Super Coffee: What Happened After Shark Tank

Super Coffee: What Happened After Shark Tank

When Super Coffee appeared on Shark Tank in early 2018, the entrepreneurs behind the product had high hopes for a deal with one of the Sharks. Alas, they walked away empty-handed after failing to make a deal with any of the investors. But that doesn’t mean their business failed – in fact, quite the opposite has happened since appearing on the show. In this article, we’ll take a look at what happened to Super Coffee after Shark Tank and what lessons can be learned from their experience.

Story of the Super Coffee Founders

The founders of Super Coffee, Jake, Jordan, and Jim DeCicco were brothers while attending college in Philadelphia. They each had a passion for health and wellness but wanted to create something that would make it easier to get the nutrients and energy they needed. This led them to create Super Coffee in 2015, which is an all-natural coffee blend enriched with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

The thing is, Jordan didn’t like sugary drinks at all, so they decided to make Super Coffee, an energy drink of their own by adding natural protein and fiber to their coffee blend. To make matters even more interesting, they decided to add milk solids and a vegan-friendly alternative to coconut milk.

Initially, he tried testing the drink by himself, and he noticed that it had a great taste and gave him more energy than sugary drinks. He then figured that if he could get the product out to other people, they might also enjoy it as much as he did.

Story of the Super Coffee Founders

And his brothers agreed on that too. So, in 2015, the group launched Super Coffee in the Whole Foods Market. They got a great response, with people loving the taste and energy boost that came from their product.

A year later they achieved unbelievable success. They had grown the sales and one could see Super Coffee on the shelves of many other supermarkets and stores. Initially, they had sold only a non-refrigerated version of their products but soon after they launched a refrigerated version as well.

All of three brothers were obsessed with a healthy lifestyle and were very passionate about the product they created. They decided to take their idea even further and applied for Shark Tank with the hopes of getting a big investor on board to help them get the product out to more people. [1] [2] [3]

Super Coffee at Shark Tank Pitch

In 2017, the Super Coffee founders pitched their product to a panel of investors on Shark Tank. Despite having no formal business experience, they impressed the Sharks with their enthusiasm and hard work.

They asked for an investment of $ 500,000 in exchange for 4,5% equity in Super Coffee company. They start by explaining what their product is and why it is so unique. Then, they gave out the samples for the sharks to try out.

However, things go bad for the trio right at this moment as all the sharks believed that their product was too niche and there was no room for a new coffee brand in the already saturated market. What’s more, none liked the way the coffee tasted. Lori for one considered it way too strong while Rohan and Robert simply don’t like the taste.

Despite the tough questions and criticism, the founders decided to move the conversation to sales. During all these years before their appearance at the Shark Tank they managed to earn $ 600,000 in sales – a very impressive feat and they actually proudly proclaimed to the sharks that they plan on reaching $ 2,1 million in the upcoming year.

Price-wise, their product costs $ 1.05 for a single bottle to make and they wholesale it for $ 2.85, as for the retail they marked it up to $ 3.99. That was a good strategy as their retail markup was higher than usual, meaning they were able to make more profit per item sold. 

The Sharks, however, were still not convinced and they decided to pass on the deal. Though disappointed, the trio hadn’t given up hope yet. They decided that they would still continue working on Super Coffee and prove to the sharks that their product was valuable and could be successful. [2] [3]

Super Coffee at Shark Tank Pitch

How is Super Coffee Doing After the Show

So, what happened to Super Coffee after the show? Well, despite the sharks passing on their offer, the trio didn’t give up and kept working hard to make their product a success. Even if they failed to get a deal, they still got all the exposure from being on the show.

In the year of 2018, the trio renamed their brand Kitu Life, after their company’s mission to provide the best coffee and promote the keto lifestyle. Apart from that, they also focused on expanding their product range by adding new organic flavors and vegan-friendly options as well.

What’s more, in the same year Patrick Schwarzenegger, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, became their partner and decided to invest in the business. This was a huge milestone for them and it helped push the brand even further.

In 2019 they introduced a brand new product to the line-up, creamers, and this was a huge success. The combination of their original coffee flavor and the new creamers pushed them to grow exponentially. In fact, they have raised $ 25 million in venture capital investments since their initial Shark Tank appearance. This included Aaron Rogers and other great investors!

Their achievements during that year didn’t just end there. They have also made it into Forbes’ list of the “30 under 30” entrepreneurs, being recognized for their accomplishments and being praised for their hard work.

In 2020, they managed to get an investment from Baron Davis, a former NBA player. He saw the potential in the brand and decided to help them out by providing his investments. This has helped the brand to grow exponentially and gain more traction in the market. They also reached the impressive milestone of $ 55 million dollars in investments.

Later that year they secured a partnership with Anheuser-Busch Inbev and became their exclusive coffee partner. This was a huge victory for the trio as they managed to land one of the biggest partnerships in the industry, helping them reach even more people with their product.

In fact, this allowed them to enter the huge retail market and make their products more accessible to the public. From being hardly known outside of the Shark Tank, they have managed to become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry with a strong presence in both online and offline sales.

2021 was also impressive for them. They decided to hire Rosanna Godden, former VP of Whole Foods, as their new financial officer. Her expertise has allowed them to expand even further and reach more people with their product. They met a whole new milestone of $ 97 million in sales, which is a testament to their success. And next year they hoped to earn $ 106 million in sales.

At the moment you can see Super Coffee products in over 40% of retail stores all across the US . This is a great success for the trio, who have managed to make their dream come true despite all odds. They are continuously pushing themselves further with new flavors, packs, and products that keep coming on a regular basis. And what’s more impressive, this means they are the third biggest-selling canned coffee brand in the United States.

How is Super Coffee Doing After the Show

In 2022 they were joined by rapper Vanilla Ice who decided to promote their newest flavor, Vanilla Ice. This was an interesting new collaboration and it helped to push the brand even further by introducing them to a whole new audience.

The trio has also been featured in various magazines like Forbes, The New York Times, and other publications. They have made several appearances on television shows as well, including Good Morning America!

As for their sales during 2022, these have reached an impressive milestone of $ 100 million. They have managed to expand even further and now are planning to expand internationally since they are satisfied with their reach within the US.

They certainly still keep a loyal following to this day which can be seen from their social media accounts and the support they have been receiving. Their Insta boasts nearly 110k followers and continues to grow. Facebook too has been a key part of their success story, now with over 59k followers.

To this day, Super Coffee continues to inspire other entrepreneurs with their story of success and passion which has driven them all the way here. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for what they do is paying off, so we can surely expect more great things from them in the near future! [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Super Coffee Net Worth

After their successful appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent investments, Super Coffee’s net worth has grown exponentially. While they failed to secure a deal on the show, they went on to have great success afterward and currently have a net worth of around $ 500 million. The company has received investments from celebrities and business tycoons alike, with their most notable investors being Patrick Schwarzenegger and Baron Davis.

These investments have allowed Super Coffee to grow its presence in retail stores, open new offices, and hire more staff. At the moment, Super Coffee products can be found in over 40% of retail stores throughout the US and they are planning to introduce their product to other countries. [3]

Where Can You Buy Super Coffee

Super Coffee is available in a variety of locations. Customers can purchase Super Coffee products online from the company’s website or other online retailers. The product is also available in stores like Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and Kroger.

In addition to these options, customers can also find Super Coffee at many coffee shops and cafes around the US. You may want to check out your local coffee shop to see if they carry Super Coffee products!

You can also visit their official website for more info about where you can buy Super Coffee products. They have an interactive map that shows exactly what stores are selling their products near you!

Where Can You Buy Super Coffee

This is quite an impressive reach for a product that got criticized for its taste on Shark Tank! Despite the criticism, Super Coffee has managed to become a household name in a very short period of time. We can expect continued success from this ever-growing brand. [2] [3]


Is Super Coffee successful?

Yes, Super Coffee is proving to be a very successful business following its Shark Tank appearance. After appearing on the show, the company has seen incredible growth in terms of sales and awareness. The company now sells its products in more than 40% of stores nationwide, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Wegmans, and Whole Foods.

As for their annual sales, in 2022 they managed to hit $ 100 million worth of revenue, which is an incredible accomplishment given that their sales only totaled less than a million when they were featured on Shark Tank. 

Who owns Super Coffee?

Super Coffee is owned by three brothers Jake, Jordan, and Jim DeCicco. The brothers were inspired to create Super Coffee. The brothers weren’t big fans of sugary drinks, so they set out to create a coffee product with better tasting, natural ingredients, and high-quality protein and milk.

While the product first started small, the brothers saw much more potential and decided to pitch their product to the Sharks on Shark Tank. However they had to leave the pitch without a deal, but they didn’t let that stop them.

Once they were back home, the brothers worked hard and made sure to expand their product line with different flavors and sizes. Today, Super Coffee has become a multi-million dollar business and it is now partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry and is sold in 40% of the retail locations across the country.

Did Super Coffee make it on Shark Tank?

Yes, Super Coffee was featured on episode 920 of Shark Tank. The brothers Jake, Jordan, and Jim DeCicco presented their caffeinated protein drink to the Sharks. However, the company had some difficulty convincing them to invest. Sharks didn’t like the taste of their product, and the market was already crowded with similar products.

Did Super Coffee make it on Shark Tank?

However, the trio was persistent and managed to reach huge success even without Shark’s money. After appearing on the show, Super Coffee’s sales skyrocketed, and they went from selling their product in a few local stores to major retailers around the country.

Useful Video: How Super Coffee leveraged their Shark Tank experience to drive growth


Jake, Jordan and Jim DeCicco were the three founders of Super Coffee. They appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 with high hopes, however, they weren’t able to get a deal. Despite this setback, they were able to take their business in a new direction and leverage the publicity that Shark Tank gave them. They have since gone on to become one of the most successful cold brew coffee companies in the United States with an annual revenue of over $ 100 million.

They have also developed a line of food products and created partnerships with organizations like Anheuser-Busch Inbev. The DeCicco brothers have shown that even when presented with failure, it is possible to rise above and make something great. Super Coffee has become an inspiring success story and a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance.

But what’s probably the most impressive feat they managed to achieve is their national reach. By the year 2023, you can come across their products in over 40% of grocery stores in the USA. They also have multiple locations and distribution centers around the country, so that their products can be shipped quickly and efficiently. Their success has been an inspiration for many entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, despite any setbacks that may come their way.

In conclusion, Super Coffee has come a long way since its initial Shark Tank appearance. The trio has worked hard to become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry with a strong presence in offline sales. They have achieved impressive milestones thanks to their investments and partnerships as well as new products that keep coming out on a regular basis. With this success, they are now planning to expand into new markets and territories. No matter what their future holds, Super Coffee is sure to remain an inspirational success story for entrepreneurs everywhere. Thanks for reading!