Granola Butter: What Happened After Shark Tank

Granola Butter: What Happened After Shark Tank

On the popular show Shark Tank, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of millionaire investors. Recently, one of these businesses was Granola Butter. This startup makes a unique type of peanut butter that is made with granola, making it healthier than traditional peanut butter. After appearing on Shark Tank, Granola Butter has seen a surge in popularity, but many people are still wondering: what happened to Granola Butter after Shark Tank?

Granola Butter Before the Shark Tank

Food disorders are one of the major issues in the US even today. Years ago, the founders of Granola Butter had a big issue. They suffered from food disorders and couldn’t find a healthy snack that was tasty enough to satisfy their cravings. That’s when they decided to create something themselves.

Hoping to share their prosperity with a Shark, Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar presented Oat Haus – their “granola butter” spread. Ali had a nut intolerance so she couldn’t enjoy peanut butter. On top of that, she had an eating disorder and found it hard to get the proper nutrition. After 8 years of being together, Eric and Ali have cemented a strong relationship. Additionally, Ari has been a close friend of Eric since early childhood.

Kween & Co gave way to the name of our manufacturing facility, capturing its essence and longevity. She wanted to bring a solution to those who faced the same issue and started working with Eric on an alternative that was good for everyone.

Granola Butter Before the Shark Tank

Initially, Granola Butter was a side hustle when she worked in health care. Despite that, what she did was enough to take the company off. Soon she had to move to Warminster because the rent rates in California were too much for her, and that’s when she rebranded her business to Oat Haus.

Things weren’t as smooth, however. The first batches weren’t the best, in fact, the product wasn’t even marketable. She had to start all over again, but this time with a whole lot more effort and determination. Only when Ari Schaer became a chef, the product became marketable because of all the seasoning she added to it. Granola Butter contains gluten-free oats, flax, olive oil, pure maple syrup, coconut oil, and a pinch of salt. But you can receive personalized flavor suggestions if you contact us through the website.

Looking for Oat Haus? You can find it at major retailers such as Whole Foods, Thrive Markets, Baron’s, Pressed, Harmons, Erewhon, and Central Market. If you want the convenience of ordering online – no problem! You’ll be able to get your hands on some Oat Haus through Amazon too.

Soon, Ari decided to appear in an episode of the show Shark Tank. Here she wanted to get a shark on board so that they could scale their business. It’s not easy to impress the Sharks, but Ari was confident and presented a great pitch. [1]

Granola Butter at the Shark Tank

At Shark Tank, Ari and her team initially wanted to raise $ 375,000 for 5% of their company. They begin by explaining what their product is and what their story is. They explained that they have created a healthy and tasty snack that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free.

Ali begins by telling her history of eating disorders and Eric talks about his culinary background. She loved peanut butter but couldn’t handle nuts after getting an anorexia treatment. As a result, she wanted to create something that could be healthy and still tasty enough for everyone to consume.

Since their launch in March of 2018, they have experienced steady growth: From $ 156k in sales that year to $ 435k the following; then skyrocketing to over a million dollars ($ 1.2M) for 2020–and if all goes according to plan, 2021 is expected to bring them an incredible revenue total of $ 2.5M!

They even got some investors on board, getting a total of $ 600,000 in investment prior to the show.

Each jar is created with an expense of .25 and can be sold for varying prices from $ 9 – $ 12 when purchased online. The distributors purchased the jars from us at a rate of $ 5.50, but the store shelves had Granola Butter for slightly higher prices ranging from $ 8.99 – $ 11.99 each!

Granola Butter at the Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary had an unfavorable impression of the product, calling it too drizzly. Mark is worried about the hard competition in the market, and Barbara has no idea how she can help them. Lori enjoys the product however she doesn’t think this is a business for her. The last shark to leave is Daniel. This concludes the Granola Butter pitch and leaves Ari without a deal.

In the end, Ari was able to walk away from the Tank with more wisdom than money. Although Granola Butter didn’t get an offer on Shark Tank, this experience gave them the opportunity and incentive to further develop their brand and expand into major retail stores where their healthy snack could be found all over! [2]

How is Granola Butter Doing After the Show

After the show, Ari was able to use the exposure she got from the show to build her business. She rebranded her product to Oat Haus and received a huge boost in orders from her appearance at the show.

There’s something called a Shark Tank effect, and Granola Butter has certainly experienced it. The immediate exposure to millions of people who watch the show every week causes a huge surge in orders as soon as an episode airs.

In fact, in the weeks after the episode aired she received a 300% boost in sales. That’s an incredible increase in a very short amount of time!

Last November, the renowned actress Jameela Jamil from the celebrated comedy series “The Good Place” and her online community joined as investors which led to $ 2.5 million in sales. In the year 2022, they have managed to achieve $ 3 million in sales. They have achieved this milestone due to their consistent efforts and the exposure that Shark Tank has provided them with.

Over the years, Granola Butter has managed to gather quite a community around them. Their Instagram account has over 90k followers and their success story has been constantly talked about on the internet.

Granola Butter is a true success story, one that proves that even with no deal from the Sharks, you can still make it big and create something special. Ari’s persistence coupled with her hard work and dedication made this possible. 

If you are looking for some extra motivation in your own life, take a page out of Granola Butter’s book: never give up! You never know where it may lead you. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy a snack of Granola Butter every once in a while!

Granola Butter is still going strong since the show and currently offers its signature product in stores across the US. It is also available on the official website, with individual jars as well as bulk orders for any occasion. The brand has developed its product line over the years and now also offers a few non-granola nut butter items. [2] [3] [4]

Granola Butter Net Worth

Granola Butter’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $ 800K – 1 million as of early 2023. The company has been able to achieve this mainly due to its loyal customer base and continued success over the years. 

Granola Butter Net Worth

The brand stood out well in the competitive market of peanut butter alternatives and was able to grow exponentially due to its appearance on Shark Tank. The exposure from the show provided Granola Butter the opportunity to reach out to new customers and expand its customer base, which eventually resulted in consistent sales increases year after year. [5]


How much is Granola Butter worth?

Granola Butter is valued at around $ 1 million, according to a recent article by Forbes. This figure was determined after taking into account the company’s estimated sales figures and the amount of venture capital they have raised since its Shark Tank appearance.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Granola Butter has continued to grow exponentially. They now entered the retail market with distribution in hundreds of stores. In addition to its retail presence, they also have a thriving online business that allows customers to purchase directly from the company’s website.

So even though they failed to get a deal from the Sharks, Granola Butter has come a long way since then. They have achieved remarkable success and continue to set their sights even higher in the future.

Did Granola butter get a deal?

Unfortunately, Granola Butter didn’t get a deal after appearing on Shark Tank. Founder Ari Schaer pitched her product to the Sharks and sharks were less than impressed. While the Sharks admired Schaer’s perseverance and passion, they weren’t sure of Granola Butter’s potential market and profitability.

Right now the Granola Butter still stands firm without a deal. It is still being sold online and can be found in select stores. Their annual earnings are reaching the $ 3 million mark.

Is Granola Butter still in business?

Yes! Granola Butter is an oil-based, nut-free spread that is still in business today. Founded by Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar, the business appears to be going strong since its appearance on Shark Tank.

The company has since expanded its product lineup to include five flavors of Granola Butter: original, cinnamon sugar, honey almond, chunky dark chocolate, and banana bread.

Granola Butter’s website features an extensive list of retailers where customers can purchase the product. Additionally, it sells directly from its own online store.

How old is Ali Bonar?

Ali Bonar is a self-made entrepreneur who founded her own health food company. As of 2023, Ali is 26 years old and has achieved substantial success in entrepreneurship.

How old is Ali Bonar?

When Ali was 20, she started to experiment with recipes using natural ingredients and soon found success by creating the world’s first granola butter. This created a line of products that are both tasty and healthy, which she then took to Shark Tank for funding. She and her team didn’t receive any offers from the sharks, but that didn’t stop them from pushing forward.

Who is the CEO of Oat Haus?

Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar are the co-founders and current CEOs of Oat Haus, a maker of Granola Butter. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the team has grown exponentially and achieved success.

While they may have failed to get a shark on board during the show, their ingenuity and passion for the product helped them to secure an initial $ 150,000 in capital from private investors. With that investment, they have been able to expand their operations and grow the business tenfold.

What was the oat-based spread on Shark Tank?

Granola Butter was an oat-based spread. It was created by Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar, and is a delicious nut butter alternative. The product is made of oats, fruit, protein, and flavorings such as natural sweeteners and spices. It comes in various flavors as well!

Granola Butter is intended to be a safe alternative to nut butter, which can cause a variety of allergies in some people. Granola Butter also contains less fat and calories than traditional nut butter.

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Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar wanted to create an alternative to traditional peanut butter, and Granola Butter was the product they chose. After appearing on Shark Tank, their business exploded in popularity and media coverage.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar have seen their company grow exponentially. Their products are now available in retail and you can still purchase them online.

The trio has been featured by national publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Huffington Post. They also got the support of other investors to help expand the business.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Granola Butter has become a hit among consumers. The product is both delicious and healthy, making it an ideal snack for health-conscious individuals. It’s also great for those looking for an alternative to traditional peanut butter or other nut butter.

Despite not receiving a deal on Shark Tank, Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, and Ali Bonar have taken their business to new heights since appearing on the show. Granola Butter is an inspiring example of how determination and hard work can pay off in the long run.

The success of Granola Butter has been an inspiring story for entrepreneurs everywhere. With their passion and hard work, the trio was able to take a simple idea and turn it into a successful business that is now enjoyed by many people around the world. We can only imagine what they’ll do next!