Who Is Alicia Long From Nutr on Shark Tank?

Who Is Alicia Long From Nutr on Shark Tank?

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Alicia Long stands as a visionary force and the co-founder of Nutr, a game-changing brand disrupting the plant-based milk industry. Hailing from China, Alicia’s journey unfolds with a unique blend of cultural influences and a commitment to sustainable living.

Renowned as the CEO of Nutr, she propelled her passion for a healthier future into reality, introducing the Nutr Machine, a patent-pending technology featured on Shark Tank. 

As we delve into the remarkable story of Alicia Long from Nutr on Shark Tank, we uncover the inspiring narrative behind her rise as a trailblazer in wellness innovation.

Who Is Alicia Long:


Alicia Long, a dynamic and inspiring entrepreneur and visionary, has cultivated a remarkable journey rooted in her upbringing in China and her commitment to sustainability. Born and raised with values emphasizing a holistic approach to healthy living, Alicia’s cultural background and experiences shaped her perspective on wellness [1].

Career Alicia’s academic prowess led her to Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, where she earned a BBA in Marketing. Her journey into the professional realm took her to prominent positions at tech giants Google and Amazon, specializing in technical recruiting. Notably, she contributed to Google’s self-driving car project, Waymo, showcasing her involvement in cutting-edge technologies.

Despite excelling in her tech career, Alicia’s passion for creating a healthier future and her own experiences as a lactose-intolerant individual drove her to forge a new path as an entrepreneur.

Business Ideas and Vision

Alicia’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a dedication to sustainability, led her to envision a world where conscious choices are not only encouraged but made accessible to everyone. Her unique blend of experiences, passion, and vision positions her as a driving force in the realm of plant-based living.

Alicia’s professional journey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of purpose. She understands the transformative power of purpose and leverages it to drive Nutr’s mission to change the way we consume milk. It’s not just about offering a healthier alternative to traditional dairy milk; it’s also about promoting sustainability and empowering consumers to take control of what they consume. 

Who Is Alicia Long

Despite her success, Alicia remains grounded and committed to learning. In an interview with Diverse Network, she shared insights about how Nutr got started and the lessons she has learned along the way. Her humility and willingness to share her journey serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Being a female founder in a competitive industry is no easy feat, but Alicia has navigated this path with resilience and determination. Her success story is a testament to the power of an innovative idea, the courage to take risks, and the tenacity to overcome challenges.

Alicia Long’s journey with Nutr is just beginning, but her impact is already being felt across the globe. As she continues to lead Nutr on its mission to disrupt the plant-based milk industry, one can only anticipate what this dynamic entrepreneur has in store for the future.

Nutr Project

Nutr, a lifestyle and wellness brand launched in 2021, focuses on offering consumers an easy and healthy way to make their plant-based milk at home. The signature product of the brand is the Nutr Machine, a revolutionary device that enables consumers to prepare their own fresh and sustainable nut milk without any additives. This innovative product has resonated with a growing global audience that is increasingly conscious about health, sustainability, and the quality of the food they consume [2].

Alicia’s vision and hard work have earned her a spot on Inc.’s 2023 Female Founders 200 list, a recognition that underscores her contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation. Her appearance on Shark Tank Season 14 further bolstered her profile and brought greater visibility to Nutr.

At the heart of Alicia’s venture is Nutr, a revolutionary lifestyle and wellness brand disrupting the plant-based milk industry. Co-founded with her partner, Dane Turk, Nutr introduces a game-changing product: the Nutr Machine. This device empowers users to create healthy and delicious dairy-free milk from the comfort of their homes. Inspired by childhood memories of her mother making nut milk from scratch in China, Alicia sought to simplify and modernize the process.

The Nutr Machine, a patent-pending technology, offers a convenient solution to the environmental impact of the dairy industry and the shortcomings of store-bought plant milk [3]. Users can make various milk recipes at the push of a button, requiring only nuts and water. The device’s success is reflected in its availability at major retailers like Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, Bloomingdales, Best Buy, and Starbucks.

Alicia’s appearance on Shark Tank, though not resulting in a deal, propelled Nutr to new heights, with a notable $ 200,000 jump in sales after the episode aired. The company’s commitment to sustainability is further emphasized by its initiative to plant a tree for every Nutr Machine sold.

Other Projects

Alicia Long’s passion for sustainability extends beyond Nutr. Her commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and health has fueled her desire to explore other projects. While Nutr is at the forefront, Alicia envisions a future where she expands into various areas of the wellness industry. Nutr is not just a business; it’s a mission to revolutionize the milk industry, making plant-based milk at home the new norm.

As a women-owned and Asian-owned business, Alicia’s success with Nutr stands as an inspiring example for sustainable entrepreneurs. Her resilience and commitment to a healthier and more sustainable future continue to drive Nutr’s success, and the brand aims to become a resource for wellness and health.

5 Facts About Alicia Long, Co-Founder Of Nutr

  • Dynamic Entrepreneur: Alicia Long is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nutr, a lifestyle and wellness brand that focuses on plant-based milk products;
  • Innovative Product: The signature product of Alicia’s company is the Nutr Machine, a tool that makes it easy for consumers to make their own healthy, sustainable nut milk at home;
  • Recognized Leader: Alicia has been recognized for her efforts, making it onto Inc.’s 2023 Female Founders 200 list;
  • Unique Background: Alicia is a Chinese immigrant, and her childhood experience with homemade nut milk inspired her to create Nutr;
  • Purpose-Driven: Alicia understands the power of purpose and aims to change the way we consume milk with her sustainable and health-conscious brand [4];

5 Facts About Alicia Long

What Happened To Nutr After Shark Tank:

Growing up, Alicia faced the challenge of lactose intolerance, witnessing her mother’s messy process of making nut milk. When expecting her first child, Alicia sought a more sustainable lifestyle, prompting her and her husband to delve into research. Shocked by the additives and preservatives in store-bought nut milk, they were inspired to create a home appliance that could produce plant-based milk without such additives.

The Nutr machine hit the market in 2020, experiencing a remarkable surge in sales to over $ 2.7 million the following year. This success was further fueled by a crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder, where the company raised over $ 241,000. In 2022, Nutr introduced a larger machine, raising an impressive $ 66,500 in an IndieGoGo campaign, showcasing the continued support for their eco-friendly technology, still patent-pending [5].

Their journey took a spotlight turn when Nutr founders appeared on Shark Tank in 2023. While the exposure resulted in a substantial $ 200,000 boost in January sales, the $ 10 million valuation faced skepticism. Nevertheless, the founders see Nutr as not just a product but a potential long-term money-saving solution.

Post Shark Tank, Nutr machines are readily available at major retailers such as Williams-Sonoma, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Amazon, and their official website, TheNutr.com [6]. The brand’s online presence shines through, emphasizing excellent branding and marketing. With an average star rating of 4.3 from 259 reviews on its website, Nutr has garnered positive feedback for its plant-based milk machine.

Looking ahead, Nutr is on the cusp of potentially closing a $ 1.5 million seed round, with ambitious sales forecasts of $ 25 million in 2023. Drawing parallels with similar companies featured on Shark Tank, like NuMilk, whose struggles eventually led to a valuation of $ 55 million, Nutr’s trajectory signals not just immediate success but potential longevity and industry impact.

Why Did Fans Criticize The Company’s Name, Product And Offer?

Fans and critics alike have voiced several concerns and criticisms regarding Nutr, encompassing aspects such as the company’s name, product, and the terms of their investment offer.

While opinions may vary, here are some of the reasons behind the criticisms:

Company Name:

The choice of the name “Nutr” has drawn criticism for its simplicity. Some argue that it may lack uniqueness and could be easily confused with other brands or products [7].

Product Criticisms:

  • Pricing: The Nutr Machine is priced at $ 169, which some consumers find relatively high for a home appliance. Critics argue that this price point might deter potential buyers, especially when comparing it to alternative methods of making plant-based milk at home;
  • Niche Market: The product’s focus on plant-based milk might limit its appeal to a specific niche market, potentially excluding consumers who are not part of the plant-based lifestyle;

Offer Criticisms:

  • Valuation on Shark Tank: One significant point of contention emerged during Nutr’s appearance on Shark Tank, where the founders sought a $ 500,000 investment for 5 percent of the company, valuing it at $ 10 million. Some viewers and sharks expressed skepticism about the $ 10 million valuation, considering the stage of the company and the competitive landscape;
  • No Deal on Shark Tank: Nutr’s failure to secure a deal on Shark Tank led to questions about the viability and attractiveness of the investment opportunity. The sharks’ reluctance to invest raised concerns among viewers regarding the company’s growth potential and valuation;

Communication and Brand Perception:

Some critics argue that Nutr could improve its messaging to clearly communicate the unique selling points of the Nutr Machine. Effective communication about the product’s benefits, especially in comparison to alternatives, is crucial for consumer understanding and trust.

It’s important to note that criticism is subjective, and these points represent the views of some individuals. Nutr’s success post-Shark Tank, reflected in increased sales and positive reviews, suggests that despite criticisms, the brand has a significant following and is making strides in the plant-based milk industry. Addressing some of these concerns could further enhance Nutr’s positioning and appeal to a broader audience.

Why Did Judges Ignore Nutr on Shark Tank?

Why Did Judges Ignore Nutr on Shark Tank?

Valuation Concerns:

The Nutr founders, Alicia Long and Dane Turk entered the Tank seeking a $ 500,000 investment for a 5% equity stake, valuing the company at $ 10 million. This valuation might have raised eyebrows among the sharks, as it was perceived as ambitious, especially considering the stage of the company and the existing competition in the plant-based milk market.

Niche Market Focus:

The judges on Shark Tank often consider the potential market size and scalability of the products or services pitched. Nutr’s focus on a niche market, specifically plant-based milk, might have led the judges to question the broader appeal of the product and its ability to capture a significant market share.

Competitive Landscape:

The plant-based food and beverage market is highly competitive, with numerous established brands and emerging startups. Judges may have been concerned about Nutr’s ability to stand out in such a crowded space and whether the company had a robust strategy to effectively compete.

Execution Risks:

Shark Tank investors typically assess the execution risks associated with a business. Nutr’s patent-pending technology and its position as a disruptor in the market may have presented uncertainties for the judges regarding the successful execution of the business plan and the potential challenges in manufacturing and distribution [8].

Profitability and Revenue Model:

The judges often scrutinize the financial aspects of a business, including its revenue model and profitability. If there were concerns about Nutr’s ability to generate sustainable profits or the long-term viability of its revenue model, it could have influenced the judges’ decision to pass on the investment.

Perceived Market Need:

Judges may have questioned whether there was a significant and widespread need for a home appliance specifically designed for making plant-based milk. The perceived demand for such a product could have influenced their decision.

Alicia Long

Negotiation Dynamics:

The negotiation dynamics between the founders and the sharks play a crucial role. If the founders were not willing to compromise on the valuation or if there were disagreements during the negotiation process, it could have contributed to the judges’ decision to pass on the opportunity.

While the judges chose not to invest in Nutr on Shark Tank, it’s essential to note that the show provides only a snapshot of a business and its potential. Post-show success, as indicated by increased sales and positive reviews, suggests that Nutr has found its market outside the Tank despite not securing a deal during the televised pitch.


  1. Can you use any individual or mixed nuts in the Nutr Machine?

Yes, the Nutr Machine is versatile and allows users to use any individual nuts or create custom blends with mixed nuts for a variety of plant-based milk options.

  1. Will you need to soak the nuts/seeds overnight?

No, the Nutr Machine is designed for convenience. There’s no need for overnight soaking; simply add your preferred nuts, seeds, or grains to the machine, and it takes care of the rest.

  1. What settings does the Nutr Machine have?

The Nutr Machine comes with various settings, including heat and blend settings, a water boil setting, delay start, and self-clean functions, providing flexibility for different preferences.

  1. Do you have to use the “hot” function for soy milk?

The Nutr Machine offers customizable temperature settings, allowing users to make soy milk at their preferred temperature. Whether room temperature, warm, or hot, the Nutr Machine adapts to your taste.

  1. Is Nutr dishwasher safe?

The Nutr Machine is not dishwasher safe. However, it features a self-clean function that makes the cleaning process easy and efficient.

  1. How do you clean Nutr?

Cleaning the Nutr Machine is straightforward. Use the self-clean function after each use, and for more thorough cleaning, wipe the components with a damp cloth.

  1. What size is the Nutr Machine?

The Nutr Machine is designed to be compact and single-serve, reducing food waste. Its size is optimized for convenience while still providing a powerful and efficient plant-based milk-making experience.

What size is the Nutr Machine?

  1. What is the #1 product in Shark Tank history?

The #1 product in Shark Tank history is subjective and may vary. However, notable successes include the Scrub Daddy, a smiley-faced sponge, and the Ring, a video doorbell.

  1. Who made the most money in Shark Tank?

The title of making the most money in Shark Tank goes to the creator of the Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause. The sponge product has generated millions in sales.

  1. What was the worst Shark Tank investment?

The perception of the worst Shark Tank investment varies. However, some notable examples include the Ionic Ear, a wireless earpiece, and the Hy-Conn, a quick-connect hose attachment, both facing challenges post-investment.

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