Crispy Cones: What Happened After Shark Tank

Crispy Cones: What Happened After Shark Tank

Crispy Cones, the innovative ice cream venture founded by Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, created quite a buzz when they made their appearance on the hit TV show “Shark Tank”. Their unique concept of soft-serve ice cream in freshly baked, rotisserie-grilled dough cones immediately caught the attention of the Sharks. Since its television debut, the company has embarked on a journey of expansion and growth, building a loyal following and enticing franchise opportunities.

In this article, we delve into the exciting post-Shark Tank” developments that have shaped the trajectory of Crispy Cones, exploring how this dessert sensation continues to make its mark on the culinary landscape.

What Is Crispy Cones?

The brainchild of Jeremy Carlson, Crispy Cones was inspired by a cone he discovered during a trip to the Czech Republic. The idea behind Crispy Cones is simple yet innovative – soft-serve ice cream served in freshly made pastry cones [1]. The cone itself often likened to a churro, offers a delightful crunch that complements the smoothness of the ice cream.

What Is Crispy Cones?

The flavor profile of Crispy Cones is commendable. The ice cream is creamy and well-textured, and the cone adds an extra layer of flavor and texture. Moreover, the variety of toppings available adds to the overall allure, with options ranging from traditional favorites like cookie dough to more adventurous choices.

The Product Line and Flavors

Crispy Cones captivates its patrons with its delectable soft-serve ice cream served in distinctive cones crafted from fresh dough, which undergoes a rotisserie-style grilling process. These cones are imbued with an array of flavors, granting patrons the opportunity to relish tantalizing variations, such as cinnamon, Nutella, Oreos, and more [2]

The soft-serve ice cream, too, offers a canvas for mouthwatering combinations, featuring timeless options like vanilla and chocolate, as well as enticing exclusive offerings that change weekly and monthly.

Incorporating the delicious essence of freshly baked cones, Crispy Cones elevates the experience by enabling customers to enrich their cones with a medley of spreads like Nutella, cookie butter, and peanut butter.

The addition of fruits also makes a delightful appearance, introducing a refreshing twist to this scrumptious dessert. The ingenious combination of these components, along with classic favorites, results in a dessert sensation that is both gratifying and exhilarating.

Within the vast array of choices offered by Crispy Cones, there are intriguing pairings to explore. Picture a cinnamon sugar cone accompanied by a scoop of luscious vanilla soft-serve, or envision a crunchy Oreo-infused cone generously adorned with a dollop of chocolate ice cream [3]. The boundless mix-and-match opportunities ignite the imagination of customers, ensuring a delightful dessert experience that caters to all tastes at Crispy Cones.


One of the main advantages of Crispy Cones is its unique concept. It offers a fresh take on the classic ice cream cone, presenting customers with a novel dessert experience [4]. The quality of the ice cream and the cones themselves are also frequently praised, with one Yelp review calling it “the best ice cream from here to Canada”.

The company’s growth strategy is another strength. With plans to have 46 operating stores by the end of 2024, Crispy Cones is poised for expansion [5]. The successful Shark Tank pitch and the subsequent investment from Barbara Corcoran have also boosted the company’s profile.


Despite its many strengths, Crispy Cones does have some potential drawbacks. One of these is the novelty factor. While the unique concept is a major selling point, it may also limit the product’s appeal for more traditional ice cream lovers.

Additionally, while the company has plans for rapid expansion, it remains to be seen how well the concept will translate across different markets. The success of Crispy Cones in its current locations does not necessarily guarantee success elsewhere.

Who May Benefit From Using Crispy Cones:

  • Ice Cream Lovers: Naturally, those who enjoy ice cream will find Crispy Cones appealing. The unique twist on the traditional cone provides a novel experience for ice cream enthusiasts;
  • Food Adventurists: People who enjoy trying new foods and flavors would definitely appreciate the unique concept of Crispy Cones. The combination of soft-serve ice cream in a freshly made pastry cone offers a new take on a classic dessert;
  • Entrepreneurs: As a successful business venture that has received Shark Tank backing, Crispy Cones serves as an inspiring case study for entrepreneurs, particularly those looking to enter the food industry;
  • Event Planners: Crispy Cones could be a hit at parties or events, offering a fun and different dessert option that could wow guests;
  • Franchise Investors: With plans for expansion and a proven business model, individuals looking to invest in a franchise may also benefit from considering Crispy Cones;
  • Dietary Needs: Depending on the ingredients used, it’s possible that Crispy Cones could cater to those with specific dietary needs. For example, if they offer dairy-free or gluten-free options, this could appeal to customers with these requirements [6];

About the Founders Of Crispy Cones

Crispy Cones, founded and operated by Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, made their debut on Shark Tank in March 2023 [7]. Their enterprise is centered around the art of soft-serve ice cream, presented in cones crafted from rotisserie-grilled dough, which is elegantly dusted with either cinnamon sugar or crushed Oreos.

In addition to the timeless ice cream flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and swirl, Crispy Cones empowers patrons to elevate their cone experience with a range of delectable spreads, including Nutella, cookie butter, and peanut butter, as well as a selection of fresh fruits and tantalizing toppings. Notably, they regularly introduce alluring weekly specialty ice cream flavors and monthly cone variations to keep their offerings fresh and exciting.

About the Founders Of Crispy Cones

At the time they appeared on Shark Tank, the dynamic Carlson duo already managed two thriving locations in Rexburg, Idaho, and Logan, Utah. The concept of crispy, donut-like ice cream cones took root during the Carlsons’ mission for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints [8].

While in the Czech Republic, they encountered “trdelníks”, traditional European pastries made of fried dough, adorned with cinnamon sugar, and sometimes laced with chocolate. These chimney cake ice cream cones have been ingeniously transformed into vessels for ice cream, a popular street food in Central and Eastern Europe.

Upon his return to the U.S. as a student at BYU, Jeremy Carlson began selling his unique take on these cones and soft serve from a humble tent. Although the initial earnings were modest, the Carlsons possessed a vision for their business that drove them forward.

In line with their active presence on Instagram and news of expansion, it’s evident that their vision is indeed taking shape. A recent Yelp review of the Rexburg location raved, calling it “the best ice cream from here to Canada”.

Crispy Cones continues to innovate, introducing new toppings such as peanut butter cups and weekly ice cream flavors like pineapple, peach, and lemon. Their website not only offers delectable treats but also showcases branded merchandise and a contact form for those interested in exploring franchising opportunities.

The Pitch Of Crispy Cones At Shark Tank

Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, the brains behind Crispy Cones, left a lasting impression on the Sharks with their delectable soft-serve ice cream encased in freshly baked cones. Their journey from inception to the “Shark Tank” stage is marked by impressive growth. Starting in 2018, they managed to generate $ 20,000 in revenue during the final four months of that year.

Their strategic move to procure a trailer from China in 2019 brought in $ 70,000 in gross revenue within just five months, even amidst the challenging backdrop of the 2020 pandemic, they recorded $ 80,000 in gross revenue [9]

In 2021, their gross revenue surged to $ 207,000, with projections soaring to $ 0.5 million in sales by 2022. The company’s product boasts a commendable profit margin, costing between $ 0.50 and $ 0.89 to produce and selling for $ 7.59 [10].

Kaitlyn, an Instagram-discovered talent, joined in 2019, and the company took its first steps in the franchising world, opening two stores – Logan, Utah, and Rexburg, Idaho. In a pivotal moment, they secured a significant investment from Barbara Corcoran on “Shark Tank”, despite Mark Cuban’s withdrawal due to concerns about their limited franchise experience.

The Pitch Of Crispy Cones At Shark Tank

Barbara’s offer of $ 200,000 for 20% equity eventually sealed the deal, marking a promising chapter in Crispy Cones’ continued expansion.

Crispy Cones After The Shark Tank

Crispy Cones specializes in serving soft-serve ice cream inside cones made from fresh dough, which are grilled in a rotisserie style and feature an array of flavors like Oreos, cinnamon, Nutella, and more. These delectable cones are priced at $ 6.49, with the classic choice of cinnamon sprinkles and chocolate coating.

The product crafted by Jeremy’s venture was a hit with all the “sharks” on the show, both in terms of taste and visual appeal. Jeremy established this enterprise in 2018, managing to generate $ 20,000 in revenue during the final four months of that year.

In 2019, the company imported a trailer from China and achieved $ 70,000 in gross revenue in just five months. Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the business managed to rake in $ 80,000 in gross revenue.

Fast forward to 2021, and the business had reached an impressive gross revenue of $ 207,000, with projections soaring to $ 0.5 million in sales by 2022. The cost of production for this delightful treat falls in the range of $ 0.50 to $ 0.89, while it’s sold for $ 7.59, offering a healthy profit margin.

Kaitlyn, a talent discovered on Instagram, joined the team in 2019. The inaugural store, a 1,400-square-foot establishment in Logan, Utah, was set up at a cost of $ 90,000. They later expanded to open a second store, spanning 1,600 square feet, in Rexburg, Idaho, with an investment of $ 150,000 [11].

On August 27, 2021, the first store managed to generate an impressive $ 298,000 in gross revenue, although it didn’t translate to immediate profits. Mark Cuban opted to withdraw his investment offer at that time, expressing concerns about the founder’s limited experience in the realm of franchising.

When Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson made their appearance on “Shark Tank,” they had already successfully launched a second location in Logan, Utah. They also informed the Sharks that they had a remarkable 11 franchisees lined up, eager to open additional Crispý Cones outlets. Presently, the Crispý Cones website teases the imminent arrival of new locations in Chandler, Arizona, and Provo, Utah [12].

The company is actively encouraging potential franchisees, and they attribute their rapid growth to the exposure gained on “Shark Tank”. Kaitlyn expressed their confidence in their choice of “Shark”, saying, “Once Barbara gave us her offer, it was such a confirmation of, “This is the Shark who we need”.

She is the one who is going to help us establish our brand. Barbara fully grasped our vision. If we had left the tank without striking a deal with her, we would have regretted it forever. She’s genuinely committed to assisting us in every facet of our business”.

While the complete details of Crispý Cones’ future are yet to be revealed, it is abundantly clear that, based on the available information, the future looks exceedingly promising for Crispy Cones as they introduce this European delicacy to the United States.

Crispy Cones After The Shark Tank

Franchise Growth

As of 2023, Crispy Cones’ growth strategy revolves around the establishment of new franchise locations across the country [13]. Presently, this delightful ice cream destination can be enjoyed in Logan, Utah, where the first storefront was inaugurated, and in Rexburg, Idaho, the founders’ hometown.

Exciting news has recently surfaced about two forthcoming franchise locations set to grace Chandler, Arizona, and Provo, Utah. These expansion plans signify a bright horizon for Crispy Cones as they continue to broaden their brick-and-mortar presence. With each new store, more and more people will have the opportunity to relish the pleasure of savoring soft-serve ice creams encased in delectable, high-quality dough, served fresh within a warm and welcoming environment.

While the list of current locations remains concise, the company’s forward momentum signals an upward trajectory for the future. As an expanding franchise, Crispy Cones could well become a beloved destination for ice cream enthusiasts, not only in the mentioned cities but for travelers crisscrossing the expanse of the United States. With each new store’s opening, Crispy Cones advances further towards fulfilling the ice cream cravings of patrons nationwide.

Social Media Presence

Crispy Cones has invested significantly in building a robust online presence and fostering active engagement with their cherished customers. They have effectively harnessed the power of various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, to showcase their exceptional soft-serve ice cream in freshly baked dough cones.

Their Instagram account is a hub for mouthwatering imagery and captivating content centered around their delectable products and in-store happenings. This visually engaging platform has enabled them to captivate a broad audience and effectively highlight their offerings. Undoubtedly, this approach has played a pivotal role in expanding their customer base.

In addition to Instagram, Crispy Cones embraces Facebook as a means to disseminate company updates, exclusive promotions, and heartwarming customer testimonials. By actively engaging with their audience on this platform, the company not only facilitates interaction but also ensures that fans are kept well-informed about the latest developments and news.

Crispy Cones’ website acts as the central hub for comprehensive information about their products, store locations, and the intriguing backstory of their creation. The website is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering an extensive narrative on the rich history and the creative inspiration behind the birth of Crispy Cones. In addition, it serves as a menu guide, allowing customers to explore the full spectrum of flavors and options available at each of their store locations.

Franchise Growth

The Net Worth Of Crispy Cones

Crispy Cones’ present estimated net worth stands at $ 1.0 million [14]. It’s worth noting that before their appearance on Shark Tank, the company was evaluated by the founder at an estimated worth of $ 2 million.

Crispy Cones is committed to offering their products at affordable and accessible prices, ensuring that customers can savor a distinctive and premium dessert experience. With two established storefronts, the business serves the desires of ice cream enthusiasts who seek a special treat.

Alternatives To Crispy Cones:

  • Pringles and Pancakes: A unique suggestion from The Takeout involves using Pringles or pancakes as an ice cream cone substitute. This could offer a fun twist on the traditional cone, with the salty crunch of Pringles or the fluffy sweetness of pancakes complementing the ice cream;
  • Waffle, Sugar, and Cake Cones: These are classic alternatives to Crispy Cones. Each offers a different texture and flavor profile, allowing you to choose what best suits your preference;
  • Brodallions: These waffle cone chips are another interesting alternative. They can be used with gelato or ice cream, or even enjoyed on their own;
  • Chip and Mint Sundae Cones: From Yelloh, these cones offer a refreshing mint chocolate experience;
  • Homemade Cones: If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try making your own ice cream cones at home. There are plenty of online recipes available, including ones for crispy sugar cones and homemade cones;
  • Rice Krispy Cones: For a playful and creative twist, you could use Rice Krispies to make your own cones;
  • Gluten-Free Waffle Cones: If you have dietary restrictions, there are also gluten-free and vegan waffle cones available;


  1. How is Crispy Cones doing since Shark Tank?

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Crispy Cones has experienced considerable growth and success. The company, founded by Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, has expanded its business significantly.

According to their website, two new franchise locations are slated to open in Chandler, Arizona, and Provo, Utah. Indeed, an Idaho-based, European-inspired ice cream shop had already opened its first Arizona location in Chandler on August 18.

  1. Did Shark Tank invest in Crispy Cones?

Yes, Shark Tank did invest in Crispy Cones. Barbara Corcoran, one of the sharks on the show, was impressed by the unique concept and potential profitability of the business. She decided to invest $ 200,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in the company.

  1. How much is a Crispy Cones franchise?

For potential franchisees interested in joining the Crispy Cones family, the initial franchise fee is set at $ 30,000. If one chooses to purchase a territory with multiple locations, each additional store after the first incurs a fee of $ 25,000.

In addition to the initial franchise fee, franchisees are also required to pay ongoing royalty fees. These fees are structured as 5% of the revenue generated by the franchise, along with an additional 1% dedicated to advertising purposes. This financial arrangement helps support corporate growth and marketing efforts while allowing franchisees to benefit from the established brand and advertising campaigns.

  1. Where did Crispy Cones get its start?

Crispy Cones gained significant recognition after an appearance on the reality show Shark Tank, where Barbara Corcoran invested $ 200,000 for a 20% stake in the company.

  1. Where are Crispy Cones locations?

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Crispy Cones has expanded significantly with two new franchise locations set to open in Chandler, Arizona, and Provo, Utah.

  1. Did the deal with Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank close?

As of June 2023, there’s no evidence that the deal with Barbara Corcoran has closed.

  1. How many franchises has Crispy Cones sold since their Shark Tank filming?

Crispy Cones has sold 11 franchises since their Shark Tank filming.

Crispy Cones

  1. What is unique about Crispy Cones?

Crispy Cones offers a unique dessert experience by serving ice cream in a freshly made pastry cone, providing a twist on the traditional ice cream cone.

  1. What’s the most expensive restaurant-to-franchise?

The most expensive restaurant to franchise is often considered to be McDonald’s. The total investment necessary to begin the operation of a traditional McDonald’s ranges from $ 1,008,000 to $ 2,214,080, not including the cost of land or leasehold improvements.

  1. What is the most successful product sold from Shark Tank?

There have been many successful products sold from Shark Tank, but arguably one of the most successful is the Scrub Daddy. This innovative scrubbing tool has generated over $ 200 million in sales since it first appeared on the show, making it one of the biggest Shark Tank success stories.

  1. Which Shark has invested the most?

The Shark who has invested the most money in the show’s history is Mark Cuban. As of 2020, he’s invested over $ 22 million in various businesses presented on the show.

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