Bombas Socks: What Happened After Shark Tank

Bombas Socks: What Happened After Shark Tank

In the ever-competitive world of entrepreneurship, a unique idea coupled with a compelling pitch on the hit TV show “Shark Tank” can catapult a fledgling business into the limelight. Such was the case for Bombas, a company founded by Randy Goldberg and David Heath. Their appearance on the show in 2014 not only showcased their innovative approach to sock design but also unveiled their philanthropic mission to provide socks to those in need.

But what happened to Bombas after their initial “Shark Tank” debut? In this article, we delve into the post-Shark Tank journey of Bombas socks, tracing their remarkable evolution from a promising startup to a flourishing brand with a profound social impact.

What Is Bombas Socks?

Bombas, the renowned apparel label renowned for its Bombas Socks, specializes in top-quality athletic leisure footwear. This brand has garnered the distinction of being the most triumphant product ever featured on Shark Tank [1]. Furthermore, Bombas has a noble mission to aid the homeless, vowing to contribute a pair of socks for each purchase made.

The name Bombas finds its roots in the Latin language, where it translates to “bumble bees” [2]. This choice of name reflects the founders’ vision of themselves as industrious bees collaborating to improve the beehive, drawing a parallel to their business approach. In line with this analogy, Bombas adopted a philanthropic model where, for each pair of Bombas socks sold, they contribute a pair to a charitable organization. 

What Is Bombas Socks?

The genesis of Bombas can be traced back to a poignant quote from a Salvation Army major. This major emphasized the critical need for socks among homeless individuals, recognizing them as a paramount necessity. It was this revelation that spurred the founders into action, inspiring them to conceptualize a strategy. This strategy entailed crafting high-quality yet affordable socks and donating them to charity homes while simultaneously sustaining their business through sales.

To this day, Bombas has furnished approximately 50 million pairs of socks to those in dire need, recognizing that socks top the list of requested items in homeless shelters [3].

Why Are Bombas Socks Different: Pros and Cons

First and foremost, Bombas crafts their socks using Peruvian Pima cotton, a natural fiber indigenous to the northern shores of Peru. The selection of this fabric derives not only from its plush and long-lasting attributes but also because it enables your feet to respire, ensuring coolness in the sweltering summer and warmth in the chilly winter.

Bombas socks boast other fascinating and distinctive features, including seam-free toes, honeycomb arch support systems, and supremely comfortable performance footbeds [4]. Additionally, their ankle socks come equipped with a protective blister tab to ward off blisters during everyday use and physical activities. 


  • Comfort: Bombas socks are lauded for their exceptional comfort. They are made from high-quality cotton, which is breathable and soft against the skin;
  • Unique Design: The socks feature a special honeycomb design that supports the middle of the foot and offers a comfortable level of compression;
  • No Slippage: Many reviewers have noted that these socks stay put, not slipping down throughout the day;
  • Multipurpose: They are suitable for various activities, from running and gym workouts to everyday use;


  • Price: Given their premium quality, Bombas socks come at a higher price point compared to other brands, which some customers find prohibitive;
  • Durability Concerns: While many customers find these socks long-lasting, others have raised concerns about their durability, especially considering the higher cost;
  • Limited Moisture-Wicking: Some users have noted that Bombas socks are not as effective at moisture-wicking as they would like, which can be a drawback for those using them for intense workouts or in hotter climates;
  • Slippery: Some users have found the socks to be a bit too slippery for certain shoes, which can be dependent on the insole material;

About the Founders Of Bombas Socks

In 2013, Randy Goldberg and David Heath joined forces to establish Bombas, forging a friendship a few years prior while collaborating at a budding media startup. These visionary entrepreneurs embarked on a mission to produce top-tier, luxuriously comfortable socks at a mere fraction of their competitors’ prices. 

After an intensive two-year span marked by exhaustive research, rigorous testing, and relentless development, Bombas socks emerged and became accessible to the general public.

The inception of Bombas was followed by a transformative moment, one that left an indelible impact not only on Goldberg and Heath but also on countless others. It was during this period that they encountered a Salvation Army Major who emphasized that socks ranked as the single most requested clothing item in homeless shelters.

In that poignant moment, the duo not only aspired to craft socks that would truly stand apart but also resolved to make a meaningful contribution by donating one pair of socks for each pair sold.

Why Are Bombas Socks Different: Pros and Cons

The Pitch Of Bombas Socks At Shark Tank

The founders of Bombas, David, and Randy, appeared on Shark Tank in September 2014 with the hope of securing a $ 200,000 investment in exchange for a 5% equity stake in their business [5]. They started their pitch by highlighting that the athletic sock market had seen minimal innovation for many years. They discussed their two years of intensive product research and development, which led to seven significant improvements in their socks, touting them as “the most comfortable pair of socks you’ll ever wear”.

The duo also emphasized the charitable aspect of their business model: for every pair of Bombas sold, they would donate a pair to those in need. They handed out samples of their socks to the sharks, who seemed intrigued by the philanthropic element of the company.

Robert Herjavec, an avid runner, questioned what set their socks apart from the competition. David explained that their extensive research had identified common issues in existing socks, and Bombas aimed to address all of these problems to create a superior product. They also managed to offer their socks at a competitive price point of $ 9 per pair, including the donated pair.

When asked about projected sales, David mentioned that they had achieved $ 450,000 in sales within their first nine months of operation [6]. Mark Cuban was impressed with the online sales figures, but Kevin O’Leary wanted to know more about their valuation and why they believed the company was worth $ 4 million.

Kevin was highly critical of the valuation, calling it “ludicrous” and suggesting that it was far too optimistic for a fledgling sock company. He ultimately decided not to make an offer and used his Bombas socks as mittens during the pitch.

Robert Herjavec expressed concerns about the scalability of the business and its reliance on word-of-mouth marketing. He believed that the sales growth without advertising was not sustainable and decided not to invest.

Lori Greiner was also hesitant due to their strategy of hiring a customer acquisition manager. She believed that David and Randy should be actively involved in attracting new customers themselves. She chose to pass on the opportunity.

Mark Cuban was critical of the plateau in sales growth after just nine months, and he found the 50% profit margin too low for his liking. He also opted not to invest.

With only Daymond John remaining in the negotiations, Kevin O’Leary pointed out the situation’s stagnation. Daymond emphasized that the valuation needed adjustment.

About the Founders Of Bombas Socks

David and Randy then made an improved offer of $ 200,000 for a 10% stake, specifically for Daymond. After some deliberation, Daymond made a counteroffer of $ 200,000 for a 20% equity share. Following further negotiation, they settled on a deal with Daymond for $ 200,000 in exchange for 17.5% equity and the condition that Daymond would finance their inventory. Despite feeling pressured, the founders agreed to the terms, and Daymond enthusiastically accepted the deal.

The negotiations ended with Daymond securing a favorable arrangement for himself and a promising partnership with Bombas.

Bombas Socks After The Shark Tank

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Bombas embarked on a new trajectory, unveiling two distinct sock collections – one tailored for men and another for women. They also ventured into uncharted territory by launching their inaugural line of t-shirts.

On the show, Bombas aimed to boost clothing sales and catalyze their expansion, and in pursuit of this goal, they introduced fresh hues like Navy Blue, Black, and Fuschia [7].

Additionally, Bombas introduced “The Bomba Collection”, an exclusive range designed for men. This collection featured an array of clothing items, including shorts, undershirts, long-sleeved shirts, bomber jackets, and hats, all crafted from exceptionally high-quality materials, often adorned with camouflage patterns.

Recognizing the burgeoning demand from their clientele, Bombas rolled out a dedicated app. This app not only allowed customers to monitor their orders but also provided customization options for deliveries.

In the present day, Bombas stands as one of the retail industry’s fastest-growing brands, consistently registering a month-to-month growth exceeding $ 200,000. Their post-Shark Tank journey has witnessed remarkable success.

Despite not securing the investment from Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran on the show, Bombas thrives. Their Facebook page boasts nearly 500,000 likes, while their Twitter page boasts over 30,000 followers [8].

The brand’s website received a “facelift”, sporting a more appealing design compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, Bombas expanded its product lines for both men and women, offering a diverse range of socks for men and approximately six distinct styles for women. This development delighted Bombas enthusiasts and those who couldn’t get enough of their products before Shark Tank.

In terms of product diversity, Bombas offers an extensive selection of socks catering to men, women, and children, alongside additional accessories such as hand warmers and headbands.

Notably, Bombas experienced a remarkable surge in sales, with statistics from Shopify revealing growth of over 1,000% from 2015 to 2016, and this growth trajectory continued throughout the year. The company also achieved substantial cost savings by collaborating with third-party suppliers, thus enhancing its growth potential and reducing shipping expenses.

While Bombas had previously partnered with Sock Club to offer socks at a discounted rate of $ 9.95, they later forged a partnership with Anrdoezrs, enabling them to offer their socks at even more competitive prices [9].

Despite not securing the desired investment in Shark Tank, Bombas has persevered and achieved extraordinary success. Their journey has been marked by incredible growth, innovations in product design, and strategic partnerships with other brands. The brand remains a favorite among fans and continues to thrive in the market.

With their unique yarn blend incorporating spandex, Bombas socks offer a perfect fit by stretching to conform to the wearer’s feet. The company also expanded its color options, introducing black and Fuschia for women and new camouflage-inspired hues for men.

The Pitch Of Bombas Socks At Shark Tank

Moreover, Bombas broadened its product range by collaborating with other brands to offer a variety of accessories like hats and gloves, diversifying their offerings and increasing revenue streams [10]. Custom orders became a staple of their business model, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite socks at retail prices.

Bombas’ success story post-Shark Tank is nothing short of remarkable. Their journey has been marked by growth in sales, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to expanding their product line. With a dedicated and growing customer base, Bombas shows no signs of slowing down, and their resilience and innovation have cemented their place as one of the standout success stories from Shark Tank.

Bombas Socks and Social Impact

Bombas, a company dedicated to making a positive impact, has garnered exceptional customer reviews. Their primary mission is to assist individuals residing in homeless shelters. In a bid to broaden its reach and offerings, Bombas has recently diversified its product line, encompassing t-shirts, innerwear, and socks tailored for children, adults, and women. This expansion reflects their commitment to serving a wide-ranging clientele.

Notably, Bombas places a paramount emphasis on customer service, which has translated into a remarkable online reputation characterized by an absence of negative reviews and a continuous influx of positive feedback regarding both the company and its products.

Bombas remains a thriving entity, steadfast in its mission to make a difference. In addition to their existing products, they have expanded their portfolio to encompass underwear, t-shirts, and slippers, catering to individuals of all ages.

Customers have the convenience of purchasing Bombas products through the company’s official website or on Amazon. An integral part of their business model is their pledge to donate an identical item to homeless shelters for every product sold. To date, Bombas has made substantial contributions, totaling over $ 50 million worth of clothing, which is now distributed worldwide [11].

The founders, Randy Goldberg and David Heath continue to actively participate in the company’s operations, ensuring its continued success and dedication to its philanthropic mission.

The Net Worth Of Bombas Socks

Bombas has undeniably etched its name among Shark Tank’s most triumphant ventures. In the year 2021 alone, Bombas soared to impressive heights, amassing a staggering $ 237 million in revenue [12]. This extraordinary success goes beyond their signature athletic socks, as the company diversified its product offerings, catering to adults, children, and women by introducing t-shirts and underwear to its portfolio.

Moreover, Bombas has upheld its philanthropic commitment, having generously distributed over 50 million pieces of clothing to support those experiencing homelessness.

Bombas Socks and Social Impact

In terms of financial backing, Bombas has successfully secured over $ 150 million in funding across four funding rounds, with the most recent occurring in December 2021. While there were earlier indications that Bombas was contemplating an initial public offering (IPO) in early 2022, it appears that these plans may have been deferred for the time being.

As of 2023, Bombas boasts an estimated worth of approximately $ 100 million, a testament to its remarkable journey from its inception on Shark Tank to becoming a prominent player in the industry [13].

Alternatives To Bombas Socks

If you’re looking for alternatives to Bombas socks, there are several brands and options available, each with its own unique features and qualities.

Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Smartwool: Smartwool is known for its high-quality merino wool socks, which offer excellent moisture-wicking and temperature-regulation properties. They come in various styles for different activities and seasons;
  • Darn Tough: Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont and are renowned for their durability. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their products and come in a wide range of styles and thicknesses;
  • Balega: Balega specializes in performance running socks with a focus on comfort and moisture management. They have a variety of styles, including no-show, quarter, and crew-length socks;
  • Feetures!: Feetures! socks are designed with targeted compression and moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for runners and athletes. They offer different levels of cushioning to suit individual preferences;
  • Wigwam: Wigwam offers a variety of socks for different activities and conditions. They are known for their comfort and durability, with a wide range of options for both casual and athletic wear;
  • Stance: Stance socks are known for their stylish designs and unique patterns. They offer a range of options, from casual to performance socks, and are a popular choice for those looking to make a fashion statement;
  • Thorlos: Thorlos specializes in padded socks designed for various activities, including hiking, walking, and running. Their socks provide extra cushioning and protection for your feet;
  • Icebreaker: Icebreaker is known for its merino wool products, including socks. Their socks are comfortable, moisture-wicking, and naturally odor-resistant;
  • Drymax: Drymax socks are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable during high-intensity activities. They offer moisture-wicking and anti-blister technology;
  • Wrightsock: Wrightsock features a patented two-layer design that helps prevent blisters and provides extra cushioning. They have a variety of styles for different sports and activities [14];

When choosing socks, consider your specific needs, such as the intended activity, climate, and personal preferences for material and thickness. Each of these sock brands offers a range of options to cater to different requirements.

Does Bombas really donate to homeless shelters?


  1. Who is Bombas’ biggest competitor?

Bombas’ biggest competitor in the sock market is often considered to be Smartwool. Smartwool is a well-known brand that specializes in merino wool socks and has a loyal customer base. Other competitors in the sock market include Stance, Darn Tough, and Thorlos.

  1. Does Bombas make a profit?

As a private company, Bombas does not disclose its specific financial information publicly. However, based on its growth and success, it is generally believed that Bombas is profitable. The company’s revenue reached over $ 100 million in 2018 [15], which suggests that it has been able to generate significant sales and potentially achieve profitability.

  1. Why are Bombas socks so expensive?

Bombas socks may be considered relatively expensive compared to other brands because they are designed with specific features and materials that contribute to their quality and comfort. Bombas uses premium materials, such as long-staple cotton and merino wool, which can be more expensive than lower-quality materials used in some other sock brands. 

Additionally, Bombas emphasizes ethical production practices and donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased, which may contribute to the pricing structure.

  1. Which Shark Tank investor invested in Bombas?

Daymond John was the Shark Tank investor who made an investment in Bombas. He recognized the potential of the company and its social impact mission and decided to back the brand.

  1. Why did Daymond John invest in Bombas?

Daymond John, one of the Sharks on Shark Tank, decided to invest in Bombas because he saw the potential of the company’s mission and product. Bombas’ commitment to donating a pair of socks for every pair purchased resonated with John, and he recognized the value of the brand’s social impact. Additionally, Bombas had a unique and well-designed product that differentiated itself in the crowded sock market, which further attracted John’s investment.

Alternatives To Bombas Socks

  1. Why are Bombas made in China?

Bombas manufactures its socks in China for a variety of reasons. China has a well-established manufacturing infrastructure and expertise in textile production, making it a cost-effective option for sourcing and producing high-quality socks. Manufacturing in China also allows Bombas to maintain competitive pricing while meeting the demand for its products.

  1. Are there better socks than Bombas?

The quality and preference for socks can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. While Bombas socks are highly regarded for their comfort, durability, and philanthropic mission, there are other sock brands that may be considered equally or even more suitable for different individuals.

Some popular alternatives to Bombas include Smartwool, Stance, Darn Tough, and Thorlos. It’s recommended to try different brands and styles to find the socks that best meet your specific needs and preferences.

  1. Are there fake Bombas socks?

Counterfeit products can exist for popular brands, including Bombas. It’s always important to purchase products from authorized and reputable retailers to ensure you are getting genuine Bombas socks. Buying directly from the official Bombas website or authorized retailers reduces the risk of purchasing counterfeit or fake socks.

  1. Are there any socks similar to Bombas?

Yes, other sock brands offer similar features and qualities to Bombas. Some popular alternatives include Smartwool, Stance, Darn Tough, and Thorlos. These brands also offer comfortable and high-quality socks with various features and styles. It’s recommended to explore different brands and styles to find the socks that best meet your preferences and needs.

  1. Does Bombas really donate to homeless shelters?

Yes, Bombas is known for its commitment to donating items to homeless shelters.

According to the official website, Bombas donates socks, t-shirts, underwear, and other clothing items to homeless shelters, aiming to provide the most requested items for those in need. They operate on a “One Purchased = One Donated” model, meaning that for every item purchased from Bombas, they donate a corresponding item to a person in need. 

Through their network of Giving Partners, which includes over 3,500 organizations, Bombas distributes their donated items to homeless individuals and families across the United States. The company has donated millions of items to date and continues to expand its impact.

Bombas’ mission to help the homeless community by donating essential clothing items has garnered attention and support. Their efforts to address the needs of homeless individuals and families align with their goal of making a positive impact on society.

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