Krapp Strapp: What Happened After Shark Tank

Krapp Strapp: What Happened After Shark Tank

After making a splash on Shark Tank, Krapp Strapp, the innovative outdoor solution for handling “Number 2” in the wilderness, left an indelible mark. In this post-Shark Tank journey, we delve into what transpired for Krapp Strapp, exploring its successes, challenges, and how the deal struck in the tank influenced its trajectory. From increased market visibility to the ongoing evolution of the product, discover how Krapp Strapp navigated the entrepreneurial waters after facing the scrutiny of the Sharks.

What Is Krapp Strapp:

Krapp Strapp presents a unique solution for addressing the inevitable call of nature while engaging in outdoor activities. This innovative device bag is designed to facilitate the often challenging task of handling “Number 2” in the great outdoors, offering a discreet and practical solution. With a built-in zipper pocket, Krapp Strapp allows users to conveniently carry essential items such as toilet paper and other necessities.

Design And Key Features

The key feature of Krapp Strapp is its ergonomic design, which, when wrapped around the user’s back and secured to a tree, creates a comfortable and secure toilet position [1]. This not only enhances the overall outdoor experience but also addresses the potential discomfort and inconvenience associated with finding suitable restroom facilities while engaging in activities such as hunting, camping, cycling, fishing, and more.

What Is Krapp Strapp:

One of the notable advantages of Krapp Strapp is its versatility. Outdoor enthusiasts often face the challenge of dealing with nature’s call in less-than-ideal settings. Krapp Strapp aims to mitigate this challenge by providing a portable and convenient solution that adapts to various outdoor scenarios. Whether you’re deep in the woods during a camping trip or out on a remote fishing expedition, this device bag offers a quick and efficient way to create a makeshift bathroom facility.

The inclusion of a zipper pocket adds an extra layer of practicality to Krapp Strapp. This feature allows users to carry not only toilet paper but also other essentials, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared for any outdoor bathroom situation. The thoughtful design takes into consideration the need for a compact and easily accessible storage solution, making Krapp Strapp a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

Despite its innovative design and practical features, Krapp Strapp may have a few drawbacks to consider. One potential concern could be the learning curve associated with properly using the device. Users may need some time to familiarize themselves with the correct wrapping and securing techniques to achieve the desired comfort and stability. Clear and concise instructional materials or tutorials could help address this potential issue.

Additionally, while Krapp Strapp offers a discreet outdoor bathroom solution, some users may still prefer more traditional options, such as portable toilets or designated camping facilities. The personal comfort levels and preferences of individuals may vary, and Krapp Strapp may not be suitable for everyone.

By wrapping up the design overview of Krapp Strapp, check the following key points:


Krapp Strapp is engineered with a focus on ergonomic design, ensuring user comfort during outdoor bathroom activities. The design aims to create a proper and secure toilet position when wrapped around the user’s back and attached to a tree.

Material Composition The materials used in Krapp Strapp are chosen for durability and practicality in outdoor environments. The design likely incorporates robust and weather-resistant materials to withstand varying conditions, providing a reliable solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

Attachment Mechanism

The design includes a secure attachment mechanism that allows users to wrap Krapp Strapp around their back and secure it to a tree. This feature ensures stability during use, addressing concerns about comfort and balance during outdoor bathroom breaks.

Zipper Pockets

One notable feature is the inclusion of zipper pockets. These pockets serve as convenient storage for essential items, such as toilet paper and other necessities. The design likely ensures easy accessibility to these items while maintaining a compact and portable form factor.

Weight Capacity:

Krapp Strapp’s design includes a notable weight capacity, of approximately 400 pounds. This aspect emphasizes the product’s durability and versatility, accommodating users of varying sizes and weights during outdoor activities.

Compact and Portable

The design prioritizes portability, allowing users to easily carry Krapp Strapp during outdoor adventures. This feature is particularly important for activities like camping, hiking, and fishing, where minimizing the weight and bulk of equipment is crucial.


The design caters to a range of outdoor activities, making it a versatile solution for users engaged in camping, hunting, cycling, and more. The versatility of Krapp Strapp’s design is likely a key factor contributing to its appeal among outdoor enthusiasts.

The Price Point The price point of $ 49.95 makes Krapp Strapp an affordable investment for those who frequently engage in outdoor activities. The convenience and peace of mind offered by this device bag may outweigh its cost for individuals who value the comfort and practicality of a reliable outdoor bathroom solution. Furthermore, the availability of Krapp Strapp on Amazon enhances its accessibility, allowing interested customers to easily purchase and receive the product with the convenience of online shopping.


  • Portability and Versatility: Krapp Strapp’s compact design makes it easy to carry, providing a portable bathroom solution for various outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, cycling, and fishing;
  • Ergonomic Design: The device’s ergonomic design creates a proper toilet position when wrapped around the user’s back and secured to a tree, enhancing comfort and stability during outdoor bathroom breaks;
  • Convenient Storage: The built-in zipper pocket allows users to carry essential items like toilet paper and other necessities, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared for outdoor bathroom situations;
  • Affordability: Priced at $ 49.95, Krapp Strapp is a relatively affordable investment for those seeking a practical outdoor bathroom solution, offering convenience without breaking the bank;
  • Accessibility on Amazon: The availability of Krapp Strapp on Amazon makes it easily accessible to a wide range of customers, allowing for convenient online purchasing and delivery;


  • Learning Curve: Some users may experience a learning curve when it comes to properly wrapping and securing Krapp Strapp for optimal comfort and stability. Clear instructional materials or tutorials could help mitigate this concern;
  • Preference Variability: While Krapp Strapp provides a discreet outdoor bathroom solution, individual preferences for bathroom facilities may vary. Some users may still prefer more traditional options, such as portable toilets or designated camping facilities;
  • Situational Use: Krapp Strapp is specifically designed for outdoor activities, limiting its use to scenarios where users have access to trees for secure attachment. In environments lacking suitable trees, users may find it less practical;
  • Market Niche: While Krapp Strapp fills a niche for portable outdoor bathroom solutions, it may not be the preferred option for individuals who prioritize more traditional or established alternatives;

Who May Benefit From Using

Who May Benefit From Using:

  • Campers and Hikers: Individuals embarking on camping or hiking trips, especially in remote or wilderness areas, can benefit from Krapp Strapp’s portable and discreet outdoor bathroom solution;
  • Hunters: Hunters spending extended periods in the great outdoors may find Krapp Strapp convenient for maintaining hygiene during hunting expeditions where restroom facilities are scarce;
  • Cyclists: Cyclists on long rides, whether on mountain trails or extended road trips, may appreciate the practicality of Krapp Strapp for addressing bathroom needs during their journeys;
  • Fishermen: Anglers who spend hours by lakesides or riversides will find Krapp Strapp useful for creating a quick and convenient outdoor bathroom setup without compromising their fishing experience;
  • Outdoor Event Attendees: Participants in outdoor events, festivals, or gatherings where restroom facilities are limited can use Krapp Strapp to ensure a more comfortable experience;
  • Backpackers: Those embarking on multi-day backpacking trips, where every ounce of gear matters, can appreciate Krapp Strapp’s lightweight and compact design as a space-saving addition to their equipment;
  • Emergency Situations: Krapp Strapp can also serve as a valuable tool in emergencies or natural disasters where access to regular facilities may be disrupted;
  • Military Personnel: Soldiers deployed in field operations or training exercises where conventional bathroom facilities are unavailable may find Krapp Strapp to be a practical and portable solution;
  • Outdoor Workers: Individuals working in forestry, agriculture, or other outdoor occupations may benefit from Krapp Strapp when restroom facilities are not readily accessible;
  • Adventure Travelers: Those engaged in adventure travel or exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations can include Krapp Strapp in their gear to ensure a more comfortable and hygienic outdoor experience [2];

While Krapp Strapp caters to the needs of these specific groups, its appeal may extend to anyone who values a portable and efficient solution for handling outdoor bathroom needs. Potential users should consider their specific outdoor activities, preferences, and the nature of their adventures when evaluating the suitability of Krapp Strapp for their needs.

About the Founders Of Krapp Strapp

Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg, the innovative minds behind the Karpp Strapp product, officially introduced their creation to the public in 2022 [3]. The inspiration for this unique and best-selling product struck Lindsey during a moment in the woods, where he found himself facing a familiar challenge that bears are often associated with.

Lindsey, residing near Jacksonville, Texas, shared the backstory of his invention with Cowboy State Daily, explaining, “I was chasing a couple of lost cows in the woods, and the urge came upon me, you know what I mean. And there I was, at 60 years old, hugging a tree with my knees hurting”.

Having led a life filled with horseback riding and various physically demanding activities, Lindsey recognized that his joints weren’t as resilient as they once were. It dawned on him that many others likely experienced similar discomfort while attempting to attend to their essential needs in the great outdoors.

Drawing on his background in product development, Lindsey saw an opportunity to create a solution to the challenges of answering nature’s call deep in the woods. Motivated by his own experiences and a keen understanding of the physical strains faced by individuals engaged in outdoor activities, Lindsey and Legg embarked on the journey to develop a product that would alleviate the discomfort associated with handling these necessities in remote settings.

About the Founders Of Krapp Strapp

The Pitch Of Krapp Strapp At Shark Tank

Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg entered the Shark Tank seeking a $ 65,000 investment for a 10% equity stake in their Karpp Strapp product. However, the initial reception from the Sharks was unexpected as laughter filled the room upon the introduction of their innovative outdoor solution.

The Karpp Strapp, equipped with two zip pockets and boasting a remarkable weight capacity of approximately 400 pounds, proved to be a source of amusement for the sharks. Adding to the unique dynamic, Bob Legg, at 81 years old, brought his humor to the pitch, contributing to the lighthearted atmosphere.

Despite the initial laughter, the Karpp Strapp had tangible merit. It hit the market in October 2022 and managed to sell an impressive 4,000 units, translating to a total value of $ 199,800. What made this achievement even more remarkable was the absence of any advertising efforts.

The cost of producing the Karpp Strapp was revealed to be $ 17 per unit, and it retailed at $ 49.95. This pricing strategy allowed for a healthy profit margin and contributed to the product’s success in the market.

Recognizing the potential for growth but acknowledging their need for expertise in sales and marketing, Keith and Bob turned to the Sharks for investment. However, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and the Roblox representative opted out, citing their lack of interest or expertise in outdoor products.

The dynamic duo found a suitable match in Sharks Daymond John and Lori Greiner, both of whom shared a vision for the product’s success. Daymond and Lori collaborated on a joint offer of $ 65,000 for a 35% equity stake. Bob, ever the negotiator, countered with a proposal of 25% equity, prompting Lori to counter back at 33.3%.

In the end, an agreement was reached with Keith and Bob accepting Lori and Daymond’s offer of $ 65,000 for a 33.3% equity stake in the Karpp Strapp [4]. This strategic partnership promised not only financial support but also the expertise needed to propel the product further into the market through effective sales and marketing strategies. The deal marked a successful outcome for the Karpp Strapp team, demonstrating the potential for innovation and success even in unconventional product niches.

Krapp Strapp After The Shark Tank

As of November 2023, Krapp Strapp is still in business, maintaining its presence in the market. The episode of Shark Tank has played a significant role in increasing awareness about the product, and introducing it to a broader audience. The exposure from the show likely contributed to attracting attention and generating interest in Krapp Strapp.

The Pitch Of Krapp Strapp At Shark Tank

The company’s headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Texas, United States, and it continues to operate with at least one or more individuals working within the organization. While the specific number of employees is not provided, the mention of “1+ people” indicates that there is at least one person involved in the business.

For Krapp Strapp, sustaining the business post-Shark Tank involves ongoing efforts in marketing, production, and customer engagement. The challenge lies in maintaining and expanding its customer base, addressing any feedback or concerns raised after the product’s initial introduction, and adapting to market trends.

The fact that Krapp Strapp is still in business suggests a level of resilience and viability for the product, indicating that it has found a place in the market and continues to meet the needs of its target audience. As the company moves forward, ongoing innovation, effective marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction will be crucial factors in ensuring its long-term success.

The Net Worth Of Krapp Strapp

As of 2023, Krapp Strapp’s estimated net worth is $ 0.1 million [5]. While the product is unique and addresses a specific niche in the outdoor market, there is a concern about potential cleanliness issues, particularly the risk of getting dirt on pants and legs during use. This aspect could be a significant consideration for potential customers, affecting their decision to invest in and use the product.

Participating in Shark Tank can be a game-changer for products like Krapp Strapp. The exposure gained from appearing on the show often leads to increased brand recognition and a boost in sales. The key will be how well the product is received by the Sharks and the audience, and if any concerns raised during the pitch, such as the cleanliness aspect, can be effectively addressed.

Alternatives To Krapp Strapp:

1) Portable Camping Toilets:

  • Pros: Portable toilets designed for camping are self-contained and provide a more traditional bathroom experience. They often come with waste disposal systems and are suitable for extended outdoor stays;
  • Cons: These toilets can be bulkier and heavier compared to Krapp Strapp, making them less suitable for ultralight backpacking or activities where minimizing weight is crucial;

2) Biodegradable Toilet Bags:

  • Pros: Biodegradable toilet bags, such as Wag Bags or Restop, offer a compact and environmentally friendly solution for waste disposal. They are easy to use and suitable for various outdoor activities;
  • Cons: Users may find the process less comfortable and hygienic compared to Krapp Strapp, as the bag needs to be held during use;

3) Foldable Shovel and Cat Hole Method:

  • Pros: For those looking for a more minimalist approach, a foldable shovel combined with the cat hole method involves digging a small hole for waste disposal. It’s low-cost and lightweight;
  • Cons: This method may not be suitable for all environments, and users need to be mindful of Leave No Trace principles. It may also lack the comfort and convenience offered by dedicated devices;

The Net Worth Of Krapp Strapp

4) Travel-sized Portable Bidets:

  • Pros: Portable bidets, like the CuloClean, offer a water-based cleaning solution, promoting hygiene without the need for toilet paper. They are compact and easy to carry;
  • Cons: Users may need a water source for effective use, and these devices may not address the need for a secure and comfortable body position during use;

5) Disposable Urinals and Funnels:

  • Pros: Products like the GoGirl or Tinkle Belle are designed for women and provide a way to urinate while standing. They are lightweight and can be handy for shorter outdoor trips;
  • Cons: These products are specific to urination needs and do not address the requirements for “Number 2.” Users may need additional solutions for solid waste;

6) DIY Privacy Shelters:

  • Pros: DIY privacy shelters or pop-up tents offer a private space for outdoor bathroom needs. They are versatile and can be used for various activities;
  • Cons: Setting up and carrying a separate shelter may be less convenient compared to an all-in-one solution like Krapp Strapp;


  1. Is Krapp Strapp still in business?

Yes, as of November 2023, Krapp Strapp is still in business.

  1. Who founded Krapp Strapp?

Krapp Strapp was founded by Keith Lindsey and Bob Legg.

  1. Did Krapp Strapp get a deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Krapp Strapp secured a deal on Shark Tank with a joint offer from Sharks Daymond John and Lori Greiner.

  1. What international show inspired Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is based on the international format “Dragons’ Den”.

  1. Which country has Shark Tank?

Shark Tank has versions in various countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

  1. Does Shark Tank still exist?

As of 2023, Shark Tank was still airing. For the most current information, please check the official ABC website.

  1. Is Shark Tank a marketing show?

Shark Tank is primarily a reality show focused on entrepreneurship and investment. While it involves marketing aspects, its core is the presentation of business ideas to potential investors (Sharks).

Is Krapp Strapp still in business?

  1. Who is the best “shark”?

Opinions vary, but some consider entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner as standout “Sharks” due to their success and expertise in various industries.

  1. Has anyone from Shark Tank made it big?

Yes, several entrepreneurs who appeared on Shark Tank have achieved significant success and built thriving businesses.

  1. How much does it cost to buy a Shark Tank?

Participating in Shark Tank involves pitching to the Sharks for an investment. The cost is negotiating an equity stake or a deal in exchange for financial support and mentorship.

  1. Is everyone on Shark Tank a billionaire?

No, not everyone on Shark Tank is a billionaire. The Sharks themselves are successful entrepreneurs, but the entrepreneurs pitching their businesses come from various financial backgrounds.

  1. What are the Shark Tank rules?

The rules of Shark Tank include entrepreneurs presenting their business ideas, negotiating with the Sharks for an investment, and agreeing on deal terms. The Sharks can choose to invest or decline the opportunity.

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