Boom Boom: What Happened After Shark Tank

Boom Boom: What Happened After Shark Tank

Chelsea and John Pinto founded BoomBoom (or Boom Boom) Naturals in 2015 as an aromatherapy inhaler. They went to Thailand five years earlier, when their first encounter with essential oil nasal inhalers prompted them to start a company [1].

They became intrigued by the potential of these devices and, upon returning home, spent a few years developing an inhaler for worldwide markets. They were able to turn a profit soon afterward. Would this inspire the Sharks enough for BoomBoom to get an offer?

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, then you know that the show is all about startups looking for investments from the Sharks. But what happens after the cameras stop rolling? That’s what Boom Boom is all about. This article follows the post-Shark Tank lives of some of the most successful businesses who have appeared on the show.

What Is Boom Boom?

The sense of smell is powerful, and it may have a major influence on your general health. Your nose has been neglected until now, and that’s where we come in. Boom Boom’s staff is dedicated to developing one-of-a-kind items that allow consumers to stimulate their senses in unique ways while also gaining immediate therapeutic advantages [2].

All of their goods are made from natural, plant-based ingredients. BoomBoom nasal inhalers use the power of essential oils and aromatherapy to improve your psychological and physical well-being.

Unlike the stimulant energy of coffee, BoomBoom provides a unique brand of mental energy. Inhaling provides an immediate, refreshing boost that is advantageous when you’re going through a tough time and need to relax your mind and body. You feel the effects (hence the name) because you breathe out and boom.

All of the components are healthy, vegan, and derived from natural sources. Boom Boom’s items are ideal for on-the-go usage, so whether you need an energy boost, stress relief, or breathing help, they’ve got you covered.

What Is Boom Boom?

Not only does BoomBoom produce great results, but it also helps with a vast number of issues. The Relax Essential Oil Roll-On can assist you if you’re looking to be more relaxed, and the Focus Essential Oil Roll-On will help increase your mental focus.

How Does BoomBoom Generate Revenue?

You can find Boom Boom inhalers not only on their official website but also on Amazon.

Furthermore, in October 2020 they announced that 6,000 stores now carry their products- drastically increasing from when they were first starting out with less than 10 stores. This includes well-known chains such as over 800 Walmart stores [3].

Who Is The Founder Of Boom Boom?

John Pinto and his wife Chelsea walked into Shark Tank to show off their all-natural nasal inhaler product. John was passionate about essential oils and believes that they can improve people’s lives [4].

In 2010, while on a trip to Thailand, they observed many people using nasal inhalers. They were intrigued by how beneficial it was and decided to bring the idea back home with them. After witnessing the life-changing effects firsthand, they realized that everyone could benefit from this Nasal Inhaler technology. It was used to assist backpackers’ party late into the night on Thailand’s Koh Phangan Beach during the Full Moon Party.

It helped a Muay Thai fighter recover from a devastating blow. And, most significantly, it built relationships between people. People were BoomBoom-ing all around them everywhere they went.

The couple was intrigued by the so-called “Wonder Vapors”, an inhaler used by foreigners, and brought some back to the states for their friends and family to try. They were amazed at the benefits it had on both their bodies and minds. A new, healthier, and the more effective product was developed in collaboration with some of the country’s top chemists and medical experts. A product that has the capacity to alter people’s views on refreshment and rejuvenation [5].

Who Is The Founder Of Boom Boom?

Boom Boom Before Shark Tank

The founders set out to improve on the existing designs after visiting Thailand, where everyone used inhalers. They collaborated with US chemists and medical experts to develop their 100% all-natural inhalers.

They had the inhalers when they originally pitched their product in 2018. Now, within the Boom Boom Naturals franchise, they have a variety of offerings. Roll-ons, combination packs, and even more scents of inhalers are available. For everyone, there’s something for mint to melon tastes.

Boom Boom On Shark Tank: The Pitch

Appearing in Season 10 Episode 4, John and Chelsea Pinto went on Shark Tank to ask for an investment of $300,000 in return for 10% equity in their company, BoomBoom [6].

John called the inhaler the Shark’s new best friend for noses, adding that it was time to start making money with your breathing. Chelsea noted that other sense organs have their own specific products: eyes have eyedrops, lips have lip balm, the mouth has mouthwash, and skin has lotion for example. John said there wasn’t yet a trending product on the market for your nose to use.

They launched their BoomBoom product, a nasal inhaler that is used to inhale delicious fragrance oils.

Peppermint, menthol and other important compounds were included. It is formulated to improve your sense of sight and smell. “You’ll notice that a lot of goods marketed towards your nose are medicinal,” Chelsea continued. BoomBoom is an aromatherapy product that is used to help relieve congestion and allergies. The goal of BoomBoom is to provide a high level of rejuvenation and sensory stimulation. The fragrance is very strong, and consumers can use it as a sensory bag to alleviate anxiety attacks or disassociation by using the smell.

The Sharks then used the product, with John and Chelsea demonstrating how to do so. She instructed the Sharks to remove the cap, insert the scent stick into each nostril, and breathe in deeply. They did it one at a time before allowing each other to smell their scent sticks with intertwined arms, which Lori loved.

John said the product was like nose gum, but much more minty fresh. All of them had menthol and mint in them. John described the feeling of inhaling the nasal stick as tingly and cooling. He said it made you feel alive. At the end of his presentation, John asked who wanted to invest so they could get the business booming – a play on their company name.

Boom Boom On Shark Tank: The Pitch

Lori wanted to test out the nasal aromatherapy inhaler stick right away. Chelsea and John handed out the packs, each containing a different scent. Robert made a joke about sniffing his and then passing it down. Serious, he inquired which was the most powerful smell. The tropic l rush was the most popular according to John. All of them experienced similar powerlessness, “Woo!” of delight were heard from all Shark players as they tried their solutions”.

Charles Barkley stated that using the product opens up your nasal passages. Kevin complimented the effectiveness of the product. Chelsea said she has multiple uses for it and likes to keep one in her car to use before or after work. Robert wanted to know if other products were similar BoomBoom, and Chelsea answered by saying there are two other similar nasal inhalers on the market; however, they are more medicinal and not as fun and creative as theirs is.

John answered that they had $750,000 in sales last year. This year, they were on track to do $1.1 million in sales. Lori wants to know how and where they were marketing their goods. What are their sales like? Barkley wanted to know if the company was profitable. John said that most of their sales come from their website as well as Amazon. 45% was wholesale to retailers. Charles asked how much it cost to make one of the inhaler tubes. John told them it was $0.70 to make a single inhaler tube and they charge $7.99 on their website.

After paying themselves, BoomBoom was able to make a profit of $120,000 in 2016. John added that the product was produced in Southern California. While going offshore might have reduced the price, they wanted to be sure it was made with the highest quality and ingredients because people were breathing it in. Of course, Kevin asked about lowering manufacturing expenses. According to John, if they increase their manufacturing figures, they may save 25% on the cost of goods by reducing the cost of labor.

To the Sharks, it sounded like a dream come true. There was, however, a catch. The BoomBoom product is sold in stores for $3.99, as opposed to the $9.99 price on their website. Mark Cuban inquired about their wholesale rate, and John informed him that it was $1.50. It appears to surprise the Sharks, according to their reactions. John and Lori both acknowledged that the margin was insufficient, and Kevin informed them that it was not a good ratio. John didn’t deny it when confronted about it by Lori. Although they’d end up cutting themselves, John still thought $3.99 in retail was the sweet spot for retail sales. It went considerably faster at $3.99 rather than $5.99, he claimed.

John said it was his only job, but Chelsea worked part-time as a dentist. Kevin once again raised the problem of them undercutting themselves by offering it for $3.99 in retail outlets while charging $8 on their website. He was adamant that the $8 price tag on the website wouldn’t stick, as people would rather buy it in stores for $3.99. John explained that there is no focus on retail; impulse buys at the cash register are what make products successful in-store settings.

Charles Barkley wanted to know if the married couple were 50-50 partners in BoomBoom. John explained that he owned 36% of the company, and the other co-founder owned the same amount, while three other people who invested $200,000 owned about 25% of it. Charles Barkley wants to know why they were given 25% for less money when the Sharks were only offered 10%. John told him that there is no value in the company. The Sharks reminded them that there was value on their side too.

When we first met them on Shark Tank, I was fairly certain that they wouldn’t tell me they had a $1.1 million year. He, however, was unwilling to give them a $3 million valuation. He went out and did it. Lori stated that she believed in the product’s potential. She imagined being able to use it in a public restroom or on an airplane, but she also thought the price was too high. She also felt that the product would be a one-time impulse buy. She went out and bought it.

While Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley utilized them, many more basketball personalities did not. Both went on record to say they were unsure if they would use the product in the future. Mark Cuban claims that their valuation was fine; it’s just that their margins were too low for having 45 percent of their business in retail. The numbers didn’t add up. He also went out, expressing his regret that it hadn’t spread farther. Mark declined to submit a bid [7].

Robert took another whiff from his aromatherapy inhaler. Since he was unsure if BoomBoom would be a success or not, he was concerned about it. He said that everyone in the Sharks liked the product, but no one was satisfied with the price tag. He went on to say that because most of the Sharks have control over it, they must be weary as they can adjust it to reflect the reality of the business.

Boom Boom On Shark Tank: The Pitch

The other Sharks expressed surprise when Robert offered them $300,000 for 36% equity. John and Chelsea attempted to negotiate a lower price, with John offering 15% and then 20%. However, Robert was firm on his offer and the two eventually walked away from the Shark Tank without a deal. In an after-show interview, John said it was disappointing not to get a deal with Robert but he still believed that BoomBoom would be successful even without investment from the Sharks.

Boom Boom Now In 2022

It appears that BoomBoom is still going strong, even though they didn’t get a deal from Shark Tank. Their original website is up, and LinkedIn shows that they have 11 employees in their Los Angeles location. John is still listed as the CEO and founder of the business. They seem to be looking for brand ambassadors – their website says they are searching for partners to “share the gift of wellness with the world”.

The aromatherapy inhaler stick is sold on Amazon, as well their own website, and also in Albertsons, CVS, and Walmart. The BoomBoom blog has a lot of content relating to music festivals – which could be seen as a unique marketing strategy. They have an avid social media presence too – with 20.1K followers on TikTok 46K Facebook fans and nearly 100k Instagram followers.

The family business, BoomBoom CBD, is a second venture for John and Chelsea. The site offers several flavors of CBD gummies, as well as a tincture and a roll-on stick in addition to a single scent of a CBD-infused nasal inhaler. With almost 500 reviews, the goods have excellent ratings with an average rating of 4.89 stars.

The Net Worth Of Boom Boom

The good news is that the firm is still in business, and its nasal inhaler products are available in a variety of shops and on Amazon. The firm also continues to bring in a modest annual income, with estimates ranging from $3 million to $4 million.

The Net Worth Of Boom Boom

The latest BoomBoom update shows that the company has done splendidly, especially for not accepting a deal from Robert or any of the other sharks. Only time will tell if they can manage to stay in business and generate annual revenue from their line of nasal inhaler products [8].


Is Boom Boom FDA approved?

The formula for BoomBoom is produced in a GMP Certified facility and includes all-natural substances. It is absolutely safe to use as directed if manufactured according to GMP standards. According to FDA criteria, natural fragrances are considered company secrets and are not revealed in detail [9].

Is Boom Boom a drug?

No, BoomBoom is not a drug. It is an all-natural dietary supplement designed to support intimate health and function in both men and women.

How long do Boom Boom inhalers last?

BoomBoom is made with all-natural ingredients in a GMP-certified facility. It is also packed with enough menthol to give the user a refreshing, energetic feeling that lasts up to 30 days.

Do Boom Boom sticks expire?

Yes, the shelf life is about 2 years [10].

Is Boom Boom safe to use?

Yes, Boom Boom is absolutely safe to use.

The ingredients are natural and the product is produced in a GMP Certified facility.

In addition, the product is packed with enough menthol to give the user a refreshing, energetic feeling that lasts up to 30 days.

Can you overuse Boom Boom?

No, you can’t overuse Boom Boom. The product is made with all-natural ingredients and is designed for use as directed.

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