Original Man Candle: What Happened After Shark Tank

Original Man Candle: What Happened After Shark Tank

The Original Man Candle, a unique product line known for its unconventional scents catered towards men, made a memorable impression when it was pitched on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Despite not securing a deal, the exposure led to a significant spike in sales. However, post Shark Tank, the journey of Original Man Candle and its founder, Johnson Bailey, took unexpected turns involving lawsuits, bankruptcy, and ownership changes.

This article will delve into the intriguing saga of the Original Man Candle post-Shark Tank, exploring the entrepreneurial challenges faced and the ultimate fate of this one-of-a-kind product.

What Is Original Man Candle?

The concept of this product is as captivating as its nomenclature. It endeavors to redefine the olfactory landscape of the candle industry by presenting an array of distinctive, masculinity-infused fragrances [1].

In a realm where conventional candles predominantly feature floral, saccharine, and fresh scents, the Original Man Candle boldly introduces aromas like leather, bacon, coffee, and gasoline. This unique approach seeks to tap into the uncharted territory of candles tailored expressly for the male demographic, aiming to bridge a gap in the market.

The Concept

Crafted from top-tier ingredients, these candles boast both durability and a consistent aroma that persists throughout their entire burn time. The fragrances are meticulously formulated to mirror real-life encounters, delivering an olfactory experience that authentically captures their essence.

What Is Original Man Candle?

The Original Man Candle is encased in a chic, unadorned container that seamlessly complements any interior decor, rendering it an ideal gift or an elegant addition to one’s living space.

For numerous compelling reasons, the Original Man Candle stands out. First and foremost, it injects a breath of fresh air into a product category traditionally associated with femininity, presenting an enticing option for men who relish the ambiance of candles but prefer scents aligned with their preferences.

This candle caters to a distinct cohort of consumers often overlooked by the mainstream market. Its scents are not limited to male enthusiasts; they can be appreciated by anyone with an inclination toward more unconventional aromatics [2].

The Original Man Candle combines product quality, aesthetic allure, and the novelty of its concept, making it a pioneering and coveted choice within the realm of home fragrances.

Product Lines

Original Man Candle represents a distinctive product line that injects a strong masculine character into the world of candle offerings. Established with the intent to cater to the demand for candles imbued with robust, manly fragrances, this company presents a diverse range of scents curated to captivate the male audience.

The array of fragrances they offer encompasses intriguing profiles such as Bacon, Fresh Cut Grass, Sawdust, Leather, BBQ, and even Draft Beer [3]. In contrast to the commonplace floral or fruity scents found in most stores, their candles stand out as an ode to the distinctive and unconventional.

The creation of each Original Man Candle involves the meticulous process of hand-pouring, utilizing premium-grade paraffin wax. This approach ensures a protracted, clean burning experience. The fusion of these top-notch materials with genuine scents results in a product tailored to meet the preferences of the contemporary man.

These candles are presented in elegantly minimalist packaging that seamlessly complements any interior decor, emphasizing a resolute masculine aesthetic. Consequently, an Original Man Candle transcends the conventional notion of being just a candle; it assumes the role of a lifestyle accessory that harmoniously melds fragrance, decor, and masculinity.

For those seeking to establish a captivating ambiance, eliminate disagreeable odors, or simply articulate their unique style, Original Man Candles are the answer. They introduce a distinctive avenue for men to express themselves and their tastes in a sophisticated and sensory manner.


  • Unique Scents: The Original Man Candle offers a variety of unique scents tailored for men. These include “Fresh Cut Grass”, “New Car”, “Sawdust”, and even “Golf Course”. These scents are different from the usual floral or fruity aromas found in common candles and offer a refreshing change;
  • Long-Lasting: These candles are made from soy wax, which burns slower than paraffin wax, resulting in a longer-lasting candle. This gives users more value for their money;
  • Humorous and Fun: The concept behind the Original Man Candle is lighthearted and fun. The quirky scent names and the idea of a candle specifically for men make it a great conversation starter or gift item;
  • Quality Packaging: The candles come in a sturdy glass jar with a lid, which makes them easy to store and transport without damage;

Original Man Candle At Shark Tank


  • Niche Appeal: While the unique scents may appeal to some, they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some users might find scents like ‘Bacon’ or ‘BBQ’ amusing but not necessarily something they’d want their homes to smell like;
  • Price: Compared to regular candles, Original Man Candles are a bit pricey. While the unique concept and longer burning time justify the cost to some extent, not everyone might be willing to pay a premium for novelty scents;
  • Availability: Being a small business, the availability of these candles might be an issue. They may not be readily available in all local stores or online platforms [4];

Who May Benefit From Using Original Man Candle:

  • Men who enjoy unique scents: With fragrances like “New Car”, “Beach Babe”, “Freedom”, “Bacon”, “Fart”, and “Golf Course”, Original Man Candle provides a range of unusual scents that can cater to men’s preferences;
  • Gift buyers: The candles’ unique scents and concept make them an excellent gift for those looking for something different and humorous. They could be a perfect present for birthdays, Father’s Day, or as a gag gift;
  • Those who appreciate long-lasting products: As the candles are made from soy wax, they tend to burn slower than their paraffin counterparts, providing more value for money;
  • Fans of the TV show “Shark Tank”: Those who have watched the show and are interested in supporting the entrepreneurs featured on it might be drawn to these candles;
  • People looking for masculine decor: The candles come in manly tin cans, making them a fitting addition to a masculine-themed décor;

About Founders Of Original Man Candle

Hailing from the state of Tennessee in the United States, Johnson Bailey is the visionary mind behind the creation of the Original Man Candle [5]. Bailey’s enterprising spirit was evident even in his formative years, as he embarked on diverse career paths across various sectors before ultimately setting his sights on entrepreneurship.

His rich and varied background endowed him with a deep understanding of the diverse needs and preferences of customers. This unique perspective ultimately led him to conceive the idea behind the Original Man Candle.

The inception of the Original Man Candle can be traced back to Bailey’s keen observation of the market’s inclination to predominantly cater to a female audience when it came to scented candles. He discerned that the available scents were predominantly sweet, floral, or fruity – a far cry from the scent preferences of many men.

Recognizing the unmet need for candles tailored specifically to men, he set out to create a line of candles featuring scents that would resonate with the male demographic. These included aromas such as leather, bacon, freshly cut grass, gasoline, and barbecue, which added a distinctive and masculine touch to the world of scented candles.

About Founders Of Original Man Candle

Before making a memorable appearance on Shark Tank, the Original Man Candle was primarily available for purchase online and at local markets. While the product had garnered a modest following, the business was still in its early stages and required greater exposure to flourish.

These unconventional candles had already begun to make waves thanks to their unique scents and a distinct marketing strategy that positioned them as the ideal gift for men. The opportunity to showcase this exceptional product on Shark Tank was perceived as a chance to introduce it to a broader audience and potentially secure investment that could fuel the growth of the business.

Bailey’s keen insight into this niche market emphasized the transformative power of innovative thinking in the realm of entrepreneurship, a testament to the product’s subsequent success following its appearance on Shark Tank.

The Pitch Of Original Man Candle At Shark Tank

Johnson entered the Shark Tank armed with nothing but an infectious grin and an undeniable enthusiasm. After a warm introduction, he made his pitch, requesting $ 50,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in his venture, which he proudly named Original Man Candle [6]. Johnson’s fervor quickly seized the attention of the sharks as he began to recount the “aha” moment he had in his college dorm room, promising a concept that would “revolutionize the candle industry forever.”

With an energy that was nothing short of captivating, Johnson unveiled a selection of unconventional Man Candle scents: popcorn, golf course, barbecue, draft beer, and pot roast. The sharks couldn’t help but be charmed and amused by the concept.

He then dropped the bombshell, introducing his best-selling product, a scent originally dubbed “mooch be gone” or “mother-in-law be gone” – The fart candle. “You just light that candle, and I guarantee they’ll be gone”, he declared. 

Laughter erupted among the sharks as he introduced this crowd-pleaser, even offering them samples for a firsthand experience.

The sharks continued to chuckle and passed around the Original Man Candles, finding amusement in the scents and perhaps appreciating the, well, authenticity of the best-selling fart candle.

Mark, still grinning, was ready to delve into the business. Johnson was prepared and eager to share. He disclosed that the candles were retailing for $ 10 to $ 12 and were already available in approximately 400 store locations across the nation. These stores ranged from small mom-and-pop shops to more upscale and reputable greeting card outlets.

The sharks followed suit, probing further into the business. Robert inquired about sales figures and projections, and Johnson revealed that the business had generated $ 53,000 in sales the previous year. Kevin sought clarification, wondering if this figure represented revenue or units sold. As Johnson confirmed it was revenue, the smiles on the sharks’ faces began to wane.

Kevin couldn’t help but comment, “You can’t eat this wax!” Johnson explained that his wife was working full-time while he dedicated himself entirely to his business. Barbara couldn’t hide her incredulity and blurted out, “You’ve got to be kidding!?”

The Pitch Of Original Man Candle At Shark Tank

Mark, ever the optimist, offered encouragement, saying, “You have a shot, don’t let these guys drag you down.” Robert also probed further, asking about Johnson’s business background and the level of investment he and his wife had poured into Original Man Candle. Johnson shared that the concept had initially been a project for his entrepreneurship class, and to date, they had invested about $ 40,000 in the company. Robert’s expression soured upon hearing this.

Mark continued to dig deeper, inquiring about the manufacturing process. Johnson explained that he was presently hand-pouring each candle himself, leaving the sharks somewhat flabbergasted and the aura in the room growing increasingly pessimistic.

Robert then posed a direct question, “Why, Johnson? Has anyone told you that this was a good idea?” Johnson’s previously cheerful demeanor began to unravel. Mark, seemingly the only one holding onto optimism, defended Johnson by saying, “Better yet, he has gotten in front of customers who want to buy it!” He asked about reorder patterns, to which Johnson, smiling once again, responded that retailers tended to reorder 6-7 times a year. Daymond and Kevin exchanged bewildered glances, exclaiming that “6-7 times a year is nothing!”

That was the breaking point for Kevin, who concluded that the products lacked any proprietary aspect and that Original Man Candle fell into a category he referred to as ‘crap for tourists.’ He acknowledged that while the occasional product in this category, like the pet rock, could become a massive success, he didn’t believe OMC fell into that category, and he decided to bow out.

Barbara echoed Kevin’s sentiments, feeling that the fart candle was the company’s best product, but even so, the company remained too small for her to express any interest, leading her to make her exit as well.

Daymond joined the “out” chorus, pointing out the business’s deficiency in “Vitamin C” – an absence of cash, credit, and customers.

Last in line was Robert, who wasted no time in delivering his verdict. He firmly believed that there was no viable way to make money from this investment and promptly decided to go out.

The sole remaining shark was Mark. Unlike the others, he found himself torn between the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Johnson and the reality that the company was centered around a single product SKU. He couldn’t envision Original Man Candle evolving into a full-fledged company, and reluctantly, he too decided to pass.

Johnson, visibly crestfallen, thanked the sharks and left the tank without securing an investment. As he departed, Kevin, in his typical Mr. Wonderful fashion, added the final word, “He was missing the one flavor that would have gotten me interested, money.”

Original Man Candle After The Shark Tank

Certainly, it’s understandable why none of the Sharks saw fit to invest in this specialized product, but it did appear that Bailey had the potential to transform it into a successful small business. It’s easy to imagine Man Candles fitting well in stores like Spencer’s Gifts. However, it appears that the candle’s flame has been extinguished, and the Original Man Candle website currently resides in darkness at the time of writing.

There are valuable lessons to be gleaned from this, starting with the importance of having a cohesive theme when introducing a range of products. The absence of a clear thematic focus may have ultimately led to the downfall of the Man Candle Business. If Bailey had shifted his marketing strategy to emphasize his most popular product, the “fart candle,” and then built a brand around what was selling, he might still be in business today.

The Man Candle stands out as one of the few companies that seems to have faltered following its appearance on Shark Tank. Even with the significant exposure the show provides, success isn’t guaranteed, and this case serves as a reminder that publicity alone isn’t always enough to sustain a business. Thankfully, such occurrences are relatively rare in the world of entrepreneurship, where most individuals leverage their Shark Tank exposure to their advantage.

Despite a substantial surge in Bailey’s sales after his appearance on Shark Tank, along with some post-show guidance from Daymond John and an optimistic update in episode 302, his candle creations appear to have dissipated into the ether. These products remain readily accessible through internet vendors, but the website for the Original Man Candle, which had previously gone dormant, remains fully operational.

Big-name corporations have taken up the mantle of Bailey’s innovative candle concept. Yankee Candle, for instance, now boasts a selection of masculinity-infused fragrances, such as 2×4 and Football. Meanwhile, another enterprise named Mandle has firmly established its dominance in the market.

Original Man Candle After The Shark Tank

In May of 2011, a Carmel, Indiana resident by the name of P. Nathan Thornberry made contact with Mr. Bailey after witnessing the flatulence-infused candle on the television show. Thornberry invested $ 65,000 in exchange for a 35 percent stake in Original Man Candles. Unfortunately, the partnership ended acrimoniously, with Thornberry filing a lawsuit for breach of contract against Bailey, ultimately prevailing with a $ 71,647 judgment.

Regrettably, Thornberry couldn’t collect this judgment due to Mr. Bailey’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Subsequently, Bailey found employment at Stupid.com for a time, and he has once again faded from the public eye. In contrast, Mr. Thornberry continues to market the product and has recruited over 150 independent sales representatives to promote the merchandise across the nation. He asserts that the candles are available in more than 150 retail establishments.

The Net Worth Of Original Man Candle

The annual sales have reached an approximate total of half a million dollars, with the Fart Candle accounting for 40% of this figure. As of August 2022, the revenue has soared to over $ 1 million [7].

Alternatives To Original Man Candle:

  • Manly Indulgence Vintage Oak Scented Jar Candle: This candle offers a blend of Bergamot, Lemon, Sage & Rustic Oak scents and burns for up to 60 hours. It’s made from a soy blend wax for a cleaner burn;
  • Man Town Artisan Hand-Poured Soy Tumbler Candle: This all-natural eco-friendly soy wax candle comes in a reusable glass tumbler, making it an environmentally friendly choice;
  • Candles from Bath & Body Works: Known for their diverse range of scents, Bath & Body Works offers candles like “Black Tie,” “Boathouse Row,” and “Flannel” that appeal to masculine sensibilities;
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candle: This soy candle is recommended for its fresh scent that can make your space smell like clean laundry, offering a unique alternative to traditional “manly” scents;
  • Yankee Candle: Despite discontinuing its line of “Man Candles,” Yankee Candle is still a popular choice for many due to its wide range of unique scents;

The Net Worth Of Original Man Candle


  1. What happened to the candle guy on Shark Tank?

Johnson Bailey, the entrepreneur behind the Original Man Candle, appeared on Shark Tank but ultimately did not secure a deal. Despite this, sales spiked after his appearance on the show. However, there was a legal issue where Thornberry filed a breach of contract suit against Bailey, winning a $ 71,647 judgment. Bailey could not pay as he filed for bankruptcy. As of now, Johnson Bailey no longer owns any part of “Original Man Candle”.

  1. How did they make wax in the old days?

In ancient times, beeswax was used to make candles. Beeswax was obtained by melting a honeycomb in water and then skimming off the wax that floated to the top. Tallow, or rendered animal fat, was also commonly used to make candles.

  1. What were candles originally made from?

Candles were originally made from tallow (animal fat) or beeswax. The wick was typically made from cotton, flax, or papyrus that was soaked in the tallow or wax.

  1. Which country invented candles?

Candles were independently invented in many different countries. The Ancient Egyptians and Romans were among the early cultures to use candles. The Egyptians used rushlights or torches made by soaking the core of reeds in melted tallow while the Romans are generally credited with the development of the wicked candle.

  1. Who invented the first wax?

The invention of wax can’t be attributed to a single person. Beeswax and tallow, the earliest materials used in candle making, are natural substances that have been known and utilized by humans for thousands of years.

  1. Who invented the first candle?

The invention of the first candle is not attributed to a single individual or civilization. The Ancient Egyptians are often credited with developing a primitive form of the candle. However, these were not candles in the modern sense, but torches made by soaking the pithy core of reeds in animal fat. The Romans are credited with the invention of the wicked candle.

  1. What is a candle maker called?

A candle maker is traditionally referred to as a “chandler”.

  1. Is candle making still profitable?

Yes, candle-making can indeed be profitable. The candle market is expected to reach $ 6.64 billion by 2027, according to a report by Allied Market Research. This makes it a viable business opportunity given the right marketing strategies and product quality.

  1. Who is the best candle maker?

Determining the “best” candle maker can be subjective as it depends on individual preferences for factors like scent, cost, and design. Some popular and well-regarded candle companies include Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, and Jo Malone.

Who is the best candle maker?

  1. How many candles will 1kg of wax make?

The number of candles that can be made from 1kg of wax depends on the size of the candles you’re making. For example, if you’re making small votive candles that weigh around 50g each, you could make approximately 20 candles from 1kg of wax. If you’re making larger candles, you’ll make fewer.

  1. What is the price of 1 kg wax?

The price of 1 kg of wax can vary greatly depending on the type of wax (beeswax, soy wax, paraffin wax, etc.), its quality, and where it’s purchased. As of October 2023, a general price range could be anywhere from $ 5 to $ 20 per kg. 

  1. Are candles vegan?

Not all candles are vegan. Many candles, especially cheaper ones, are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, or beeswax, which is an animal product. However, there are vegan alternatives available, such as soy wax, rapeseed wax, and even coconut wax candles.

  1. Is wax vegan?

Some types of wax are vegan, while others are not. Paraffin and soy waxes are vegan as they are derived from plants or are a byproduct of petroleum. Beeswax, however, is not vegan as it’s produced by bees.

  1. Is it bad for you to burn a candle?

Burning candles, particularly those made from paraffin wax, can release harmful chemicals such as toluene and benzene into the air. These substances have been linked to health problems like asthma and lung cancer. However, using candles in moderation, ensuring good ventilation, and choosing candles made from natural materials like soy or beeswax can mitigate these risks.

  1. Do you breathe in wax from candles?

When a candle burns, the heat of the flame melts the wax near the wick. This liquid wax is drawn up the wick where the heat of the flame vaporizes the liquid wax and starts to break down the hydrocarbons into molecules of hydrogen and carbon. 

These vaporized molecules are drawn up into the flame, where they react with the oxygen in the air to create heat, light, water vapor (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2). While you might inhale tiny amounts of these byproducts, you’re not directly inhaling wax.

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