Back 9 Dips: What Happened After Shark Tank

Back 9 Dips: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the high-stakes world of entrepreneurial innovation, “Shark Tank” has served as the launching pad for countless businesses, propelling them into the limelight and providing a platform for securing critical investments.

Back 9 Dips, an inventive culinary venture with a savory twist, embarked on this exhilarating journey, seeking financial support and mentorship from the formidable panel of Shark investors. 

In this article, we delve into the post-“Shark Tank” evolution of Back 9 Dips, exploring the highs, lows, and unexpected twists that unfolded as this dynamic dip-making duo navigated the turbulent waters of business growth. Join us as we uncover the fascinating saga of what happened after the pitch lights dimmed and the real work began for Back 9 Dips.

What Is Back 9 Dips?

Back 9 Buffalo Chicken Dips are a delectable fusion of chicken breasts and a medley of sauces, exuding the tantalizing flavor one would expect from a chicken wing sauce [1].

The latest fitness craze, the Back 9 Dips workout regimen, presents an ingenious way to attain better physical shape almost effortlessly.

Achieving your fitness goals and shedding unwanted pounds without conscious effort becomes a reality when you engage in an exercise routine that combines fun and calorie-burning.

The groundbreaking weight loss concept of Back 9 Dips offers a novel approach to weight management, allowing individuals to savor their favorite meals while still making progress toward their weight loss objectives.

With Back 9 Dips, the simple routine of nine backward dips before each meal grants you the freedom to enjoy the foods you love without added complexity.

What Is Back 9 Dips?

Moreover, it’s a practical approach, as incorporating dips after each meal aids in burning any surplus calories you may have consumed, making it a seamless addition to your daily routine.


  • One of the main strengths of Back 9 Dips was its unique product offering. Combining the flavors of buffalo chicken into a ready-to-eat dip was an innovative concept that appealed to a wide range of consumers;
  • The product was positioned as a premium offering, retailing for around $ 8 to $ 9 per pound, and wholesaling for $ 5.25. This pricing strategy suggested a high-quality product, which could have attracted a niche market of consumers willing to pay for superior taste and convenience;
  • Moreover, the successful deal on Shark Tank provided them with not only financial support but also exposure to a national audience. This increased visibility could have significantly boosted their sales and growth [2];


  • One of the major issues was an undisclosed allergen in their product, which resulted in the USDA forcing the company to recall 12,000 pounds of dip. This not only represented a significant financial loss but also damaged the brand’s reputation;
  • Furthermore, it seems the company struggled to recover from this setback. The last post on their social media accounts indicates a lack of activity and potentially a cessation of operations;

Who May Benefit From Using Back 9 Dips?

Back 9 Dips could appeal to a variety of consumers, particularly:

  • Buffalo Chicken Lovers: The dip is a unique blend of buffalo chicken flavors, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy this popular dish;
  • Party Hosts: As a ready-to-serve snack, Back 9 Dips would be a convenient addition to any party or gathering. It could serve as an interesting conversation starter due to its Shark Tank fame;
  • Busy Individuals: For those who are always on the go, this dip could provide a quick and tasty snack option. Its ready-to-eat nature means no prep time is required;
  • Gourmet Food Enthusiasts: Back 9 Dips was positioned as a premium product, which could attract foodies looking for high-quality, innovative snack options;
  • Fans of Shark Tank Products: Consumers who enjoy trying out products featured on Shark Tank might be interested in Back 9 Dips due to its appearance on the show;

About Founders Of Back 9 Dips

David and Nique Mealey are the visionary minds behind Back 9 Chicken Dips [3]. This culinary venture sprouted from the creative collaboration of the husband and wife duo after David faced unemployment as a golf equipment salesman. 

Back 9 Catering became the initial platform for introducing Chicken Dips to the world, all thanks to the enthusiastic endorsements from event attendees who couldn’t stop raving about them.

Teaming up with the renowned “Shock Jock” Bubba the Love Sponge, the Mealeys embarked on the journey to craft Bubba’s Back 9 Chicken Dips [4]. Their product is aptly described as “chicken wings on a chip” – a delightful fusion of succulent chicken breast and delectable sauces.

With the assistance of a food packaging firm, the couple ventured into the distribution of Back 9 Chicken Dips at Publix supermarkets in the greater Tampa area.

About Founders Of Back 9 Dips

Dominique, affectionately known as “Nique,” and David Mealey are not only business partners but also a happily married couple based in Tampa, Florida. Their family is growing, as they have a three-year-old son and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their daughter.

David’s professional journey took a turn when he lost his position as a Callaway sales representative and PGA teaching professional at a local golf club, coinciding with Nique’s pregnancy with their first child. To make ends meet, David followed his culinary passion, considering a career as a chef before forging his path.

As their BBQ catering business gained traction, David collaborated with Bubba the Love Sponge, who enthusiastically shared David’s BBQ offerings on his radio station. Their instant connection led to Bubba becoming a fervent promoter of David’s business at every available opportunity.

Amidst their overall business success, there was a dish universally cherished by their patrons. David and Nique recognized the potential for this beloved creation to thrive as a standalone product in the market. Their quest for support in bringing their delectable offerings to a wider audience led them to the enticing waters of “Shark Tank”.

The Pitch Of Back 9 Dips At Shark Tank

David and Dominique proudly introduced themselves, with Nique carrying their unborn child in her womb. They presented their business, Back 9 Dips, and sought a $ 150,000 investment in exchange for a 15% equity stake in their venture [5].

Before delving into their pitch, the couple generously distributed samples of their delectable dips. Each of the Sharks received a small plate adorned with a tempting array of dips and chips. While the Sharks indulged in these culinary delights, Nique shared the staggering statistic that Americans consumed over 1.25 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl weekend.

David chimed in, informing the Sharks that they were currently savoring a medley of Back 9 Dips’ buffalo chicken creations, each a fusion of dipping sauces, spices, and tender white meat chicken. Daymond humorously likened the dip to a “chicken slurpee,” which didn’t sit well with Mark Cuban, eliciting a perplexed expression.

However, Lori quickly interjected with praise, declaring the dip to be delicious, to which Nique expressed her gratitude. Kevin couldn’t resist a comedic aside, reminiscing about the “Bass-o-matic”, a vintage fish blender, and drawing a whimsical parallel to a “chicken blender”. His vivid imagination, imagining a whole chicken in a blender, sent Mark and Daymond into fits of laughter.

David attempted to clarify that it was akin to chicken salad, just finely blended. Nonetheless, the Sharks continued to chuckle as David spoke, emphasizing that there were only two chicken breasts per tub of dip. Lori eventually brought the focus back to the delectable dip, emphasizing its delightful taste.

Robert regained his composure and inquired about the origins of their business. Nique shared that their journey commenced with a different venture, Back 9 BBQ, a catering company. David, a barbecue expert, discovered that the dips were a hit, which prompted him to contemplate retail marketing, appealing to both college students and potential Sharks.

Robert was curious about the pivotal event that spurred their business journey. Nique recounted how David lost his job when she was eight months pregnant, forcing them to downsize, sell their possessions, and make financial sacrifices. David considered this twist of fate a blessing in disguise. Kevin inquired if their business served as their sole source of income, to which Nique affirmed.

When Kevin sought details on their sales figures, David proudly disclosed that they had recently crossed the $ 400,000 mark in just two years. They boasted approximately 400 retail accounts, including a major supermarket chain that trialed their products in 60 stores [6]. David highlighted that people were willing to pay a premium for their quality product.

The Pitch Of Back 9 Dips At Shark Tank

Lori was keen to learn the retail price, and David revealed that it retailed for around $ 7.99. Daymond probed the production cost, and David explained that it cost roughly $ 2.52, with a wholesale price of $ 5.25. Daymond then inquired about their initial investment, which amounted to $ 150,000.

Mark commended the couple for their courageous decision to pursue their business despite facing adversity. He also inquired about their children, and David mentioned their three-year-old son and the imminent arrival of their daughter, jokingly adding that the daughter might arrive sooner if Kevin’s laughter continued, which elicited more laughter from the Sharks.

Robert brought the discussion back to the product’s reception, asking if there were any negative reactions to the concept of blended chicken dip. Nique assured him that most people found the idea creative and delightful. Lori, having thoroughly enjoyed the dip and the entrepreneurs, expressed her desire to re-enter the deal.

Mark explained that while he admired the couple and their product, he didn’t possess the expertise for food distribution. Kevin applauded their resilience in the face of adversity but noted the considerable risk associated with investing in a startup. He ultimately decided not to invest.

Robert commended the product but felt that the food industry was exceptionally challenging. He offered advice and encouragement but couldn’t provide the support the couple needed.

Daymond, after a moment of contemplation, shared that he was previously indecisive about another food company but had missed out on a significant opportunity. Ultimately, he decided not to invest, citing his belief that the Mealeys could succeed without his support.

However, Lori, moved by their story, made a surprising return, proposing a joint deal with Daymond. She offered $ 150,000 at a 25% equity stake, and Daymond appeared to reconsider. They engaged in negotiations, with Daymond sharing his inspiring journey from adversity to success.

After some heartfelt exchanges, Daymond opted out, while Robert remained eager to assist in his way. He offered $ 75,000 for a 25% stake, which the Mealeys accepted with gratitude and a commitment not to disappoint their new partners. The Sharks extended their support and well-wishes as the deal concluded.

It was a heartwarming and memorable pitch for Back 9 Dips on Shark Tank.

Back 9 Dips After The Shark Tank

Following the broadcast of their appearance on “Shark Tank,” the website of Back 9 Dips experienced a substantial surge in traffic, ultimately crashing due to a deluge of orders of unprecedented magnitude. This led to the company extending its market presence, evolving from being showcased in 400 outlets within a single state to an impressive 1,400 retail locations spanning across various states [7].

Eventually, their delectable chicken dips found their way onto the shelves of major nationwide retailers like Costco. It was indeed a promising turn of events for the Mealeys!

It’s interesting to learn that Bubba, The Love Sponge, had a minority stake in the business, although this was not addressed on the show. The presence of such a silent partner can have important implications for the dynamics of the business. It’s also noteworthy that both Lori and Robert didn’t seem to have any issues with this arrangement.

The fact that BUBBA’s Chicken Dip was successfully commercialized following its appearance on Shark Tank highlights the valuable exposure and opportunities that the show can provide to entrepreneurs and their businesses.

David’s focus on manufacturing and Nique’s role in marketing and community engagement after the show’s airing is a common division of responsibilities among business partners. A business must have a clear and efficient division of labor.

The significant increase in sales and the expansion of distribution to new locations, including a partnership with Costco, demonstrates the positive impact that Shark Tank can have on a business’s growth and market reach. Such success stories often underline the potential of the show as a launchpad for entrepreneurial ventures.

Regrettably, as the adage goes, all good things must come to an end, and this adage rang true for the Back 9 Dips enterprise. In 2014, the USDA uncovered the presence of anchovies in the dip, an ingredient that had not been disclosed on the product packaging, rendering it a concealed allergen [8].

Back 9 Dips After The Shark Tank

Consequently, the company had no choice but to initiate a recall of 12,000 pounds of their product. This marked a significant setback from which Back 9 Dips seemed unable to recover. The last tweet on the company’s Twitter account dates back to April 2014, and it appears that the company’s website has been taken offline.

According to LinkedIn, Nique is currently employed as a specialist in sales and marketing, while David is working in the sales department of a cigar company.

Unfortunately, Back 9 Dips encountered an insurmountable obstacle on their journey. In June 2013, the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture issued a recall notice for 12,560 pounds of Bubba’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Dip (according to the FDA) [9]. This dip mixture contained anchovies, a common allergen, but the labeling did not accurately disclose this ingredient. The affected dips were distributed both through online sales and in brick-and-mortar retail stores in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio.

The error was traced back to a new dressing that incorporated anchovies, which was used in the chicken dip production process at the Florida-based ECRS, LLC production plant. It remains uncertain whether the founders were cognizant of this change. Thankfully, no fatalities or illnesses were reported in connection with the Back 9 Dips product.

The most recent post on the Bubba Chicken Dip social media feed, formerly known as Twitter, was shared on April 4, 2014. Regrettably, the Back 9 Dips website is now inactive.

The Net Worth Of Back 9 Dips

Back 9 Dips initially had a promising start after their appearance on Shark Tank. The company was valued at $ 1 million during their pitch to the Sharks. However, as of 2023, Back 9 Dips appears to be out of business [10].

The company faced significant challenges, including a forced recall by the USDA, which likely negatively impacted its financial status and brand reputation. As a result, it’s challenging to determine their current net worth. Given that they are no longer in operation, their net worth as a business would essentially be null.

However, it’s important to note that the net worth of the business does not necessarily reflect the personal net worth of the founders, David and Nique Mealey. Their net worth could be influenced by various factors, including other business ventures, investments, assets, and liabilities.

The Net Worth Of Back 9 Dips

Alternatives To Back 9 Dips:

  • Halladay’s Harvest Barn: This company is mentioned as a competitor to Back 9 Dips. They offer a variety of dip mixes that can be used with chips, vegetables, or as a seasoning for meals;
  • Homemade Dips: If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, creating your dips at home can be a fun and satisfying alternative. You can experiment with different flavors and ingredients to suit your taste;
  • Store-bought Dips: There are numerous brands of dips available in grocery stores. Brands like Sabra, Tostitos, and Heluva Good Dip offer a wide range of flavors;
  • Local Delis or Specialty Stores: These places often have unique, gourmet dips that could serve as excellent alternatives [11];


  1. How is Back 9 Dips doing after the Shark Tank?

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Back 9 Chicken Dips experienced a surge in orders that even caused their website to crash. However, the company’s current status is uncertain, as its website and social media presence appear inactive or discontinued.

  1. Why did Back 9 Dips go out of business?

Back 9 Dips faced a major setback when the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) found that the company’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Dip contained anchovies, a known allergen. This resulted in a recall of over 12,000 pounds of the dips. The presence of an undeclared allergen in the product could have led to serious or life-threatening allergic reactions in people who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to anchovies.

  1. Who is the couple in Back 9 Dips?

The couple behind Back 9 Dips is David and Nique Mealy. They introduced themselves and their product to the Sharks, seeking $ 150,000 in exchange for equity in their company.

  1. Where is Back 9 Dips?

The current location of Back 9 Dips is unclear due to the company’s inactive web presence and social media accounts.

  1. What is the most successful business in Shark Tank history?

The most successful business in Shark Tank history is Scrub Daddy. The company, which makes a texture-changing household sponge, has made over $ 200 million in sales since its debut on the show.

  1. Do Shark Tank deals fail?

Yes, not all Shark Tank deals succeed. Sometimes, deals fall through during the due diligence process after the show, while others fail because the business doesn’t perform as well as expected.

  1. Who turned down $ 30 million on Shark Tank?

Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app, famously turned down a $ 30 million offer from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

  1. Why do deals not close after Shark Tank?

Deals might not close after Shark Tank for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs and the Sharks can’t agree on terms during the due diligence process. Other times, the Sharks might discover issues with the company’s finances, legal matters, or other aspects that were not disclosed or apparent during the pitch.

  1. Do Shark Tank investors get paid?

Yes, the investors on Shark Tank, known as the “Sharks”, get paid for their participation in the show. However, the money they invest in companies on the show comes out of their own pockets.

Where is Back 9 Dips?

  1. How real is Shark Tank?

While Shark Tank is a reality TV show, the pitches and negotiations are real. However, the deals made on the show are not legally binding and are subject to further negotiation and due diligence after filming.

  1. Who owns Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is owned by Sony Pictures Television and is produced by Mark Burnett.

  1. Who made the most money in Shark Tank?

Scrub Daddy is the most financially successful product to come out of Shark Tank. The company has generated over $ 200 million in sales since appearing on the show.

  1. What is the most famous thing from Shark Tank?

The most famous product from Shark Tank is arguably the Scrub Daddy, a versatile household sponge that has made over $ 200 million in sales since its debut on the show.

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