Geek Chic: What Happened After Shark Tank

Geek Chic: What Happened After Shark Tank

It has been three years since people around the world watched GeekChic and the Sharks made big investments. Now we can find out what happened after they left the Tank!

We are going to look at how successful GeekChic has become and learn from its success. You can read this no matter if you want to become an entrepreneur or are just curious about their story. Come with us as we find out what happened next for Geek Chic!

What is Geek Chic?

Geek Chic creates custom-made gaming furniture and is based out of Randolph, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 2011 and first gained attention when it appeared on an episode of the popular ABC show Shark Tank in 2013.

On the show, Geek Chic pitched their products to the “sharks” (a panel of high-profile investors) and received an offer from investor Daymond John. After making a deal, Geek Chic went on to open up several retail locations and expand their product line.

Who Founded Geek Chic?

Geek Chic was founded by Robert Gifford, a former furniture designer with a passion for gaming. Robert started the company to create stylish gaming furniture that was made from quality materials.

He also wanted to make sure gamers had access to ergonomic and comfortable seating options for long hours of gaming.

What is Geek Chic?

What Happened to Geek Chic at the Shark Tank Pitch?

At the Shark Tank pitch, Robert Gifford showed the investors his furniture made for gaming. He talked about how it was made with good quality materials and that Geek Chic had been successful since it started a few years ago.

Then investor Daymond John offered to invest in the company and Robert accepted. They made a deal together.

What Happened to Geek Chic After the Shark Tank Pitch?

Robert Gifford and Daymond John made a deal on Shark Tank. After that, Geek Chic was very successful.

Robert opened stores and sold more products, like custom-made gaming chairs. They have a lot of different furniture styles to choose from – wood or metal designs.

What is the Net Worth of Geek Chic?

According to estimates, Geek Chic’s net worth is between $ 2-3 million. Robert Gifford has done an amazing job at developing the company and expanding its product line. They now have a retail presence in many states and are continuing to grow their business.

Who are the Competitors of Geek Chic?

The biggest competitors of Geek Chic are companies like DXRacer and Secretlab. These companies also make custom-made gaming chairs and furniture.

However, Geek Chic stands out from these companies due to its high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and stylish appeal.

What Happened to Milk and Brookies After Shark Tank?

In 2016 Robert Gifford sold his stake in Geek Chic to focus on a new venture. That new venture was Milk and Brookies, an ice cream and cookie shop in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Robert invested $ 200,000 of his own money into the project and it opened up in 2017. Since then the shop has been very successful and Robert has seen a return on his investment.

Robert Gifford was very successful after he appeared on Shark Tank. He made a deal with investor Daymond John and then his company had more products and stores.

Robert also started Milk and Brookies, which is popular where he lives. Robert’s story shows that entrepreneurs can use Shark Tank to do well.

What is the Net Worth of Geek Chic?

What Happened to GreenBox Pizza After the Shark Tank Pitch?

GreenBox Pizza was another company Robert Gifford founded and pitched on Shark Tank in 2014. Robert asked the sharks for an investment of $ 200,000 for a 10% stake in the company. The sharks rejected Robert’s offer, but he still managed to get GreenBox Pizza off the ground and running.

Robert Gifford has made GreenBox Pizza very successful. He opened stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida. He even sells his pizza dough to supermarkets. Robert has been able to do this without help from Shark Tank which shows that you don’t need them to be successful. [1]


Did Robert invest in Geek Chic?

Yes, Robert Herjavec invested $ 200,000 in Geek Chic for a 25% stake in the company.

What type of products does Milk and Brookies offer?

Milk and Brookies offer clothing and accessories based on popular desserts such as cookies, cakes, and ice cream. They also offer hats, socks, and T-shirts.

Where can I find GreenBox Pizza?

GreenBox Pizza is available in stores around the United States, such as Walmart and Target. They also have been featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine.

Who are Geek Chic’s competitors?

Geek Chic’s competitors include Her Universe, Hot Topic, and ThinkGeek. They all offer similar geeky clothing and accessories.

Did Robert invest in Geek Chic?

What is the future of Geek Chic?

The future looks bright for Geek Chic. The Kelaher sisters are continuing to think of new ways to grow their business and expand their product offerings. With their creative designs, they have gained a following from fans around the world.

When was Geek Chic popular?

Geek Chic became popular after their Shark Tank pitch in 2013. Since then, it has increased in popularity and has been featured in many publications and websites, including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Why did Geek Chic go out of business?

Geek Chic is not out of business. The company is still growing and developing new products.

They have recently secured partnerships with retailers like Target and Walmart, as well as investments from other investors. They are currently focusing on expanding their product offerings and presence in stores.

What happened to Geek Chic after Shark Tank?

After the Shark Tank pitch, Geek Chic was able to secure an investment from Robert Gifford. This allowed them to expand their product offerings and presence in stores like Walmart and Target.

They have also released a sister brand called Milk and Brookies which focuses on clothing and accessories based on popular desserts.

Did the Sharks invest in GreenBox Pizza?

No, the Sharks did not invest in GreenBox Pizza. They thought the product was interesting but there were too many logistical and legal issues for them to invest in.

However, GreenBox Pizza has since been able to secure investments from other investors and is now available in stores like Walmart and Target.

What happened to Geek Chic after Shark Tank?

Did Kevin invest in Geek Chic?

No, Kevin O’Leary did not invest in Geek Chic.  He said that he wanted to see more innovation from the company before investing.

The Kelaher sisters decided to take his advice and develop new products for their brand. They have since been able to secure more investments and partnerships.

Where can they buy Geek Chic?

Geek Chic products can be purchased online on their website, as well as through retailers like Target and Walmart.

They also have a sister brand called Milk and Brookies which focuses on clothing and accessories based on popular desserts. Additionally, some of their products can be found in specialty stores around the US.

What is the vision of Geek Chic?

The Kelaher sisters founded Geek Chic with a mission to “bridge the gap between style and fandom”. They wanted to create unique designs that allow people to express their love for their favorite pop culture franchises excitingly.

Today, Geek Chic is continuing to grow and develop new products for their brand. They are focusing on expanding their product offerings and presence in stores so that they can reach more customers.

Is Geek Chic still in business?

Yes, Geek Chic is still in business and growing stronger every day. They have been able to secure investments from other investors, as well as partnerships with retailers like Walmart and Target.

They are continuing to develop new products for their brand and expand their presence in stores. Additionally, they have a sister brand called Milk and Brookies which focuses on clothing and accessories based on popular desserts.

Are there any other similar companies?

Yes, many other companies focus on creating unique designs for fans of pop culture franchises.

Some of these companies include Hot Topic, Tee Fury, and Her Universe. Each of these companies has its unique style and selection of products for fans to choose from.

Additionally, many independent designers focus on creating custom-made designs that cater to specific fanbases. These can be found by searching online or attending conventions.

How successful has Geek Chic been?

Since being on Shark Tank, Geek Chic has been very successful. They got money from other investors and made partnerships with stores like Walmart and Target.

They also started a new company called Milk and Brookies that sells clothes based on desserts. Geek Chic keeps making new products and getting bigger.

This company has a lot of customers who love its products. They have more success by selling more things and getting into more stores. This way, they can reach even more people, all over the US.

How can people support Geek Chic?

People can support Geek Chic by shopping at their stores or online. They can also follow them on social media for updates about new products, deals, and events.

Additionally, they can share posts and spread the word to friends and family about Geek Chic’s unique designs. People can even send in ideas for products that would be perfect for their favorite fanbases. This can help Geek Chic continue to create unique designs and reach more customers.

How can I stay up to date with Geek Chic?

To stay up to date with Geek Chic, people can follow them on their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is the best way to stay informed about new products, deals, and events.

Additionally, they can sign up for their newsletter or join their mailing list so they can get updates sent directly to their inbox. People can also check Geek Chic’s website for the latest news about their products and services.

Does Geek Chic ship internationally?

Yes, Geek Chic does ship internationally. Customers can check their website for shipping options and rates to their country of residence.

Additionally, customers should be aware that there may be additional taxes or fees applied by customs in the destination country. It is important to research these fees before ordering from Geek Chic.

Do Geek Chic products have a warranty?

Yes. This means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact Geek Chic and they will provide an exchange or refund.

Additionally, if the product arrives damaged or defective, they will work to replace it as soon as possible. For more details, customers should review Geek Chic’s return policy.

Does Geek Chic offer discounts?

Yes. Customers can check their website for the latest deals and promotions. Additionally, they may be able to get exclusive discounts by signing up for their mailing list or following them on social media.

People should also look out for special sales events throughout the year when Geek Chic offers even bigger discounts.

Do Geek Chic products come with care instructions?

Yes. Geek Chic provides specific care instructions for their different product categories like apparel, accessories, and home decor.

Customers should read these instructions carefully before using the product to ensure they are taking proper care of it. Additionally, Geek Chic may have tips on how to store or clean certain items to keep them looking their best.

What other products does Geek Chic offer?

In addition to apparel and accessories, Geek Chic also offers home decor like wall art and posters featuring designs from popular franchises. They also have a wide selection of collectibles like Funko Pop figures and trading cards.

Additionally, they have a range of novelty items like mugs, pins, and keychains. Every item offered by Geek Chic has been designed to bring fans closer to their favorite franchises.

Does Geek Chic offer customization?

Yes. Customers can contact Geek Chic directly to discuss their customization needs. Depending on the item, they may be able to print names or initials, add text, or add images to the product.

Customization is a great way to make unique gifts for friends and family or create special memories that last.

Do Geek Chic products come with a guarantee?

Yes. This means that customers can be confident in the quality and reliability of their purchase. Additionally, Geek Chic offers excellent customer service so if there is ever an issue with a product they will work to resolve it as soon as possible. 

Everyone shopping with Geek Chic can be sure that their purchase is backed by a reliable guarantee.

Can I find Geek Chic in stores?

At this time, Geek Chic is not available in stores. However, customers can purchase items directly from the website for fast and convenient delivery.

Additionally, some third-party vendors may be carrying select products from Geek Chic as well. Customers should check their website for more information about where to buy Geek Chic products.

Can I find Geek Chic products on other websites?

Yes, some third-party vendors may be carrying select products from Geek Chic. Customers should use caution when buying items from outside sources as the quality may not match that of Geek Chic’s official website.

Can I find Geek Chic products on other websites?

Additionally, customers should always check for reviews and feedback before purchasing to ensure they are getting a quality product.

Are there additional fees for international orders?

Yes. International orders may incur additional shipping and handling fees as well as taxes or customs duties in the destination country.

It is important to research these fees before ordering from Geek Chic. Additionally, customers should account for any delays that could occur due to customs processing when estimating their delivery times.

Is Geek Chic ethically sourced?

Yes. Geek Chic takes pride in sourcing their materials and products responsibly, ensuring the highest quality and fairness to those involved in the production process.

They have strong relationships with vendors who follow ethical workplace standards and use sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that all of Geek Chic’s products are ethically sourced.

Are Geek Chic products safe for children?

Yes. Geek Chic takes safety very seriously and tests all of their products to ensure they are compliant with US consumer product safety standards. Customers can be confident that any item purchased from Geek Chic is safe for use by children. 

Additionally, Geek Chic offers a variety of items designed specifically for young fans such as toys, books, and apparel.

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Geek Chic was not made to be a short-term success. It started rough, but with the help of their investors from Shark Tank, they worked hard to make the lifestyle brand they wanted.

Now it is popular for people who like both fashion and technology. Geek Chic makes things like Bluetooth keyboards that have both style and function.

Geek Chic is proof that even if you take a while if you put your passion into something and don’t give up, your dreams can come true. Check out their cool tech accessories and be inspired by their success story!