Squeeky Knees: What Happened After Shark Tank

Squeeky Knees: What Happened After Shark Tank

This article explores the aftermath of Squeeky Knees’ appearance on the show, shedding light on the challenges and successes faced by the creators, Lisa and Ivan, as they sought investment and guidance from the Sharks. Discover how the product evolved, why it garnered both interest and skepticism, and ultimately, what led to the company’s fate. From entrepreneurial dreams to the stark realities of the business world, this article uncovers the post-Shark Tank saga of Squeeky Knees.

What Is Squeeky Knees?

Squeeky Knees, the innovative knee-saving solution for your baby’s delicate joints, provides gentle safeguarding for your infant’s knees. These knee protectors are designed to ensure your little one’s knees remain secure during their active movements, without adding any extra weight or bulk to their clothing [1]. With Squeeky Knees, you can bid farewell to the worry of your child’s knees getting injured. 

What Is Squeeky Knees?


Squeeky Knees are ingeniously crafted to seamlessly absorb the cacophony of motion, including running and jumping, thanks to their silicone-based noise-absorption technology. These knee pads, renowned for their lightweight and breathable qualities, not only ensure the utmost comfort for little knees but also provide robust protection against impacts.

Squeeky Knees represent a unique breed of pants meticulously engineered to emit a distinctive squeak, effectively serving as an alert system to keep you informed of your baby’s movements. Even the most spirited of tiny adventurers will find it challenging to outlast the remarkable durability of these knee pads, crafted from resilient materials. They exhibit excellent performance across a wide spectrum of surfaces, including concrete, ceramic, and even wooden floors.

These remarkable knee pads, known as Squeeky Knees, boast a cutting-edge silicone technology that is currently pending patent approval [2]. Their exceptional ability to absorb the noise and vibrations resulting from activities such as jumping, jogging, and crawling makes them an invaluable tool for parents.

Each movement your child makes while wearing Squeeky Knees produces a subtle squeaking sound, serving as an alert system for you to keep track of your little one’s whereabouts. This feature grants parents peace of mind, knowing their child is moving around safely.


  • Innovative Idea: The concept of creating toddler clothes that squeak when kids move around is unique and ingenious. It provides a fun element for the kids and also helps parents to keep track of their child’s movements;
  • Safety Feature: The product is entertaining and adds a safety feature. The knee pads protect the infant’s knees while they are moving or crawling;
  • Exposure: Although the pair didn’t land a deal on the show, they did get some exposure which could have potentially led to increased sales and brand awareness;


  • No Deal: Despite their innovative idea and presentation, they did not secure a deal on the show. This could be perceived as a lack of confidence in the product’s viability or profitability from seasoned investors;
  • Limited Market: The product caters to a very specific age group (toddlers who are learning to crawl or walk), which limits the potential market size;
  • Noise Factor: While the squeaking sound could be entertaining for a while, it might become annoying for parents or caregivers after some time;

Who Should Use Squeeky Knees Pads?

Squeeky Knees has evolved into a range of pants with integrated knee cushioning, available in a delightful assortment of styles for both boys and girls. The built-in knee protection on these leggings remains effective and durable over an extended period.

Even the most spirited infants will find it challenging to wear down the sturdy design of these knee pads. They excel on various surfaces, including wood, concrete, and ceramic, ensuring your child’s knees stay unharmed.

Squeeky Knees caters to children of every age and stature, offering an enjoyable means to monitor your child’s whereabouts during playtime [3]. Consider this scenario: you have a toddler who is still mastering the art of walking, and they’re exploring various spaces, whether indoors at home or outdoors in parks or on the beach.

With Squeeky Knees, you can confidently release their hand, secure in the knowledge that you’ll remain aware of their location. Similarly, if you have an infant who is in the early stages of crawling, you can effortlessly track their movements even when they venture away from your immediate vicinity.

Squeeky Knees aren’t limited to just crawling; they prove invaluable for numerous activities. Even as your child transitions to walking, they continue to provide an extra layer of defense against unsightly scratches and painful bruises.

Who Should Use Squeeky Knees Pads?

About Founders Of Squeeky Knees

In 2010, Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes founded Squeeky Knees with the primary goal of safeguarding their son’s knees as he roamed their home [4]. However, they didn’t stop at just protection; their product also emits a delightful squeaking sound with each movement, serving both as an auditory delight and an efficient means of tracking children’s whereabouts. 

The launch of Squeeky Knees can be attributed to Lisa and Ivan’s struggle to keep an eye on their energetic newborn while juggling their myriad responsibilities.

When Lisa’s child began to explore every nook and cranny of the house in her absence, she recognized the need for a garment accessory that would help keep him contained while simultaneously providing her with the assurance of knowing his whereabouts.

In the realm of baby products, Squeeky Knees emerged as a groundbreaking solution. To safeguard their creation from potential imitators, Ivan and Lisa dedicated their entire first year in the startup phase to securing a patent for their innovative concept.

Surprisingly, despite their pioneering invention, Lisa and Ivan did not actively pursue strategies to bolster sales or expand their distribution channels, as their website received limited attention.

Their decision to participate in Shark Tank stemmed from their belief in the exceptional nature of their idea and their unwavering determination to propel their company to greater heights.

Initially, Evans joined forces with Right Bank Babies in a collaboration, but this partnership was eventually discontinued. The Squeeky Knees product line encompasses a wide array of options, including jeans, knee highs, pants, onesies, leggings, and stockings, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every child. What’s more, these Squeeky Knees are conveniently machine washable, simplifying the maintenance process for busy parents.

The Pitch Of Squeeky Knees At Shark Tank

Lisa and Ivan stepped into the Shark Tank, seeking an $ 80,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in their company, Squeeky Knees [5]. They passionately emphasized the paramount importance of child safety to every parent and highlighted how their product addressed this concern. Squeeky Knees featured clothing with built-in knee pads equipped with a squeaker device, allowing parents to track their children’s movements. To illustrate the concept, Lisa and Ivan presented a video demonstrating children wearing the product and crawling around a house.

Robert raised a valid concern about potential annoyance from the squeaking sound. Ivan defended the product, finding it endearing to hear his children using it. Lori delved into the financial aspect, learning that they had sold 500 units for gross sales totaling $ 10,000. The fact that they had been in business for three years but achieved relatively low sales did not sit well with the Sharks. Lisa explained that their initial focus was on obtaining intellectual property rather than generating sales.

The Pitch Of Squeeky Knees At Shark Tank

Daymond questioned their lackluster sales and the growth potential of the business. Lisa mentioned being a single mom and not knowing how to market effectively as reasons for the slow growth. Kevin bluntly expressed skepticism, suggesting that the lack of sales might indicate a lack of market interest in the product. Ivan and Lisa attempted to defend their idea but found themselves making excuses rather than providing compelling reasons, which frustrated the Sharks.

Lori believed that if a product had true potential, people would line up to buy it, and she didn’t see that level of demand for Squeeky Knees, leading her to opt-out. Mark expressed his liking for the idea but expressed doubts about Lisa and Ivan’s ability to turn it into a successful company, given their part-time commitment due to work and childcare responsibilities. Ivan disagreed with Mark’s stance, defending Lisa and the role of stay-at-home moms. Mark, in his characteristic fashion, pointed out that there are always dedicated full-time competitors who are likely to surpass them. Mark, too, opted out.

Robert didn’t mind Lisa running the business part-time but felt that Squeeky Knees was still in its early stages, leading him to decline. Kevin reiterated his belief that the market was rejecting the product and warned against further investment. Thus, he also opted out. Daymond, disappointed in how Lisa and Ivan handled criticism, remained on the fence.

He believed that they were not receptive to advice and that any investment would be marred by arguments rather than progress. Consequently, Daymond chose not to invest, leaving Lisa and Ivan without a deal [6].

Squeeky Knees After The Shark Tank

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Squeeky Knees faced challenges in gaining momentum. Although there might have been a temporary spike in sales immediately after their episode aired, it appears that Lisa and Ivan did not actively pursue efforts to promote and expand their business. This lack of engagement is evident from the stagnant state of their Facebook page, which hasn’t been updated in over a year, despite ongoing interest from consumers watching reruns of the show.

Their website, while still operational, mostly features products that are out of stock. Kevin pointed out that this shortage of new products could be attributed to the limited size of their target market.

It seems that Lisa and Ivan made the decision that committing to Squeeky Knees full-time wasn’t the right fit for their family. Mark emphasized that a successful small business demands the full-time attention and dedication of its owners.

In retrospect, Lisa and Ivan made several critical errors both before and after their Shark Tank appearance. One major misconception they had was placing excessive emphasis on patenting their idea. The Sharks uniformly stressed that focusing on sales should take precedence in a business plan, as it demonstrates a genuine demand for the product.

Squeeky Knees After The Shark Tank

Squeeky Knees appeared to lack a sufficiently large market, which could have significantly influenced their situation. Daymond noted that they defended their company ineffectively while accepting criticism. They attributed their product’s struggle to their status as parents without marketing experience, but the Sharks pointed out that these challenges could not be solved solely through investment or fundraising. These issues required dedication and effort from the entrepreneurs themselves.

Like Lisa and Ivan, many entrepreneurs enter the Shark Tank without wholeheartedly committing to their business due to doubts about their product’s potential success. However, if an entrepreneur lacks confidence in their product, it’s unlikely the Sharks will be convinced either.

As of 2017, Squeeky Knees ceased operations, and its online store is no longer available [7]. The company ultimately closed its doors, marking the end of its journey.

The Net Worth Of Squeeky Knees

Recognizing that the squeaking noise could deter some potential customers, Lisa Evans made the strategic decision to manufacture Squeeky Knees leggings that remained silent and priced them at $ 22.95, providing a quieter alternative.

Despite the initial boost in publicity known as the “Shark Tank effect” following their appearance in Season 5, Episode 19, which aired on March 7, 2014, Squeeky Knees failed to achieve sustained success. The business struggled to gain traction, and unfortunately, it never truly took off.

At the time of its appearance on Shark Tank, Squeeky Knees was valued at $ 400,000 [8]. However, as of 2023, the net worth of Squeeky Knees remains unavailable, given the company’s closure and discontinuation of its operations. 

Alternatives To Squeeky Knees

Here are some alternatives to Squeeky Knees for knee protection and child monitoring:

  • Traditional Knee Pads: You can opt for standard knee pads designed for various activities such as sports or gardening. These provide protection for your child’s knees but may not have the monitoring features of Squeeky Knees;
  • Baby Monitors: Use a baby monitor with video capabilities to keep an eye on your child’s movements in a room or outdoor space. This won’t offer knee protection but will help with monitoring;
  • Soft Knee Protectors: Look for soft, cushioned knee protectors or sleeves designed specifically for infants and toddlers. These can be worn under clothing to provide some degree of knee protection;
  • Playpen or Play Yard: For infants learning to crawl, consider setting up a playpen or play yard with soft flooring. This confines their movement to a safe space;
  • Tracking Devices: Invest in child-tracking devices or GPS trackers that can be attached to your child’s clothing or worn as a wristband. These devices offer real-time location tracking;
  • Regular Pants with Extra Padding: Dress your child in regular pants with added padding on the knees for protection during playtime;
  • DIY Knee Pads: If you’re crafty, you can create your own knee pads using soft, cushioning materials like foam or fabric;
  • Childproofing: Ensure your home or play area is childproofed to minimize potential hazards, so you don’t need to constantly monitor your child’s movements [9];

The Net Worth Of Squeeky Knees


  1. What are Squeeky Knees for babies?

Squeeky Knees are a type of baby clothing designed to protect a child’s knees while crawling or moving around. These clothing items come equipped with built-in knee pads, often featuring a squeaking sound device that serves both as protection and an auditory tracking system for parents to monitor their baby’s movements.

  1. How do Squeeky Knees work?

Squeeky Knees are made with a soft, breathable fabric that provides cushioning and protection for your baby’s delicate knees. They feature built-in squeakers that activate with every movement, adding an element of fun and excitement to your baby’s crawling or walking experience. The squeaky noise helps capture your baby’s attention, encouraging them to explore and stay engaged.

  1. Are Squeeky Knees safe for my baby?

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority. Squeeky Knees are made with high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for your baby’s delicate skin. The knee pads are designed to be snug but comfortable, ensuring a secure fit without restricting your baby’s movement. However, always supervise your baby while they are wearing Squeeky Knees to prevent any accidents.

  1. What age range are Squeeky Knees suitable for?

Squeeky Knees are suitable for babies aged 6 months and older who are in the crawling or early walking stages. These knee pads are designed to grow with your baby, thanks to their stretchy fabric and adjustable straps. They provide a snug fit for different leg sizes, ensuring comfort and protection as your baby grows.

  1. Can Squeeky Knees be used on different surfaces?

Yes, Squeeky Knees are designed to be versatile and can be used on various surfaces. Whether your baby is crawling on hardwood floors, carpet, or even concrete, Squeeky Knees offers an extra layer of protection. The soft, padded fabric cushions your baby’s knees, preventing discomfort and potential scrapes or bruises.

  1. How do I clean Squeeky Knees?

Cleaning Squeeky Knees is simple. They can be hand-washed or machine-washed on a gentle cycle using mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric or squeakers. After washing, allow the knee pads to air dry completely before using them again.

  1. Can I purchase Squeeky Knees in different colors?

Yes, Squeeky Knees come in a variety of adorable colors and patterns. From vibrant solids to fun prints, you can choose knee pads that match your baby’s personality or outfit. Visit our website or authorized retailers to explore the different color options available.

  1. Are there any other benefits to using Squeeky Knees?

A: Besides protecting your baby’s knees and adding a touch of fun, Squeeky Knees also encourage gross motor skill development. The squeaky noise and comfortable design motivate babies to crawl or walk, stimulating their curiosity and helping them build strength and coordination. Additionally, Squeeky Knees can help prevent wear and tear on pants and tights, saving you money on clothing replacements.

  1. Is Squeeky Knees still in business?

No, Squeeky Knees went out of business in 2017. The company is no longer operational, and its online store has been closed.

  1. How much is Squeeky Knees worth?

As of 2023, Squeeky Knees’ net worth is unavailable because the company has ceased operations and gone out of business. The last known valuation was $ 400,000 when they appeared on Shark Tank.

  1. Do knee pads really save your knees?

Knee pads can provide protection for your knees in various activities like sports, gardening, or construction work. They cushion impacts and reduce the risk of injuries, making them an effective tool for knee protection when used appropriately.

  1. Are knee savers bad for your knees?

Knee savers, which are typically used in baseball and softball, can help reduce strain on the knees of catchers. When used correctly and in moderation, they are not inherently bad for your knees. However, prolonged or improper use could potentially lead to other issues, so it’s essential to follow recommended guidelines.

  1. Which company’s knee support is best?

The choice of the best knee support depends on individual needs and preferences. Some popular companies known for quality knee support products include Mueller, Bauerfeind, McDavid, and DonJoy. It’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.

Which company's knee support is best?

  1. Where can I find all Shark Tank episodes?

You can find episodes of Shark Tank on various streaming platforms, including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ABC’s official website, and sometimes on YouTube. Availability may vary depending on your location and the streaming services you have access to.

  1. How many episodes has Shark Tank had?

As of 2023, Shark Tank had aired over 300 episodes. The exact number may have increased since then due to new seasons and episodes being produced.

  1. Has any “shark” been in every episode?

No, no single “shark” has appeared in every episode of Shark Tank. The panel of sharks has featured a rotating cast of wealthy investors, with occasional changes and guest appearances.

  1. Will Shark Tank ever end?

The longevity of TV shows like Shark Tank can vary. While some shows continue for many seasons, others eventually come to an end. The future of Shark Tank depends on factors like viewership ratings and network decisions.

  1. How can I watch Shark Tank in Europe?

To watch Shark Tank in Europe, you can check if it is available on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or local TV networks. Some international versions of the show may also be available in different European countries.

  1. Is Shark Tank filmed in one day?

No, Shark Tank is not filmed in one day. The show is typically filmed over several days, with multiple pitches and negotiations taking place during each filming session. The final episodes are edited from these sessions.

  1. How much is Lori Shark Tank worth?

As of 2023, Lori Greiner’s estimated net worth was around $ 150 million. However, her net worth may have changed since then due to her various business ventures and investments.

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