What Episode of Shark Tank Was Anna and Samantha Martin On?

What Episode of Shark Tank Was Anna and Samantha Martin On?

Shark Tank, a popular American television show, has given many entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their innovative ideas and products to a panel of industry titans. However, not every pitch or episode that circulates on the internet is authentic. One such dubious claim involves two sisters, Anna and Samantha Martin, who allegedly appeared on the show with their weight loss supplement product.

Despite claims that their episode was the most watched in Shark Tank’s history, there’s substantial evidence suggesting that these sisters are not real people and never appeared on the show.

This information is propagated by various sources, including Supplement Critique, Amazon, and Looper. The story appears to be part of a larger scam involving a Keto diet pill. It’s crucial to scrutinize such information and remain vigilant against potential fraud. This article aims to delve into the details of the alleged appearance of Anna and Samantha Martin on Shark Tank, providing a comprehensive examination of the facts.

What Is The Deal with “Anna and Samantha Martin Appearance on Shark Tank”?

“Anna and Samantha Martin’ are names often associated with a popular television show, Shark Tank. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding their appearance on the show.

According to multiple sources, the claim that sisters Anna and Samantha Martin appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their weight loss supplement, Slim Fit 180, is false. This Keto-based diet pill was allegedly marketed as a product that could help with weight loss, but it appears this information has been used to perpetrate a scam [1].

It’s also reported that an episode featuring these sisters was the most watched in Shark Tank history. But again, this seems to be part of the misleading information, as other sources confirm that Anna and Samantha Martin are not real people and never appeared on Shark Tank.

Despite these facts, there are still claims that the Sharks helped the sisters rebrand and globally sell their supplement, now renamed GoKeto. However, given the other information, this seems doubtful.

What Is The Deal with “Anna and Samantha Martin Appearance on Shark Tank”?

In conclusion, it appears that the story of Anna and Samantha Martin’s appearance on Shark Tank is part of a larger scam. It’s always important to verify information and remain vigilant against potential fraud.

The Biggest Keto Pills Scam Involving Shark Tank

Shark Tank has served as a platform for countless products, some of which avid fans might consider almost too good to be true. The significant commercial success tied to the show, reportedly capable of doubling or tripling a company’s annual revenue (according to Inc.), has led more inventors, brands, and businesses to seek validation from one of the show’s prominent stars. However, when a product is simply too bizarre to make it on the show, some entrepreneurs resort to fabricating an endorsement. This is precisely the case for various Ketogenic diet products, some of which shamelessly appropriate Lori Greiner’s image for use on social media.

As per the fact-checkers at Snopes.com, numerous digital advertisements for Keto diet pills falsely claim that their products appeared on Shark Tank. Some go so far as to assert they received funding or personal endorsements from the business magnates who pitched on the show.

These pills are promoted as supplements to accelerate weight loss for those following the Keto diet, a specific regimen that encourages the body to utilize fat (achieving ketosis) rather than carbohydrates like sugar as the primary energy source.

Yet, it may come as a surprise that there have been only a few instances when a Keto-related product graced the Shark Tank stage, and none of them secured an investment from the show’s primary “Sharks”

For instance, in 2018, a brand named Nui sought investment in their Keto-friendly cookies that omitted added sugar but embraced saturated fats. During the episode, guest investor and sports icon Alex Rodriguez invested $ 300,000 in the cookie, as reported by CNBC.

Another episode in the same year featured a brand called the Honest Keto Diet, attempting to secure investment for a supplement claimed to aid Keto dieters in maintaining ketosis without strictly adhering to the diet’s well-known sugar restrictions.

However, this product failed to secure an investment from any of the show’s stars. Nevertheless, it seems these appearances paved the way for fraudulent businesses to start promoting bogus ads, as suggested by blogs like The Health Radar.

Fake advertisements for “Shark Tank Keto pills” have even grabbed the attention of the Better Business Bureau, which discovered one product using images “taken from a separate Shark Tank episode that does not mention PureFit KETO”. Some advertisements have gone to the extent of manipulating images of Greiner, the “Queen of QVC” television personality who has backed over 35 new businesses and products on Shark Tank alone, as per her website.

You may be wondering how widespread these advertisements are. They are prevalent enough that Greiner urged her social media followers to refrain from purchasing any Keto diet-related products claiming her endorsement [2].

She also made an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show to put an end to this scam, alongside a Federal Bureau of Investigation cybersecurity agent and Dr. Oz himself, who has also been featured in a few fake ads.

Greiner expressed, “They take our images and they Photoshop our product into their hands, and they make it seem like we are endorsing or supporting these products, but we are not. I have never endorsed a Keto or diet product, ever”.

Keto diet pills have been central to numerous shopping scams, with even Chrissy Teigen publicly shutting down one on Twitter. If you encounter an advertisement claiming a Keto product was featured on Shark Tank, it likely never made an appearance on the show or received any endorsement.

The Biggest Keto Pills Scam Involving Shark Tank

According to Snopes, these Keto advertisements often enable scammers to partake in “dropshipping”, a scheme allowing them to earn money by convincing shoppers to order often questionable products directly from suppliers, collecting a commission-like fee in the process.

If you are genuinely interested in learning more about the Keto diet and its potential benefits for weight management, begin by understanding the diet’s principles and how it operates, and consider a meal plan before discussing long-term dietary changes with your healthcare provider.

Were Anna and Samantha Martin Actually On Shark Tank?

The fraudulent website bears a striking resemblance to an entertainment portal, making audacious claims that its product was featured on popular platforms like the Today Show, Oprah, The New York Times, and others.

Their “article” further asserts that all five Sharks on “Shark Tank” poured in over a million dollars each, marking it as the “most monumental deal in Shark Tank history”. What’s amusing is that just two years prior, two sisters named Anna and Samantha Martin supposedly secured the same “record-breaking deal” on the show.

It’s quite a coincidence that two sets of sisters, both named Anna and Samantha, managed to clinch the greatest deal ever, but in truth, it’s a fabrication. The image used in their advertisement, positioned at the top of the page, is none other than Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse from Tippi Toes, who appeared in Season 2 of “Shark Tank”.

The Shark Tank Keto Scam pitch continues by describing a scene where the winning entrepreneurs celebrated their success with champagne and cake after the episode’s conclusion. However, the picture used to support this false assertion is taken from the 100th episode celebration. But the genuine question remains: where are these victorious sisters? Nowhere to be found because they are entirely fictitious.

The misleading ad copy proceeds with a litany of false statements, claiming they sold out their inventory within just five minutes of the show’s airing, among other extravagant and fabricated assertions. The text is riddled with hyperlinks to the so-called “company website”, which, upon redirection, leads to a webpage promoting “Ultra Fast Keto Boost”.

So, how does the Shark Tank Keto Scam extract your hard-earned money? The reason they employ a fake Shark Tank contestant’s story as a lead-in is to lend their product an air of credibility. However, once you land on the Ultra Keto Boost site, any mention of Shark Tank or the Martin sisters vanishes. The so-called “risk-free trial offer” lures you into purchasing five bottles of Ultra Fast Keto Boost for the price of three, with a single bottle priced at $ 69.99, resulting in a hefty total charge of $ 209.97 [3]!

But there’s more to this deception. Every month, they will charge your credit card for the initial order and dispatch more of their product, employing the same tactic as the Skin Care Scam. Shark tank judges even received emails from individuals who resorted to canceling their credit cards just to halt these relentless charges.

As a word of caution, always exercise skepticism when confronted with extravagant claims from so-called “miracle” diet products. This deceitful website alleges that individuals shed thirty pounds within a month solely through their supplements, a preposterous and unhealthy assertion unless someone is severely overweight. The most reliable means of achieving weight loss remains a combination of proper diet and exercise.

Were Anna and Samantha Martin Actually On Shark Tank?

It’s essential to acknowledge that the Keto diet is a legitimate concept, abbreviated from the Ketogenic Diet, a high-fat, low-carb regimen that induces the body to burn more fat. You can easily acquire abundant information about its functioning through a straightforward Google search. If you ever want to verify whether a product has truly appeared on “Shark Tank”, simply employ the search box on this site, using the company name. If you still believe that a pill can miraculously melt away thirty pounds, you might unwittingly fall prey to scams.

Why Do Judges of Shark Tank and Celebrities Ask To Stay Away From Keto Pill Scams?

The benefits reaped from an appearance on “Shark Tank” can be incalculable. Even businesses that fail to secure a deal with an investor often undergo the “Shark Tank” impact immediately after their episode airs, witnessing a substantial surge in both sales and website traffic. Scammers like Slim Fast 180 have endeavored to exploit this exposure without exerting any effort, resorting to extreme measures to deceive customers into believing they are a company sanctioned by “Shark Tank”.

The sharks themselves have taken to alerting their audience about these potential frauds. In two separate videos published in December 2022 and March 2023, the investors spoke out, cautioning their viewers about the typical tactics employed by scammers, such as digitally altering images to make it appear like their products were used in the tank. However, they recognize that this is insufficient to address the escalating predicament.

Esteemed “Shark Tank” veteran and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, reposted one of the videos on his Twitter account and called out the Federal Trade Commission and its chair, Lina Khan, for their inaction on the issue.

His tweet read, “Hey @ftc, for years we’ve been requesting your intervention to halt this. Are you there, @linakhanFTC?”

At the time of composing this text, the FTC has not issued any response. If you have reservations concerning the authenticity of a “Shark Tank” enterprise, the most straightforward approach to verify its legitimacy is by visiting ABC’s official website, where every featured company is listed. Furthermore, you can report fraudulent activity online to the FTC.

Why Do Judges of Shark Tank and Celebrities Ask To Stay Away From Keto Pill Scams?

What Are Real Healthy Products Backed By Shark Tank Judges?

Several healthy products that have garnered support and investment from the judges on “Shark Tank” include:

  • Nui Cookies: Nui, a brand that produces Keto-friendly cookies, secured an investment from guest investor Alex Rodriguez. These cookies are low in sugar and high in good fats, catering to those following the Keto diet;
  • Honest Keto Diet (HKD): While HKD didn’t secure a deal on the show, it attempted to introduce a supplement that aimed to help Keto dieters maintain ketosis without strictly adhering to sugar limitations. Although it didn’t win over the Sharks, it’s a real product for Keto enthusiasts;
  • Bouquet Bar: This company offers beautifully arranged gift boxes with fresh flowers and gourmet snacks. It received an investment from Mark Cuban and is an example of a product that combines a touch of luxury with a healthy snack option;
  • Mush Overnight Oats: This brand was backed by investor Mark Cuban. Mush offers a variety of overnight oats made from organic, non-GMO ingredients, providing a convenient and nutritious breakfast option;
  • Snacklins: Snacklins, a crispy snack made from mushrooms and other plant-based ingredients, won an investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. It provides a healthier alternative to traditional snacks like chips;
  • Nuchas Empanadas: Nuchas offers a range of empanadas with various fillings, including vegetarian and vegan options. It secured an investment from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran;
  • Prep Expert: Although not a food product, Prep Expert, an SAT and ACT test prep company, received an investment from Mark Cuban. Good test preparation is vital for academic success, and it’s a step toward a healthy academic future;
  • SmartyPants Vitamins: While it didn’t secure a deal, SmartyPants Vitamins is a real and reputable brand that produces high-quality vitamins and supplements. They offer a variety of products to support overall health;

That being said, there have been several legitimate health-focused businesses that have successfully secured backing from the Sharks. One of the most notable ones is Everly Health, a telehealth and diagnostic testing company. As per Forbes, this is the most valuable Shark Tank-backed company ever.


  1. What are some health and beauty products that have been supported on Shark Tank?

Some of the health and beauty products that have been presented on Shark Tank include YouthForia Makeup, Big Mouth Toothbrush, The Chub Rub Patch, and FunkkOFF! Teeth Cleaner.

What are some health and beauty products that have been supported on Shark Tank

  1. Which food and drink products got backing on Shark Tank?

There is a wide range of food and drink products that received support on Shark Tank. These include TOAST-IT Arepas, Pie Wine Made for Pizza, Gatsby Chocolate, Nature’s Wild Berry Miracle Berries, Noshi Food Paint for Kids, and Honey Bunchies Honey.

  1. Are there any plant-based food options from Shark Tank?

Yes, several plant-based food options have been featured on Shark Tank including Pan’s Mushroom Jerky and Atlas Monroe Plant-Based Fried Chicken.

  1. What are some of the best food and drink products from Shark Tank?

Some of the top-rated food and drink products from Shark Tank include Beatbox Beverages, The Cookie Dough Cafe, Wicked Good Cupcakes, Bantam Bagels, Pipcorn, Nuts ‘n More, Fizzics, and Sub Zero Ice Cream.

  1. Have any weight loss products been backed by the Sharks?

Yes, there have been several health and weight loss gadgets, snacks, and more that were backed by the Sharks.

  1. Are all products claiming endorsement by Shark Tank genuine?

No, not all products claiming endorsement by Shark Tank or its judges are genuine. Always verify the information from reliable sources before trusting these claims.

  1. How should you protect yourself from scammers who lie about their Shark Tank background?

To safeguard yourself from scammers who falsely claim a Shark Tank affiliation, consider the following steps:

  • Verify the Information: Always fact-check and verify claims made by any product or company. Visit the official ABC website for a list of companies featured on the show;
  • Check the Product: Look for credible information about the product or business outside of the advertising, such as customer reviews, professional opinions, or third-party reports;
  • Avoid Impulse Purchases: Refrain from making hasty purchases based on enticing claims. Take your time to research and assess the product’s legitimacy;
  • Beware of Unrealistic Claims: Be cautious of products that make unrealistic claims, especially those promising miraculous results;
  1. Were Anna and Samantha on Shark Tank?

No, there is no record of individuals named Anna and Samantha appearing on Shark Tank. The names “Anna and Samantha Martin” are commonly used in fraudulent advertising to promote various products, especially in the context of Keto diet scams.

Were Anna and Samantha on Shark Tank?

  1. Who is the girl who turned down 30 million on Shark Tank?

The entrepreneur who turned down a $ 30 million offer on Shark Tank is Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Ring, a smart doorbell and home security company. He initially appeared on the show seeking a $ 700,000 investment but declined an offer from Kevin O’Leary. Ring has since become a highly successful company, being acquired by Amazon for over $ 1 billion.

  1. What is the biggest company Shark Tank rejected?

One of the most well-known companies that was rejected by the Sharks is the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. The founders turned down a $ 30 million offer from Mark Cuban, which is one of the largest offers in the show’s history. Despite the rejection, the company has continued to thrive and expand.

  1. Who was removed from Shark Tank?

In September 2021, Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful) was temporarily removed from the set of Shark Tank after a boating accident that resulted in two fatalities. He later returned to the show after the investigation into the incident.

  1. Has Shark Tank ever failed?

Shark Tank, as a television series, has been successful and has continued for multiple seasons. However, not all businesses featured on the show achieve long-term success, and some entrepreneurs do not secure deals with the Sharks. The success of businesses featured on the show varies, but the show itself has maintained its popularity.

  1. Who is the only billionaire on Shark Tank?

The only billionaire among the regular “Sharks” on Shark Tank is Mark Cuban. He is known for his investments in various companies and his entrepreneurial success outside of the show.

  1. What Shark Tank businesses have failed?

Several businesses that secured deals on Shark Tank have encountered challenges or failed after the show. The success of a business on the show does not guarantee long-term viability. Some businesses struggle due to market changes, mismanagement, or other factors.

  1. How real is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a real show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a panel of wealthy investors (the “Sharks”) with the potential to secure investments. However, not all deals on the show necessarily translate into successful business partnerships, and some negotiations may be adjusted off-camera.

  1. Do the “sharks” get paid?

The “Sharks” on Shark Tank do not receive salaries for their participation in the show. They invest their own money into businesses they choose to partner with, and their earnings come from their successful investments and the returns they make from these partnerships.

  1. Was Shark Tank canceled?

As of 2023, Shark Tank had not been canceled, and the show had been renewed for multiple seasons.

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