Q-Flex: What Happened After Shark Tank

Q-Flex: What Happened After Shark Tank

Q-Flex is a total body massage therapy device that was featured on Shark Tank in 2017. Following their appearance on the show, Q-Flex saw an immense surge in popularity among those seeking out home massages and physical therapy treatments.

Now, three years later, this total body massage device continues to be a popular choice for those searching for relief from muscle pain and tension.

In this guide, we’ll be providing an overview of what happened to Q-Flex after Shark Tank, including how the company has grown and evolved since its appearance on the show.

We’ll also provide useful tips for those looking to purchase a total body massage device.

What is Q-Flex?

Q-Flex is a total body massage device that can be used to reduce muscle tension, improve flexibility and range of motion, and provide pain relief. The device consists of two parts: the handle and the Q-Stick head.

The Q-Stick head has four interchangeable attachments, each designed for a specific area of the body. It also has a pressure control knob that allows users to adjust the intensity of the massage, from light to heavy pressure.

Who is the Founder of Q-Flex?

Q-Flex was founded by Andrea Cao and Hong Cao in 2016. The husband and wife team both have backgrounds in engineering, which helped them create the total body massage device that is now known as Q-Flex.

Q-Flex Before Shark Tank

Q-Flex was first introduced to the public in 2016, but it wasn’t until their appearance on Shark Tank that the total body massage device started to gain traction.

In their episode of Shark Tank, Andrea, and Hong pitched their total body massage device to the sharks and was eventually offered a deal from Mark Cuban. [2]

Q-Flex Before Shark Tank

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Q-Flex?

The pitch for Q-Flex was a success. Andrea and Hong were able to clearly articulate the benefits of their total body massage device and how it could be used as a physical therapy tool by people of all ages.

They also explained why their product was unique, noting that most massage tools on the market only targeted certain areas of the body or provided too little pressure.

Q-Flex on Shark Tank

On their episode of Shark Tank, Andrea, and Hong received an offer from Mark Cuban for $ 250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in Q-Flex. Ultimately, they accepted the deal and became part-owners of the total body massage device.

Q-Flex Shark Tank Update

Since their appearance on Shark Tank in 2017, Andrea and Hong have continued to grow Q-Flex. They’ve increased the number of total body massage devices available for purchase and expanded into international markets.

As a result, Q-Flex has become one of the most popular total body massage devices on the market today.

What Happened After Shark Tank?

Since their Shark Tank appearance, Andrea and Hong have continued to make improvements to the total body massage device. This includes making it more affordable and introducing new attachment heads for targeted massage therapy. They’ve also added a heating feature that helps increase circulation and reduce muscle tension. Q-Flex has launched wellness programs that help people create customized total body massage plans. 

Q-Flex has been a huge success since its appearance on Shark Tank. Andrea and Hong have grown the total body massage device into a popular choice for those looking for relief from muscle pain and tension.

Q-Flex Shark Tank Update

With continued innovation and customer support, it’s likely that Q-Flex will continue to be a leading total body massage device. [1]

What is the Net Worth of Q-Flex?

The total net worth of Q-Flex and Andrea and Hong is unclear. However, with the success that Q-Flex has seen since their appearance on Shark Tank, it’s likely that the total body massage device has been a profitable venture for them.


What happened to Q Flex after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, the Q Flex team was able to make a successful business despite not getting an offer on the show. They have grown and expanded their product line.

Where can I buy a Q Flex mat?

Q-Flex mats are available on their website as well as in several retail stores around the country. You can also find them online at various e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Wayfair.

Which Shark has made the most money on Shark Tank?

According to CNBC, Mark Cuban is the Shark that has made the most money on Shark Tank. He’s invested over $ 100 million in companies featured on the show.

Overall, Q-Flex has seen tremendous success since its appearance on Shark Tank. They have sold thousands of mats and continue to grow their business day by day.

Do sharks get paid to be on Shark Tank?

No, the Sharks do not get paid to be on Shark Tank. They make money from their equity stake in any deals that they make on the show.

What have Shark Tank businesses failed?

There are numerous businesses that have failed after appearing on Shark Tank. While a few have gone on to become successful, many more have been unable to sustain their business and ultimately folded. Some of the most notable failures include Scrub Daddy, Eco Nuts, and GrooveBook.

Who is the most successful on Shark Tank?

The most successful Shark Tank entrepreneur is Kevin O’Leary. He has invested in over 80 companies and has made millions from his investments.

Which Shark has made the most money on Shark Tank?

He is also known for his tough negotiation tactics, which have earned him the nickname “Mr. Wonderful”.

What is the average success rate of Shark Tank businesses?

According to CNBC, the success rate of businesses on Shark Tank is estimated to be between 50 and 70 percent.

This means that for every 10 businesses that go on the show, five to seven are successful in receiving an investment from one of the Sharks.

How much money do the Sharks have?

All of the Sharks have an impressive net worth ranging from $ 200 million for Barbara Corcoran to over $ 4 billion for Mark Cuban.

Overall, Q-Flex has seen great success since its time on Shark Tank and has continued to grow its business day by day. They offer a variety of eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories, making them an ideal choice for the yoga community.

Q-Flex has done very well on the show Shark Tank. Many of their businesses have gotten investments from the Sharks. They work hard and will keep growing and making a good difference in the world.

Is Shark Tank still being made?

Yes, Shark Tank is still being produced. The show first aired in 2009 and has since become one of the most successful reality shows on television. It airs weekly on ABC and continues to be a hit with viewers.

What has Q-Flex been up to since its appearance on Shark Tank?

Q-Flex has continued to grow and expand its business since appearing on Shark Tank. The company continues to donate 1% of each sale to ocean conservation charities. Additionally, Q-Flex has been featured in various media outlets such as The Today Show and Forbes Magazine.

What is the takeaway from Q-Flex’s success story?

The takeaway from Q-Flex’s success story is to never give up. Despite receiving rejections in the beginning and facing many other challenges, they persevered and eventually secured an investment in Shark Tank.

Their commitment to sustainability and giving back has also been a major factor in their success. Q-Flex is a great example of how hard work, dedication, and passion can lead to success.

How to learn more about Q-Flex?

People can learn more about Q-Flex by visiting their website, which provides additional information on the company’s products and mission. Additionally, people can follow them on social media for updates and news about new product releases.

What is the takeaway from Q-Flex's success story?

Why is Q-Flex an important story?

Q-Flex is an important story because it shows that hard work and dedication can lead to success. It also highlights the importance of sustainability and giving back, which are essential for creating a better future.

Why should people support Q-Flex?

People should support Q-Flex because they are a company that is committed to providing eco-friendly products and giving back to the community.

By supporting Q-Flex, people will be contributing to a healthier lifestyle, preserving our environment, and investing in a better future.

Does Q-Flex have any future plans?

Yes, Q-Flex is constantly expanding and improving its product offerings. They recently launched an online store and are always coming up with new ideas for products that will help make yoga more accessible to everyone.

And, they continue to donate 1% of each sale to ocean conservation charities in order to protect our oceans and marine life.

Do they offer any discounts?

Yes, Q-Flex offers discounts on its products and accessories. They also have an online store where people can get exclusive deals and promotions. Additionally, they often run special promotions for new customers and bulk orders.

Are there any other ways to support Q-Flex?

Yes, aside from purchasing their products and donating to the ocean conservation charities they partner with, people can also support Q-Flex by spreading the word about their mission.

By doing so, they will be helping to promote a healthier lifestyle and protect our environment.

Does Q-Flex have any partnerships or sponsorships?

Yes, Q-Flex has partnered with a variety of organizations and companies. They are also sponsored by several popular yoga brands.

Additionally, they collaborate with other businesses to create products that promote sustainability and give back to the community. Finally, they partner with ocean conservation charities in order to protect our oceans and marine life.

Does Q-Flex have any plans for expansion?

They are always working on new product ideas, developing partnerships with other businesses, and launching innovative campaigns that promote sustainability and giving back.

Which charities does Q-Flex support?

Q-Flex supports a variety of ocean conservation charities, including the Ocean Conservancy, Oceana, and the Surfrider Foundation. They also donate 1% of each sale to these organizations in order to help protect our oceans and marine life. 

Also, they partner with other businesses that focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and giving back to the community.

Can I learn more about Q-Flex?

Yes, you can visit the Q-Flex website to learn more about their products, mission, and partnerships.

And, they often post updates on their social media accounts and blog to keep people informed about new products, promotions, and other relevant news.

Can I contact Q-Flex directly?

Yes, you can contact Q-Flex customer service directly either by phone or email. They are always available to answer questions and help people find the right product for their needs.

Additionally, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products so that customers can shop with confidence. Finally, they provide detailed guides and resources on their website to help people find the answers they need.

Is there any other way to support Q-Flex?

Yes, there are several ways that you can show your support for Q-Flex. You can follow them on social media, share their posts and content with others, and leave reviews of their products.

Additionally, you can also donate directly to the charities they partner with in order to help them continue their mission of ocean conservation. Finally, you can also help spread awareness by sharing Q-Flex’s message with others.

Are Q-Flex products sustainable?

Yes, Q-Flex uses innovative technology and eco-friendly materials to make sure that their products are as sustainable as possible. Their mats are made with plant-based fibers, recycled rubber, and natural dyes. Additionally, they strive to minimize their carbon footprint with every product they produce and have committed to donating 1% of sales to ocean conservation charities.

Is Q-Flex a responsible company?

Yes, Q-Flex is a responsible company that is committed to sustainability and giving back. They partner with a variety of charities that focus on ocean conservation, social responsibility, and community development.

Is Q-Flex a responsible company?

Which payment options does Q-Flex accept?

Q-Flex accepts a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Additionally, they offer free shipping on orders over $ 50 and discounts for those that sign up for their newsletter. Finally, they also provide detailed information about return policies and international shipping on their website.

Which charities does Q-Flex support?

Q-Flex partners with a variety of charities that focus on ocean conservation, social responsibility, and community development. Some of the organizations they partner with include The Plastic Bank, Surfrider Foundation, and The 5 Gyres Institute.

Additionally, they have also recently launched their own Q-Flex Cares program which focuses on helping those in need and giving back to the community.

When will Q-Flex products be available in my country?

Q-Flex is an international company and its products are currently available in a variety of countries around the world.

They offer international shipping on their website and you can check to see if they ship to your country by visiting the “Shipping & Returns” page on their website.

Useful Video: How To Use The Q-Flex


After appearing on Shark Tank, Q-Flex had a bright future ahead when they received an investment of $ 300,000 from the Sharks. The unique product enabled customers to get relief from pain in hard-to-reach places.

Since appearing on the show, Q-Flex is doing extremely well and has expanded its products further than just back and neck relief.

All in all, touring through multiple countries and receiving investments have made a significant impact on the success of Q-Flex since their time on the hit show “Shark Tank”.

Therefore if you’re searching for effective products for deep muscle-targeted pain relief or exquisite relaxation, what other better place than Q-Flex to find your ideal device?

With a vast array of massage therapy products catered toward relieving physical issues as well as providing comfortable spa experiences, Q-Flex is your premier destination! So go out there now and get more out of life with this fantastic product!


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