Bug Bite Thing: What Happened After Shark Tank

Bug Bite Thing: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurial endeavors, few stories resonate as powerfully as the journey of Bug Bite Thing following its pivotal appearance on the hit television show Shark Tank. A testament to the innovative spirit of its founder, Kelley Higney, Bug Bite Thing entered the Shark Tank with a simple yet revolutionary solution to a universal annoyance — itchy insect bites.

As the mother-daughter duo, Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister delivered a pitch that left the sharks both entertained and impressed, they secured a deal with none other than the seasoned entrepreneur and QVC queen, Lori Greiner. Little did they know that this partnership would catalyze Bug Bite Thing’s transformation from a promising concept to an unparalleled success story.

This article delves into the post-Shark Tank trajectory of Bug Bite Thing, exploring its meteoric rise in sales, strategic expansions into major retail chains, accolades, and the unwavering consumer trust that has propelled it to become one of the most noteworthy and impactful products to emerge from the Shark Tank phenomenon.

What Is Bug Bite Thing:

Bug Bite Thing, as seen on Shark Tank, is a simple yet effective tool designed to alleviate the itching and swelling caused by insect bites. The device uses suction to remove insect venom from under the skin, thus reducing the body’s allergic reaction [1].

The Bug Bite Thing works incredibly well. It’s not just marketing hype; this product genuinely delivers on its promise. After using it on several mosquito and ant bites, we noticed a significant reduction in itching and swelling. The relief was almost instantaneous, and the effects were long-lasting.

Key Features

One of the biggest selling points of the Bug Bite Thing is its ease of use. Simply place it over the bite, pull up on the handles to create suction, hold for 10-20 seconds, and then push the handles back down to release. It’s so straightforward that even a child could use it with ease [2].

What Is Bug Bite Thing

In terms of effectiveness, the Bug Bite Thing is impressive. It works on a variety of insect bites, including mosquitoes, bees, ants, and more. However, it’s important to use it as soon as possible after being bitten for the best results. The longer the venom stays in your skin, the less effective the Bug Bite Thing will be.

Another major advantage of the Bug Bite Thing is its portability. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, making it perfect for camping trips, picnics, or any outdoor activity where you might encounter bugs. It also comes with a handy cap to keep it clean while on the go.


  • Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free: One of the standout features of Bug Bite Thing is its commitment to providing relief without the use of chemicals or toxins. The device relies on suction to extract insect venom or saliva left behind after a bite. This chemical-free approach is appealing to individuals who may be sensitive or allergic to traditional bug bite remedies;
  • Reusable and Durable: Bug Bite Thing is designed to be reusable, making it an environmentally friendly choice compared to single-use creams or ointments. The durable construction of the device ensures that it can withstand repeated use without degradation in performance;
  • Easy to Use: The simplicity of Bug Bite Thing is one of its strongest selling points. The device requires no batteries or external power sources, making it a portable and hassle-free solution for bug bite relief. Users can easily carry it in a pocket or purse, providing on-the-go relief whenever needed;
  • Suitable for Various Insect Bites: Bug Bite Thing is marketed as a versatile solution for various insect bites, including those from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and other biting insects. This versatility adds to its appeal, as users can rely on a single device for different types of bites;
  • Compact and Portable: The compact design of Bug Bite Thing makes it an ideal companion for outdoor activities. Whether camping, hiking or simply enjoying a picnic, users can carry this device without adding significant bulk to their gear;


  • Limited Effectiveness on Certain Bites: While Bug Bite Thing claims to be effective for various insect bites, some users report that it may not provide relief for all types of bites, particularly those from smaller insects. The effectiveness can vary depending on factors such as the size of the bite and the depth of the venom injection;
  • Requires Timely Application: Bug Bite Thing is most effective when applied promptly after a bite occurs. Users must be attentive and proactive in using the device, which may be challenging in situations where immediate access is not possible;
  • Not Applicable for Allergic Reactions: It’s important to note that Bug Bite Thing is not a substitute for emergency medical treatment in cases of severe allergic reactions. Individuals with known allergies to insect venom should seek professional medical help immediately, and Bug Bite Thing may not be suitable as a primary intervention in such situations;
  • May Cause Temporary Discomfort: The suction mechanism of Bug Bite Thing can cause temporary discomfort or redness around the affected area. While this is generally mild and short-lived, some users may find it unpleasant;
  • Learning Curve for Optimal Use: To achieve the best results with Bug Bite Thing, users may need to familiarize themselves with the proper technique for application. This learning curve might be a drawback for those seeking immediate and foolproof relief;

Who May Benefit From Using?

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

People who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, or picnicking are more likely to encounter insects and mosquitoes. Bug Bite Thing’s compact and portable design makes it a convenient solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want quick relief from bug bites without relying on chemical-based remedies.

Families with Children:

Families with young children, who often play outdoors and may be more susceptible to insect bites, can benefit from Bug Bite Thing. The device’s chemical-free approach is appealing to parents who are cautious about applying traditional creams or lotions on their children’s skin.

Who May Benefit From Using


Individuals who travel to regions where insect bites are prevalent can carry Bug Bite Thing as part of their travel essentials. Whether exploring tropical destinations or camping in different climates, having a reliable and portable bug bite relief solution can enhance the overall travel experience.

Allergy-Prone Individuals:

For individuals with known allergies to insect venom, Bug Bite Thing can serve as a non-invasive and chemical-free option for immediate relief. However, it’s crucial to note that Bug Bite Thing is not a substitute for emergency medical treatment in the case of severe allergic reactions.

Those Seeking Sustainable Options:

With its reusable design, Bug Bite Thing appeals to environmentally conscious individuals who prefer sustainable alternatives to single-use products. The durability of the device makes it a long-lasting solution, reducing the environmental impact associated with disposable creams or wipes [3].

Outdoor Workers:

Individuals who work outdoors, such as gardeners, construction workers, or agricultural workers, are exposed to insect bites regularly. Bug Bite Thing can be a practical addition to their toolkit, providing a quick and easy way to alleviate discomfort without the need for messy creams or lotions.

Individuals with Sensitivities to Chemicals:

Some individuals may have sensitivities or allergies to the chemicals commonly found in bug bite creams or ointments. Bug Bite Thing offers a chemical-free alternative, relying solely on suction to extract insect venom, making it suitable for those with skin sensitivities.

Preventative Use for Outdoor Events:

Bug Bite Thing can be used preventatively in outdoor events where the likelihood of insect bites is high. By proactively using the device before going into areas known for high mosquito or insect activity, users may reduce the chances of experiencing bothersome bites.

About Founders Of Bug Bite Thing

Insect stings and bites can vary from bothersome to outright agonizing. Ointments and home remedies frequently prove ineffective, and even the bite of a mosquito has the potential to cast a shadow over anyone’s day.

Having experienced the annoyance of mosquito bites in the Floridian landscape herself, Kelley Higney recognized the pressing need for a potent solution to alleviate the discomfort caused by insect bites. This realization led to the inception of Bug Bite Thing, a revolutionary response to almost any insect bite, whether inflicted by mosquitoes, bees, wasps, or even fire ants [4].

Bug Bite Thing stands as an inverse-syringe apparatus designed to extract venom and saliva from the bite or sting. Its functionality revolves around generating suction on the affected area, followed by the act of pulling a handle to draw in the venom deposited by the insect.

Through this systematic process, pain, swelling, and itching swiftly subside, delivering instantaneous relief to the user. This distinctive mechanism establishes Bug Bite Thing as one of the most efficacious tools available for soothing insect bites in the current market.

Kelley Higney’s motivation to establish the company stemmed from her personal encounters in Florida, where sleepless nights were often spent grappling with the aftermath of mosquito bites.

About Founders Of Bug Bite Thing

Serendipitously, while at her shop, a chance encounter with a foreigner who noticed her discomfort led to the revelation of a product distributed in Denmark. Originating from the brainchild of a doctor two decades earlier, the tool had since been acquired by a distributor.

After experiencing firsthand the immediate efficacy of the product, Higney journeyed to Denmark to secure a partnership with the distributors. Acquiring exclusive rights to the tool for the United States, she laid the foundation for her enterprise, Bug Bite Thing. The company receives shipments from the manufacturer, affixing its brand to the product. With no analogous offerings in the U.S. market, Bug Bite Thing achieved remarkable success in its inaugural year of operation.

Established in 2017 by Higney, Bug Bite Thing experienced robust sales during its maiden year. The company strategically concentrated on marketing and branding initiatives, extending enticing offers to its customer base and disseminating Bug Bite Thing across the digital landscape. Buoyed by the resounding success of the product, Higney resolved to elevate the company to new heights by presenting Bug Bite Thing to the “sharks” on the popular television show Shark Tank, seeking an investor to facilitate expansion.

The Pitch Of Bug Bite Thing At Shark Tank

In the eleventh season of Shark Tank, Kelley Higney and her mother, Ellen McAlister, brought their company, Bug Bite Thing, into the spotlight with a pitch that had the sharks in stitches. The comedic duo not only demonstrated the simplicity of using their product but also handed out samples to the sharks, inducing laughter throughout the tank. To showcase the efficacy of Bug Bite Thing, they presented before-and-after images of wasp stings treated with their invention, leaving the sharks thoroughly impressed.

Higney shared her narrative with the sharks, detailing how relentless mosquito harassment in South Florida prompted her quest for a solution. A customer’s suggestion led her to a tool in Denmark, and after securing exclusive rights for the U.S., Bug Bite Thing was born.

In the tank, Higney sought a $ 150,000 investment for a 10% stake in her company [5]. The product, available online for $ 9.95, boasts impressive profit margins, with production costs at $ 1.53 plus $ 0.40 for packaging, totaling around $ 2.00 per unit. Bug Bite Thing had already gained significant traction as the top item for insect bite relief on Amazon.

Ellen disclosed that Bug Bite Thing achieved $ 500,000 in sales the previous year and an impressive $ 800,000 in the first five months of the pitch year. Projections hinted at surpassing $ 2 million in sales by year-end. A recent deal with a major pharmaceutical chain had already placed Bug Bite Thing in over 700 stores nationwide, adding to the allure of the sharks.

Rohan Oza wasted no time and matched Higney’s ask, offering $ 150,000 for a 10% share. Barbara Corcoran, showing her confidence in the product, sweetened the deal with a $ 200,000 offer for the same equity. Kevin O’Leary took a different approach, proposing $ 150,000 for a 6% stake with a $ 1 royalty per unit sold.

The Pitch Of Bug Bite Thing At Shark Tank

Lori Greiner, personally connecting with the product due to her aversion to mosquito bites, presented her coveted “Golden Ticket” — $ 150,000 for 10%. Mark Cuban considered joining forces with Barbara in a combined offer. Feeling the pressure, Higney and McAlister had to make a swift decision, and they ultimately accepted Lori Greiner’s offer.

Bug Bite Thing left the Shark Tank with a triumphant deal with Lori Greiner, the esteemed QVC queen. The sharks were eager to take a bite out of the innovative product, but Higney and McAlister believed Lori Greiner’s expertise made her the ideal business partner for the continued success of Bug Bite Thing.

Bug Bite Thing After The Shark Tank

Following the successful closure of the deal with Lori Greiner, Bug Bite Thing experienced a meteoric rise to prominence. The product swiftly found its way onto the shelves of major retailers such as Walmart, CVS, and Home Depot shortly after the episode aired [6]. The company witnessed an extraordinary surge in sales, prompting immediate plans for further expansion into additional retail locations. 

Bug Bite Thing garnered further recognition in 2020 when it was featured in Shark Tank’s “greatest shark attacks” segment, showcasing offers from all five sharks to Kelley Higney. In that same year, Bug Bite Thing achieved a staggering $ 11 million in sales, marking a remarkable fivefold increase from the previous year. The product’s rapid success and expanding operations were highlighted in an update segment during season 12.

From its humble beginnings as a homemade solution, Bug Bite Thing transformed into a substantial enterprise boasting a workforce of over 30 employees. The company relocated its operations to a spacious warehouse, facilitating increased inventory and production capabilities. Bug Bite Thing continued to resonate with consumers, amassing thousands of five-star reviews that lauded its simplicity and effectiveness.

The accolades for Bug Bite Thing extended beyond customer reviews, as the company secured various awards. Notable recognitions included the 2021 National Parenting Product Award, the 2021 Stevie Award for Women in Business, the Mom’s Choice Award, and more.

As of 2023, Bug Bite Thing has cemented its presence in over 25,000 locations across the United States, with retailers such as Lowe’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Ace Hardware, and numerous others carrying the product [7]. Maintaining its status as Amazon’s best-seller in the Insect Bite Relief category, Bug Bite Thing faced competition from knockoff products on the platform. However, its proven results and affordable pricing solidified its credibility in the face of cheaper imitations.

Kelley Higney’s projections for Bug Bite Thing in 2023 are nothing short of ambitious, anticipating a remarkable $ 30 million in revenue. This trajectory positions Bug Bite Thing among the fastest-growing companies to emerge from the Shark Tank.

Bug Bite Thing After The Shark Tank

With a history of unprecedented success and a rapidly expanding business, Bug Bite Thing stands as one of the most triumphant companies in Shark Tank’s legacy. The company’s trajectory suggests even greater growth in the coming years, potentially reaching or even surpassing the coveted $ 100 million revenue milestone.

The Net Worth Of Bug Bite Thing

It was reported that the Bug Bite Thing had expanded to 25,000 retail locations and ended the year with a revenue of $ 15 million. This impressive financial performance continued into 2023 [8]. The founders of Bug Bite Thing, Ellen McAlister and Kelley Higney, have a net worth of $ 16.2 million as of 2023.

Part of the reason for this success story is the partnership with “Shark” Lori Greiner. After their appearance on Shark Tank, their sales skyrocketed. Along with Lori Greiner, is aiming to grow its business to $ 30 million by next year.

The Bug Bite Thing has also maintained its ranking as Amazon’s number-one-selling product for insect bite relief, with over 88,000 reviews since 2019.

Alternatives To Bug Bite Thing

Traditional Anti-Itch Creams:

Common over-the-counter anti-itch creams, such as hydrocortisone creams or calamine lotions, remain popular choices for bug bite relief. These creams often contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help reduce itching and swelling.

Topical Antihistamines:

Topical antihistamine creams or gels can be applied directly to the affected area to alleviate itching. They work by blocking histamine, a substance released during an allergic reaction that causes itching.

The Net Worth Of Bug Bite Thing

Cold Compress:

Applying a cold compress or ice pack to the bug bite can help reduce swelling and numb the area, providing temporary relief. This method is simple, cost-effective, and can be readily available in various settings.

Essential Oils:

Some individuals prefer natural remedies like essential oils for bug bite relief. Tea tree oil, lavender oil, and chamomile oil are known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. However, it’s essential to dilute essential oils properly to avoid skin irritation.

Baking Soda Paste:

Mixing baking soda with water to create a paste and applying it to the bug bite is a home remedy that some people find effective. Baking soda is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce itching.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera is known for its cooling and soothing properties. Applying aloe vera gel directly to the bug bite may help reduce inflammation and provide relief. It’s particularly useful for bites that cause skin irritation.

Oral Antihistamines:

Over-the-counter oral antihistamines, such as cetirizine or loratadine, can help alleviate itching and reduce allergic reactions to insect bites. These are systemic treatments that address the body’s response to the allergen.

Insect Bite Clicker:

Similar to Bug Bite Thing, insect bite clickers use mechanical means to alleviate itching. These devices typically work by delivering a small electrical impulse to the affected area, which may provide relief from the discomfort of insect bites.

Hydrocortisone Patches:

Hydrocortisone patches are adhesive patches infused with hydrocortisone, a mild corticosteroid. These patches can be applied directly to the bug bite to provide a controlled and prolonged release of the anti-inflammatory medication.

Over-the-Counter Allergy Medications:

In some cases, taking an over-the-counter allergy medication, such as diphenhydramine, may help reduce itching and inflammation associated with insect bites. However, it’s important to follow dosage instructions and be aware of potential side effects [9].


  1. How successful is the Bug Bite Thing in 2023?

As of 2023, Bug Bite Thing has achieved remarkable success, boasting a presence in over 25,000 locations across the United States. The company projects substantial revenue growth, aiming to reach $ 30 million, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing entities to emerge from Shark Tank.

  1. Who is the CEO of Bug Bite Thing?

Kelley Higney is the CEO and founder of Bug Bite Thing. Her innovative solution for insect bite relief gained significant traction after a successful pitch on Shark Tank, propelling the company to unprecedented success.

  1. Is the Bug Bite Thing safe to use?

Yes, Bug Bite Thing is a safe and chemical-free solution for insect bite relief. It operates through a suction mechanism, extracting venom or saliva left by insects without the need for chemicals or toxins.

  1. How many times can you reuse the Bug Bite Thing?

Bug Bite Thing is designed to be reusable, making it an environmentally friendly option. Users can reuse the device multiple times without compromising its effectiveness.

  1. Who invested in the Bug Bite Thing?

Lori Greiner, the esteemed QVC queen, invested in Bug Bite Thing on Shark Tank. Her offer of $ 150,000 for a 10% stake in the company was accepted by Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister.

  1. Is Bug Bite Thing patented?

Yes, Bug Bite Thing is patented. The product’s unique design and suction mechanism have been granted patent protection to safeguard its innovative features.

Is the Bug Bite Thing safe to use?

  1. What Shark Tank deals failed?

While numerous deals on Shark Tank have found success, some have faced challenges or did not materialize as anticipated. However, specific details about failed deals are not always disclosed publicly.

  1. What’s the most successful thing on Shark Tank?

Bug Bite Thing stands among the most successful products to emerge from Shark Tank, achieving widespread retail distribution, substantial sales figures, and earning numerous awards for its effectiveness.

  1. Does Shark Tank still exist?

As of 2023, Shark Tank continues to air new episodes. However, for the most current information, it’s advisable to check the latest television schedules or online streaming platforms.

  1. Does Walgreens sell Bug Bite Thing?

The specific details about Bug Bite Thing’s availability at Walgreens are not provided. For the latest information on retail locations, it is recommended to check Bug Bite Thing’s official website or contact Walgreens directly.

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