EZ VIP: What Happened After Shark Tank

EZ VIP: What Happened After Shark Tank

In this article, we delve into the post-Shark Tank journey of EZ VIP, a company that aimed to revolutionize the clubbing and event experience. With a pitch that caught the attention of the Sharks on the popular reality show, EZ VIP secured a deal and set off on a path to success.

However, the story took unexpected twists and turns as the company faced challenges and encountered obstacles along the way. Join us as we explore what transpired after the Shark Tank episode aired and uncover the current status of EZ VIP, shedding light on the realities of entrepreneurship and the impact of the show on businesses.

What Is EZ VIP?

EZ VIP is an exclusive virtual platform that enables individuals to swiftly and effortlessly acquire tickets for high-end gatherings and clubs from any corner of the globe. Alashe Nelson, the CEO, and originator, conceived this idea to aid people in evading queues and the disappointment of being turned away from premier clubs [1].

EZ VIP presents extraordinary privileges and early access to event tickets to ensure that patrons savor the utmost gratification. With EZ VIP, anyone can secure their spot at their preferred club and luxuriate in VIP treatment upon arrival, courtesy of their dedicated EZ VIP representative.

What Is EZ VIP?

This service caters ideally to those seeking a hassle-free night on the town, devoid of the strain of queuing or the apprehension of being denied entry to exclusive venues.

Moreover, EZ VIP extends an array of packages tailored for momentous celebrations like birthdays, stag/hen parties, and corporate events. These packages may encompass bottle service, exclusive VIP sections, and customized embellishments to elevate the event’s uniqueness.

EZ VIP endeavors to bestow customers with an indelible encounter, abolishing the anxiety and uncertainty of attending clubs or events. With EZ VIP, patrons can concentrate on reveling and forging timeless memories.

EZ VIP was an enterprise that aspired to heighten the nightclub experience by providing pre-purchased VIP entry to clubs and events. The headquarters of this establishment was located in Miami, Florida, and Alashe Nelson served as its visionary.

The core objective of EZ VIP revolved around eradicating the prevalent vexations associated with nightlife, encompassing lengthy queues, dubious entry prospects, and the likelihood of sold-out affairs. The platform enabled patrons to book and remunerate VIP table service and admission tickets in advance through an uncomplicated and user-friendly online interface.

The salient features of EZ VIP entailed:

  • Advanced Reservations: Customers had the ability to meticulously plan their nocturnal escapades in advance, ensuring unfettered access to their preferred nightclub;
  • VIP Indulgence: With EZ VIP, patrons relished VIP treatment, bypassing protracted queues and basking in a superior experience;
  • Extensive Selection: EZ VIP forged alliances with prominent clubs in Miami, affording patrons diverse nocturnal encounters;
  • Transparent Pricing: The platform provided lucid and upfront pricing for its services, enabling patrons to grasp precisely what they were procuring;
  • Intuitive Website: The EZ VIP website was meticulously designed to be effortlessly navigable, empowering patrons to promptly and seamlessly secure their nightclub experience;

EZ VIP constituted an ideal choice for individuals who cherished their time and yearned for a guaranteed, hassle-free nightclub experience. By offering a secure booking service, EZ VIP eradicated the unpredictability often linked to such outings. Patrons could unwind and eagerly anticipate their night out, safe in the knowledge that their club entry was confirmed, and VIP treatment awaited them upon arrival.

The salient features of EZ VIP entailed

EZ VIP catered to individuals who desired to bypass the inconvenience of long queues when accessing clubs or attending major events. The service recognized the aversion towards extravagant table charges, especially when a celebrity made an appearance. With this understanding, EZ VIP provided a seamless solution for those seeking a hassle-free entry experience, ensuring they could save both times and maintain their reputation among their social circle.

About Founders Of EZ VIP

Alashe Nelson assumes the dual role of founder and CEO of EZ VIP. He is the offspring of Queen Joyce Clarence, the esteemed founder of the Queen Joyce Housewives Club in 1975, an organization that has steadily flourished over the years, boasting a vast membership base [2].

While Alashe had always aspired to follow in his mother’s footsteps, he harbored a desire to establish a company that would enable him to independently pursue his own vision. His ultimate aim was to assist individuals of high social standing in securing reservations at prestigious nightclubs.

Alashe Nelson, the visionary behind EZ VIP, embarked on a mission to simplify the lives of individuals immersed in elite circles by streamlining the process of reserving tables at renowned clubs.

Following a prosperous collaboration with local club proprietors in Miami, the company experienced rapid growth, prompting Alashe to set his sights on expanding to Las Vegas within the same year.

EZ VIP offers a diverse array of services, encompassing admission tickets to exclusive events, bottle service, and personalized table reservations. Their dedicated event representatives also extend their aid in securing entry to upscale establishments.

Once a table is reserved, the price remains unwavering, even in the presence of notable figures like Mark Cuban, should they grace the club with their presence.

In addition to expanding EZ VIP to Miami through successful negotiations with club owners, Alashe had ambitious plans to extend its reach to the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Moreover, Alashe sought to enhance EZ VIP’s visibility and value by approaching investors on the esteemed show Shark Tank, in search of a strategic partner to propel the company to new heights.

Prior to its appearance on Shark Tank, EZ VIP had already commenced its operations in Miami, providing customers with the opportunity to pre-purchase exclusive entrance to some of the city’s premier clubs.

The platform revolutionized the market by empowering users to reserve and remunerate their nightclub experiences in advance, guaranteeing them effortless entry and VIP treatment, without the need for negotiations or anxieties at the entrance.

This innovative concept addressed a significant gap in the industry, and Nelson had already forged strategic alliances with several sought-after nightclubs in Miami.

About Founders Of EZ VIP

Nonetheless, akin to the typical trajectory of many startups, EZ VIP required additional funding to expand its operations and extend its reach. In light of this, Nelson seized the opportunity to apply for a spot on Shark Tank, where he could present his business to a panel of astute investors. His application was successful, granting him the chance to showcase EZ VIP to a national audience and potentially secure the investment necessary to propel its growth.

Despite a triumphant pitch that initially led to a deal with prominent investors like Mark Cuban and Daymond John, the finalization of the investment was still pending after the show. Such circumstances are quite common, as entrepreneurs and investors often make decisions during the subsequent due diligence process that may result in a decision to not proceed with the deal.

The Pitch Of EZ VIP At Shark Tank

EZ VIP made its debut on ABC’s renowned reality show, Shark Tank, during Season 3, Episode 1. The owner confidently presented the intricacies of the company’s business model, shedding light on its operations and the inspiring story behind its inception. Seeking investment, he proposed a stake of 15% in the company in exchange for $150,000 [3].

The owner began by highlighting the challenges individuals encounter when venturing to clubs for a night of revelry and how EZ VIP resolves these issues through its exceptional services. Intrigued by the idea and impressed by the services offered, the Sharks requested details on the company’s sales figures.

EZ VIP generated an impressive revenue of over $90,000 solely from its operations in Miami the previous year. Although it currently lacks branches in other cities, it has successfully secured contracts in Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. The majority of its operations are conducted through its user-friendly website.

While the Sharks displayed interest in the business, they expressed concerns about its profitability. Consequently, Lori, Kevin, and Mark Cuban opted to step back from making an offer. Robert, however, extended an investment offer of $150,000 for a 45% stake, contingent on Daymond joining him. With Daymond onboard, they assured Alashe that they would leverage their connections to bring A-list artists on board as the face of his company through their own shares. In response, the owners countered with a proposed stake of 18%.

Mark Cuban had a change of heart and decided to re-enter the negotiation, but on the condition that Robert be excluded from the deal. He joined forces with Daymond, who also aligned himself with Mark.

Together, they presented Alashe with an enticing offer of $150,000 for a 45% stake in the company, alongside the inclusion of A-list artists. Subsequently, Kevin made a return and extended an offer of $150,000 for a 25% equity share, with Robert joining him.

The Pitch Of EZ VIP At Shark Tank

Daymond later revised his offer to $150,000 for a 30% stake, prompting Kevin to adjust his offer to 20%. Owner Alashe Nelson found the offers from both sides appealing, but ultimately opted for the offer presented by Daymond and Mark Cuban due to the enhanced benefits they offered, despite the higher percentage of shares involved.

EZ VIP After The Shark Tank

Following the finalization of the deal with Mark and Daymond, EZ VIP received an update segment in Episode 312 of Shark Tank. The update revealed that Daymond had fulfilled his promise by bringing in Armando Perez, also known as “Pitbull”, into the partnership. They met for discussions and began outlining the company’s future plans.

However, their success was short-lived. Shortly after the update segment aired, EZ VIP encountered setbacks. Their website went offline, and their Facebook and Instagram pages were left neglected, with no updates since 2014. It seemed as if they were frozen in time, devoid of any recent activity [4].

Despite this, it was discovered that EZ VIP had entered into a partnership with a standard ticketing company called Wantickets, sometime between 2015 and 2016. It is speculated that this collaboration aimed to facilitate event management in Las Vegas and Miami, as EZ VIP had yet to expand to other cities. However, there was no discernible impact on EZ VIP’s website traffic, and there were no references to Wantickets on their social media platforms or website.

EZ VIP After The Shark Tank

Adding to the mystery, Alashe later deleted his social media accounts. Interestingly, Daymond made a Facebook post a year later regarding the Shark Tank Season 7 Wrap Party, where he mentioned his connection with Al from EZ VIP. While their business relationship may not have panned out, it appears that they have remained in contact, without any apparent animosity between them.

It is worth noting that Al still lists EZ VIP as his place of work on his LinkedIn profile, despite the website being offline for several years. This raises intrigue about potential undisclosed activities or future plans. While it remains a possibility, there is no concrete evidence suggesting that the business has been active since 2014.

As of 2023, the EZ VIP website still exists in a very basic form, though its functionality is severely limited. Upon visiting the site, the search fields for events yield no results, indicating a lack of available options. This pattern repeats when attempting to search for venues.

Regardless of the location – be it Miami or Las Vegas – the outcome remains the same: “Zero occasions were found”. Despite striking a deal with the Sharks, EZ VIP did not expand into new cities as initially anticipated.

There has been minimal communication from Alashe Nelson or the EZ VIP team. Alashe deactivated his Twitter account in April 2014 and canceled his Instagram account. The most recent Facebook status update dates back to December 2014. Interestingly, in September 2015, Daymond John posted on Facebook about the Shark Tank Season 7 closing party, over a year after the event.

Nonetheless, Daymond’s choice of words raises questions: Is the business truly defunct, or are they planning a pivot? There is some evidence to support the latter.

While the EZ VIP website is inaccessible, the company has seemingly collaborated with Wantickets, a traditional ticketing company. It appears that certain concerts and events in Miami and Las Vegas are being facilitated through Wantickets. However, the connection between the two entities is tenuous at best.

Wantickets does not appear to have a direct affiliation with EZ VIP, and there are no mentions of Wantickets on EZ VIP’s website or social media channels.

The Net Worth Of EZ VIP

According to the search results, the net worth of EZ VIP is unknown as the company went out of business. The company was valued at different amounts at different times, with a valuation of $5 million at the time of its Shark Tank appearance in 2014 and a valuation of $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank in another report.

The Net Worth Of EZ VIP

The founder, Alashe Nelson, has a reported net worth of $11 million despite shutting down the company’s operations in 2015 [5]. However, some reports suggest that the current net worth of EZ VIP is unknown as the business is not in operation since 2014.

Alternatives To EZ VIP

Several alternatives to EZ VIP offer similar services and experiences. Here are a few options:

  • Tablelist: Tablelist is an online platform that allows users to book VIP tables, bottle service, and tickets to exclusive events at top clubs and venues;
  • Discotech: Discotech provides a comprehensive platform for reserving tables, purchasing tickets, and accessing guest lists for a variety of nightlife venues and events;
  • VELV Table: VELV Table offers an easy-to-use mobile app that allows users to reserve VIP tables, bottle service, and tickets for nightlife venues in select cities;
  • Clubbable: Clubbable is an app that connects users with VIP table reservations, guest lists, and bottle service at upscale clubs and events worldwide;
  • No Cover Nightclubs: No Cover Nightclubs provides a platform for users to access free entry, guest lists, and discounted bottle service options at popular nightlife destinations;
Remember to research and compare these alternatives based on your specific location, preferred venues, and desired services to find the best fit for your VIP nightlife experiences.

Alternatives To EZ VIP


  1. What is the concept behind EZ VIP?

The concept behind EZ VIP was to provide individuals with a convenient and hassle-free way to access exclusive clubs and premium events. The platform aimed to eliminate the frustrations often associated with nightlife, such as long lines, uncertainty about entry, and the risk of events being sold out. By offering pre-purchased VIP access, EZ VIP allowed customers to secure their spot in advance, ensuring guaranteed entry and VIP treatment upon arrival [6].

  1. Is EZ VIP a scam?

There is no definitive information available to suggest that EZ VIP is a scam. However, it’s always recommended to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any service or company, especially when it comes to financial transactions or personal information.

  1. How do I contact EZ VIP?

It’s best to visit their official website or search for their contact details through reliable sources or directories to get in touch with their customer support or representatives. Though the company is not in business as of 2023.

  1. How does EZ VIP work?

EZ VIP worked by allowing users to book and pay for VIP access, table reservations, bottle service, and event tickets in advance through their online platform [7]. By making these arrangements ahead of time, customers could secure their entry and enjoy VIP treatment at selected clubs and events, minimizing the need to wait in long lines or face uncertainty at the door.

  1. What is EZ VIP’s business model?

EZ VIP’s business model revolved around providing a convenient and streamlined booking service for individuals seeking VIP access to clubs and events. They likely earned revenue through service fees or commissions on the bookings made through their platform. However, specific details about their revenue streams and business model might not be publicly available.

  1. What happens with Shark Tank deals?

When a deal is made on Shark Tank, it represents a verbal agreement between the entrepreneurs and the Sharks. After the show, a due diligence process takes place, during which both parties review the details and financials of the proposed deal.

If everything goes smoothly and both parties are satisfied, the deal is finalized, and the Sharks become equity partners in the business. However, not all deals made on the show ultimately close, as negotiations can fall through during the due diligence process or after further evaluation.

  1. Does Shark Tank actually give money?

Yes, the Sharks on Shark Tank have the potential to invest their own money into the businesses they choose to partner with [8]. The agreed-upon investment is typically provided after the due diligence process, in which the financial and operational aspects of the business are thoroughly evaluated. The Sharks’ investments can help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and bring their products or services to a wider market.

  1. How many businesses are successful after Shark Tank?

The success rate of businesses that appear on Shark Tank can vary, as it depends on various factors such as the quality of the product or service, market demand, execution, and the ability of the entrepreneurs to effectively leverage the exposure and investment received on the show.

While some businesses experience significant growth and success after appearing on Shark Tank, others may face challenges and struggle to sustain their momentum. It’s important to note that success in entrepreneurship is not guaranteed and requires ongoing effort, adaptability, and a strong business strategy.
  1. Who is the nicest shark on Shark Tank?

The Sharks on Shark Tank each have their own unique personalities and approaches to business. It’s subjective to determine who the “nicest” shark is, as their behavior and interactions can vary based on individual opinions and perceptions [9]. The Sharks often display a mix of tough negotiation skills, insightful feedback, and genuine interest in supporting promising entrepreneurs.

  1. How scripted is Shark Tank?

While the show Shark Tank follows a structured format and some aspects, such as the pitches and negotiations, are planned in advance, the discussions and decisions made by the Sharks are unscripted. The entrepreneurs present their businesses to the Sharks without scripted dialogue, and the Sharks’ responses and investment decisions are based on their own expertise and judgments. The show aims to capture the genuine interactions and negotiations between the entrepreneurs and the Sharks.

  1. How hard is it to get on Shark Tank?

Getting on Shark Tank can be a challenging process, as there are many aspiring entrepreneurs vying for a chance to appear on the show. The selection process involves multiple stages, including submitting an application, participating in interviews, and potentially pitching to the producers. The show looks for unique and compelling business ideas with market potential, strong entrepreneurs, and engaging stories. While it may be challenging, being well-prepared, having a solid business concept, and demonstrating perseverance can increase the chances of getting on Shark Tank.

  1. How did Lori Greiner get rich?

Lori Greiner, often referred to as the “Queen of QVC”, built her wealth and success through her entrepreneurial ventures and expertise in product development and marketing [10]. She has created and launched hundreds of products, many of which have become highly successful and popular in the retail market.

Lori’s keen eye for identifying consumer needs, coupled with her ability to bring innovative products to market, has played a significant role in her financial success. Additionally, her role as a Shark on Shark Tank has further contributed to her wealth and reputation.

  1. What was the biggest offer on Shark Tank rejected?

There have been several notable instances on Shark Tank where entrepreneurs rejected substantial offers made by the Sharks. One such example is the company Ring, which offers video doorbells and security products [11]. In Season 5, the founder Jamie Siminoff declined an offer from Kevin O’Leary for $700,000 in exchange for 10% equity in the company. Since then, Ring has experienced tremendous success, ultimately being acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion.

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