Blueland: What Happened After Shark Tank

Blueland: What Happened After Shark Tank

In this blog post, we will be discussing the business Blueland. This company was featured on Shark Tank, and they did receive a deal from the sharks. We will explore what happened after the show aired and what steps they have taken to continue to succeed.

What is Blueland?

The problem with cleaning supplies is that they take up so much room and leave behind a long trail of plastic waste. More than 1 billion bottles from these items end up in landfills or otherwise sent off towards destruction, which can be prevented by using other alternatives!

What is Blueland?

The downside to this is that not only do we have an inefficient system, but it’s also environmentally destructive. Selling bottled cleaning supplies in pre-made plastic bottles doesn’t solve any problems – people just end up throwing them away or recycling them anyway!

The cleaning supplies problem has been solved! Blueland offers all your necessities in one place, so you no longer need to search around for different websites or stores.[1]

Blueland is a cleaning product company that sells its products in tablets with reusable bottles. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that is produced from traditional cleaning products.

The tablet is a small eco-friendly and cheap alternative to buying cleaning supplies. It can last up to three months in one bottle, which means you won’t be wasting money on refills!

You can’t beat the price of these tablets (only 2 dollars), which are cheaper than buying normal cleaning supplies.

The company’s four products were a multi-surface cleaner, a cleaning solution for the bathroom, a hand soap, and finally a cleaner for mirrors and glass surfaces.

Kits with bottles and tablets are also available. The lifetime of a tablet is cut down to less than one year when the water has been mixed with it. However, you can store it for two years without water and it will still be effective. The company strives to make green cleaning more accessible and affordable by offering quality eco-friendly products at an unbeatable price.[1]

These bottles are made of an environmentally friendly material that can be reused and refilled. This will help you cut down on plastic waste, which is great for our environment!

For those who love to keep their homes clean, the new Blueland starter set is perfect. It comes with one bottle and tablet so you can use it from start to finish or add more if needed for only 12 dollars! For just $39, you can have all the equipment (4 cleaners) needed to keep your home looking new.

The customer can order a refill tablet that will be delivered to their home in just one day. When used, this system eliminates the waste of five billion single-use plastic bottles every year![2]

Who is Blueland’s Founder?

The founders of Blueland, Sarah Paiji, and Syed Naqvi founded their company in 2018 in New York City.

Who is Blueland's Founder?

When Sarah wasn’t studying economics at Harvard, she was working in private equity. Finally realizing that business school would be a good fit for her skills and interests after all these years of training on the subject material alone (and not just because it’s where most CEOs went).

Sarah dropped out of business school to pursue entrepreneurship. She created a mobile shopping application that was later sold to major search engines for an unexpectedly large amount, allowing her time off and investment capital afterward.[1]

When Sarah Paiji Yoo became a mom for the first time, she realized how much plastic waste there is in our society, and it’s because of things like bathroom cleaner bottles or lotion tubes that we have been using.

When she learned about the potential danger of microplastic in our waterways and food, her eyes opened up to a whole new world. The thought made her stomach turn and realize just what kind of negative effect this could potentially cause on Earth’s future generations.

Yoo wanted to find good cleaning materials that weren’t packaged in plastic but had difficulty. So, she decided to do something about it and that’s when Blueland was born.[2]

The idea is simple: why buy a new bottle of soap every time you run out when you could just buy the refills? This would not only reduce plastic waste but also be more cost-effective for the consumer.

When Syed Naqvi joined her, they were already working on a proof of concept. They patented the idea and brought it to market under Blueland’s name in a short time!

Syed’s parents passed away when he was just 10 years old, leaving him to grow up with seven sisters and a brother. He graduated college in chemical engineering before working as director of a formulation at one major company that produces non-toxic cleaning products around the world!

The company founders were filled with hope when they appeared on the popular TV show, “Shark Tank”. The company founders were so confident in their product that they went on Shark Tank, hoping to secure an investor and business partner that would help them take over the cleaning supplies market.[1]

The founders of this company bragged that they had third-party laboratory studies proving how effective their product is compared to other cleaning products on the market.

Why Do Customers Love Blueland?

Now that we know a little more about what Blueland is and does, let’s take a look at why customers like the company and its products.

Why Do Customers Love Blueland?

  • The first reason is that Blueland’s products are much better for the environment than traditional cleaning products. According to the company, traditional cleaning product bottles are responsible for approximately 5 billion plastic bottles each year. In contrast, Blueland’s cleaning products come in reusable containers that can be refilled with the company’s cleaning tablets. These tablets are made from sustainable ingredients and are completely biodegradable. As a result, customers can feel good about using Blueland’s products knowing that they are not harming the environment.
  • The second reason customers love Blueland is that the company’s products are very effective. Blueland’s all-purpose cleaning spray has been tested and proven to be just as effective as traditional cleaning products. Customers appreciate that they can use Blueland’s products to get their homes clean without having to worry about the products being ineffective.
  • The third reason customers love Blueland is the price. Blueland’s products are very affordable, especially when compared to traditional cleaning products. Customers appreciate that they can save money by using Blueland’s products rather than traditional cleaning products.
  • Finally, customers love Blueland because the company offers excellent customer service. If a customer has a question or concern, they can easily get in touch with a member of Blueland’s customer service team. The team is always happy to help and make sure that customers are satisfied with their products.

Overall, it’s easy to see why customers love Blueland and its products. The company’s products are better for the environment, effective, affordable, and backed by excellent customer service. If you’re looking for a new cleaning product, be sure to check out Blueland!

Did Blueland Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

The short answer is no, Blueland did not get a deal on Shark Tank.

Did Blueland Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Two entrepreneurs sought approval from the judges on season 12 of “Shark Tank” for 270 000 dollars for 2% equity.[1]

When the sharks heard that this company had raised $3 million at a valuation of 13.5M, they were excited to hear about this new company and what it might be able to do for them in terms of investments or other opportunities – especially one with such promising growth rates!

The company had a great idea for its marketing strategy, but they needed to make sure it would work before spending any money on ads or promotions.

When the founders asked if there would be sharks interested in purchasing a stake in the company, owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban quickly responded with “No.” He went on to say that this was not an opportunity for him but rather something else entirely – a commercial.

Lori Greiner and Daniel Lubetzky teamed up to make the first offer for $1 million in exchange for 25% equity. This was turned down by entrepreneurs because they were not willing to give up that much equity for the amount.[2]

However, Kevin O’Leary eventually made a counteroffer for $270,000 in exchange for 3% and $0.50 royalty per kit. This offer was accepted by the entrepreneurs and Blueland became a part of Shark Tank history!

Is Blueland Still in Business?

Yes! The impact of appearing on the popular TV show, Shark Tank has been more than Cuban could have imagined. Not only did it boost Blueland’s popularity but she was also able to meet Kim Kardashian and mention their product in one tweet!

This company from the United States of America finally did it! They had a deal with Mr. Wonderful after their appearance on The Shark Tank episode.

The Instagram account for Blueland has about 400k followers and they post creative content regularly.

By 2022, Blueland had increased its funding to $20 million and used this money for expansion into the personal care market. The company’s success can be attributed in large part due its ability to draw on female-founded growth equity firm Prelude Growth Partners which provided them with crucial support during these times when finances were tight.

The company has also recently released several new personal care products, including body wash and facial cleansers.

Blueland cleaning products can still be found on their official website, but there are other soap tablets and dissolvable cleaning tablets available for purchase outside of this site. These include the Amazon Basics brand.[2]

The bottom line is that Blueland is still in business and they are doing quite well!


What are some of the challenges Blueland faces?

Some of the challenges Blueland faces are:

  • High customer acquisition costs
  • The need to educate customers about the benefits of their product
  • Intense competition from established brands

What is the net worth of Blueland?

As of August 2022, Blueland’s net worth is $10 million.

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Final Thoughts

Blueland is a unique company that has the potential to change the way people clean their homes. Although they face some challenges, I believe they have what it takes to be successful. I’m excited to see what they do in the future!

I really like Blueland’s mission to reduce plastic waste and its innovative product. I think they have a lot of potential and I’ll be interested to see how they do in the future! Now I am going to purchase some of their products to test them out!

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and easy way to clean your home, Blueland is definitely worth checking out!

Have you tried Blueland’s products? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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