Nature’s Wild Berry: What Happened After Shark Tank

Nature’s Wild Berry: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the world of innovative foods, Nature’s Wild Berry stands out for its unique ability to turn sour and bitter flavors into something delightfully sweet. This remarkable product, a berry known as the “ledidi” or “miracle fruit”, took center stage in an episode of the popular TV show Shark Tank, where founders Hank Watt and Juliano Bonanni pitched their company. They secured a deal that provided a significant boost to their business.

But what happened after their appearance on the show? In this article, we delve into the journey of Nature’s Wild Berry post-Shark Tank, exploring how the company has grown, the impact of its product on the market, and the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

We’ll also examine the transformative power of the miracle fruit and how it has been embraced by consumers seeking healthier and more adventurous eating experiences. Whether you’re a fan of Shark Tank, interested in innovative food products, or curious about the potential of Nature’s Wild Berry, this article offers an insightful look into the company’s post-show trajectory.

What Is Nature’s Wild Berry?

Nature’s Wild Berry is a miracle fruit that alters your taste buds for a short period, turning sour and bitter flavors into sweet ones [1]. This small, red berry is known as the ledidi fruit, and it’s the active ingredient in Nature’s Wild Berry products. The company offers these berries in different forms, including fresh berries, freeze-dried berries, and tablets. 

Envision this scenario: sinking your teeth into a lemon, only to be greeted by the delectable sweetness of lemonade, or savoring apple cider vinegar that miraculously transforms into a refreshing apple elixir.

What Is Nature’s Wild Berry?

The enchantment of this extraordinary fruit reveals itself when you ingest two of these desiccated Ledidi berries, allowing their succulent pulp to envelop your taste buds. The result is nothing short of a spectacular metamorphosis in taste: any subsequent morsel or sip becomes remarkably sweeter. Consequently, what was once acidic or bitter beverages, such as apple cider vinegar, undergo a magical transformation, assuming the flavors of juices or even more tantalizing concoctions. Even drinks already known for their innate sweetness, like Riesling or Moscato, experience an elevated enhancement, making them taste even more exquisite.

Nature’s Wild Berry is far more than a mere taste enhancer; it serves as a gateway to a world of undiscovered flavors, unveiling an entirely new culinary perspective. Just as salt or pepper can redefine the flavor profile of your favorite dishes, Nature’s Wild Berry offers a comparable, albeit more enchanting, culinary revolution.


  • Health Benefits: This is perhaps one of the biggest selling points of Nature’s Wild Berry. By altering your taste buds, the berry can help curb sugar cravings and promote healthier eating habits. It’s a natural way to reduce your sugar intake without sacrificing the sweet taste that many of us love;
  • Versatility: Another advantage of Nature’s Wild Berry is its versatility. You can consume the berry in various ways. You can chew it, dissolve it in your mouth, or mix it with water and drink it;
  • Positive Reviews: The product has received numerous positive reviews from customers who have tried it. Many users have praised the product for its effectiveness and the noticeable change in taste after consumption;


  • Temporary Effect: One of the drawbacks of Nature’s Wild Berry is that the effect is temporary. The altered taste sensation only lasts for up to an hour, which means you need to consume the berry every time you want to experience the sweetness-altering effect;
  • Taste Preference: While many users have praised the product for its effectiveness, some have noted that the initial taste of the berry itself is not pleasant. This could be a potential downside for those who are sensitive to taste;
  • Price Point: Some customers have mentioned that the product is quite pricey for the quantity received. This could be a deterrent for those who are budget-conscious or do not wish to spend a lot on a dietary supplement;

About Founders Of Nature’s Wild Berry

Friends and business partners Hank Watt and Juliano Bonanni introduced their remarkable fruit product, Nature’s Wild Berry, to the “Shark Tank” panel in pursuit of financial backing. This dynamic pair graced the screens during the 21st episode of Season 14, an event that first graced the airwaves on the 5th of May in the year 2023 [2]. Much to their delight, four out of the five astute Sharks were eager to partner with them.

Nature’s Wild Berry, a creation that transforms sour tastes into sweetness, found its genesis in a pivotal moment in co-founder Hank Watt’s health journey. Back in 2013, he grappled with excess weight, pre-diabetic concerns, and a relentless sugar addiction. At that juncture, Hank’s culinary expert comrade, Juliano, was delving into experiments with the enigmatic miracle berries at his restaurant.

While Juliano had been concocting verdant, health-boosting concoctions to assist Hank in his quest for weight loss, the bitter essence of these elixirs posed a formidable challenge, tempting Hank’s sweet tooth. In a stroke of ingenuity, Juliano decided to infuse Hank’s drinks with the transformative power of the flavor-altering miracle berries, miraculously turning them into delectable, sugary concoctions.

About Founders Of Nature’s Wild Berry

Hank’s aversion to the bitter juice soon transformed into a daily habit, with him consuming a liter of the revitalizing potion, eventually shedding a staggering 80 pounds. Galvanized by the potential of the miracle berry to help others on their wellness journeys, the entrepreneurial duo formally launched their enterprise in 2016.

The magic behind this exceptional berry is attributed to glycoprotein, a substance that exerts a profound influence on the taste receptors of the tongue, adeptly transmuting acrid, tart, or sour flavors into delightful sweetness. The company extols the virtues of its product as a wholesome alternative to sugar, serving the dual purpose of aiding weight management and addressing type 2 diabetes [3]

They also recommend their product to individuals undergoing chemotherapy, as it may alleviate the metallic aftertaste that frequently accompanies this treatment, thanks to the remarkable influence of these berries.

The Pitch Of Nature’s Wild Berry At Shark Tank

To kick off their presentation on “Shark Tank,” Juliano delved into the company’s background while Hank savored the taste of a lemon, delightfully comparing it to candy. They elucidated how their innovative product has the remarkable ability to convert sour flavors into sweet ones. Juliano decided to illustrate this point by boldly sipping apple cider vinegar, only to declare that it now resembled the taste of apple juice.

The sharks were then handed lemons, pickles, and cranberry juice, and instructed to first chew the magical berries and then sample the foods. Lori Greiner found herself astounded that these berries could miraculously transform a pickle into a candy-like delight, while Barbara Corcoran dismissed it as an eccentric “parlor trick”.

The business had been primarily self-funded, with Hank contributing $ 120,000 from his savings and an additional $ 20,000 from Juliano. They revealed that their sales projections for the year amounted to $ 34,000, with an expected profit of $ 50,000 [4]. When they approached the investors for support, they sought an $ 80,000 investment in exchange for a 15% equity stake.

Kevin O’Leary jumped into the fray, extending an offer of $ 80,000 for a 33% stake and a $ 5 royalty per unit until he doubled his investment. Following suit, Daymond John followed with an offer of $ 80,000, seeking a lower 30% equity stake with no associated royalties. In a bid to sweeten the deal, Kevin countered with $ 80,000 and royalties but dropped the equity to 20%. Lori introduced her offer, mirroring the terms but requesting a reduced $ 3 in royalties.

Just as the tension in the room peaked, Mark Cuban teamed up with another shark to formulate a joint offer. Lori swiftly proposed a similar deal split between them, but Hank enthusiastically declared a deal before Mark could even confirm his agreement.

Before gracing the “Shark Tank” stage, Juliano and Hank, much like the show’s viewers, were avid fans who had observed countless episodes. Yet, what they, like most, were blissfully unaware of was the extraordinary level of support and care offered by the show’s behind-the-scenes crew. From the meticulous setup of the set to the provision of last-minute necessities, such as a simple bottle of water, the crew catered to their needs with remarkable ease and unwavering attentiveness.

The Pitch Of Nature’s Wild Berry At Shark Tank

Behind the curtain, each business owner is treated with the same degree of respect and deference typically reserved for the stars of the show. This meticulous attention to detail is by no means accidental. Instead, it exemplifies the fact that “Shark Tank” thrives on the courage and innovation of business owners hailing from diverse backgrounds, who muster the courage to step into this intimidating arena.

While they were ardent fans of the show prior to their appearance, Hank and Juliano’s appreciation for “Shark Tank” deepened after their firsthand experience. They gained a newfound respect for the invisible facets of the show, notably the ceaseless efforts and exacting precision of the crew members, who are unwaveringly dedicated to crafting an environment that, despite its high-stakes nature, remains nurturing and supportive. The magic that unfolds behind the scenes left an indelible impression on the co-founders, enhancing their affection for a show they already held in high regard.

For those who watched Hank and Juliano’s pitch on “Shark Tank,” a pivotal moment is worth noting. Lori Greiner, one of the sharks, subtly signaled to her fellow shark, Mark Cuban, hinting at a potential collaboration with Nature’s Wild Berry. However, before Mark could officially express his agreement, Hank preemptively declared that they had struck a deal. Only after this exclamation did Mark endorse the terms, solidifying the agreement.

Reflecting on this moment, Hank and Juliano characterize it as nothing short of magical. It was more than a mere business deal; it was the realization of their dreams, the culmination of countless hours of labor, planning, and ambition. In this fleeting yet profound moment, it felt as though all their aspirations tied to the show and the anticipated outcome of their pitch were materializing right before their eyes.

This wasn’t just another milestone in their entrepreneurial journey; it was a potent instance where reality seemed to align seamlessly with their dreams, intensifying their belief in the potential of Nature’s Wild Berry. It marked a moment where possibility harmoniously merged with reality, etching this enchanting instant into the annals of their business history.

Hank and Juliano held all the sharks who heard their pitch in high regard, deeply valuing the invaluable feedback and the opportunity to share their vision with such esteemed industry veterans. Nevertheless, as they entered the “Shark Tank,” they had a dream team in mind: Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban. This duo resonated with them due to their distinctive yet complementary skill sets.

Cuban, boasting a track record of successful investments in the food industry, brought profound insights into the dynamics of the business. Greiner celebrated as the undisputed queen of sales, held the promise of securing a robust market presence. The co-founders recognized that the combined strengths of these two Sharks could serve as a catalyst for their journey to success.

However, they did admit to a touch of disappointment when Barbara Corcoran withdrew herself as a potential investor. Throughout their pitch, she exhibited genuine kindness and consideration, establishing a personal connection. Her grace and empathy had deeply touched both Hank and Juliano, leading them to envision the potential benefits of her partnership.

Despite the eventual favorable outcome, they remained candid about their initial excitement to potentially collaborate with Barbara and their ensuing disappointment when she opted out.

Nature’s Wild Berry After The Shark Tank

Following the broadcast of their “Shark Tank” appearance, the Nature’s Wild Berry brand experienced a remarkable upswing in fortunes. Amazon sales data revealed an immediate 40% surge in sales, a surge that caught the company off guard, leading to a rapid depletion of their entire stock. However, in an update on the Nature’s Wild Berry website that remains undated, it was announced that all items are now back in stock and readily available. These miracle berries can be acquired both on Amazon and directly from the company’s website.

In the aftermath of the filming of the Nature’s Wild Berry episode, Lori Greiner shared a TikTok video featuring herself and Mark Cuban indulging in the miracle berries they had jointly invested in. She enthused that these berries had psychedelic effects and thoroughly captivated them. The video has garnered over 107,000 likes. An intriguing detail to note is that Lori and Mark are seen wearing the same outfits as in the episode, and the background settings are consistent, strongly suggesting that the video was recorded concurrently with the show.

Nature’s Wild Berry After The Shark Tank

As of the latest update in July 2023, Mark Cuban’s portfolio has yet to be updated to include Nature’s Wild Berry alongside his other Shark Tank investments.

Nature’s Wild Berry has amassed a substantial following on social media platforms, with 68.9K TikTok followers, 17.1K on Instagram, 1,000 on Facebook, and a more modest 420 subscribers on YouTube. Curiously, none of the brand’s social channels have received updates in the months following their “Shark Tank” feature.

Despite their relatively discreet social media presence, it’s evident that the company remains operational. The return-to-stock notice on their website and the availability of their products on Amazon serve as tangible evidence of their continued activity.

Shortly after the “Shark Tank” episode aired, Nature’s Wild Berry introduced a limited-time Shark Tank Special to their product lineup. This special offering comprises a 50-serving bag of miracle berries, retailing for $ 24.99. The berries are also offered in various packaging options, from travel-sized to small, medium, and large jars, with prices ranging from $ 27.99 to $ 159.97.

For those who prefer a smaller sampling, a single pack is available at $ 3.99, providing two servings. The product line extends to Barely Bears, described as the quickest-acting and most potent variety of miracle berries, available at a price of $ 16.99 for a 10-bag pack.

The brand has garnered a notable admirer in the form of actress Jennifer Garner, who is prominently featured in the pinned post on their Instagram page, experimenting with miracle berries. The video captures her delight as she consumes the berries from their jar and proceeds to savor lemons and limes, marveling at how they taste like lemonade.

Since their “Shark Tank” appearance, the company has maintained a low profile, refraining from making any public declarations about their future plans or current status. As other similar products from different manufacturers vie for attention, Nature’s Wild Berry distinguishes itself by owning its farm, overseeing the growth and processing of its berries using a proprietary freeze-drying method that preserves them at their peak freshness.

This approach stands in stark contrast to other miracle berry products on the market, which often incorporate misleading fillers and preservatives. Nature’s Wild Berry’s commitment to a filler-free, allergen-free production facility remains a unique selling point. Only time will reveal the long-term trajectory of Nature’s Wild Berry in the competitive market.

The Net Worth Of Nature’s Wild Berry

As of 2023, the net worth of Nature’s Wild Berry, founded by Hank Watt and Juliano Bonanni, is estimated to be around $ 400,000 [5]. This valuation has been reached after their appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tank, where they secured a deal.

Nature’s Wild Berry

The company has made significant sales with its product, a super fruit known as “ledidi Berry” which has the unique capability to transform any sour, tart, or acidic dish into a sweet and delectable experience. The berry is hailed for its numerous health benefits, including boosting immunity. Nature’s Wild Berry has also attracted celebrity fans, such as actress Jennifer Garner.

Nature’s Wild Berry products are also available on Amazon, broadening their customer reach and contributing to their revenue.

Alternatives To Nature’s Wild Berry:

  • People Following a Ketogenic Diet: The berry alters the taste buds to make sour and bitter foods taste sweet, which can be a boon for those on a ketogenic diet. This diet is low in carbs and high in fat, and the berry can help enhance the flavor of foods that fit within this diet’s restrictions;
  • Individuals Living with Diabetes: Since the berry can curb sugar cravings and promote healthier eating habits, it can be particularly useful for people with diabetes who need to manage their blood sugar levels;
  • Clean-Label Seekers: For those who prefer natural, unprocessed food options, Nature’s Wild Berry is a clean-label product that fits the bill. It’s a natural way to enjoy sweetness without the negative health impacts of processed sugars;
  • Picky Eaters: This product can also be a game-changer for picky eaters. Altering the flavors of certain foods can help broaden their dietary choices;
  • Plant-Based Foodies and Connoisseurs: Nature’s Wild Berry can transform the taste of various plant-based foods, making them more appealing. This could be particularly beneficial for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone seeking to increase their intake of plant-based foods;
  • People Looking to Cut Sugar and Processed Foods: If you’re trying to cut back on sugar and processed foods, this berry can help. It can increase the love for vegetables and whole foods by making them taste sweeter;

The Net Worth Of Nature’s Wild Berry


  1. What are Miracle Berries and what do they taste like?

Miracle berries are a fruit native to West Africa that contain miraculin, a protein that makes sour and bitter foods taste sweet. The berry itself has a mild flavor with a slight sweetness.

  1. Why choose Miracle Berries?

Miracle berries can enhance your culinary experience by transforming the taste of sour foods into sweet ones. They can also help curb sugar cravings, making them a natural choice for individuals managing their sugar intake.

  1. How are Miracle Berries prepared?

Miracle berries are available in various forms, including fresh berries, freeze-dried berries, and tablets. To use them, you simply chew the berry or tablet and roll it around your tongue before swallowing. After consuming the berry, sour or bitter foods will taste sweet for up to an hour.

  1. Where are Miracle Berries prepared?

Miracle berries are grown and harvested in various regions, with West Africa being their native home. Companies like Nature’s Wild Berry and mberry source, process, and package these berries into consumable products.

  1. Who are Miracle Berries for?

Miracle berries can be enjoyed by a wide range of people looking to enhance their dining experience. They are particularly beneficial for those wanting to reduce their sugar intake, individuals following a ketogenic diet, people with diabetes, picky eaters, and those seeking clean-label, plant-based options.

  1. When can you get them and when do you pay?

Miracle berries are available for purchase online through various retailers or directly from manufacturers’ websites. You typically pay at the point of purchase, and the product is then shipped to you.

Who are Miracle Berries for?

  1. What is the weight loss berry on Shark Tank?

The weight loss berry featured on Shark Tank is Nature’s Wild Berry, also known as the ledidi fruit or miracle fruit. It can help curb sugar cravings and potentially assist with weight loss.

  1. What are the side effects of Miracle Berries?

There are no known severe side effects of consuming miracle berries. However, some people might experience slight changes in their digestive system due to the sudden change in food tastes. Consult with a healthcare professional before use, as with any dietary supplement.

  1. Do Miracle Berries actually work?

Yes, miracle berries do work. They contain miraculin, which binds to taste receptors on your tongue, making sour and bitter flavors taste sweet. This effect lasts for up to an hour after consumption.

  1. Are Miracle Berry pills FDA-approved?

While the FDA has not specifically approved miracle berry pills, they are generally recognized as safe (GRAS), indicating that they are considered safe for consumption based on their long history of common use in food or research results.

  1. Who is the CEO of Nature’s Wild Berry?

Nature’s Wild Berry was founded by Hank Watt and Juliano Bonanni. Their exact titles within the company aren’t specified in the sources, but they are the primary operators and faces of the company.

  1. Is Miracle Berry legal in the US?

Yes, miracle berries are legal in the United States and can be purchased and consumed without restrictions.

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