyscrapers, stadiums, and other significant structures. Kenzo’s experience as a structural engineer played a crucial role in designing Eyewris reading glasses, as he developed an efficient method for them to curl around one’s wrist.

Mark Singer came up with the idea for Eyewris while establishing Gorilla Glue in 1994 [6]. Frustrated with constantly misplacing his reading glasses, Mark initially resorted to buying numerous pairs from the Dollar Store and scattering them around his house.

When even these glasses started disappearing, he knew he needed a better solution. Mark then approached his son, Kenzo, who used his engineering expertise to develop a unique technology known as the bi-stable bridge. This technology allows Eyewris glasses to curl around one’s wrist, making them easy to carry and store.

About Founders Of EyeWris Reading Glasses

Furthermore, each pair of Eyewris glasses is crafted from an alloy of nickel-titanium memory metal, stainless steel, and lightweight TR-90 thermoplastic developed in Switzerland. These glasses also feature scratch and smudge-resistant lenses, ensuring enhanced durability.

The Pitch Of EyeWris Reading Glasses At Shark Tank

On May 19, 2023, Mark and Kenzo Singer entered the Season 14 finale of “Shark Tank” seeking $ 25,000 for a 5% share of their company, EyeWris [7]. However, what transpired during their pitch became a pivotal moment in the show’s history.

The Sharks showed interest in EyeWris glasses but raised concerns about the one-size-fits-all design. Kenzo explained that they currently offer a universal design that suits most individuals and have secured a utility patent that provides protection in multiple countries. They also had plans to expand into the European market. Each pair of glasses costs $ 30 to produce and retails for $ 110.

Despite generating only $ 28,000 in sales, this strategy was implemented to maintain cost-effectiveness, and the company remained profitable. Notably, Mark had already invested over $ 633,000 in the business.

When asked why they needed a Shark, Mark delivered an unexpectedly heartfelt response, stating, “Your most valuable commodity isn’t your money; it’s your time. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. And time gone by is gone forever. I don’t have it in me to build another company. My time has passed. My main reason for being here is to leave Kenzo in good hands, and by that, I mean with successful, smart, honest, and ethical people like yourselves”.

Mark’s speech moved Lori Greiner to tears, and it resonated deeply with the Sharks. In a remarkable turn of events, all five Sharks expressed their eagerness to invest in EyeWris.

After some negotiation, a deal was struck for $ 125,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in EyeWris, solidifying a momentous partnership between the Singers and the Sharks.

EyeWris Reading Glasses After The Shark Tank

EyeWris achieved a remarkable feat on the “Shark Tank” television show, securing a deal with all five Sharks for their company. Despite having not reached $ 100,000 in sales at that point, Mark Singer’s prior successes with brands like Gorilla Glue and his heartfelt presentation won over the Sharks. 

The Season 14 finale of “Shark Tank” garnered significant attention on Twitter, with many viewers moved by Mark’s speech, such as @christy_barkley who described it as “beautifully said”. Others, like @RyanBartholomee, found the multiple-Shark deal to be quite rare.

The Pitch Of EyeWris Reading Glasses At Shark Tank

However, there were skeptics, including @DaisyLou2320, who believed that one Shark would have sufficed. Regardless, the EyeWris team embraced the opportunity and received a flood of positive responses after the episode aired. They expressed their gratitude to their supporters in an Instagram post and experienced a surge in consumer interest, resulting in inventory sell-outs. By late July, they were able to offer pre-orders for their sold-out items.

As of 2023, EyeWris continues to operate, with its website being the primary source for purchasing its innovative glasses. These glasses are available for both men and women in black or tortoise and gold designs. With the recent “Shark Tank” episode, they are running a limited-time sale, reducing prices from $ 110 to $ 65 [8].

While EyeWris faces competition, particularly from ThinOptics, which offers a similar concept of portable reading glasses, EyeWris stands out due to its utility patents and the quality of its materials. Despite its limited social media presence, primarily on Instagram and Facebook, the company continues to showcase various situations where its product can be handy.

Over the years, EyeWris has received notable awards, including the Gold New York Product Design Award, the Silver Muse Design Award, the Red Dot Innovative Product Award, and the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in 2022. Exact sales figures are not disclosed, but the company’s estimated net worth is around $ 1 million.

While EyeWris has not yet achieved the million-dollar potential often sought by the Sharks, it has the potential for growth in the future. The company should consider addressing product size concerns, as some customers have found the one-size-fits-all option less than ideal, resulting in negative feedback and challenges with returns and customer service.

EyeWris has yet to comment on its future plans, but it may need to fine-tune its business operations and address customer concerns as it continues to expand its presence in the market.

The Net Worth Of EyeWris Reading Glasses

The estimated value of EyeWris currently stands at $ 625,000. According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 64% of Americans wear glasses, which translates to a significant market. Additionally, 70% of American adults are eyeglass wearers, highlighting the widespread demand for vision correction.

In 2022, the wearable market in North America was valued at approximately USD 26.55 billion, indicating a substantial industry [9]. It is projected that by 2029, this market will expand to around USD 41.29 billion, showcasing the growth potential in the wearables sector.

Mark Singer’s prior success in running a business and the collective expertise of both father and son in the business world are clear assets in the development of EyeWris. The concept of portable glasses that can be carried easily is not only practical but also caters to the desires of adults who prioritize their appearance and style.

EyeWris is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, United States, positioning itself in a strategic location for business operations and potentially drawing on the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

The Net Worth Of EyeWris Reading Glasses

Alternatives To EyeWris Reading Glasses:

Other Brands of Reading Glasses:

  • Kerecsen Reading Glasses: This brand offers a 6-pack of quality readers with spring hinges. They have a high rating and come in 16 different strengths;
  • EyeBuyDirect Vinyl: This brand is recognized for its clear frame design;
  • Warby Parker Hawkins: Known for their oval shape design, these are considered among the best reading glasses;

Alternative Treatments for Presbyopia:

  • Monovision Contact Lenses: This method corrects one eye for distance vision and the other for near vision. It’s an effective alternative to reading glasses for some patients experiencing presbyopia;
  • Corneal Inlays: These are implanted in the eye through a minimally-invasive surgical procedure to restore close-up vision, offering an alternative to wearing reading glasses;
  • Intraocular Lens Transplant: This surgical procedure replaces the natural lens of the eye with a synthetic one, potentially eliminating the need for reading glasses;
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE): RLE is another surgical procedure where the eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial one. This procedure can correct presbyopia and reduce the need for reading glasses;
  • Eye Drops: Certain eye drops have been developed to treat presbyopia, providing another potential alternative to reading glasses;


  1. Who is the founder of EyeWris?

EyeWris was founded by Mark Singer, an award-winning furniture designer, sculptor, inventor, and master craftsman. He also created the company and product Gorilla Glue. His son, Kenzo Singer, joined him in this venture, forming a father-son team behind EyeWris.

  1. What is the EyeWris deal on Shark Tank?

Mark and Kenzo Singer pitched EyeWris on Shark Tank’s season 14 finale. While the specific details of the deal are not available from the provided context, it’s noted that they managed to strike a deal with one or more of the show’s investors.

  1. What episode of Shark Tank is EyeWris in?

EyeWris was featured in the season 14 finale of Shark Tank, specifically in episode 1422.

  1. How does EyeWris work?

The key point is that these are reading glasses designed to be worn on the wrist. This design makes them easily accessible and eliminates the common problem of misplacing or forgetting where you’ve put your reading glasses.

How does EyeWris work?

  1. How do I use EyeWris glasses?

EyeWris glasses are designed to be conveniently worn on the wrist. When you need to read something, simply take them off your wrist and put them on.

  1. Are EyeWris glasses available in different strengths?

Yes, EyeWris glasses are available in multiple strengths to accommodate different vision needs. It’s recommended to consult with an eye care professional to determine the right strength for you.

  1. Can I wear EyeWris glasses all the time?

EyeWris glasses are primarily designed for tasks that require close focus, like reading. If you need glasses for distance vision or other activities, it’s advisable to consult with an eye care professional.

  1. Where can I buy EyeWris glasses?

EyeWris glasses can be purchased directly from the EyeWris website. They may also be available from other online retailers.

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