Body Jac by Cactus Jack: What Happened After Shark Tank

Body Jac by Cactus Jack: What Happened After Shark Tank

The sharks were definitely intrigued by Body Jac, a compression garment that promises to help people get in shape faster. The product seemed like a good investment, and the entrepreneurs behind it, Cactus Jack and his son, had already seen success with their business. On Shark Tank, they managed to get assistance from Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran, who offered them $ 180,000 in exchange for the whole company. But what happened to Body Jac after Shark Tank? Keep reading to find out!

Background of Body Jac by Cactus Jack

Pushing up is a great way to strengthen your arms and core, both of which are essential for everyday activities. Strengthening these muscles can help with carrying groceries, lifting items, and maintaining balance. Pushing up also improves posture by strengthening the muscles in the chest, back, shoulders, and neck. This helps to reduce slouching and improve how you look when standing or sitting.

Pushing up also helps with cardiovascular fitness. Regularly doing push-ups will gradually increase your heart rate and breathing rate while exercising all the major muscle groups in your body at once. This makes them one of the most efficient exercises for improving overall health and fitness levels.

Jack Barrington understood the benefits of regularly doing push-ups and saw a potential business opportunity. In 2011, he revolutionized fitness with the launch of Body Jac; a product that utilizes bands to make push-ups more manageable and enable users to target specific muscle groups.

Background of Body Jac by Cactus Jack

Jack had a long history of working as an entrepreneur and wanted to take his business to the next level. He sold 10 million units of his One Shot cleaning tablet. That is a lot and he is very successful! He dreams that the Shark Tank Sharks will assist him in developing an innovative business model, one which exposes him to minimal risk compared to his earlier projects. [1], [2]

Body Jac by Cactus Jack at Shark Tank Pitch

With a surefooted gait, Cactus Jack strides into the Shark Tank seeking $ 180,000 in exchange for 20% of his business. Jack brings much more to the table than just his most recent invention. He owns patents for multiple products that have already been successful on the market. Robert Herjavec instantly asks Jack an important question, why would he ask only $ 180,000 if he had sold millions of units to this date?

Jack recounts how he earned millions by the age of 30, yet lost them just as quickly. His family has had to bear the brunt of his entrepreneurial missteps. He admits he seeks a partner in order to gain guidance and to help reduce his risk. Kevin is not content with this arrangement as he believes that his proposed share of $ 27,000 does not reflect the level of investment he has put in. Robert has a similar impression and so both sharks go out. Kevin Harrington offers a sum of $ 90,000 for 50% of the company. Therefore, Barrington must persuade another Shark to provide the other half ($ 90,000) in order to make his dream come true.

Luckily for him, Barbara decides to speak up for herself! She’s willing to contribute the other $ 90,000 for Barrington’s project but demands a contingency. Her demand? That he uses his own machine and sheds 30 pounds in the process. Kevin wants Jack to decide now, but Daymond steps in!

Body Jac by Cactus Jack at Shark Tank Pitch

Daymond offers to fund the entire $ 180,000 sum but he wants control over all aspects of the business. Jack ponders for a few seconds and ultimately settles with Barbara and Kevin’s offer. Now that’s a deal made! [1], [2]

Body Jac by Cactus Jack After the Show

What was special about this offer is that Barbara would agree only if Jack agreed to use the machine himself and shed 30 lbs. This was a highly motivating factor for Jack, as he decided to put in that extra effort, that’s what really made this win special. And he succeeded at that!

Kevin Harrington not only brought Cactus Jack to a renowned infomercial event but also created infomercials that catapulted the BodyJac into prosperity. An appearance on Live TV has also boosted sales. This is something fans call the Shark Tank Effect, which helped Jack sell his products in a short period of time.

However, it seems that the success of the company was short-lived. We don’t know what happened exactly, but Barbara has called Body Jac one of the worst investments she ever made. She went as far as to claim that he simply took all her money. Still, she continued to work on the project at least until 2013.

No matter what happened between Cactus Jack and Corcoran, the specifics will likely never be revealed. However, she still clearly harbors resentment towards him to this day.

Starting in 2015, Jack decided to run his own marketing company out of Texas. It is called Cactus Jack Media, and the company provides content marketing services to clients in the US. However, things took a very grim turn in 2021 when the company went out of business. It is unclear why the company shut down, but it’s very likely that Jack ran out of funds and had to close his doors.

It seems that Body Jack didn’t assemble a community around his product as the Facebook page of the company has only a little more than 1k followers.

Body Jac by Cactus Jack After the Show

So far it seems that Body Jac’s journey wasn’t the most pleasant one. We can only hope that Cactus Jack will be able to find success in his new ventures and that he won’t have to go through such a tough time ever again.

All in all, although the journey of Body Jac by Cactus Jack has not been a smooth one, it still serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and take risks. With hard work and determination, anything is possible! Who knows where Cactus Jack’s future endeavors may take him? Only time will tell! [1], [2], [3]

Body Jac Net Worth

While the exact amount of money that Jack invested in his company is not public knowledge, he did manage to make a decent sum of money when selling it. It’s estimated that Body Jac was worth around $ 360,000 at the moment of the Shark Tank Pitch.

The company’s net worth has certainly taken a hit since then, but it’s still hard to determine just how much money Jack made precisely. Still, we can assume that the total sum of money invested into the venture is somewhere in the vicinity of $ 500,000. At the moment, Cactus Jack media is no longer operating and it’s uncertain what exactly happened to all those funds.

As of 2021, Jack’s net present worth remains unknown. Although he may have faced some setbacks along his entrepreneurial journey, there is no doubt that Jack will continue pursuing success and growing his wealth in the near future. [2]


What is Body Jac?

Body Jac is a patented weight training system designed to maximize the results of strength training while minimizing the risk of injury. It was created by Jack Barrington and featured on Shark Tank. The product is a device that simplifies push-ups by utilizing bands without sacrificing the benefits of a full range of motion. It is designed to be used at home or in the gym, making it an ideal choice for busy individuals looking to stay fit.

You could also target specific groups of muscles with the Body Jac by switching out bands, increasing resistance, and doing different variations of push-ups. It was designed to reduce the strain on your wrists and shoulders to provide a better overall workout experience.

Did Cactus Jack ever lose 30 lbs from Shark Tank?

Yes! He managed to lose 30 lbs by a set deadline. This proved that his invention is indeed effective when used properly. Cactus Jack achieved weight loss by using his product, Body Jac, and following a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Body Jac is essentially a fitness system that utilizes air-filled resistance bands to simulate various machines found in a gym. It comes with an adjustable harness that allows users to add more resistance when needed and tons of exercises that can help improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and stability.

Did Cactus Jack ever lose 30 lbs from Shark Tank?

The product appeared on Shark Tank, where Cactus Jack proposed his invention to Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran. Both of them agreed to invest $ 180K for 100% equity in the company if Cactus Jack could lose 30 lbs using Body Jac. He managed to do it and gained their investment as well as other resources such as marketing opportunities.

Unfortunately, the success didn’t last for long. In 2021, Cactus Jack announced that he was shutting down Body Jac due to low sales figures. It’s unclear what made the product unsuccessful but it most likely has to do with its high price tag and lack of marketing. Barbara doesn’t like bringing up her time with Body Jac on Shark Tank anymore and hasn’t mentioned the product since its closure.

Is Body JAC still in business?

No, Cactus Jack’s Body JAC is no longer in business. After appearing on Shark Tank, the company received a lot of attention and sold thousands of orders. However, this did not translate into long-term success for the company as sales slowly declined after the initial buzz wore off.

Although it seemed like the product had the potential to be successful, there were some issues that prevented it from reaching its full potential. Firstly, due to its design, the Body JAC was difficult and expensive to manufacture which meant that it had higher retail costs than other fitness products available at the time.

Additionally, despite receiving a lot of attention from customers initially, word of mouth did not spread enough for the product to become mainstream. But most importantly, Jack’s business plan was not well thought out and he was unable to scale the company quickly enough. This meant that after the initial surge of orders, they were unable to fulfill them all in a timely manner which led to many unhappy customers.

Where is Cactus Jack now?

Where is Cactus Jack now?

As of 2021, Cactus Jack is no longer in business. Cactus Jack was a fitness product created by entrepreneur Jack Barrington After appearing on Shark Tank in 2013, Cactus Jack’s popularity surged but it didn’t last for long.

However, due to financial difficulties and changes in the fitness industry, Cactus Jack eventually closed its doors. And it went as far as the investors from the show—Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran—weren’t happy working with Jack and called it a loss of money.

We can only hope Jack will return to the market someday. He’s still an incredible innovator and visionary, and we’re sure he’ll join another business or form a new one soon. In the meantime, you can follow Jack on Twitter and other social media networks for updates.

Useful Video: Body Jac Demo


Jack Barrington’s Body Jac by Cactus Jack was an exercise tool that aimed to revolutionize the way people worked out. After appearing on Shark Tank in 2015, he secured a deal with Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran. Their money gave him a substantial boost in business, and he was able to expand his operations and make more products.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be some disagreements between all parties a few months down the line, and eventually, the business went its separate way. Barbara called Jack for taking all his money and leaving her with nothing.

Jack is still continuing to work on his product and has made a few tweaks in order to improve it. He also has some new ideas that he would like to pursue, such as creating an app that will help people use the Body Jac more effectively.

Unfortunately, in the year of 2021, he had to shut down his business. There are rumors that he might be looking to revive it in the future, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Overall, Body Jac by Cactus Jack was a great product with a lot of potentials and we hope it will one day make its way back into the marketplace. Until then, Jack Barrington is still an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere who believe in their dreams and don’t let anything stand in their way. Thanks to Shark Tank, he was able to take his idea from just an idea to a reality and make something out of it! We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!

In conclusion, Body Jac by Cactus Jack had a decent run after appearing on Shark Tank. Although there was a lot of potentials, unfortunate disagreements between investors led to the business eventually going its separate way. With Jack Barrington continuing to work on his product and look into new ideas, we are hopeful that one day we will see Body Jac by Cactus Jack make its comeback in the market soon!