Grill Charms: What Happened After Shark Tank

Grill Charms: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the high-stakes world of entrepreneurial innovation, the hit television show Shark Tank has provided a platform for countless aspiring inventors and business owners to pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a panel of seasoned investors, the “sharks”. Grill Charms, a unique culinary accessory designed to revolutionize the grilling experience, made its memorable debut on the show. However, what transpired after this gripping televised pitch?

This article delves into the intriguing journey of Grill Charms, exploring its post-Shark Tank trajectory, shifts in ownership, and the enduring legacy of its founder, Leslie Haywood, as she navigated the turbulent waters of the business world.

What Is Grill Charms?

Grill Charms is a set of stainless steel markers designed to help grill masters keep track of individual preferences and ensure each piece of meat is cooked to perfection [1]. These small, decorative charms can be easily inserted into the meat before grilling, allowing for easy identification and customization.

Design and Functionality

The Grill Charms come in various shapes and designs, each representing a different level of doneness or personalized touch. From rare to well-done, the markers cater to every palate, ensuring that everyone gets their preferred level of doneness without confusion or mix-up. The charms are easy to handle and insert into the meat, thanks to their pointed tips and sturdy construction.

Grill Charms, akin to their culinary counterpart Wine Charms, are petite, stainless steel adornments measuring no larger than a dime. These intricate charms find their purpose when they are delicately placed upon your food items as they sizzle and sear on the grill. Beyond mere aesthetics, Grill Charms serve a vital role in ensuring the security and protection of your meat, particularly during the sometimes precarious act of moving or flipping it. 

However, the utility of Grill Charms extends far beyond their visual appeal. Each charm bears distinct alphabet markings that act as a key to identifying the doneness level of the meat.

For instance, “M” signifies medium, “MR” denotes medium-rare, and “R” stands for rare, among other designations [2]. This ingenious system guarantees that you will never inadvertently serve the incorrect piece of meat, ensuring that your culinary endeavors are marked with precision and perfection.

Durability and Ease of Use

The stainless steel construction of Grill Charms ensures their durability and longevity. They are designed to withstand high heat and repeated use without losing shine or functionality. The charms are also dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze. Additionally, the set comes with a convenient storage case, ensuring that the charms remain organized and easily accessible.

What Is Grill Charms?

Enhancing the Grilling Experience

Grill Charms not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of style and personalization to your grilling adventures. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or an intimate dinner party, these charms are sure to impress your guests and spark conversations. The wide range of designs, including flags, initials, and fun shapes, allows you to inject your personality into your grilling experience.

Precision and Consistency

One of the standout features of Grill Charms is their ability to ensure precision and consistency in grilling. By using the markers to label each piece of meat, you can easily keep track of individual preferences, cooking times, and flavors. This eliminates any guesswork and guarantees that each guest receives their desired level of doneness. With Grill Charms, you can say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked meat forever.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

The response to Grill Charms from grill enthusiasts has been overwhelmingly positive. Many users have praised the product for its functionality, durability, and the unique touch it adds to their grilling experience [3]. Customers have reported a significant improvement in their ability to serve perfectly cooked meat to their guests, resulting in a new level of satisfaction and enjoyment. The convenience of the storage case and the ease of use have also been commended by users.


  • Organization and Personalization: One of the standout features of Grill Charms is their ability to minimize confusion at the grill. With these charms, it’s easy to distinguish between different flavors, spices, and cooking preferences. If one person likes their steak medium-rare and another prefers well-done, Grill Charms can help keep track of each piece;
  • Avoid Allergens: Grill Charms are also incredibly useful for those with dietary restrictions or allergies. By marking certain foods with a charm, you can ensure that everyone knows which items are safe for them to eat;
  • Quality Material: Made from solid stainless steel, Grill Charms are durable and built to last. They can withstand high grilling temperatures without any issues;
  • Positive Reviews: Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Grill Charms has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users love the concept and find them practical for both casual backyard BBQs and larger gatherings;
  • Gift Potential: Given their unique concept and functionality, Grill Charms make a great gift for BBQ lovers;

Customer Feedback and Testimonials


  • Price: Some might consider Grill Charms to be a bit pricey for what they are. However, considering their quality and functionality, many users find them to be a worthy investment;
  • Risk of Misplacement: Due to their small size, there’s a risk of misplacing the charms. It’s important to keep them in a safe place when not in use.;
  • Limited Designs: Currently, there seems to be a limited range of designs available. While the current selection is functional, more variety would allow for greater personalization;

About Founders Of Grill Charms

Grill Charms, the brainchild of Leslie Haywood, found its origin in her inventive spirit. Prior to 2006, Leslie played the role of a dedicated homemaker, raising her two daughters [4]. However, the year 2007 marked a significant turning point in her life when she made the bold decision to introduce Grill Charms to the world.

Hailing from the charming state of South Carolina, Lesley Haywood proudly identifies herself as a devoted homemaker, wife, and mother. Her journey, however, extends far beyond the domestic realm, as she claims to have crafted a product tailored for the enjoyment of grill enthusiasts of all stripes.

In the realm of grilling, especially with the joyful presence of children, the challenge of keeping tabs on what’s cooking can be quite the task. According to Lesley Haywood, her invention provides the perfect solution to this universal griller’s predicament.

Lesley doesn’t limit her roles to the home front; she wears multiple hats in her grilling gadget empire. Beyond the confines of the kitchen, she assumes the roles of founder, CEO, marketing virtuoso, and diligent bookkeeper.

One noteworthy chapter in Lesley’s journey is her audacious attempt to enter the Shark Tank. However, this adventure was laced with profound personal tragedy. Just moments before stepping onto the stage, Lesley received a heart-wrenching call from her mother, bearing the devastating news of her father’s sudden and unexpected passing. Her father’s parting wish was clear: he didn’t want to be the reason she missed out on the Shark Tank opportunity.

About Founders Of Grill Charms

Burying her father amidst such circumstances left an indelible mark of grief. Yet, a few weeks after the somber burial, Lesley received another call from Shark Tank. It was a second chance, a lifeline extended to her in the midst of her mourning. She firmly believes that when she walks before the Sharks, her father’s spirit will be there, standing alongside her, offering unwavering support and cheers of encouragement.

In 2006, Leslie faced a formidable challenge as she was diagnosed with breast cancer, leading to a Bilateral Mastectomy in the same year. Despite the physical and emotional hurdles that came her way, Leslie’s indomitable spirit led her to bring her innovative products to market. Since that resilient start, she has graced the screens of numerous television shows, becoming a recognized figure in the culinary world.

Moreover, Leslie has made a substantial impact in the world of literature, contributing to various parenting and health magazines, newspaper features, and investors’ digests. Her words have not only inspired readers but have also provided valuable insights into various aspects of life. Beyond the realm of print, Leslie has lent her voice to the airwaves, making appearances on diverse radio shows and podcasts, where she continues to share her remarkable journey and entrepreneurial wisdom.

The Pitch Of Grill Charms At Shark Tank

Leslie Haywood made a memorable appearance on the television show Shark Tank, seeking a $ 50,000 investment in Grill Charms in exchange for a 25% ownership stake [5].

Her motivation for creating Grill Charms stemmed from a dinner mishap where her husband mistakenly served the wrong meat cut. Fortunately, Robert Herjavek recognized the potential and decided to partner with her.

However, some marketing experts on the show voiced concerns about the product’s name and packaging. Kevin O’Leary delved into Leslie’s business, discovering that she had already established Grill Charms in 103 independent stores. While Kevin appreciated the product, he was keen on developing the brand further. He offered $ 50,000 for a 50% equity share.

Barbara Corcoran signaled her disinterest in investing, while Daymond implied doubts about Robert Herjavek’s retail expertise. Undeterred, Daymond and Harrington jointly proposed a firm 50% equity partnership with no room for negotiation.

Kevin O’Leary introduced the notion of 7% royalties and 20% equity in exchange for his $ 50,000 investment. In the end, Robert Herjavec aligned perfectly with Leslie’s initial ask, offering $ 50,000 for a 25% stake, sealing the deal. Leslie Haywood departed the Shark Tank stage with Robert Herjavec’s backing, securing a $ 500,000 investment for a 25% share in Grill Charms.

In the final deal, Robert Herjavec committed to investing $ 500,000 for a quarter ownership stake in Grill Charms, catapulting Leslie’s business to new heights.

In the concluding moments of the interview, Lesley Haywood candidly reveals her initial hopes of securing an offer from Kevin Harrington, the renowned “TV Guy” of the Shark Tank panel. However, a twist in the tale unfolded as Robert Herjavec also extended a compelling offer. This unexpected turn of events led to a connection between them that transcended the screen. Lesley expresses her belief that Robert Herjavec has her best interests at heart and eagerly anticipates the collaborative journey ahead, signifying the promising partnership forged on the set of Shark Tank.

The Pitch Of Grill Charms At Shark Tank

Grill Charms After The Shark Tank

Grill Charms, unfortunately, ceased its operations in 2011 [6]. However, a silver lining emerged as they later entered into a licensing agreement with Fox Run Brands, allowing the latter to take over the production and distribution of this innovative grilling accessory under the “grilling solutions” category.

It appears that Grill Charms still offers four distinct collections, each tailored to specific grilling preferences. These collections include the Steak Collection, Spicy Collection, Charmed Life Collection, and the Pink Collection, which you can find more information about on their website at

However, it’s notable that the website doesn’t seem to have received recent updates, presenting a somewhat dated appearance. The absence of recent blog posts, with the latest one dating back to 2011, suggests that Lesley Haywood might no longer be actively involved with Grill Charms.

Additionally, it seems that direct purchases of Grill Charm collections cannot be made through the website, and customers are redirected to Amazon for purchases. The price range for these collections falls between $ 11.95 and $ 19.95, making them accessible for grilling enthusiasts looking to add a touch of organization and style to their outdoor cooking experiences [7].

Although Grill Charms are no longer offered for sale directly on their website, enthusiasts can still procure them through online marketplaces like Amazon. It’s worth noting that Grill Charms have undergone a change in ownership, with Fox Run Brands now overseeing their production and availability, ensuring that the legacy of this handy grilling tool endures.

The Net Worth Of Grill Charms

Leslie emphasized that Grill Charms had a track record of sales even before her Shark Tank pitch. In fact, these ingenious culinary companions had already found their way onto the shelves of 103 independent retail outlets.

Beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Grill Charms had a strong online presence, with sales occurring through the company’s website and popular third-party platforms like and The price range for Grill Charms spanned from $ 11.95 to $ 10.95, making them accessible to a wide range of grill enthusiasts [8].

Grill Charms After The Shark Tank

When Grill Charms made its debut on Shark Tank, it carried a valuation of $ 200,000, showcasing the product’s potential.

According to Lesley Haywood, she continues to receive royalty payments on a quarterly basis as part of her ongoing partnership. As of 2022, Grill Charms remains operational and thriving, boasting an impressive annual revenue of $ 1 million. This success underscores the enduring appeal and utility of this innovative grilling product.

Alternatives To Grill Charms:

  • Skewers or Grilling Sticks: Use different types of skewers or grilling sticks for various items. For example, use flat metal skewers for vegetables and round wooden skewers for meat. You can even label them with small tags for identification;
  • Colored Toothpicks: Insert colored toothpicks into different food items to differentiate them. For instance, use green toothpicks for medium-rare steaks and red for well-done;
  • Mini Flags: Tiny, food-safe flags can be attached to food items with toothpicks or small skewers. Write the desired level of doneness or any other identifier on the flags;
  • Food Tags or Labels: Create small labels or tags using food-safe markers or labels that you can attach to the food with a toothpick or small skewer;
  • Herb Sprigs: Tie different herbs like rosemary, thyme, or parsley around the food items with kitchen twine. Each herb type can signify a different level of doneness;
  • Metal Grill Clips: Special clips designed for grilling can be used to attach labels or tags to food items;
  • Customizable Meat Branding Irons: These branding irons allow you to mark your initials or desired identifiers directly onto the meat;
  • Silicone Grill Bands: Colorful silicone bands or rings can be placed around food items to indicate cooking preferences;
  • Reusable Metal Markers: Similar to Grill Charms, but in different shapes or designs. These can be reused and are placed directly on the food;
  • Digital Meat Thermometers: Some digital meat thermometers have settings to indicate the desired level of doneness, and they alert you when the meat reaches that temperature;


  1. Is Grill Charms still in business?

As of 2022, Grill Charms was still in business and had licensed Fox Run Brands to produce and distribute their product. However, the latest information provided in this conversation suggests that Grill Charms is still operational as of 2022, with an annual revenue of $ 1 million [9].

  1. Who is the founder of Grill Charms?

Leslie Haywood is the founder of Grill Charms. She developed the product to help grill enthusiasts identify different cuts of meat and their cooking preferences.

  1. Are Shark Tank deals real?

Yes, the deals made on the television show Shark Tank are real and legally binding. They are formal agreements that outline the terms of investment between the entrepreneurs (seeking funding) and the “sharks” (investors).

  1. Which “shark” invested the most?

The most significant investment at Shark Tank can vary from episode to episode. The largest investment in the history of the show was made by Mark Cuban, who offered $ 2 million for 20% equity in the company Ten Thirty-One Productions during Season 5.

  1. Has anyone ever gotten all 5 sharks?

Yes, there have been a few instances where entrepreneurs on Shark Tank received offers from all five “sharks”. One notable example is the Scrub Daddy, a cleaning product that received offers from all five sharks and ultimately struck a deal with Lori Greiner.

Alternatives To Grill Charms

  1. Which shark is profitable?

The profitability of the sharks on Shark Tank varies based on their individual investments and the success of the companies they’ve invested in. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner are among the sharks known for their successful investments on the show.

  1. Who is the nicest shark on Shark Tank?

The perception of who the “nicest” shark is can vary among viewers. Sharks have different investing styles and personalities. Lori Greiner is often seen as one of the more approachable and nurturing sharks, providing valuable guidance to entrepreneurs.

  1. Has Shark Tank made anyone rich?

Yes, many entrepreneurs who secured deals on Shark Tank have seen significant financial success. The show provides them with exposure, mentorship, and often the capital needed to grow their businesses.

  1. Is there a billionaire in Shark Tank?

Mark Cuban is the only shark on Shark Tank who is a billionaire. He made his fortune through various tech investments and is known for his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team.

  1. Why is Robert no longer on Shark Tank?

As of 2023, Robert Herjavec was still a part of Shark Tank [10]. However, the status of the show’s cast can change over time, so it’s advisable to check the most recent information regarding the show’s lineup.

  1. Has anyone on Shark Tank been successful?

Yes, many entrepreneurs who have appeared on Shark Tank have achieved significant success, including growing their businesses, expanding their product lines, and increasing their revenue.

  1. How did Lori Greiner get rich?

Lori Greiner is often referred to as the “Queen of QVC” due to her extensive success in product development and sales on the QVC shopping network [11]. She is an inventor and entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of products, many of which have become bestsellers.

  1. Has anyone sold their business on Shark Tank?

Yes, many entrepreneurs have successfully secured investments on Shark Tank and subsequently sold their businesses to the sharks or other investors, allowing them to exit and profit from their ventures.

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