Behave Bras: What Happened After Shark Tank

Behave Bras: What Happened After Shark Tank

Shopping for supportive bras can be a disheartening experience, especially if your cup size is larger than DD. That’s why Athena Kasvikis decided to take matters into her own hands and create Behave Bras – wireless, comfortable bras for women with larger breasts. With such innovative products in the market, it was no surprise that she was selected as one of the contestants on Shark Tank Season 13!

Athena’s story is an inspiring one; she quit her job as a sales rep to focus on growing Behave Bras, but the struggling months on her own left her with debilitating anxiety and depression. Fortunately, Athena started sharing her journey via YouTube and Instagram, which connected her to millions of women who also felt insecure about their bodies.

Her mission was clear: to empower women by creating bras that made them feel confident and beautiful without sacrificing comfort or support.

On Shark Tank, the popular ABC show, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges in order to receive funding. Recently, one company that appeared on the show was Behave Bras. This company makes bras that are designed to help women feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Behave Bras saw a huge increase in sales and popularity. In this blog post, we will discuss what happened after Shark Tank and what caused this sudden surge in interest for Behave Bras.

What Is Behave Bras?

Behave Bras is a Boston-based Apparel & Fashion Industry startup that creates supportable and comfortable bars for DD+ breasts [1]

Behave became a MassChallenge finalist in 2018 and by 2020, she launched her own e-commerce startup to provide Big Bras:

  • This bra solves the quad-boob, painful shoulder divots, and constant discomfort problem that is mostly seen in women;
  • This bra is wire-free and supportive to give women a comfortable feel apart from;
  • Using Stayz’s innovative stretch fabric pieces. This Stayz makes the Behave Bras brand unique from the rest of the brand company;
  • This Stayz technology brings the comfort you get in a bra without wearing it;

What Is Behave Bras?

Who Is The Founder Of Behave Bras?

Behave’s Founder & CEO is Athena Kasvikis, a marketing expert who worked for 2 years atKill Cliff Inc. I was doing VP of Marketing.

He worked at Procter & Gamble for 4 years after completing her MBA from the University of Rochester – Simon Business School.

Athena has finally launched this Behave brand after many years of struggle. During high school, Athena had neck and shoulder pain for years. The founders were very frustrated about this problem as it was happening to them again and again.

To solve this problem, the founder thought of starting her own Big Bra Brands startup that supports big busts.

The founder grew up in a big Greek/Italian family. Because of this problem, she made some 2-3 bras for her body and had to wear them too.

There are more than 50 million United States women who are victims of this size problem, they do not have any option yet. There are 80% of women consider wearing a wrong-sized bra as they do not have an option [2].

Behave’s Wireless Lounge Bra has padded straps, moveable Stayz, and support without wires, making it the perfect solution for DD-I cup ladies looking for a bra they can finally love.

Behave Bras Before Shark Tank

The problem that the Behave brand is solving is not a common problem, more than 50 million women are victims of this problem. Due to solve this problem, they got a lot of orders because it is necessary for every woman.

Athena is a marketing expert, she has more knowledge about how to do branding. She promotes her product on social media.

They have different types of products like the Wireless Lounge Bra, Cheeky Boy Panty, and Flossy Panty.

Behave Bras On Shark Tank: The Pitch

Athena Kasvikis appeared in Ep.15 of Shark Tank in Season 13, which aired on March 11, 2022. She presented her brand Behave Bras and wanted an investment of $ 150,000 for a 15% stake in the company [3].

She told her story about her struggles as a teenager and how they led to her developing her own bra. She explained to the Sharks that the bra she had designed helped keep the girls in place. She passed out the sample to the Sharks and waited for their questions.

Lori asked her to tell them more about Stayz Technology, and Kevin was interested in the size chart. Athena told them that the bras came in different sizes and supported the most common one, DD+. She then explained why she needed the investment. Since she was selling directly to her consumers, she wasn’t being able to make a profit. The industry average was 20%, whereas hers was 12%.

One by one, all the Sharks back out, leaving only Kevin. They do a little bit of haggling, and finally, Athena makes the deal for a 20% stake in return for the investment.

Behave Bras On Shark Tank: The Pitch

Behave Bras Now

Athena gives free virtual fittings for all who sign up on her website. Sometimes the women become Behave customers. Sometimes women do not fit in with the Behave brand. In that case, Athena recommends other brands that will better serve the woman. She spends time showing each woman how to find her correct bra size, helping her become comfortable with her body, and sharing the importance of body positivity.

Athena also mentors female entrepreneurs/inventors. She doesn’t want other women to run into all the closed doors that she did. She shares everything that she learned the hard way without the thought that these women may end up competing with her. Her philosophy is that there is room for everyone.

The Net Worth Of Behave Bras

Behave Bras’s net worth is based on its valuation and growth in Shark Tank with a current valuation of $ 10,00,000. Founder Athena Kasvikis’s Net Worth It can be known from this how much her share percentage is in this startup [4]

Behave got a very good response after coming from Shark Tank, now it has become a popular big brand. After Shark Tank, a lot of orders were received, which she is engaged in fulfilling. They have now got 4x the sale rate as compared to the previous sales.

This Behave brand’s product is available only on their official website, apart from this there is no other third party. It sells directly to the consumer, thereby saving the extra cost of the consumer. If you are interested to buy this product then you have to visit their website. In this, the price of bras starts at $ 75 and the price of panties is $ 20.

The Net Worth Of Behave Bras


  1. What episode of Shark Tank was Behave Bras?

Apart from Behave, Shark Tank season 13 episode 15 will feature three more business deals: Curie, Ade + Ayo, and Noggin Boss. The contestants will showcase their company’s products to sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Barbara Corcoran.

Athena Kasvikis took it upon herself to solve the bra size problem. Founder and CEO of Behave Brascame up with the idea when she was in High School. As a teenager, she often felt pain in her shoulders and neck due to her boob size. After years of facing this pain, she finally decided to come up with a solution. She made the first three bras by herself and tested them [5].

The results were what she was hoping for. The design she came up with took away her pain, and that’s when she decided to capitalize on her bras.

What makes Behave Bras unique is the patented Stayz Technology, which offers plenty of benefits, the biggest one being that the bras fit all boob sizes. The support provided by these bras is similar to that of bras with an underwire.

Behave Bras is a unique innovation for women with large bust sizes. A common misconception that most people have is that bra sizes go up to a certain letter. However, numerous women out in the world go all the way up to size I. Here, Behave Bras comes in to solve the problem of stuffing boobs into small bras.

  1. What percent of Shark Tank deals go through?

According to data from the show, only about 20-30% of deals made on Shark Tank end up going through. This is largely due to a variety of factors, including lack of funding or failure to meet the expectations set by both parties during negotiations. In many cases, entrepreneurs who appear on the show are often unable to secure investors or are not ready to scale their businesses at such a rapid rate.

What percent of Shark Tank deals go through?

However, for those businesses that do manage to finalize deals with shark investors, there can be tremendous benefits in terms of exposure and access to resources that can help propel them forward.

  1. What is the most expensive bra?

Behave offers products with sizes ranging from 30DD to 38I alongside a sizing chart. Any of these products can be purchased from the company’s website [6].

One product costs $ 75 and is available in a variety of patterns and colors. with Kasvikis planning to launch more patterned and colorful bras later this year. In the meantime, she will appear on Shark Tank hoping to get a deal so that she can expand her brand. 
  1. Who is the least successful “shark”?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as success on Shark Tank is highly variable depending on a number of factors. However, some of the sharks who have received the least amount of deals over the years include Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary. While both are successful investors with large portfolios, many entrepreneurs may be hesitant to work with either due to their sharp personalities.

Alternatively, Daymond John has consistently been among the top-ranked shark investors in terms of deal frequency and quality. He often offers guidance and mentorship to his entrepreneurs, which has made him a popular shark among those who appear on the show.

  1. What is the most expensive Shark Tank deal?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost of a shark tank deal can vary significantly depending on a number of factors.

However, some of the most high-profile and expensive deals in the show’s history include that of Teforia, which was sold for $ 11 million in 2017, and Bombas socks, which had an estimated valuation of more than $ 50 million in 2015. 

  1. How do you fit a virtual bra?

To fit a virtual bra, you will typically need to measure your bust size and determine the type of support that you need. This can be done either manually or with the help of an online calculator or sizing tool. 

Once you have determined these metrics, you can use them to select a virtual bra from brands like Behave Bras, which offers products in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Finally, once you have selected a bra that meets your needs, you can typically order it directly through the brand’s website or app. Some brands may also allow you to try on bras using virtual fitting tools or mobile apps before making your purchase.

  1. Who wears the most expensive bra?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost of a bra can vary widely depending on a number of factors. However, some of the most high-profile and expensive bras in recent years have been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who has repeatedly been spotted in extravagant designer lingerie.

Alternatively, women with larger busts may be more likely to invest in higher-end bras, since they require greater support and are often priced accordingly. Ultimately, there is no single answer to who wears the most expensive bra, as it depends on many different factors including body type and budget constraints.

  1. Which is the best bra to wear daily?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best type of bra for daily wear will vary depending on a number of factors.

For example, some women may prefer minimal support with plenty of comfort and others may be looking for more structure and functionality.

Ultimately, it largely comes down to personal preference, so you should consider your needs and style preferences when choosing a bra for daily wear. Some popular brands include Behave Bras, Wacoal, and Third Love.

  1. How much does it cost to be on Shark Tank?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the cost of being on a Shark Tank can vary widely depending on a number of factors. Factors that may influence the cost of a pitch on the show include the size and type of your business, as well as your funding requirements and level of experience in the industry [7].

How much does it cost to be on Shark Tank?

Additionally, you may face additional costs such as legal fees or travel expenses when preparing for a pitch on Shark Tank.

  1. How old is the oldest bra?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the age of the oldest bra will depend on a number of factors. Some experts estimate that bras have been worn by women for at least 4000 years, making them one of the earliest forms of clothing and lingerie. However, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact date or origin for the first bra, as much early clothing was hand-crafted or created from natural materials like leather.

  1. Which “shark” has closed the most deals?

Some notable sharks who have been involved in high-profile deal closings include Kevin O’Leary, who has reportedly been involved in several multi-million dollar deals over the years, and Daymond John, whose FUBU fashion brand was estimated to be worth more than $ 6 billion at its peak.

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