Circadian Optics: What Happened After Shark Tank

Circadian Optics: What Happened After Shark Tank

What happened to Circadian Optics after Shark Tank? This is a question that has been on the minds of many ever since the company made its appearance on the show. In this article, we will provide you with answers to some of the most common questions about what happened to Circadian Optics after Shark Tank. We will also offer some tips on how you can improve your own business after appearing on the show.

Founders of Circadian Optics and Their Story

Circadian Optics is a company founded by entrepreneur Amber Leong. Circadian Optics manufactures light therapy lamps, which are designed to simulate natural sunlight and provide users with a range of health benefits. These lamps emit highly-concentrated wavelengths of visible white light that mimic the same range of intensities as you would typically receive outdoors, making them suitable for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Circadian Optics uses special bulbs that emit a full-spectrum white light that’s designed specifically for the circadian rhythms in humans. The bright light emitted from these lamps is meant to mimic the sun. In addition to this, it also helps to regulate the day-night cycle of sleep and wakefulness, which can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

In 2016, Leong embarked upon a mission to devise something that could help her improve her circadian rhythm and thus founded Circadian Optics. These lamps are full spectrum illumines which produce light but not damaging UV rays. These small lamps are ideal for a desk and allow people to get their daily source of sunshine while they work as if it were coming from the sun!

And she has some research to back up her idea. Light therapy is actually a real deal, and the medical field has been using it for a couple of decades. While not a universal method of treatment, light therapy can relieve the symptoms of depression, jet lag, and other sleep issues.

Founders of Circadian Optics and Their Story

Leong’s vision for Circadian Optics was to help people live healthier lives with the power of light therapy lamps. Circadian Optic Lights stand out from the rest of its light therapy competitors with a revolutionary design. They don’t look like any traditional “light boxes’, but rather more like pieces of art! Sleek and modern, these lamps are designed to bring beauty into your home while they work on improving your sleep-wake cycle.

As for the prices, these are pretty reasonable! You can buy them on Amazon for around $ 35 & $ 60, depending on the size and design. This shows Circadian Optics’ commitment to making its products accessible and affordable to anyone who needs them.

To push her business further, however, she needed the assistance of a shark. This is when she appeared on Shark Tank and pitched her product in front of the Sharks. Let’s recap what happened. [1] [2]

Circadian Optics at the Shark Tank

Amber is requesting an investment of $ 750,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in her company and began by telling her story. Amber’s parents wanted her to receive a quality education, so they made the difficult decision to invest their retirement savings and gave her $ 10,000 for tuition fees in order for her to pursue studies at Bemidji State University situated in Minnesota. After she used those funds, Amber started looking for a job and she took on several roles to make ends meet.

The sharks were impressed with the business model and asked questions regarding sales and marketing. However, Amber goes on to demonstrate her product and reveals that she earned $ 4 million in sales so far. And the profit margin was 70%! The sharks were excited and the race started. Barbara and Kevin have proposed an investment of $ 750,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business.

On the other hand, Mark and Lori make the same offer but throw in an extra $ 50,000 for Amber’s parents. Mark and Lori’s deal seems more appealing to Amber and so she chose it. [2]

Circadian Optics at the Shark Tank

How are the Circadian Optics Doing After Shark Tank

It goes without saying that appearance on Live TV was the push Circadian Optics needed to take off. It opened up numerous opportunities for the company and gained much wider exposure.

Following their feature on Shark Tank, Circadian Optics experienced a huge surge in sales which they managed to handle with ease. As such, the company has since launched several new products and options for customers to choose from.

Unfortunately, Amber and the sharks didn’t come to terms, Circadian Optics achieved incredible success regardless. What a shame that she wasn’t able to close the deal! Nevertheless, her business has taken off in remarkable fashion.

The company is still in business to this day and the products can be found on Amazon. If you’re looking for a light therapy lamp, Circadian Optics is definitely one of the better options out there! The lamps are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and provide great value for money.

How are the Circadian Optics Doing After Shark Tank

The annual revenue in 2022 is around $ 4 million which means that it’s a success story and the company is doing great! As for the reviews, the lamps have thousands of highly rated reviews and the company has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, which is quite impressive for any product.

While Circadian Optics don’t have a website, they have an Instagram page with 6k followers and an active presence on social media.

All in all, Circadian Optics’ journey after Shark Tank was remarkable. With hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck, Amber Leong managed to turn her dreams into reality! It just goes to show that with the right idea, anything is possible. Nowadays, light therapy lamps are becoming more popular than ever before and Circadian Optics remains one of the top companies to offer them. We can only wish her the best of luck in future endeavors! [2] [3] [4]

Circadian Optics Net Worth

It’s hard to say what the exact net worth of Circadian Optics is, but it’s safe to assume that the company has seen huge success and growth in profits. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the worth of Circadian Optics has gone up significantly, currently sitting at around $ 7 million.

This figure shows that Amber Leong made the right decision by appearing on Shark Tank, as it has opened up numerous opportunities for her company. Not only did they get much wider exposure! Their products are now becoming increasingly popular with more people turning towards light therapy lamps for help with sleeping disorders or lack of energy during the day. [5]

Circadian Optics Competitors

Despite the success of Circadian Optics, there are other companies out there that offer similar products. Some of the most prominent competitors for Circadian Optics include:

Circadian Optics Net Worth

Sunrise Sensations

Sunrise Sensations is a line of products that also feature light therapy lamps, alarm clocks and sun lamps. The products are designed to help improve sleep quality and duration by utilizing natural sunlight to stimulate the body’s circadian rhythm and create an environment that encourages healthy sleep habits. Sunrise Sensations is committed to helping people become their best selves through quality sleep so they can live healthier lives.

North Star Light Therapy

North Star Light Therapy is one of the competitors for Circadian Optics. They offer a range of products that are designed to provide light therapy in addition to other health and wellness benefits. Their products include several different models of simple, compact and efficient daylight lamps, as well as their BrightLight system which uses special lenses to create a more comfortable environment for those who need bright light therapy.


Verilux is a company that specializes in natural lighting solutions. They offer several different models of light therapy lamps, which are designed to mimic natural daylight. One of their most popular products is the HappyLightTM, which has been clinically proven to improve energy levels and mood.


Are therapeutic lamps actually helpful?

Yes, therapeutic lamps (also known as light therapy boxes) are actually very helpful when used properly. Light therapy has been shown to have positive effects on mood and energy levels in people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as well as conditions such as depression and anxiety. Circadian Optics’ lamps use a research-backed blend of UV-free bright white LED lights to help recreate the natural sunlight that your body needs for healthy circadian rhythms. The company also offers models with adjustable lux settings so users can customize their light exposure according to their individual needs.

How much is Circadian Optics worth?

Circadian Optics is currently estimated to be worth around $ 7 million. This figure was determined by the amount of investment from Shark Tank, as well as subsequent fundraising rounds. The company has also experienced rapid growth since appearing on the show, with sales increasing significantly year-over-year for each product released.

Circadian Optics CEO Amber Leong wanted the company to be more than just a business; she wanted it to be a movement. After appearing on Shark Tank, her mission was to make light therapy accessible and affordable to everyone. To that end, she has been largely successful. Circadian Optics’ products are now selling thousands of units per year and are being used by customers all over the world.

What sickness did Amber Leong have?

Amber Leong was suffering from toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which is a severe, potentially life-threatening illness caused by bacteria. It is characterized by high fever and rash, hypotension, organ failure, and other symptoms. Amber had been ill for several months before appearing on Shark Tank and was hospitalized multiple times due to the severity of her condition. Her doctors believed it was an autoimmune disease that was triggered by an infection or virus.

Luckily, she managed to get better with the help of proper medical care and ongoing treatment. After recovering, Amber founded Circadian Optics to provide light therapy solutions that can help people suffering from various sleeping disorders, such as insomnia and jet lag.

What is Circadian Optics’ annual revenue?

Circadian Optics was founded by Amber Leong and has grown significantly since then. Amber is selling light therapy lamps that provide people with healthy light to help them regulate their sleep/wake cycles and increase productivity. While the deal with Sharks didn’t close, Amber didn’t stop there. She continued to build and expand the brand by appearing in many media outlets and attending various industry events, such as CES. Today, Circadian Optics has become a multi-million dollar company with an estimated annual revenue of $ 4 million dollars.

What is Circadian Optics' annual revenue?

What happened after Shark Tank?

After her appearance on Shark Tank, Amber continued to market and expand the Circadian Optics business by focusing on digital marketing campaigns, blog collaborations, and social media influencers. Her efforts paid off as she was able to reach new markets around the world through online sales generated from these campaigns. In addition, Amber invested in new product development which resulted in additional products being added to their lineup including new designs for her light therapy lamps.

How do Circadian Optics’ lamps work?

Circadian Optics’ lamps are designed to mimic natural sunlight during the day and turn off at night when they shouldn’t be used. The lamps feature three adjustable settings: Warm sunrise, full-spectrum daylight, and cool sunset. The warm sunrise setting helps users wake up feeling refreshed while the full-spectrum daylight setting provides higher levels of light to help boost energy levels during the day. Lastly, the cool sunset setting is used to slowly dim the lights before bedtime to encourage a good night’s sleep. Additionally, Circadian Optics’ lamps feature adjustable brightness settings ranging from 10% – 100%. This allows users to customize their lighting needs depending on their individual preferences.

Useful Video: Circadian Optics Owner’s Backstory Moves The Sharks To Tears


Amber Leong wanted to bring affordable light therapy devices to those who need them. After appearing on Shark Tank, she was able to take her business from the ground up and make it something amazing. The reception that Circadian Optics received in its first two years since being on the show has been nothing short of extraordinary and continues to grow every day. Amber’s story serves as a great example for entrepreneurs everywhere of what can happen when you put your heart into something and never give up.

Circadian Optics is now a thriving business, with products sold online and in stores all over the world, proving Amber’s vision true: Make light therapy accessible for everyone. While Amber’s deal with the Sharks didn’t go the way they wanted it to, the experience was invaluable. She came out with a stronger focus on her mission and a newfound determination to make Circadian Optics the best it can be. There’s no telling how far Amber and her business will go in the future, but one thing is for certain: the sky’s the limit.

We hope this guide has helped you get an in-depth understanding of what happened to Circadian Optics after Shark Tank and how Amber was able to take her business from the ground up with the help of Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. With Amber’s dedication and hard work, she was able to make her idea into reality with flying colors. We wish all the best for Circadian Optics in its future endeavors and are sure that it will only keep growing from here on out!